Friday, June 22, 2012

Getting out amongst it.

It feels like these past few days have been the coldest, greyest, wettest we have ever had. Our creek is swollen to bursting, racing down the valley and threatening to rise up and cover our driveway at any moment. It is bleak out there.

Yesterday for the first time in the year since I've joined, I wasn't inspired to take one single instagram photo. The world just felt too dark. Uninspiring.

But as much as winter is really tough on me, I am feeling good. This afternoon the painter will move out and we will move back in to our new white house, tomorrow the stove people are coming out to give us an intensive, I LOVE the look of my gang all rugged up in their hand knits, my farmer boy has more time for us as it is quieter on the farm, our home is warm and dry and cozy, I am loving the Little House on The Prairie books, I love knitting, we are having some pretty fun times at the moment my gang and I, my parents are visiting and there is only one week left until the holidays.

But having said all that, there has been one thing missing. Exercise. Yesterday my body felt stiff from cold. Cumbersome from wearing so many layers. Heavy from lack of any real, fast use.

So yesterday I rugged up, grabbed Miss Indi straight from school and we walked the big block in the pouring rain. We were saturated. Our clothes stuck to us and there were puddles in our pockets. Her sneakers were filled with squelchy puddles. And our hair dripped down our faces.

But gosh it was fun. Exhilarating.

We linked arms as we walked and remembered the joy our summer selves felt when we had walked this same track a few months before. We spoke of our dreams and stuff that is going on at school. She had my undivided attention. We screamed and yelled and laughed out loud.

And on our return we felt high. Our legs were itchy with heat and circulation. We were freezing cold. But we stripped off, hung our dripping gear from oven rail and had hot showers.

I've decided to offer her fancy gumboots in the colour of her choice if she swears to come with me at least three times a week rain, hail, dark or shine.

I need it as much as I know she does.

I slept better last night than I have in ages.

I think love and exercise and a warm home are the secrets of a good, happy, healthy winter life.

And a walk on our treadmill is good but in the fresh air is better.

Today is just as cold, grey and bleak as yesterday. But today I feel like I know the secret. Today I am  so looking forward to getting back out there with her. In-between downpours hopefully.

I think that's how I'm going to get through the next few months. After all, we are on the other side of solstice and the days are getting longer from here on.

I wonder what colour boots she'll choose.

So how about you?
Are you a better person after a walk?
How do you cope best with the extreme heat/cold?
What colour gumboots/wellies do you have?
Do you have anything exciting planned for the weekend?

I wish you and your gang such happy days.


  1. I couldn't agree more! Yesterday I cycled to work in the pouring rain but I was rugged up, waterproofed to the hilt and when I got there I felt great. Kind of like an adventurer!

  2. I am just a nicer person if I am exercising regularly, getting sweaty and breathless makes me feel alive. I am still seeing a personal trainer with a friend of mine twice a week and trying to walk the big hill near our house once a week. Busy will walk the big hill with me now and I do like the undivided attention of a walk, no interruptions, no phones or screens or demands just chatting.

    I dont cope with extreme heat.We dont get extreme cold.

    I have sensible black blundstone gumboots.

  3. hahaha!!!!!!! I laughed out loud when I read about your walk in the rain with Indi and getting soaking wet and being drenched and yelling out loud. What an absolute fun time! I really wish I had not been so sensible with my kids and done a few mad things like this. Your girl are going to have the most amazing recollections of their childhoods. Perhaps when I am a Nanna I will have a rethink. I actually love the winter, summers are getting too hot for me in WA. Rain is the best part!!! sue

  4. You will have to share some photos of your new white house! I would love to paint our new house white (well I should say if we get our new house the way life is going at the moment lol). We are moving to Melbourne in a month and still have nowhere to live and I'm a little stressed. But that is another story......I have often thought about having a white house, this one didn't suit white (sounds weird but it just isn't a white house lol),,,,am hoping our next one might.

    Your time with Indi sounds absolutely divine!!!

  5. i am loving this winter weather. it is just as wet here the last few days. forty eight hours non stop rain. my goodness winter just makes me feel so good and walking in the rain is so much fun.

