Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Craft report


And now for the crafty bits.

In the middle of all the apple picking, apple cooking, apple preserving and apple eating, I screen printed a whole bunch of bunting flags


to decorate our stall at The Lake House produce day last month.


I actually finished the farmer boy socks about two months ago but then apple season exploded and I never got a chance to blog them. The top four things about knitting these socks are;

  1. The skein of yarn is split into two 50 gram bits so you know when to stop winding one and start winding the next and then you can't help but knit two identical twin socks.
  2. The colours and patterns change so often which made them interesting and fun.
  3. Somehow, I have no idea how, the yarn is dyed into those colours and patterns which means you get the cool designs without all the ends to darn in.
  4. Farmer Bren LOVES them!!

Ravelled here.


Apart from the giving or wearing, the best part of finishing a pair of socks is adding a new colour into my scrappy sock blanket. It's still not very big, but I'm really loving it.

Raveled here.


And then there's Amanda.

As far as I can work out I have one button band, the neckband and the seaming to do and then I'm done. I still have no idea if it will fit me but it's getting to that stage where I'll soon find out.

I'm knitting Amanda in Tonofwool which I am LOVING!! It had beautiful stitch definition, it is super soft, it's Australian and I have a few samples that I'll be giving away soon - so watch this space.

Ravelled here.


Then there's the weaving kit that farmer Bren and the girls bought me a week before mother's day. I am busting to have a go but trying my hardest to wait til I am wearing my new cardigan.


Which brings us to the sweet Tea Mouse.

Tea Mouse is the cutest softie pattern designed and written by lovely Sarah from Chantille Fleur.

In Sarah's own words - The Chantille Fleur Tea Mouse has darling little ears with fabric lining, a matching love heart on the front and even a little knitted tail. She's a sweet little character with a lovely black nose which she just loves to point in the air. The Tea Mouse is a delight to look at and to create.

Sarah posted me the kit which meant all I had to do was find the right sized needles and get to work. The pattern was easy to follow and came together quite quickly. I had thought it might make a sweet gift for a new baby but it keeps disappearing into Miss Pepper's bedroom. Looks like I'll just have to knit up another one. Or two.

Sarah has very kindly offered to send a Tea Mouse kit to one of you guys, (Australian addresses only, sorry).

Tell me in the comments who you would give your little Tea Mouse to and I'll pick a winner on the weekend.

Until then check out the knitting kits here.
The Tea Mouse Ravelry page here.
Chantille Fleur facebook here.
Chantille Fleur on instagram here.

OK, that's me all craft caught up, how about you?
What're you making at the moment?

Big warm woolly love.



  1. My aunt sells organic and wildcrafted teas at our local market, so Tea Mouse would be right at home at her house :)

  2. You are so talented!! You are like a knitting super star!! I want to learn how to knit socks so bad but i fear it might go like my crochet efforts (phenomenal swearing!! i can't tell you how many times i've attempted the infamous ripple blanket...) the socks are my fav, they are beauties!

  3. Great stuff!! Love, love, love the cardi - can't wait to see that finished!! I finished a chevron ripple shawl a little while ago and am now working on a colourful granny stripe blanket for a friends birthday - I'm hooking in lots of love :D Jan x

  4. Oh my! Kate you have been busy (as always) I am completely crushing on your Amanda, can't wait to see it finished.
    How very sweet is the little Tea Mouse, I'm going to make one for my dear friend who lost her little boy to cancer......

    Have a wonderful week gorgeous one xxx

  5. Such lovely makes! I really love the idea of a scrap sock yarn blanket, but I tend to use up my ends for Frankensocks!x

  6. My lovely dear Sydney-based friend lost her mum to brain cancer a few years ago. Now her father-in-law, loved and adored by her two little girls, has bowel cancer which has progressed rapidly and aggressively. I hate not being able to physically be there for her right now. I think I would send the Tea Mouse to her to put somewhere where she can see it and know that I am thinking of her and wishing we could sit down for a cuppa together.

  7. What a sweet, sweet little mouse! I know a special someone who has a three month old baby girl, this would be such a sweet addition to her nursery. XxBrenda

  8. I hope your jumper fits it looks amazing. Your farmer models a shapely ankle too. Jo x

  9. Totally would make this for my sis(who doubles as my bestie because she totally rocks!) to display in her new post-separation house she moves into in a few months...during which said months it would take me to make as a
    L am a newish knitter but she is worth it & would smile to see it! X

  10. Your bunting project looks totally awesome and impressive
    and hooray, terrific that Farmer Bren loves the socks. They look so funky I'm tempted to take up knitting. Are socks are hard project to start with? I did knit a nappy cover a few years back so I can, a little.

