Friday, October 26, 2018


Last Saturday at 3.30 in the afternoon Pepper's friends came to our place for her party. They knew they were coming to celebrate her and to go on a treasure hunt but other than that it was all a surprise. 

We had spent the morning watching the skies and cursing the rains, and by late afternoon it was cold but looked clear.

They played the chocolate game as they waited for everyone to arrive - taking turns to roll the dice until someone rolled a double number. Whoever did had to dress up in all the pieces of the silly costume we had gathered, take a knife and fork and start cutting up and eating the chocolate. They ate as many pieces as they could before the next person rolled a double and took over.

After the sugar rush it was time to start the treasure hunt off with the first clue.

At the start of our farm sits something that's red,
It used to plough paddocks but now it's old and it's dead.
On the seat of this beast sits your very first clue,
Go find it, then read it and it'll tell you what to do.

Walk down Foxs Lane turn right before the hive,
Wander through the apple blossom if for the next clue you strive.
Keep your eyes open for a blanket or two,
You must each make 2 pom-poms before you get the next clue.

Go back to the driveway, turn left then start walking,
Head to the caravan, not too much talking.
When you get there take a seat, on a chair or the floor,
You must each get your nails done, before clue number 4.

Head up to the place where our veggies all grow,
The grass is a little long and might need a mow.
There you'll find a table with some food to eat,
Relax and enjoy, take a load off your feet.

Now head down the path to the tee-pee of burnt sticks,
Look around for some old eggs for your very next trick.
Stand behind the marker, take aim at the middle,
When you're done with this game, I'll hand you the next riddle.

Go back to the place where we keep our wood,
There are prizes in the parcel, this is going to be good!

The next clue in this game leads you somewhere so near,
A mere 20 steps away in the sunroom so dear.
Now all that's left is the cake and the song,
Thank you all for coming and playing along!

After the hunt they spent hours putting together and filming a movie, complete with storyline, costumes and characters. They ate pizza for dinner, watched the first Now You See Me movie and then snuggled into their sleeping bags and fell asleep. By the time we got up on Sunday morning to make them pancakes for breakfast, they'd already started watching Now You See Me 2. They were dopey and tired and so very sweet.

Our Pepper's actual birthday was on Wednesday. 11!! We celebrated her over breakfast, she took chocolate crackles to share with her class at school and afterwards we picked flowers and painted them, had dinner in a restaurant nearby and promised her a kitten when the shelters start having some again.

What a blessing that kid is to our family. We've always called her Puppy because she brings so much energy, joy and empathy to all those around.

I can't believe she's the same age now as Indi was when we went on our caravan trip. I can't believe today is Indi's last day ever at school. Crazy.

And as for the scavenger hunt, if you're a long time Foxs Lane reader and thought it felt familiar, that's because it is. In 2014, when our Jazzy turned 11, we did the same for her. Almost exactly. And when Pepper told me a few weeks ago that she wanted the treasure hunt party Jazzy had, all I had to do was click back, change a few lines of a few of the clues and that was it. Easy peasy.

Yet again I'm so grateful for this blog and all the records it has helped me keep over the years.

And that's that. Two spring birthdays over and two more to go.

Thanks for coming friends!
Do you have special birthday traditions at your place?
Did you when you were growing up?

I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

See you next Friday.

Love, Kate x


  1. It’s early Friday morning here and I just read your blog and it has got me off to a fabulous start Kate. I have read your blog from the beginning when my little one was 1. He turned 11 in the first week of October and every year I watch him grow up slowly and carefully-not too rushed and I hope that it continues that way just to give me a chance to take all these moments in. He is off on a week long school trip next week and I’m feeling wobbly to say the least. It has been lovely to watch you and your family grow as the years go on and long may this blog last! As for birthday traditions? Well, in our house, Thomas’s Birthday is very popular with the whole family and it seems that everyone makes a huge effort to come, even though his brothers and sisters are older and don’t all live here anymore. We all say that he is everybody’s lovely bits rolled into one! His favourite birthdays are those with his family. Your birthday traditions are wonderful Kate and so exciting. I would love to be there me of those children who attended!

  2. A lovely birthday celebration and really quite simple. I did think it sounded familiar.
    I love how Bren is always in your photos, really part of the action.
    My baby turned 18 in August..gasp..I have no idea where those years went, clearly I wasn't paying enough attention.
    I don't know that we really have any traditions, I always try really hard to make the whole day and sometimes the week, be all about the birthday person. The food, the cake and within reason what we do to celebrate is their choice.

    cheers Kate

  3. What a lovely birthday celebration.So simple, just like the parties we use to have way back when I was a kid. Love it ��. Thank you for sharing it Kate.

  4. I love everything about this. Such a special birthday celebration for a special girl! I definitely will have to remember this idea for a party once my kids start getting a little older <3

  5. What a perfect party, I will be tucking this idea away in my memory for my own boys for parties on our farm once we move.

    I cant come to terms with the insane expense of parties these days, this is the kind of kids party I love.



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