  6. I think your recipe (love-exercise-warm home) is spot on, Kate. I absolutely have to exercise or else I feel terrible and (I'm told) I act pretty terribly too! ;) I've become addicted to running this year (gave up the cigs and had to get out and away from familiar spots) and god I loved it! I was on such a high... and then all the injuries started happening, first one knee, then the other ankle etc. My post-40s body is not coping! ;) So I'm back to walking again now and yoga. I sneak in a run once a week, better than nothing :) There are so many fantastic gumboot designs around these days - can't wait to see what Indi chooses. Kx

  7. Yes, I feel lots better after a walk of at least a half hour. I cope with cold by snuggling up to heaters and wearing several (four, five, six...) layers of natural fabrics: silk, cotton, wool, cashmere and by having a massage table warmer under the bottom sheet on my half of our queen bed. My Wellies would be bright flowers preferably in the blue and purple color scheme, maybe irises or morning glory vines circling the boots as they climb my legs. And yes indeed, I am going to the Sierra Nevada for the weekend with my favorite family with whom I have worked for ten years. The baby just finished fourth grade and we will have a blast I hope.

  8. I'm writing a "tips and tricks" blog post this weekend about english paper piecing, and it includes "for God's sake, go for a walk and don't sit on your backside so much".

    I find if I don't walk every day, and touch my toes in the shower in the morning, I am stiff, sore and cranky. Not good!

  9. Such a timely reminder, m'dear! Winter can be such a slow movement time - especially with a big baby belly! Loving your new oven, puppy, white, and girls that are growing.... xx A

  10. Living in Perth I ADORE winter because I know Summer is long, hot & dry & she usually stays around far longer than necessary! Winter is when I feel most alive. Summer & her unrelenting heat drain me....

    I'm after new gumboots too! The ones I have now are hot pink with a purple sole. They are quite the attention grabbers ;)

  11. My gumboots are a base of black, followed by layers or mud, cement & horse poo. Nothing better in winter than cuddling up in a warm cozy room. By the way, love the bed linen in that picture!!

  12. I get the same feeling after gardening in the rain or when it's super cold. I much prefer to th extreme cold to the extreme heat. There is nothing quite like jumping into a hot shower to warm up and then to put on something toasty like jim jams. I too love a good walk and I always feel better for it. It's the same when I ride my bike to work.
    This weekend will be quite. I am recovering from the flu and I finally feel like I can start baking again. Even though I have been home sick for the last 2 weeks I still feel like a homey, wintery weekend.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your newly painted walls.

  13. Living with dogs means I don' t get a choice, rain, hail or shine (or all three bc y'know I live in England) out we go. And it reaches a point where you just can't get any wetter so it should be enjoyed. My best about walking in the really really cold weather is coming home and feeling so very warm whether the heating is on ir not.

  14. Lovely Kate...fresh air and a little exercise is always the answer. Looking forward to more glimpses of your white walls. Happy Friday :)

  15. I'm the opposite to you. I struggle with the heat, I almost fear it - not sure why. Years ago I would almost panic in hot weather, now I've tried to accept it and go with the flow....slow down, relax.....
    Winter on the other hand - well I love it. We have had two very cold, very rainy days and I'm smiling. I love being snug inside, sewing, knitting, reading, snuggling. I love getting out for walks and feeling invigorated. I love scarves and shawls, beanies and gloves. I am sad that winter is on it's way out....
    Stay warm, eat soup, summer is nearly here

  16. I am the opposite to you too, I struggle BIG time with the heat in Perth. It doesn't really get cold here, around 2 deg at night isn't that cold. I always do the school run in short sleeves and never freeze! Your house does sound warm and cosy and welcoming! I would love to see your girls bedrooms (is there a post about them?) I bet they are as beautiful as they are! Keep warm!!!

  17. I too prefer cooler weather to hot. If I had to choose I would take a nice spring day over a hot summer one. Fortunately our weather here in the UK is currently not very bright and sunny. This upsets a lot of people but also keeps tempers down, stops people being shouty and bad tempered and lazy and apathetic. Also my neighbours don't like the rain so keep indoors instead of making everywhere smell of petrochemicals with all the BBQ's. Less loud noise from 'music' and screaming and shouting. It's all good.

    I enjoy weather best where if you wrap up a little you are perfectly warm. And the rain? Well that's what makes this country so lovely and green. Luckily my mood isn't effected by the weather, so grey and dull or sunny and bright is all the same. I know others feel differently and that's a shame.

  18. Oh Kate your walk in the rain sounds wonderful. I have just started a job where I am in the cold at 8:00 in the morning and do you know I havent really minded, although the wind is still awful. It makes you feel wide awake after being in it for an hour. I hope Miss Indi has fun picking out her gumboots as there are lots of different ones around now. Wish Isabelle would wear them so she wouldnt get soggy socks and smelly feet! Hope your winter is a happy one and you dont get too much rain.

