Monday, April 16, 2012

How instagram saved my day.

I was sitting in my car this morning.
I'd just gotten off the phone and was processing some difficult news.
Not my difficult news, but difficult nonetheless.
And I was scrolling through the messages and photos on instagram (IG).
As a distraction. For something to do.
And I saw that someone had written a comment on one of my photos.
Their comment said that my life looked perfect, that I was living their dream.
At first, after reading that, I was a bit confused.
Here I was digesting some pretty crappy news and there they were telling me my life was their dream.
How could I reconcile these two?
The drive home threatened to swallow me.
I could feel my sadness taking over everything.
I felt certain that the first day of this week, the last day of their school holidays, would be a write off.
I just wanted to get home, and hide in the bathroom and cry.
But then as I drove up our driveway.
As I looked at the trees with their glowing red and orange and yellow leaves.
As I saw my beautiful farmer boy come out to meet me.
Something changed.
I saw my life from the outside.
As a series of photos.
As a series of gorgeous moments.
And I made a decision to live today as if I were living in my IG pictures.
Because I am living in my IG pictures.
So I came home, spread out a blanket on the grass and finished my book.
Then I ate the beautiful salad my girls made for me and the sourdough bread made by their Dad.
I spoke to my Mum.
I washed and dried our bedlinen.
I went back to the blanket and crocheted a couple of rows of my granny rug and knitted a bit of Bren's beanie.
And then my farmer boy grabbed my hand and we went for a big, long walk around our farm.
He showed me what the farmer boys have been doing and I felt proud.
And I took really deep breaths of the gorgeous Daylesford autumn air.
And I realised that I was happy.
That I am happy.
That I just have to look around or take a few pictures and I'll see it.
The crap stuff will happen from time to time and I fully believe in feeling it and acknowledging it.
But in amongst it, there's some pretty gorgeous stuff going on too.
Happy week you gorgeous people.
Keep living your dream.
I'm going to do my best to remember that I am living mine. x


  1. Thank you for this post that echoed my thoughts and life today in a very crazily similar way...across the miles here in Sydney.

    Kate, can I ask you for some tips/ideas/to do's for coral bay, shark bay and torquoise bay?? I have travelled this area about 12 years ago...have a friend going in june though and wanted to see if you had any updated extra ideas??

    Hug and I love how your turned your own day around, Lisa

  2. oh I hope everything is ok... you do have a particularly gorgeous looking life, thank you for sharing so much of it here, it's always inspiring to visit!

  3. There have been a few bloggers protesting that their lives are not perfect by any means and seemingly offended that readers should think they are. All I can say is that if people choose to make their lives look that way by being selective on what they show on their blogs, or by what and how they choose to write, then people are not to blame for being taken in. If it is a competition to see who does in fact have a really bad life, all I would say is that many of us couldn't rustle up one pretty photo that is reflective of our life, even if we tried very hard. It is entirely in the bloggers remit to make their blog more reflective of their actual life, if they so choose. Make your editorial choices but don’t grumble about the effect they have.

    Of course your life is normal. No one has it all. Some people get taken in though. Life is not a series of pictures - you have to live it not look at it. But if we are shown things which encourage us to put on our rose tinted specs, then we will. Our lives may just be needing that view point so we are happy to do it. If bloggers want to share only the good and make it look only wonderful, it is not the readers fault if they misjudge. What is wrong with reflecting normality? This does not mean reporting on every drama and personal event in your life but there is a balance. It seems to me that often blogging is about showing everything in a sunny light with no shade. Don't blame the reader for being left in the sun too long.

    1. Hi Katie,
      I'm not grumbling.
      All I'm doing is telling the story of my day.
      That's it.

    2. And hearing the story of your day helps me to reflect on my own, the good and bad. Thank you, Kate for your writing and blog.

  4. what a wonderful post.
    see, technology isn't always all bad is it :)
    i enjoyed your pics today Kate. Especially the one of the basket on the grass.
    i am living my dream too. dirty dishes and nappies and all :)

  5. so true Kate
    I love how you write
    and how you choose to see your life

  6. It's gratitude Kate, and me oh my it's a wonderful thing. x

  7. beautiful post, beautiful piccys...especially loving that basket of wool!!

  8. I agree with Jodi and i think that by focusing on the positive (no matter how shitty some things can be), you always feel better xx

  9. Huh Anonymous ? yr writing Kate,has made me go find my crochet hook and begin an Autumn project..and yr images are busting with gorgeousness...thanks for your honesty :)

  10. I so enjoy the way you express yourself Kate in words and pictures. I am not interested in the dirty details of anyone's life, so I only read uplifting, grateful blogs such as yours. Thanks for letting me peak inside your world without seeing your dirty laundry ;) It's nice to relate and or be inspired, but what you have that I don't, doesn't upset me but makes me happy for you. What I do wish for is a brain that can sort out how to use Instagram from my phone! xx Fi

  11. Totally understand & you took that comment in just the right way, it wasn't a grass is greener, you didn't have to get all 'you have no idea how difficult' you let it wash over you & absorb the goodness all around you. Gorgeous Kate, love Posie

  12. Beautiful photos Kate. Hope the difficult news can be dealt with.

    And ho good are the Hunger Games books?

