Friday, March 23, 2018

thirty four

Hello lovely ones,

I hope you've had a gorgeous week.

I just typed out the first 34 things that came to mind when I thought of my week that just was, here they are...

We watched a movie called Faces and Places and absolutely adored it. I never agree to watching subtitled films because I still can't knit and read at the same time, but this time I made an exception and I'm so pleased I did. I highly recommend it.

listened to the first episode of the second season of Ear Hustle and loved it. One of you guys originally recommended it to me and if it was you, thank you so much. x

knitted the second sleeve of my Mirehouse sweater. Gosh, when I first cast on I thought it would be a quick knit because of the 10ply yarn and the size 4mm needles, but I guess not.

finished reading Lullaby. I read it in two days. I'm always interested in books that start with the last chapter and what they must do to keep us reading when we know where we're headed. This book was not put-downable. My Mum told me that it's actually inspired by a true story too. I must remember to google it.

We made and sold apple spirals at Pepper's school's autumn fair.

felt sick watching news of the bush fires on the other side of the state.

received a copy of The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart  by Holly Ringland in the mail from the kind people at Harper Collins and I can't wait to get through the book I'm currently reading so I can start it. It might just have the most beautiful cover I've ever seen. And it's about the language of flowers and a flower farmer!!! What more could one want in a book?!

I got dressed in my gym clothes for the first time in about three weeks and went to train with a new trainer and a new class. After two happy years at my old gym I was pretty nervous to begin with, but I loved it and look forward to going back.

drove through the forest to catch a train in the dark to the city.

visited the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show on a media pass before it opened. On a media pass!!! How cool. Our media group toured the gardens and met the winners, we did a few workshops, we walked around and we were given goodie bags. I'm not really into formal manicured gardens so it pleased me greatly that the overall winning garden had boxer shorts hanging on a Hills hoist, a cricket pitch, and some overgrown grassy bits. I loved it. 

 I carried my big camera off the farm for the first time in ages and took photos of the flower show but unfortunately the light was so bright and the shadows were so harsh that I wasn't really happy with any of them. What a shame.

read the last chapter of my Mum's new manuscript and loved the way she ended it.

We picked crates and crates of apples.

We picked crates and crates of tomatoes. We squished most of them, made a sauce with onion, garlic and basil and bottled them for later.

We picked crates and crates of cucumbers. We fermented lots in jars.

We stayed in a house close to the big girls' school for two nights.

We sent Bren and Pepper and some friends off camping for two nights.

started reading Mrs by Caitlin Macy.

ate so much of Bren's tabouli.

felt stupidly disappointed when one of my dahlias snapped off at the roots during a big wind storm.

picked so many flowers. I picked a big jar full to take away with us and looking at it sitting up all bright and happy on the kitchen table made me feel so happy. 

We sang to my sister Emily on her birthday.

realised that all of my clothes suit country and farm living but aren't that great for visits to the city. For so long I was proud of the fact that I could easily straddle both worlds; not anymore. 

We filled out the paperwork for a new, weekly Daylesford farmer's market starting this Sunday. It's been  years since we've done a market and I'm a bit excited.

started thinking about the design of our market stall. Crates? Boxes? Baskets? Signs?

dressed Miss Pepper in a school uniform to be extra on a tv show.

We visited our bees and started getting them ready for winter.

tried not to think of winter.

met a woman in a cafe this morning who I've only ever chatted to on instagram and I think she's as awesome as her flowers and photos. At the start she recognised my girls and introduced herself, in the end I liked her so much I wished I didn't have to leave.