  11. Ooh I first spotted this gorgeous little one on Instagram and would love the pleasure of making one myself. My dear friend is moving to WA in 6 weeks, with her husband and three gorgeous boys. I would dearly love to make a Tea Mouse for her to take with her on their adventure, particularly as one of our favourite things to do is shake a pot of Peppy (Peppermint) tea, and occasionally some bubbles, which I'm sure Tea Mouse would approve of too!

  12. I too am totally fascinated as to how wool is dyed in order to knit up into patterns... not sure if it done with maths or magic! The tea mouse is sooo cute, love the fabric lined ears! I have been sewing t shirts (long sleeved for this cold weather) and knitting a scarf started last winter; plus my 11 y/o son decided he wanted to learn to knit, which he has pretty much taught himself just by watching me... so we were sitting on the couch together after dinner tonight, bumping elbows as we knitted!

  13. I would keep it for myself as my great auntie made me something similar 50 years ago and I still have it, so it wold finally have a companion. :)

  14. I love the little tea mouse and I'm sure my three year old niece would love it, too.

  15. I'd gift it to my nan. Pop died last week in the year that would have been their 70th wedding anniversary and I can't imagine her lonely days now. Of course, this wont fill the gap but it would bring a smile to her face.

    Been meaning to start a scrap blanket with leftovers. I really should get onto it.

    Oh, and the bunting is perfect. x

  16. I've been really enjoying your blog!
    I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I would give the tea mouse to my Mum. She came all the way down from Brisbane to help me out this past weekend as we have three foster kiddos as well as our four bio & my hubby was away.

  17. would love the tea mouse to go with the Beatrix Potter book, Mrs Tittlemouse, which I am giving to my great-niece for her birthday.

  18. I think I'd like to make a tea mouse to gift to a stranger who looks like they need a little love, or maybe the next mum I see being tutted at in the supermarket on a hard day

  19. well that is a hard one I have so many beautiful people I could make this for but I think as I have only just become a Nannie I would make this for my bran new Grandson Sebastian .than you and Sarah for this chance have a nice week hugs Beth

  20. That tea mouse is just adorable! I would give it to my daughter who would absolutely cherish it

  21. Love the cable cardi :) I would make the mouse for my daughter to put in her pocket and keep her company as she busses across Perth to get to uni. She's working very hard and it would be lovely to give her something to make her smile x

  22. You're a clever one, Kate. I love your bunting and the fact that you screen printed it yourself reminds me why I love you so much!! x

  23. The bunting is fabulous! I would love the tea mouse and would give it to my daughter-in-law who MUST be missing the little critter who took up residence recently but had to be sent packing....

  24. So many lovely bits. The bunting looks great. x

  25. Such a sweet little mouse, I would give it a family I know who are asylum seekers and have just had their first baby. They are having a hard time being away from home, their families, not to mention the future unknowns. I'd love to bring them something to make them smile.

  26. I think my beautiful Mum would love to knit this wee little mouse. She makes magic happen on her needles. She's been very sick lately so spends lots of time resting and getting stronger...this would keep her heart happy and her hands busy too.

  27. I would give the tea mouse to my daughter for her birthday

  28. I love your apple bunting Kate, looks perfect! The socks look awesome too. I should definately split my ball into 2 when I knit my next pair. The Amanda cardigan is absolutely gorgeous but alas too small for me. I could always knit one for my sister though. You will look wonderful in yours I am sure. I saw your little tea mouse too, she is just absolutely adorable. It seems you have been doing lots of beautiful crafting lately!

  29. I am making a memory blanket as well, it is addictive!

  30. Oh you are way too clever! I (still) can't comment on your blog but would love to send a tea mouse to my sis in Nepal. Some frivolous knitting might be good about now!

  31. So much crafty goodness as always. Loving your scappy sock blanket. That's going to be a treasure - so many memories and moments knitted into the one blanket. Pure delight.

  32. Hello! I've just discovered your wonderful blog. I love the socks you knitted for your husband! Would you take commissions?! Best wishes, Fiona

  33. Thanks for your message Kate, no worries about the socks :) I really like your blog. Best wishes, Fiona


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