Monday, December 19, 2011

The blanket/The winner

Project deets:

Name - Roads & places blanket.
Pattern - Bulls-Eye by Brittany Tyler.
Craft - crochet.
Hook - 3.5m
Yarn - Lots of colourful bits of 8ply wool. Some bought especially for this project and lots of scrappy ends too. Actually, this is a great project for using up all those tiny balls of yarn at the bottom of your basket.
Started - In Busselton WA on November 7 2011.
Finished - On the Nullarbor. Somewhere between WA and SA on December 11 2011.
Squares - I stopped at 20 because I ran out of charcoal yarn.
Border - I crocheted the red border as we crossed the border. I only had enough red yarn for one row of the edge but I would have preferred at least two.
Blocking - Nope!
Made for - Snuggling in and picnicking on and hiding under.
SeeMy Ravelry project page for more photos and details.

I'm so happy with how this blanket turned out. I almost can't believe I really finished it. Completely. All the squares are sewn together and all ends are sewn in. Done!

I really love the look of it laid out flat so you can see all the circles properly and also all scrunched up and messy like. I even like it all folded up in the back of the car ready to drive home. It's filled with road trip stories and memories. I'm so happy I made it and we'll have it as to remind us.

And the Make Hey! giveaway winner...
Thank you all for your entertaining comments. I just loved reading through them.
I asked Miss Pip, the very clever author, for a number between 1 and 114 and she gave me number 82.
Comment number 82 is The Jade Leaf!!!!!!
Congratulations Jade, I know you are going to love this book.

I hope your last full week of 2011 is such a happy one.
And I got the days mixed up and we are really heading home tomorrow. Tomorrow!!!!

Happy travels.
See you soon. xx


  1. Your blanket looks great Kate, and good on you for completely finishing it, sewing all the ends in is not the fun part! I can't believe your trip is nearly over, it has been great living vicariously through you guys (not in a weird stalky way though -haha) and seeing the country through your eyes, i know this is probably not something I will get to do in the flesh, so really enjoyed your adventure. I am sure it will be lovely to get home though, and have all those great memories to look back on. Have a lovely Christmas, Julie:)

  2. Love the way the charcoal looks with the red and the way the circles seem to leap off the background (almost 3D) Safe homeward travels.

  3. harika..çok güzel olmuş ..bende yapacağım ..size iyi yolculuklar ..TÜRKİYEden selamlar ...

  4. Fabulous blanket, Kate.

    Travel safe on your very last day, lovey. Enjoy your home coming.


  5. Your blanket looks gorgeous Kate! I love the grey and red with those vibrant circles, really eye catching :)

  6. What an amazing journey you've had, thanks for sharing such a personal tale of growth, reflection and adventure. I hope home feels good when you get there.

  7. Loving that blanket crazy! Stay safe on the last leg.

  8. That blanket is divine...the colours, the pattern...everything! Well done! Have a safe and fun journey home x

  9. The blanket is gorgeous Kate, the colours are glorious, congrats to Jade :) Enjoy the final leg of this Aamazing Race ... I shake my head, so mesmerised by where you've been, what you saw and what you did.
    Now it's the big wait as to how different life is going to be for youall. New and different values, expectations ... a whole new ball game ahead that I know every one of you will make the absolute most of. Thank YOU Very Much Darlings for making it possible for me to share in a teeny weeny part of your journey ♥♥♥♥♥.

  10. I think you blankets wonderful Kate . I must say I will miss your travel blog :0)
    Have a brilliant Christmas and lots of adventures, big or small, in 2012.
    Jacquie x

  11. I love that blanket - it is now on my mental list of projects to make. Merry Xmas and enjoy your home coming.

  12. stunning blanket Kate, love the pattern and the colours you used. Have a lovely christmas, have really enjoyed reading about your travels and seeing your gorgeous photo's.

  13. the blanket its lovely, love the colours. Glorious crochet!

  14. That blanket is bloody gorgeous. You have me dreaming up quilts to match!!
    Andi xx

  15. That blanket is absolutely stunning and will hold some many wonderful memories for you.

  16. Love the blanket, the colours are fantastic. You should rename the blanket "the wheels on the caravan go round & round".. no, that name is too long.. maybe then Caravan Wheeling blanket? Anyhoo.. love, love, love the colours!! :)

  17. i love the blanket. what an awesome reminder of your trip.

  18. oh congratulations Jade. you lucky thing!

    I saw the words 'the' and 'leaf' and my heart skipped a beat. but then i remembered i dont think i even entered cos my computer was giving me grief that night...


  19. Gosh, there's a pic there that looks like Adelaide shores caravan resort?

  20. Yay! Thank you so much Kate and Pip. Very excited x

  21. your blanket looks awesome, you had me believing they were scarves too!! Great scarves and now a great blanket!! Thanks for sharing your caravaning adventure, it was great to tag along.

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  23. This lovely blanket caught my eye on Wonderful use of color!

  24. This is gorgeous! I've been wanting to make a "circle in a square" blanket for ages & haven't gotten to it. You're inspiring me!

  25. it´s beutiful, so original!!I never seen one like this before, circles that becomes squares. I love it

  26. Ooo, that's a lovely blanket. I must go to Ravelry and fav that for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Your blanket really turned out great! BEAUTIFUL!

  28. gorgeous beautiful stunning lovely brilliant!

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