Saturday, February 25, 2012

This time.

Yesterday afternoon, just after I made this dress and took these photos, we got a call about a bushfire that was burning seven kilometers away and threatening to head in our direction.

All of a sudden the last three years and one day disappeared and I felt exactly like I did last time we had a bushfire here. And then I looked around and realised everything was the same. This time, like last time, I had a pot of jam on the stove and lots of fruit in crates all over the floor. This time, like last time, I knew I had to get the washing off the line immediately so Bren could start the fire sprinklers. This time, like last time, I looked around at our home completely surrounded by forest and wondered who in their right mind would live somewhere like this? This time, like last time, I grabbed long clothes, sensible shoes, computers, cameras, chargers and baskets of crochet and kissed Bren goodbye and drove off to get the girls from school. This time, like last time, there was the familiar look of panic in some people's faces, the oblivious couples sipping wine outside cafes, the sound of sirens from every direction and the looooooooong queues at the petrol station. This time like last time I bought strange and random things from the petrol station after filling up. And this time like last time I tried to stay calm while answering a bazillion little kid questions while keeping an ear on the fire wireless and an eye on the CFA website.

BUT last time I didn't write a blog, I wasn't on the twitter or instagram or ravelry.

This time my afternoon was filled with emails and texts and tweets and ravmails and instagram messages. It sounds mushy but this time I totally felt comfort in my part of the online community. People were watching and cared.

I often wonder about my need to write a blog. I wonder why I feel the need to write about what I make and think rather than just going about my business of doing it.

Yesterday reminded me of the social in social media. Of the community. Of the feeling that we are all in this together.

Thank you.

Luckily yesterday's fire was contained after a few hours. In the heat and gusty winds of the next few days we are crossing our fingers and wishing for a safe and boring weekend.

Who would have ever thought safe and boring sounded so good?

So have you had a moment when you felt the social in social media? The community in the online community?
Do you find it comforting?
Do you remember why you blog?

Do you like my new dress? I made it from a piece of fabric Michelle sent me and some vintage lace scraps I hoard. After I finished it and tried it on I discovered it is see-through but luckily it fits and looks good with a black slip underneath.

Have a safe and boring weekend out there.
Bye! xx


  1. Im hearing you, and so glad it was over in time,been near a few fires and understand the situation,my Hubby told me some harrowing stories as a volly in a huge fire near Cobar Nsw at the same time Cyclone Tracey hit Darwin,it didnt make news due to that much bigger wet storm! He was 17,bush people grow up early!
    Hope you get that boring weekend!

  2. I really do hope you have a boringly quiet weekend. Stay safe. x

  3. Your dress is divine! and I'm so happy the fire was contained and your family is safe <3

  4. Thanks goodness all was safe yesterday. I'm on CFA twitter watch for my sister today while she's at the B'rat Swap Meet.
    The power of social media is amazing. The morning of my Tx false alarm, tweeting and FB'ing kept me calm and distracted while I was waiting to go to theatre. So glad it was there!

  5. I'm hoping and wishing and praying ( in my own way) for a boring safe weekend for you.
    I'm so relieved it was contained and you are OK.
    And yes I have felt the power of the social and community in social media, many times. Both in times of sadness and in times of happiness in celebration.
    it really is amazing, and the most amazing feeling.
    I'm glad you were surrounded by love and support.
    PS It's funny I think last Friday night my dad got it for the first time ( i mean the real friendships and community and caring on our online community) I think he sort of didn't get it, or couldn't undestand it, until he was surrounded by it.
    PPS I love your dress .

  6. Oh Kate, I was worried when I saw news of the fire on Twitter. I was sending lots of good thoughts your way and had fingers and toes crossed that it wasn't too close to your farm.

    The new dress is gorgeous. Such a lovely fabric - is it black or indigo?

  7. hi kate, i was thinking of you yesterday from tokyo.i'm glad all is ok.i have come to love safe and boring.i wish for it everyday here.

  8. Every week on my grateful linky it reminds me why I blog. It's a new way of connecting with people. x

  9. Why did your blog eat my comment?

    I just wanted to say that I was at school yesterday so missed all I think I've broken up with the twit!

