Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pepper's Eve.

Hey! I hope you are having a great weekend.

Bren is in Melbourne and we're having a girls' day here. So far we've been up to the Sunday market, to Cliffy's for coffee and to the skate park. Now we're home for a bit of playing schools and hopefully some knitting by the fire.

I hope the sun is shining where you are. That you have interesting things to read/watch/look/listen to.

I hope you can see the bottom of the washing basket and that your laundry is sweet smelling and folded and put away.

I hope you have lots of ideas for delicious meals to make and have all the ingredients already in your pantry and fridge.

I hope your children are behaving gorgeously and are funny and helpful.

I hope your tea/coffee is hot when you get a chance to drink it.

I hope you find a bit of time in your day to lie on the couch and close your eyes and daydream.

I hope you are feeling inspired and excited and satisfied.

I hope someone reminds you of how ace you are.

I hope you are not intimidated by the craft you want to make. Just go for it I say. Don't expect it to be perfect straight away. Ask Mr Google lots of questions. Email the designer. Ask your Nana. Undo it and redo it. Enjoy the process.

I hope you are proud.

I hope you are having fun.

Pepper's is wearing her Eve dress that I cast off last night.
Huge thanks to Kylie for sending me the pattern. I won it in her giveaway recently.
Details here.

See ya! X


  1. What wonderful sentiments. Unfortunately, none of them ring true for me today but that's ok. Every other day I'm on top of the laundry, meals, gardening, cleaning etc etc. Today, I'm throwing caution to the wind (a cold wind at that) and I'm laying on the couch, doing nothing.

  2. what a loving and gorgeous post, I hope all those things are true for you as well. I just saw the most amazing film an animation at the film festival, so feel very inspired.
    the dress is utterly outstanding, Kate, it is SOSO beautiful I'm a bit at loss for words.
    You're incredible and I hope you know how special you are. xo

  3. hope you day is FULL of beauty too! well done on the knitting, this is my new favorite.

  4. How gorgeous are you for adding an extra line for little ol' me. I will continue to lie on the couch and enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. You've made me take a look around & feel pretty lucky about my little brood just now. I was actually thinking only minutes ago, if I have to look at another dish or pick up after one more person, I'm outa here!'s not so bad, everyone's happy & hubby's cooking dinner, what's to complain about...

  6. LOVE the dress - very, very lovely! And such a nice post - hoping all of those things for you too. Nic

  7. Oh Kate, what a beautiful post, sentiment and jumper! You've really got this knitting thing down!

    I hope all those beautiful things for you as well!

  8. Oooh what is that yarn ..I love it!!! And the dress is spectacular....I actually picked up the hook last night and now I want the needles again :)

  9. What an awesome dress, you haven't really stepped over to the dark side have you & left crochet behind??

    BTW - I love Cliffy's! Whenever we go to Daylesford, I say to my partner we have to stop at Smithies, he laughs and says perhaps we'll stop at Cliffy's instead... I always get the name mussed up!

  10. What a gorgeous dress! The yarn is scrummy! You are a knitting machine! I wish I could see the bottom of my washing basket, but at this time of year I never see the bottom of it! At least we have had a sunny day and some fun outside!

  11. Gosh you are quick! The little dress came up gorgeous.

  12. Love the dress, my you are a speedy knitter :-)
    The wool is fantastic with that self stripe too.
    And I love the way it matches the new hat!
    Thank you for all the kind wishes. I hope you have the same in return.

  13. Oh what lovely wishes and hopes for us Kate! Thank you so very much. I hope the same for you each and every day.
    Your little bear beanie from the previous post is too sweet! x

  14. Oh I wish all of the same to you Kate. What a lovely post!

  15. Can you be my fairy godmother? And wave a magic wand and make all these things come true? Hey, so lovely to see you on Friday, hope to do it again soon. Much love xo

  16. The Eve is perfect.

    & yes absoflaminglutely...HAVE A CRACK.

    Google is your friend. Google everything I say.

    Power to you're ACE.

  17. Eve is fab and the yarn is gorgeous. Looks particularly good with the beanie.

    Well I'm taking your advice and having a me day. I'm off to Whitstable for oysters, having a browse around the charity, fabric and yarn shops. I just wish the sun would come out.
    Jak x

  18. nice hopes & I can even tick a few off. I seriously love that dress & the wool is divine, you clever gal.
    I know a Nana who would love to knit this for her grandgal, I'm off to ravelry, thanks for sharing!

  19. This is so lovely.
    And what a sweet posting!

  20. Oh I feel all warm and fuzzy ...and I'm just about to fold my washing from the last of this weekends washing. Life is good. Hope your week is wonderful.

  21. Love the dress.
    Great post!
    Andi x

  22. That is truly gorgeous Kate. How many hours does it take to knit something like that and how many balls of wool?
    I'm hoping that I'll feel a litte less daunted about trying something like that if I know beforehand.

