Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jazzy's Granny Rug

This is it, Jazzy's granny square rug, my first ever crochet project!

After learning the basic crochet stitches off youtube and various other websites my friend Beck printed out and gave me the Summer Garden Granny Square tutorial off Attick24's blog.

It's a great beginner tutorial with all the steps and stitches clearly explained in words with amazing, clear photos for every step.

In the beginning it took me a whole night and much unpicking to complete one square.

I went for a drink with Beck once during my first week of this rug and we had to take turns, one of us would talk and the other would crochet. It was impossible for me to concentrate on both tasks at once.

But after a while I got the hang of it and couldn't stop. And I could multi task which really helps when justifying my new addiction.

I went back to the wool shop two more times and ended up with 90 crocheted squares.

I could have gone on for longer but Bren reminded me that I am very good at starting projects but I often lose momentum and don't complete them.

I slip stitched them together because that way I could use the crochet hook instead of a needle.

I like the effect but I think next time I would join as I go so there's not such a distinct back and front.

A few rows of double around the edges tied it together and really changed the look of the whole rug.

At this stage my pink princess was actually allowed to start snuggling her almost finished rug.

And I had a bit of a break from it.

The colours were so intense and I couldn't see it clearly any more.
This was also an excuse for some new wool and a new project.

Jazzy was sick yesterday and dragged the rug around with her all day.

I fell in love with it all over again when I saw it in the car, at the fruit shop and the cafe and have got out my needle to darn all those ends in.  There are zillions of them, hopefully next time I'll be disciplined enough to darn as I go.


  1. You know I love these colours and boy do they come together well in this beautiful blanket. Jazzy is one lucky girl! xox

  2. Awwwwwww thats one gorgeous blankie!!!
    Love how girly the colours re, my Little Lady would adore it!
    Looking forward to seeing whats next, I totally agree about how addictive and portable crochet is, thats how I came to fall in love with it so, because I could alwyas have it Right There at any time of day, any place. Love that.
    Well I am rambling away in your comments box, its been a pleasure visiting with you...see you soon, and happy hooking :o)

  3. Hi ~ I found you via Attic 24 and thought that I would pop over and say hello. I love your beautiful pink and very girly blanket, it's gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing what you crochet next :O)

  4. Love the new blog - that blanket is to die for! Such beautiful colours to snuggle up with.

  5. Lucky Jazzy! Hope the princess of pink feels better soon.


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