  13. I read blogs that make me happy and inspired and I tend to not read blogs that make me morose because they are. Morose that is. I am not silly enough to think that every blogger's life is a perfect dream, but I like reading about your happy days, and seeing your happy photos Kate. I like writing about and taking photos of my happy days too - makes the happy days even longer :)

  14. I love your writing Kate and can understand your sentiments.
    'Anonymous'....dontcha just love 'em?!

  15. All credit to you at being able to turn your negative into a positive. Sometimes just stepping back and taking a big breathe is all we can do xx day at a time xx

  16. Yes. Beauty and pain don't need to be mutually exclusive do they? Us people are complicated. We can be so many things all at once. Even happy and sad. Nice post Kate.

  17. You really are living the dream, Kate. Mostly because you deserve it. x

  18. Great post Kate. I love inspiring and beautiful pics, looking at them and also trying to take them myself. I don't tell all of the difficult stuff on my blog just as others don't as that's not what I want to focus on. I think your blog is very balanced & I know noone has a perfect life, how could they? Your pics are very creative & I think they show that you love finding beauty in everyday situations.

  19. I love reading your blog posts. You are doing all the cool healthy, organic things I always wanted to do. Your kids are very lucky to grow up with you and their dad. You are doing the "right" thing!

  20. It's hard to step outside yourself, but it's nice when doing so brings you greater appreciation for what you have and what you are surrounded by. Keep smiling.

  21. I am so sad that you have had some bad news. I am happy that you were able to go home to your sanctuary and feel neutered and protected there and was able to find something else to keep you going. To allow yourself more. I am sending you love and support.

  22. I'm with Michelle - I tend to seek out blogs that are mainly happy and inspirational - there is plenty of reality in the news or the paper. Sometimes though I think we need the downs to really appreciate the ups in life. Glad you were able to turn your thoughts around and enjoy your day. I like the balance in your blog - I think you write well and are a clever crafty woman - I come here for some inspiration. Looking forward to seeing pics of the finished beanie and blanket. Lisa

  23. Yes, that perspective really hits sometimes, huh? I'm often surprised by what people say to me about our life... But I try to do just what you've done and see it from the outside and just how full that cup is. Sometimes I go back to old posts, ones I've forgotten, and read and wonder at the people living that life... They really are happy! They really do have wonderful memories to look back on. Thanks for sharing your beautiful world with us, Kate, and for giving us a glimpse of your dream. xx

  24. I absolutely love this blog. It gives me such a sense of home, love and family. Your food always looks delicious and your crafting is lovely. Please carry on sharing the positive and inspiring journey that is your life.
    And as for the anonymous comment left earlier, we are not stupid or ignorant - we are fully aware of the fact that life isn't just all sunshine and roses, we choose to share the happiness and joy and beauty in Kate's life with her (and if she wants to share the things that make her unhappy, well then we'll support her and send her good wishes too!)
    Hope you are feeling better soon :)

  25. I ♥ your post. Thanks!

  26. Such a wonderful post! Its hard to make such a conscious decision to live happily when some pretty rotten emotions can easily take over. I hope everything works out related to the news receive- and I applaud your strong will :)


  27. What a thoughtful post to start my day. I intend to spend my day mindfully and present. Eloquent writing. Thank you.

  28. A post straight from the heart and from a beautiful one at that - I've been a lurker for a long time but just had to let you know how much your post resonates with me:)

  29. Hi Kate - I love this post. It expresses beautifully how I feel about blogging and IG. Having those make me look for the loveliness in my day to capture / write about. I started my blog when I was drowning in the groundhog nature of new babies and feeling overwhelmed by the difficulties. I set out to make my blog a lovely place to come home to. And it is. It lifts me. The blogs I read serve the same purpose - I look for other women making the best out of their days.

    Beautifully written and captured - Thank you. As for bad news - sending you my best thoughts and wishes.

  30. I think anyone that reads a blog with pretty photos and lovely words has to know that is only half the picture. when things go belly up and you focus on the good stuff (as you did) you feel better. That is why we read uplifting blogs...

  31. Sorry to hear about the bad news, but what a great ambition. I need to remember that too.

  32. Gee, I really needed to read this today. I've had a tough few months but I to can look at the glass being half full rather than the other way. Thanks so much.
    Blessings Gail

  33. I really enjoy your blog and the bounty of your family's work, it inspires me and makes me happy and motivates me.
    Another 'anonymous' but not related to the previous one!