  19. hello friend. i am missing your insightful posts and encouragement across the net-space. i am feeling the lack of exercise deeply too - there is always an excuse NOT to though. i feel so sedentary (the new crochet addiction isn't helping!!)
    what i am loving though, is the warmth up here. we are (apparently) missing out on some of the coldest weather they've had in years back home. it isn't biting cold here at all. and that, if any, should be a reason why i SHOULD get out and exercise. especially with so many beaches so close.
    yes, i think i will. ask me next week if i did ;)

  20. Just before I read this post, I had just sent my friend a txt telling her my ankles and calf muscles were a bit stiff and sore after our hour and a half walk up very steep hills and down the other side on Wednesday morning in 5 deg with a wind chill factor of -1. Felt great tho'.
    xx Sandi

  21. Gumboots are the best. I agree and am learning to fall in love with exercise in the cold. Hope you love your next walk. Elizabeth from thedotdotblog

  22. Love it. - what a great way to turn-around a miserable day and a miserable mood! Its supposed to be summer here in the UK, but yes you guessed it, wind, gales and rain forecast for all weekend! The best move I ever made was to accept that weather is 'just weather anyway' and buy purple wellies for me and all-in-one waterproofs for the boys. Now we can enjoy wherever we want, whenever we want and you know - its not so busy in the rain!.

  23. hey there :-)
    Im loving all the action going on at your place. except for poor little Pepper. but it will be nice to have white instead of cream everywhere-thats gotta feel good.
    im in winter doldrums here. sick of being everything to everyone blah blah. a trip to the bookshop to buy myself some kids picture books to cheer myself up was nice medicine though.
    this morning im up early...think i might go garage sale-ing with my mum.
    keep your winter plan sounds like you're winning. and mona hehe....poor must be hard work.
    x x

  24. There is nothing in this world that a good brisk walk can't cure. Walking with purpose is good for the soul and walking away cures all other ills. x

  25. YES!!! There is nothing like on the coldest and horriblest days of winter than getting out in it. I love to put on a really good LP on my ipod and facing the cold me and my brolly battling against the bitter winds and cold in our own little magic music world. I love the feeling of not being beaten by the weather, that no matter how hard the rain hail or wind is, i won't stop until i'm done.
    And coming home proud and alive and much more awake ( I take my walk first thing in the morning) and the fog in my brain lifted.

  26. Sounds like a very 'cleansing'few days you've had, white in your house seems to shout out a need for purity and cleanliness and so does your need to exercise hard and get all the sluggishness out of your system. I can't wait to see your lovely stripey pipes and your clean white walls!

  27. I force myself out 2 nights a week to do Bodypump, something I thought I'd despise but really love. If I don't do some sort of exercise I go a little mental.

  28. We love our walks in the bush too! Nothing like getting out in it and this time of year up here is divine. I do love the horse rides too.....i'm surprised you don't have ponies?

  29. Your walk sounded amazing! Those kind of memories just can't be bought so keep making them.......! It's winter here too in SA so I know how you're feeling. Have blogged about your blog today so hope you don't mind. xxxx

  30. Hi again ... Just forgot to mention that I've awarded you The Lovely Blog award! xxx

  31. Now that's just what I need to do. We have decided to walk the beach early in the mornings. We care for my elderly Dad 90 and my elderly Mum in law who is 89 with dementia and can't be left on her own. She is with us 2 weeks in 4 and at the end of our 2 weeks I reeeeealy need to get out of the house and into the sea air. So starting from Monday when we take her back to my sister in law for 2 weeks it's walking for us. Loved your post.
    Blessings Gail

  32. Yes Kate, totally agree with you that getting out and having some exercise, even if the weather is cold and wet, is the best thing you can do to dust the cobwebs away. For me having a run in whatever weather the world throws at me is tons better than sitting at home moping!

    Have a great week.
    Fleur xx

  33. I have groovy owl gumboots and I love walking in the rain too!
    I think your recipes for happiness are pretty spot-on

  34. That is so beautiful! What a pick-me-up! I'm inspired x

  35. Oh yes, it's amazing how refreshing a walk in the rain is...the kids and I do it all the time, probably cause rain is quite a novelty here :)
    Now that the mornings are so cold I am having to force myself to exercise but boy I feel so good afterwards that I thank myself for actually doing it.
    Hope your week ahead is brilliant!

  36. I love your blog!! I also have three girls and love crocheting, knitting, sewing and all that :) I just wanted to let you know that your last post really inspired me to spend more time with my oldest daughter. She is only six but growing up so, so quick! You are also making me miss our old combustion stove we had in our first home. They do cook the most amazing food and I miss the cosiness of it in winter x

  37. So excited for your white paint changes Kate, you will be amazed what getting rid of dirty cream does for your mental state. And walks, fresh air, save my sanity daily- my kids get forced out on scooters most days so I can stay sane. melx

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