Tuesday, May 4, 2010

4 things.

ONE - These are the next four motifs I have made for A Motif A Day Most Days In May.

They are motifs 5, 6, 7 and 8 from Beyond The Square Crochet Motifs.

So far I am loving working from this book. It has a photo as well as written and diagram instructions for each motif, so it is really easy to follow. My only issue with it is that I would have liked it better if they had named each motif rather than numbering them, but that's just me.

TWO - A week ago my phone died. Just like that. Dead!

I've had a mobile phone since 1998 and its been a love hate relationship but I had no idea how dependant I am on it.

I didn't always answer my phone and often I'd resent always being on call but now that I'm not, I feel a bit isolated.

I have no idea when my next period is due (period tracker), I have no idea when I'm meant to be doing what (calender), I struggle to add up the til at night (calculator), I'm sorry if you've texted me and I haven't replied. Ooooh, I wonder if I have been missing out on any new babies or other current events. I miss the music (ipod) and the way me and Bren call each other many times a day for the littlest things.

Oh phone, I thought I could live without you. I thought I could rebel and defy the trend and not have a phone anymore but I was wrong.

I have the package next to me to send you back and I hope to get a replacement SOON.

THREE - HUGE thanks to Angie for the amazing sheet, to Miss Jane for the wonderful package that included the crocheted cup cake pin cushion and the fantastic herb spoons your clever husband makes, and to Handmade Kids for the copy of Mixtape.

Yay for fun packages in the post!

FOUR - I am heading to The Stitches and Craft Show tomorrow.

I will be taking two trains there and two back and I am so excited about all that time to crochet.

I am so excited about going to the show too.

Are you going tomorrow?
If so, why don't you meet me and Vic and Jess for lunch at 1pm at Jodie's stall (hope that's ok Jodie. At least you'll be certain of a loo break!) in the incubator.

I hope you are having a great week so far. XX


  1. I am jealous i am not meeting you for lunch. x

  2. have fun tomorrow lovely girls, i'll be going on saturday

    p.s I love the phone aswell for the little insignificant but absolutely necessary little phone calls with the boy during the day...ahhhh
    we don't have a landline, so i definitely would miss the mobile

  3. I will have too look for period tracking on my phone :)
    I am going down to stitches on the weekend, I would have loved to meet for lunch :(

  4. Going on Saturday and thank goodness I don't need a period tracker anymore - phew!!! ;o) But I couldn't survive without my phone either....

  5. Four things...

    1. I love your latest motifs.
    2. That sux about your phone, hope the replacement comes before your period...you know, just so you don't get caught out or anything.
    3. How cute are those spoons!
    4. Hope you have a great time at the show!

  6. Have a great time at the show. Wish I could come too!
    Bummer about the phone, at least it's getting replaced so enjoy the 'peace' in the meantime.
    Loving your motfis...maybe you should name them.
    Ab x

  7. I think that you should give them all names yourself, it really is just great fun to name things I think.

    Sorry to hear about your phone, I still have one of those no frills jobbies that can call and text but, can not (no matter how I beg and plead) give me the shopping list I left on the counter at home.

    Wishing I could transport myself by pixie dust to the show...have a wonderful time!

  8. I love your new motifs. See you then Kate, Can't wait!xo

  9. Hey Kate, loving all those crochet motifs, you'll probably finish the whole book during your train trip!!
    Have a great day at the show, wish I was going Saturday but our home is being auctioned so I guess I should stick around, but I know where I would rather be.
    Enjoy the solitude of not being on call 24/7. Programming will resume shortly.

  10. I am swooning in my jealousy and wondering if I'd have to sell EVERYTHING I owned to move to australia.. of if I could keep Aurora and a set of clothes.

  11. your motifs are looking gorgeous! have a great time at the c+s show, and on the trains :)

  12. Gorgeous motifs & thanks for the tip regarding mine! I haven't had a chance to attempt any more just yet but it will happen! I hope you find a very speedy replacement for your phone & have a great day tomorrow!

  13. Wish I could join you for lunch, sounds lovely.
    I'm with you on the phone things - torn between not wanting to be tied to it but not wanting to miss out on anything!
    You seriously should start selling your motifs Kate if you can't find enoughprojects to use them on - they are so fun and colourful.

  14. I'm going to the show tomorrow! Love to have lunch with you all (if thats ok!) Those spoons are gorgeous. Waiting hopefully for them to release a new iphone in June, I need one so bad!

  15. Loving those motifs! Yes, it is a shame they haven't given them names ('I'm a motif, not a number...') like Hildegard or Bronwyn...Perhaps you could rename them as you go??! x

  16. You poor love! I never thought I'd be one to rely on my phone either but man I miss it when it's broken, not charged, squished down in between the car set etc. etc. Hope you have a whale of a time at the show and also get heaps of crochet done on the train. Your motifs are so lovely! :)

  17. All too good except for the phone. I try to leave mine at home a lot and then when I have I worry all day that the school is trying to get hold of me...what did they do before mobile phones? I think my mum must have been doing craft in blissful peace and quiet ;-)

  18. still in love with your motifs kate.
    have a great day at ST&CS lucky duck. i have sick kiddies so probably wont get to it.
    RIP phone, old pal, i just got my first iphone and i am in love with it (and my new macbook pro-entourage rocks!)

  19. hi,
    i'm thinking about buying this book, but i have to order at the internet, and i don't like buying something i can't put my hands on and open before
    so, please, could you post a picture from one of the pages inside, so i can have a clue of the diagrams and photos?
    thank you thankyou thankyou
    Adriana (from brasil, where it's so hard to find good books)

  20. Love your new motifs and the crocheted cupcake.

  21. Hi Kate
    Just thought I'd let you know I have received my pincushion swap , I posted some pictures yesterday. It's been such fun. Thank you for sorting it all out.
    Louise x
    PS love to meet you for lunch but just a bit too far...

  22. i lurve your crochet!!!! lovely!!!! xx

  23. No phone? Have you missed the news about Net's baby? A girl! (You were right).
    Have a great day at S&C today. I'm going on Friday.
    Andi :-)

    PS Love your dress from the last post. Wearing it today?

  24. have requested that motif book from my library - looking forward to making some motifs. have a great time at the show

  25. WOW two trains, I love train trips ;) Have the very best time at the show ;)
    Amanda posted her pincushion arrived. I was concerned seeing as how I posted April 22 - she said it's perfect :)
    Thank YOU so much for hosting. xo

  26. Have fun the train, crafting, and good company. Sigh. xo.

  27. You lot made my day - and our impromptu rafia picnic was one of the highlights of the day...I need to spend more time with people.....Sometimes i forget how good all that laughing is...Thanks!


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