We ate cheese, tomatoes and pickled cucumbers on toast for lunch most days. I ate it for breakfast and sometimes for dinner too.

felt proud of, and exasperated by, and protective of, and amazed by, and frustrated by, and in love with, and anxious for, and thrilled for, and sad for, and hopeful for, and enchanted by our girls.

drove through the forest this morning after two days away and had butterflies in my tummy at the thought of seeing and cuddling my farmer boy.

drove into our little oasis in the trees and was so excited to see the next bit of the autumn renovation framed up before my eyes.

felt touched by the comments about where you live and read my blog on my last post. To be honest I've been contemplating taking a break from my blog for a while. After almost ten years, I feel like I'm constantly repeating myself these days and sometimes I wonder if anyone even cares. But then after reading your comments I felt inspired to continue. Thank you so much for being part of my community and for being so kind. xx

And that's 34 of me. Please feel free to tell me one or two about you.

Until next week...

Lots of love,

Kate x


  1. I love your blog, it feels real and relateable, honest and so so comforting. I feel connected when i look at your pictures and read your words about life, like catching up with a friend.
    Things about my week.... I'm still getting used to only having 1 child at home, how much food to make and how many days i can eat the leftovers because I've made too much again.
    Wishing I could grow beautiful flowers but wallabies and a brown thumb.
    Considering how to break my addiction to my phone at the same time being thankful my phone is my only addiction.
    Thinking about volunteering but not sure where I might be best suited.
    Feeling lonely.

    Cheers Kate

  2. Lovely gentle photos and a great sounding week!
    I lost a tooth last night due to overenthusiastic biscuit eating!Total freak out!
    Also exasperated by our eldest pressing our buttons, and our youngests drama routines
    BUT going away tonight with hubby to a little hotel in a beautiful Cotswold village with a mooch round the castle Henry VIIIs last wife "retired"to, tomorrow!
    Sure all will seem more dreamy after that!

  3. I love and look forward to reading your blog each fruit. We are getting ready for spring but had a foot of snow on the first full day of spring here in New York I am getting excited my son takes ha road test next week. I am looking forward to warmer weather.

  4. Your blog is amazing, kind, authentic and not repeating itself. I always enjoy reading your words and seeing your photos. Please don't stop (unless You want to!)!

  5. Goodness that has been a busy week. Looks like it was filled with fun and laughter.

  6. Right now I feel as though I need to make some changes because I am doing & thinking things that are not helpful.
    I feel like I am finding my feet in this new routine of prac, tafe, family. It looks very different to what life normally looks but different isn't bad, it just takes some getting used to.
    I am trying very hard at many things & not trying hard at others. That's Ok.
    And if you stopped blogging I'd be so sad to not get glimpses into your life 7 hear your stories but you must do what feels right for you.
    Enjoy your weekend Kate xx

  7. Love your garden Kate and look forward to every Friday to read your blog. X

  8. Kate I adore your blog and have been reading since the early days when I was blogging myself. I look forward catching up with your weekly posts, cuppa in hand. You are so generous in sharing your life with us and giving us a glimpse into what life on a farm is like. I have watched and marvelled as your gorgeous girls have grown, have been inspired endlessly by your passion to live simply and grow organic food and hope to one day pay a visit to your farm stall and sample for myself your apples with names that intrigue me no end. I have been absolutely amazed by how far your knitting skills have come along, not to mention Bren's wood turning skills. I've read books and listened to podcasts, on your recommendation, that I have thoroughly enjoyed and your flowers, well they are just the icing on the cake really. I would certainly miss visiting here if you did take a break but totally understand that you need to do what you need to do.
    I hope you have a fabulous weekend filled to the brim with all the wonderful things!!

  9. Such pleasure in reading your words and seeing your gorgeous photos. Don't stop!

  10. Ah, someone else who avoids subtitled movies as it makes it hard to knit! I do so love knitting while I watch a movie, something has to give. There have been some unsalvageable knitting mistakes made during moments of high (dramatic) tension. This knitting habit has definitely increased my viewing of romcoms and documentaries! Your garden is looking fantastic!

