Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Every day in May.

Indi got me thinking this morning when she turned the page of the calender over and gave me a bit of talk about how a new month is a fresh start. A clean slate. She's excited she told me. New beginnings.

And then I started to think about what May might mean to me. What I wanted from my May.

And then I remembered that May rhymes with day and I decided then and there to do something every day in May. One thing every single day this month. One thing for the next 31 days. A commitment but totally doable.

Over the next few hours I mulled over lots of ideas;
Go for a walk everyday?
Tell a mother what a great job she is doing?
Write a hand written letter?
Donate 10 things to the op shop?
Write in a journal?
Try a new recipe?
Spend an hour alone with one of my children?
Do one bottom of the list household chore
Do my pilates exercises????

I could realistically do most of the above.
I probably should do most of the above.

But then, driving home from bush kinder, I remembered that May is my learning to crochet anniversary. Three years this month. And I remembered that two years ago I crocheted a motif a day in May. To celebrate and to learn some new patterns. I remember that most of the time I was able to crochet a motif a day, but a few days I made two to make up for the day before. I remember really enjoying the searching for patterns, the choosing of the yarn and colour combos, the hooking them up and the little pile of motifs that grew. From memory some ended up stuck to the wall, some sewn on clothes, some I still have in a drawer and some I gave away.

So I'm going to do it again.

A motif a day in May.

I crocheted the first two just now to celebrate. Hopefully I'll get a bit more technical than the humble granny from here on. But if I end up with 31 grannies, that's a lap blanket and I'm happy too.

Yay! I'm excited.

Do you want to play too?
You could crochet a motif a day too, or you could do something else every day in May.

So are you in?
What are you going to to everyday in May?

I'll be back soon to motif show and tell.

Happy May marvelous peeps. xx


  1. You've given me something to think about. I love to crochet and Need to learn some new patterns... perhaps this May will be my chance to do just that.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Kate.

  2. What a nice idea. You can do it!

  3. Hmmmmm.... What about answer an email a day....what about do washing everyday.... Oh something good and fun: what about for the whole of May I grow a baby! I am in! I do Want to join in but the commitment makes me anxious!!!

    I just thought of something else: I will do my pelvic floor every day!

  4. What a great idea Kate!
    I wish I could join in but we are heading off to Cape York soon and I have lots of present knitting to do for Birthday's that we will miss while we are away.
    Kylie C :)

  5. I think crochet is a great choice. Because it means you also have to sit and focus for however long that motif takes. So not only do you get the motif, you get time out, a little rest, crafty accomplishment aaaand something pretty at the end.
    I'm afraid to join in. I've got two weeks left before a baby appears and we're moving house over the next month!!!
    Maybe I should join in to say I'll take time out just for me every day. To keep myself sane.
    That Indi is a good egg, isn't she. Wise girl.
    Good luck with your mission dearest lady. x

  6. What a great idea! I had been thinking about posting 'a photo a day in May' on my blog but you have me thinking now that maybe I should make it something more specific ...

  7. Squats! I'll do squats. I wanted to anyway, but thus will help me to commit..

  8. Squats! I'll do squats. I wanted to anyway, but thus will help me to commit..

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  10. And here is me completely oblivious to the fact that it is, in fact, the first day of a new month. Thanks Indi for your refreshing reminder about new beginnings. This has me excited. I think mine might be a mix of crochet and recipes. Maybe a little bit of sewing. Maybe a whole mix of things. Oh, and I think I'll use our little friend instagram to track this one!

    Thanks, Kate, I am in!!

  11. I will do my best to do one a day xx

  12. You've inspired me to at least try. I'm going to crochet ONE motif in May. x

  13. i would LOVE to...but can't crochet.
    but by about July i'll be royally sick of winter so maybe July will be my Learn To Crochet month.
    looking forward to seeing what motifs you whip up

  14. okay sounds like fun so I'm in and will try my best.

  15. Love the essence of this Kate!
    I really, really, truly need to make something new each day, for me or others, to help get me back on track which its overwhelmingly obvious that im not right now.
    I realise now ive been wanting to do this very thing since the start of the year.
    Ive missed out today but id love to give myself this treat as ive barely stopped to breathe so far in 2012.
    All I can say this moment is that ill be attempting to get busy.
    Ill be watching you, x

  16. I love a daily ritual! Go Kate! (Esp if it's crochet!)

  17. Today I bought my first ever crochet hook and yarn, I have just spent 1/2 an hour watching Pip's tutorials on how to crochet (well how to hold the hook, and make a chain!), and now I've popped over here and you're having a crochet month - how weird is that! So, every day for the month of May I too will crochet, maybe not make anything but practice lots!

  18. Count me in.
    I have been thinking of doing a Me May. We have baan so busy in our lives at the moment that I seem to be be worrying and caring for everyone else and forgetting me.
    There are a few things that I would like to do for me this month. When I get a chance I'll blog it, a sick boy is my priority this week and getting him sorted.
    Oh, and it my birthday month. Yippy

  19. Hi Kate
    I am also in. I love to have a goal and something new each day is so inspiring. Will you share your block each day? Carla

  20. This is a wonderful idea! I am in too, there is lots i want to do, and need to do everyday, so I am going to try too, and hopefully with u, and whoever else is joining in, i will get more done.
    I need to exercise and study everyday. between work and home and various other activities, these 2 take a hit everyday!
    Is there a min or max time to this, though?
    Id love to do so many more things.. but 1 thing a month :)
    I love MAY, and its my bday month too, so thanks for revving it up!

  21. I have just instagram-ed you. I am in. I am going to sew one block of my vintage sheet quilt each day in May. By the end of the month it will be finished. Now THAT will feel good.

    Such a great idea Kate - thanks so much

  22. I'm in, too. I've been thinking about Lucy's (Attic24) hexagon pattern for some time, now. Today's the day! Thank you for providing the inspiration to get started!

  23. Awesome!!! I may need to join a long just for a boredom buster and to help speed the time. "not that it's not flying" but next month I get to go spend the remainder of this deployment with my sister at the beach..YAY!! I always love "your world" btw :)

  24. Hi Kate
    I messed up my comment earlier. I decided to change what I was going to do everyday in May. Originally I thought I'd post a picture every day but I decided to drink an extra jug of water each day. :)

  25. Perfect timing Ms Kate. Me and crochet need to become one and this May might be just what I need to do that. The challenge has been set...oh!

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