    I'm glad your internetty mates kept you on the up Kate. xx

  10. I missed it all as I was traveling. I am glad you stayed safe and sound.

    I worry about fire here on our farm now ( we are also surrounded by so much forest/scrub and long grass - thankful we have access to a heavy duty tractor SLASHER and that hubby enjoys doing it)

    I love your dress BTW - creative shot in front of your container.

    (ps Thank you for reminding me to make a fire plan for cameras/computers/ important papers)

  11. I saw Beck on fb say something about a fire and instantly thought of your family. Glad to hear that everything is put out and hopefully today's weather doesnt bring up any more fires around your area. I really like your dress and I am sure it looks perfect on you Kate. I do hope you have a safe and boring weekend!

  12. Kate - so scary and surreal. So glad all was well and fingers crossed for you this weekend in the heat. Gorgeous dress as always!

  13. Usually summertime here means fire potential, but it has been so wet it hasn't been an issue. I'll cross my fingers for safe and boring weekend for you. And yes I do like your dress and am also envious of the container it hangs from. We need some quick extra space!

  14. You dress is very pretty - it almost looks like the African shweshwe fabric! (Google shweshwe, it is the prettiest).
    Glad the fire could be contained. There is nothing more devastatingly deadly frightening than a huge fire - I remember these from growing up in the Cape Province; it would rage for days, jump over roads, destroying as it goes. Ans hauntingly strangely beautiful at night - if your watching from afar.
    On a lighter note - we used FB and Twitter last year during mass action strikes which hamper fuel delivery all over the country - to find out which petrol stations hasn't run dry yet! An on Ironman race day, I post on FB so my sis in Ireland and friends in Canada and Aus can follow my husbands progress - they also follow live via his chip nr.

  15. Safety in social media could almost be an oxymoron huh! But I totally get you.... my moments come when the kids are tucked in and my mama doubts play with my mind and I can reach for my keyboard and email an unmet friend for reassurance. :)

  16. It is definitely about community - I think we were made to live in community and sometimes it is hard to find one or fit it in. We live opposite a State Park, at the bottom of my driveway are thousands of huge gum tree's, I think we are a little crazy - hence looking for a new home! xxx Love your dresses! Can I order one Kate? xx

  17. Another great post Kate, it has mostly already been said but I blog to connect with like minded people. Living in a slightly isolated area it is not possible to see actual people (outside my family) everyday and not always easy to meet new people. So, blogging gives me connection to lovely people like yourself!

  18. It's all about the social for me ~ most definitely ~ especially being away from home right now, it's like a lifeline. Wishing you a very boring and safe weekend. Will be thinking of you and sending some cooler weather your way. Nic xx

  19. Oh Kate, I hate the whole fire thing. Especially scary where you are with all the trees. I take some comfort in the fact I can see the horizon in most directions.
    I love connections and interest ion I have with my online friends. Its hard to find like minded thinkers in a small town.

  20. I'm so glad everything settled...

  21. I was thinking of you and didn't think to use social media, somehow.... go figure.

    Still thinking of you and wishing no more fires.xxn

  22. Hi there :-) I'm so glad to hear you are all okay and that the fire was caught in time. what a stress that must have been. i hope miss autumn shows her face very soon. my garden is about to cark it! and p.s nice dress :-)

  23. So glad you are all OK. Such scary stuff. My online buddies get me through some quite overwhelming times just by doing what they do and knowing that there are plenty of people out there doing their thing for the planet and community.

  24. Last time the fires went through I didn't even know anyone that lived where you do, virtual or otherwise. This time, I had even more reason to pray for safety and an escape from devastation and loss. Social media makes events and people much more real by bringing them closer, into our computers, our phones and our homes. But there is comfort in this, a sense of belonging and a shared understanding. Community indeed.
    Love the dress, love your words. Stay safe xx

  25. Kate,

    So glad you and your family are safe. Here in the UK we don't have the threat of bush fires so I can't start to think about the terror you must feel in that situation. But here in the UK we can read about your life your ups and downs and send you our hopes that everythng is ok, in the blogasphere we will always be thinking of you and your family and I hope that you can draw some strength from that in times of trouble.
    Yes my weekend will probably be safe and boring but a little piece of me will be thinking of my blog friends and hoping that all is well all over the world wherever they are...
    Hope you now have an uneventful weekend.
    Fleur xx
    ps. your dress looks lovely, I love the fabric!