  11. So glad you were inspired to carry on blogging. I'm sat at the kitchen table, trying to write an assignment...not in the mood, the fridge is empty, feeling tired, drinking earl grey and dunking biscuits. Then I remembered it was Friday and I could read your weekly post! Yay, I'm feeling brighter already, although I do not know how you fit it all in?? xx

  12. This "I felt proud of, and exasperated by, and protective of, and amazed by, and frustrated by, and in love with, and anxious for, and thrilled for, and sad for, and hopeful for, and enchanted by our girls.", summarized my week of parenting a girl. Heck, should probably be my mantra for the remaining teen years. Well said.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I love that view through the flowers to your little house!

  15. I love your blog and I'd be extremely saddened if you did walk away. I very much appreciate that you offer a glimpse into a life that is so very different from my own. Coming here to read is an end of the week holiday that I value ever so much xxx

  16. Your garden is so beautiful Kate! What camera do you use to take these beautiful photos? x

  17. I just found your blog for the 1st time. Reading last weeks blog was like a blast from my past in Tasmania. the only apple I will eat is Cox's Orange Pippin and then there was my Nans fowlers vacola jars.
    How many of those did I help fill over my childhood. Thanks for the memories.

  18. I found your blog in 2012 while living in the wilds of Papua New Guinea - it was such a cooling balm to read about your Victorian farming life while melting into a tropical puddle. We're in Mullumbimby now, so still the same effect to some degree! It's always a lovely insight into the rhythms of a different life, and fascinating to read the comments and know that, while our settings can vary greatly, it's still such a similar experience for us all of being a woman, a parent, a human. So many thanks for your years of honesty and humility and humour in this space xx

  19. OMG I totally empathise with the dahlia falling down - I garden in our once neglected communal garden in the downstairs areas of our apartment block & I loooooove dahlias. I snap one big stem (with my belly!!) bending over to fix the tomatoes, then a windy day got a few others! and people walking by tried to snaffle one flower but almost ripped the whole thing out (I saved it thankfully). I have to grow them right on the front fence line so things do get snatched, but I figure it brings others a bit of flower joy so it's ok ;) Just wish they'd use scissors!

  20. oh! please don't stop blogging!
    i just said to my husband...I feel like I am stalking this woman
    but I just love your blog SO MUCH.

  21. It's really nice to get a weekly glimpse of the other side of the world. "Lullaby" is published as "The Perfect Nanny" in North America. The French original is "Chanson Douce". I have ordered it--thank you!

  22. Please don't stop blogging. I so enjoy your photos, stories if what you are up to and about your knitting. I've been popping in to read for 6 years and you've been through many happy times but also some challenges. You're admirable and please share!

  23. Oh please don't stop blogging I love our weekly catch ups. Ive followed you for so long it would be like losing a good friend.
    This week life is feeling a little lighter than it has in a while for me.
    I feel like I can breath again as my youngest is finally settling into year 7 life at his new school. The transition has been tough and I have so many questions and frustrations at the way we "educate" our young people these days.
    I took a day for myself and spent it at the Flower and Garden show. I too enjoyed the more relaxed feel of most of the show gardens this year. I feel like we are finally becoming comfortable with ourselves as Australians and not trying desperately to copy the European ideal of gardening.
    I'm loving your dahlia photos They remind me of my Grandpa who grew dalhias and chrysanthemums in his garden. So much cheerful colour.
    I'm rationalising my knitting projects, finishing off many unfinished projects and frogging those that no longer bring me joy. I've always been one of those knitters with multiple projects on the go but lately I've been finding it overwhelming so it's time to clear things away and have a simpler approach.
    I'm looking forward to autumn settling in and the approach of winter. Hopefully some good rain and cooler weather.
    Have a good week Kate

  24. I love your blog, Kate. Please keep on blogging. You are inspiration.
    I enjoy your honesty!

  25. I love popping over to your space once a week and enjoy your beautiful photos. I hope you find the inspiration to keep going and while I know your readers enjoy your blog, i hope that you also enjoy this beautiful space.
    And speaking of beautiful spaces - i'm completely envious of your amazing renovations. Now that we've moved to a colder climate this is my dream kind of growing space to start things up and retreat to in winter. one day....
    A few things that stand out from my last week: drying some foraged pears, planting some seedlings in the dirt, adventures to the park with my girls and inspirational podcasts.
    Have a good week,

  26. I have seven loads of laundry to do today.
    My sis is visiting from Ireland, so that's great!
    She brought the best muesli ever from Bean Brownie Company.

