Sunday, July 21, 2013

Australian Sheep and Wool Show 2013

Oh my goodness, I LOVE WOOL!!!!!

And I love the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo. Love it!

Last Friday was my third visit to the show and each time I think I love it more. I think I understand it more and I think I am less overwhelmed and inspired by it more.

I love it all the way from the sheep, to the fleece, to the sheep and wool peeps. I love watching them judging, handling, admiring, wearing, spectating and socialising.

I love watching the spinners and weavers and felters and dyers and knitters and crocheters too. I love the passion they have for their craft. I love watching their fingers move, the smiles on their faces and the excited way they describe what they do. I feel like I'm one of them. It makes me happy.

I love watching the way the stalls are set up. Trestles and baskets and bowls and hooks and shelves of glorious woolly delightfulness.

And I love how the shoppers shop. According to their craft, their colour pallet, their yarn weight, their yarn type, their budget.

I love the weaving.

I love the felting.

I love the yarn bombing.

I love the buttons.

I love all the different types of needles and hooks.

And most of all, I adore the wool.

On my first trip to the show, four years ago, I was so new to the wool crafts and so overwhelmed that I went home empty handed. Not so much this time. Now I know that I love organic, Australian made, naturally dyed, and 8ply or chunkier.

I had such a great time. I Love that my farmer boy did too. Taking a day off farm-work to walk from stall to stall, to chit chat with the stall holders and to carry my bags.

I'm hoping that by next year's show we might have a few woolly friends of our own living here. I'm hoping that I'll be a spinner by then too.

Oh what fun!

I'll have to show and tell my purchases another day, I've run out of room.

Did you go to the show?
Did you have a great weekend?

Happy new week you guys.



  1. I can almost smell that delicious lanolin smell. Brings back so many memories of my childhood. Helping out in the shearing shed. Grandma's spinning and knitting. . .

    And your snow pictures are amazing! There was talk of snow on the Stirling Ranges near here, but it never eventuated.

    rachel xo

    1. Oh! I would adore some shearing shed memories of my own.
      How wonderful! xx

  2. I grew up on a sheep farm, now living in the city, I would love to have a sheep still, but sadly must just visit them when I see my family. I also can only knit a scarf, though I do wish I could red a knitting pattern.

    1. Oh Claire, you so could. One step at a time. And then there's google. x

  3. oooh I love the felt and the beautiful earthy colours! Happy new week to you too! : )

  4. Oh you lucky lucky human being! How I would love a show like this! I might have to plan a trip to Oz from SA next year just to come and see it!!!! Maybe you should have a stall next year and sell those gorgeous beanies and hats you make! Farmer Boy could model them! Hope you week is woolly and warm! xxx

  5. Gorgeous pictures. I've never been to the show before but I'd like to :)

  6. Hi Kate, I have been lurking around your blog for a while - love your photos and tales. We went on Saturday, so sadly missed the Daylesford snow (we live in Franklinford), but it was amazing despite the filthy, freezing rain! My 2 year old sat and talked to all the sheep and goats for so long that he ran out of puff before I got to spend as much time as I would've liked in the other bits and I too came home empty-handed from my first show. Next year I will go twice I think, one day without kids!
    I have the same wish as you for next year - to have sheep of our own and to have resurrected my mum's spinning wheel!

  7. So glad you went, too far for me to go this year. Lovely photos. I am on a wool diet.

  8. sounds great! and looks great!
    We have nothing like that where I live (Copenhagen, Denmark), if we did, I think I would be there:)

  9. Oh. My. Goodness. If only the wool festivals here were this fabulous!

  10. heaven! I need to get myself down there! it coincides with year end for hubby which is his busiest time of year but all those photos make me realise I need to get there one year. And oh the buttons, the buttons!!!!


  11. Well if ever there was a place that was pure perfection, you found it! The colours, the crafts, the yarn bombing - it would be like all my Christmas's at once! Thank you for taking us along x

  12. jealous much..I love the fourth photo, the way there are conversations happening all down the walkway.

    cheers Kate

  13. So glorious! I love that they have the sheep and go all the way through to the finished products! This has always been on my 'must do' list and I think I will have to try and get there next year. Thank you so much for sharing the photos - just glorious!

  14. now that I can fonally make the magic ring, I am beginning to wonder about yarns and their differences. this could be a very slippery slope.

  15. Lovely woolly photos Kate! Please visit our woolshed one day when we are shearing!

  16. I'm so jealous! I so wanted to go but wasn't able to due to them being too close to the end of South Australian school holidays. Your photos have reaffirmed my determination to go next year, come what may!

  17. Wool is amazing!

    I grew up on a mixed farm and shearing time was always my favourite time of year. If it was in school term time I used to be sad that we couldn't help out in the shearing shed. When it was in the July holidays it was heaven!

    I don't grow wool anymore, (I have wool-less sheep now) But I love all the great qualities of wool. I would like to see more people support our wool industry and wear wool more than they do.

    It looks like a great wool show. My mum learnt how to spin wool when I was a kid. She hasn't done it for a long time though. Great pics of it all!

  18. Lovely, and your shots make me feel like I'm there! Thanks so much for sharing your day.

    So glad to see your book is out! So fabulous!

    I also hope to be a spinner/weaver soon. Have the wheel and loom, even have some roving, just not the time...yet.

    So glad I got to stop by tonight! hope all is well on the other side!

  19. I went a few years ago and it was wonderful . Lucky you to live close by . All those photos make me want to go get my wheel out .

  20. LOVE the hot water bottle! I've just started knitting so I'm going for a basic scarf right now... hopefully it will be done by winter!

  21. Envious! Looks like a lovely show. Why, oh why, can't South Africa, a wool producing country, not do the same?
    Fear not, there is a light in the tunnel, as I got confirmation this morning from our local book chain that YOUR BOOK will be available here come August :-)
    Now that's something to look forward to!

  22. Great photos. I wish I had gone! Must for the diary next year.

  23. oh lordy - that is such a wonderland! Fabulous crafts and stunning photography from you. If everything in Australia didn't seem to be poisonous and wants you dead,oh and hot, I would love to visit. As it is Ireland (my home) is where my heart lies xx

  24. Amazing photos Kate..I felt like I went as well. Looks and sounds wonderful!

  25. Yay Bendigo! (My home town!) haven't been to the sheep & wool show for a couple of years,but it is a great weekend & looks like it is getting bigger & better. Great chance to show the kids how wool is spun, and compare the different types of sheep & goats (while trying to remember my high school ag science studies!)


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