  26. I have only just started following your lovely blog (what was I thinking before?) and yet there is a connection between bloggers. We let strangers into our lives and show them the inside of our heads which can be a bit scary but is also so liberating. The wonderful thing is that it makes it so easy to care about other people's lives and to root for people you will, in all likelihood never meet. I love that - the spread of love. Hope your weekend has peace x

  27. I don't twitter or instagram but yes, the community of bloggers is as much a part of my life as the community of people I actually know. Love Karen's phrase - the spread of love - that is just what it is, so much good, positive energy. Hope you're enjoying that boring, quiet weekend Kate and the bushfire threat is gone x

  28. Even without all the followers and commenters blogging still feels nice :o) No matter what there is always someone out there.

    Keep safe, and enjoy the rest of your boring weekend xx

  29. Oh, have been in the bubble and did not know, how scary. Being surrounded by forest - with national park behind us I know that feeling, it is so scary. I am glad the worst has passed and wished I had known. xx

  30. Every time we go for a drive to healsville, daylesford etc I think of you all in brushfire season, and a get a little afraid for you. ....I hope the weather turns a little cooler soon, and the worry is ,behind you, once again for this year. :-)))....
    P.s that dress is super cute.

  31. How scary! I assume all went well in the end. Sometimes we need a bit of fear to wake up from our everyday sleepy mode to see and appreciate what we have. The right amount of fear that is of course...

    And yes, although I sometimes wonder about being "connected" all the time, writing and showing off my stuff to strangers in the Internet Sphere these strangers all turn in to the best friends ever when something bad happens. I had a bad car accident a while ago and wrote about it in a post. It was healing and the support was amazing. I felt humbled and moved to tears from all the sweet words sent to me wishing me all the best. It almost felt like my blog friends are more tuned in with my life than my "real" friends...

    Also this is a community to grow in. The amount of things I have learned and discovered throughout my 2+ years of blogging is amazing. Without Internet Sphere or my blog I would never have been able to make all the beautiful things I have made with my own hands. I never would have discovered that inside is an all around crafty artist hidden and with the right tools and tutorials I can do pretty much anything.

    And sure, Blog Land is also inspiring. Over the top inspiring at times. But blogs like yours are more inspiring on the depth of it. Like a journey of self discovery on a different level. I am so happy I somehow found your place. This is the one blog I sit down and discuss with my man about. The one blog he actually finds interesting as well (not only yarn or fabric porn as he sometimes teasingly call it...).

    And why did I start blogging in the first place? I am not sure. Because my au-pair girl for a summer told me I had to share my life in the country side of Switzerland. Because she thought it was the greatest thing ever. And because she said I had to be connected as this is the future and then she helped me to register on Facebook... And I was smitten, gave it a go and I am so happy I did. Although, again, sometimes I question why I do this. That is when I feel pressured to perform. A blog needs to come from the heart. Sometimes it is easy to get side tracked and forget that it is a bout what I want to write, not about what people want to see or read. I am still searching for my real blog identity a bit, planning for some changes to make it more of a journal than just a crafty corner. We'll see.

    Ohh, love your dress. So cute. Simply gorgeous. Sending k√§rlek - love that is in Swedish - to you and your family. I hope the sound of fire trucks has disappeared and that your fire sprinklers are turned off. And the laundry is back up on the clothes line.:D ♥♥♥ Annette

  32. When we were in Melbourne a few weeks back, we turned a few turns, the small peeps fell asleep and then we kept driving and found ourselves in King Lake. It was devastating and scary to think how quickly it must have all gone bad. We went through Yasi last year, but at least there was a bit more warning, fires seem to come so quickly. Stay safe!!

  33. I am totally reminded of its power by all the beautiful & special friends I have made who know form SUCH an important part of my life today.
    I was soooo worried about you and my other lovely friends who live nearby on Friday.
    Mother nature is a wild beast.
    so beautiful at times.
    so horrific at others.
    so glad you are safe.
    so glad you are here.

    1. woops....that should be- special friends who *now...not know!
      One of these days I will edit before I publish.
      but then again...I probably won't.....

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