  27. Don't stop. We love you. We need your stories. They are inspiring, loving and reminds me of all the gorgeous lovely little things that happens in life.
    Thank you for sharing.

  28. Oh Kate! I would miss you here. Sometimes your photos are a bright spot in my day. Sometimes your words make me think. Sometimes they inspire. Sometimes they make me laugh. You need to do what is right for you but I am selfishly saying “don’t stop!”

  29. Kate i understand you wanting to have a break from your posts but they are one of the things that keep me going, it has been beautiful seeing your girls grow unfortunately or fortunately i have seen more photos of them than my grandchildren, (they live in qld and my daughter does not do photos too well and if she does she forgets to send, (oh well i will get to see them this year possibly three times that will be a first), but back to you. i love your posts and your photos are stunning,why dont you think about maaking cards out of some of them to sell at the market. I know i would be after some as i am sure many of your followers would be.yesterday i spent the day knitting on a shawl for my soon to be daughter in law for the wedding it should be finished this week thank heavens i started in january and it will end out an 8ft square of lace. I have enjoyed it but will be glad to get back to some color. White is not a color. Know what you mean about clothes i have work clothes or home clothes and nothing to go out in, well i suppose i dont go out a lot so that dosent really matter. The other highlight of last week was a day spent at a spin in it was fun.

  30. I enjoy my Friday 'Foxslane' time and need to tell you that a bit more! I often look up podcasts you share, and love watching your flowers grow and all your knitting, making and apple growing adventures.We even tried to drive through Dayelsford on the long weekend to come to your stall, but got stuck in a crazy traffic jam! Obviously chose the wrong weekend. Hopefully I will find another time so I can taste your amazing looking apples! x

  31. I would just like to say that I have only just discovered you and am so happy to have found a substantial (as in - not just about fashion and flippity-giblets) Australian "lifestyle" blogger who has been blogging for 10 years (I mean, what an achievement, Kate!). I'm also so happy to see you raising your girls in the country as it is something that my husband and I also aspire to do (currently saving towards it) with our children who are 9, 7 and 1 so far. Please keep blogging! Yours and Meg's blogs are little beacons in this world!
    x Tully

    1. So who is Meg's blog? Love some more beacons myself

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  33. According to my page, I'm the 34th comment! Happy 34. :) I am working on building new raised garden beds, and in the back of my mind are pictures of your blog, your garden, your farm. I am constantly inspired.

  34. well... all of those books are now on my reading list! thank you :) x

  35. I do relate with your thoughts of blogging, after 13 yrs of blogging I feel the same way, and yet I'm so grateful for those years. My last year was the least I've ever blogged, about 6 times in the whole year!! and I used to write at least once a week/fortnight. Like you I think everyone's heard this all before, there are others speaking better than I etc.
    I think the worst direction for my writing was reading what the 'experts' say to 'make your blog successful', to narrow and focus etc. I've tried to conform for the last 2/3 years and it was the worst advice for me as a writer, I've lost my way.
    In honesty I was talking to my son's girlfriend yesterday about this and how I want to find my way back and I showed her two blogs that are authentic and real and that inspire me to go back to being me, both have a similar style and one was yours xxxx So I care, you inspire me xxx

  36. Lost Flowers is wonderful - safely call it my favourite book of 2018. And it's only April!

  37. Oh I had a good laugh when you wrote about not usually wanting to watch subtitles because of not being able to knit as well while watching... thank you for sharing bits of your weeks.

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