  23. Funnily enough, tonight I can answer yes to most of those questions. How lovely.

    You have become the "woman posessed" knitter. Gorgeous work. Well done.

    Enjoy your week. X

  24. Pepper's Eve looks wonderful. You sound as though your having a wonderful day today!

  25. Eve is magnificent! Noro?

    I wish that I could answer yes to a few more of your hopes - we're finally approaching the end of an incredibly crazy busy week (but generally good if you ignore the tantrums and need to cuddle a small to sleep while away...), so I'm very much looking forward to re-finding some daily rhythm again!

    I hope you've been able to answer yes to a few of your hopes for yourself as well. Have an egg-filled, yarn-dreamy, occasional kid-induced-smile kind of week.

    P.S. Cliffy's is my favourite cafe-type-place in Daylesford. Love it!

  26. your stylish girls out and about again !
    What an encouraging post - thanks heaps for getting the week kicked off on a high note.

  27. I Love your list of hopes and that dress is too cute (or maybe its just the little chicken wearing it). V sweet and thanks for the smile

  28. When the cats away.... Sounds like a fun girls day.
    Love the stripey dress..sweet as!

  29. Lovely dress, lovely post and lovely photos!

  30. That's really sweet.
    I hope that as my tribe and I roll on through the week and it decends into the usual chaos and madness, that some of your hopes come our way.
    May your hopes stay with you too!
    Cute dress!

  31. Kate you are amazing - sounds like you had a lovely day with all your ladies!
    Love teh dress - who can believe you just learned to knit!

  32. Oh aren't you sweet ... I designed and sewed and tweaked my little heart out yesterday and have a new handbag today, I also got to lay on the couch and dream but that was because hubby was snoring last night not a luxury time out in the day. LOL.
    Love the dress Kate, you are such a fast knitter, I envy you : )

  33. Wowee - your knitting is coming on in leaps and bounds - wonderful job. Girlies must be loving it, and of course you must be loving making it for them

  34. that is a really gorgeous list and i hope that all of the same is real for you kate. peppers dress is gorgeous. your knitting is ace especially since it is a new skill. all power to you

  35. Looks great Kate, love the colours.

  36. What a perfect post. I've been loitering for a few weeks now - so glad to have found your blog!

  37. wow you are a really fast knitter! :) looks great!

  38. Kate - you're amazing! I can not believe how quick you are at knitting - esp since a few months ago it was only hooking!
    I've put my needles away for a bit - got frustrated at how slow the process is compared to my crochet. Now that I'm on maternity leave though (yep ffirst day - ekk!) I'll give it a go again.
    Take care, Cherry

  39. Thanks for all the warm wishes Kate, I had to laugh about the hot tea comment :-)

    Peppers dress is adorable as is that yummy yarn, great job!

    Wishing all those wishes back to you, a girls weekend sounds like fun! xx

  40. what a lovely post! Thank you for all those lovely wishes. I hope your weekend was just as great!

  41. Thanks! You are a dear and your sweet thoughts reverberate all the way to Fairhaven, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

  42. Oh Gorgeous Girl I hope all the exact same back at ya♥
    You've given us a beautiful post showing precisely what a beautiful person you are. Pepper's Eve dress is fabulous. Oooo I might have to get the needles out next winter for my little treasure.
    Hoping you're ALL having a wonderful week.♥

  43. A lovely post Kate. I hope all those things were true for you too. The Eve looks great. How was Noro to knit with? It stripes spectacularly but always feels a bit rough to me so I have never knitted with it.

  44. I hope ALL those things and more for you too my sweet!

    LOVE that dress! Man when you pick up a craft you don't do it by halves lady! That's the mark of a very passionate person ;)

    What's on the sticks now?

  45. i love that dress - and i love the fact that you have knitted so many things since you took it up!
    you are truly inspirational :)

  46. OH how I wish I could look this cute at 48! I really like this project and my little girl is off to college! this is not going to happen in the next generation either!

  47. Ah, Cliffy's I remember that shop... I've got a postcard from there on my desk. Sonya

  48. I hope you had a marvelous time on Friday night. I sure did :) I can't believe you have finished it!! Gorgeous! You are a natural xox

  49. hmmm just about all of those things sans the washing put away:) ACE to meet you the other night, i cant wait till we do it again:) xoox

  50. This is such a sweet post. Right back at ya... having all those things in the one day is a bit ambitious ... but wouldn't it be loverly.

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  54. Hi Kate, I used to follow your blog until a few months ago when I lost track. Now I am reading back over your old posts in between housework chores just for fun! (I's a bit odd,, lol!) Anyway, I just thought I'd let u know that this stands out as one of my fave entries so far. For the dress, the knitting and the sweet words. Off to read some more lol!


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