  34. ah yes, sometimes that outside perspective helps put all back in perspective doesn't it. boo to crappy news however but yay for the knowledge that you can (in most cases) flip your day around if you choose to behold the positives.

  35. Beautifully said and inspiring. This is my first time here and I am so sorry to read about your difficult news, but I have to say, your blog's a treat!

  36. oh yes.

    life's what we choose to make of it, no? even in the face of heartache.

    gorgeous-ness. xxx

  37. Kate,
    I totally get that.
    Bad things, negative things, upsetting things, they have a way of making you feel just so awful, and it's hard to see the good through it sometimes.
    One negative comment will affect you in a much stronger way than one lovely comment. Or even 20 lovely comments! You appreciate the good, but that one bad thing sticks. Silly isn't it?
    I hope you are feeling ok about things today.
    Rach x

  38. It's important to recognize all the great stuff that surrounds us, it makes the bad stuff easier to bare. This was beautifully written Kate. We spent time with friends recently, chatting about all kinds of things, one being if we won tats lotto the first thing we'd do is pay off our house, how wonderful to not have a mortgage! Our friend said she had already paid her home off & of course we thought that was a dream come true "you're so lucky!" we said. And then, quite rightly she said, "you know I'm not lucky, I worked really hard to achieve that" and she's right, she did work super hard, and so do you Kate, you & your family work hard for that life & you certainly deserve to feel happy. Sorry, a rambling tangent! Getting back on track sometimes it's the bad things & sad news that makes us stop & appreciate what we have..x

  39. It's important to recognize all the great stuff that surrounds us, it makes the bad stuff easier to bare. This was beautifully written Kate. We spent time with friends recently, chatting about all kinds of things, one being if we won tats lotto the first thing we'd do is pay off our house, how wonderful to not have a mortgage! Our friend said she had already paid her home off & of course we thought that was a dream come true "you're so lucky!" we said. And then, quite rightly she said, "you know I'm not lucky, I worked really hard to achieve that" and she's right, she did work super hard, and so do you Kate, you & your family work hard for that life & you certainly deserve to feel happy. Sorry, a rambling tangent! Getting back on track sometimes it's the bad things & sad news that makes us stop & appreciate what we have..x

  40. I love your honesty . Foxes lane is sincere and beautiful a credit to you

  41. One thing I have always liked about your blog is your ability to write about the bad stuff sometimes, but also see the positive side. Which really, is a good reminder of how to be happy in life. And I love your pics too.

  42. You are an inspiration Kate. I just felt compelled to comment today to tell you how much I love your blog.

  43. ah, you are wonderful kate. thanks for the inspiration, i'm going to try to keep that thought close to my heart this week. xx

  44. Your pictures always make me envious because your living MY dream. It's ok though because it's nice to have dreams & my life is pretty damn good too, maybe not as green because I live in Perth & it's not known for its green-ness, but it's better than I even imagined it could be.....

    I'm happy you can see how great your life is. Sometimes because we are living it we lose sight of the goodness around us. It's ok to lose sight so long as its not forever...

    I hope what made you sad is working itself out too....

  45. Your post has made me view my day differently too ...

    Thank you.

    Fleur xx

  46. Thanks for sharing a wonderful dose of inspiration. I will follow on my way out so I know the path back to your special place. I hope you will find the time to come visit me soon and do the same. I look forward to supporting and engaging together. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  47. It's the little things we miss sometimes, especially when something difficult crosses our path. Just take a moment here & there ....

    Kate I've been following your posts for about 18 months now, you & your 'farmer' are inspirational. Your words & photo's always touch my heart gently.

    Take care, Sue x

  48. Wonderful post Kate... just wonderful. Thank you for this :) Kx

  49. Thank you for sharing this post. I am sorry you are dealing with difficult news. However, it is always so important to find the good, the beautiful around us. Sometimes it is harder to do. You post today reminded me how important this is, and that I need a dose of this. Today i will work harder to find the dream I am living instead of focusing on what I am struggling with or think is missing.

  50. You are an immense source of inspiration Kate and you deserve to live your dream, as do we all. Thanks for reminding me to look beyond the not so good and be more appreciative of all the little joys that are present in my world.

  51. Be very Buddhist and live in the moment Kate, this too shall pass xx

  52. Sounds like heaven to me! Catch the moment and life will be a happy place to be. The easiest advice but so so hard to follow. Your place is like therapy for me. A real eye opener. You push me to try even harder to find that inner peace instead on getting sucked into the struggles and everyday mountains that needs to be climbed over. Thank you!

  53. so true: shit happens even when you're living the dream. great and inspiring post.

  54. Very inspiring. Glad I found your blog. x

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