Monday, November 26, 2012

the one where I was painted...x

I really, really, really do love blogging. I've been thinking a lot about it lately. How many amazing things have happened or are happening to me because I keep this online journal. I feel incredibly lucky, I do.

 I have had an outlet to catalogue my thoughts and photos and moments in time. I have received such fabulous feedback in the form of comments and emails and letters and in person. I have been inspired beyond belief. I have felt like part of a wonderful community. I have made the most wonderful friends some now in real life and many on screen. I have had my work featured on your blogs, in magazines and on websites. I have been given gorgeous presents and compliments. I have a journal of sorts of this period in our lives. I have felt connected and involved despite living rurally. And somehow I feel like my blog has really helped me define who I am as a person, as a mother, as a writer and as an organic farmer.

I know for certain that my life is better, fuller, more well rounded, since I have been blogging.

Blogging really is the most wonderful thing.

But one thing I NEVER EVER expected to come from writing my blog is to have been painted by a wonderful, talented artist.

A few weeks ago a gorgeous reader asked my permission to paint me and Miss Pepper from a few of the photos on my blog. I agreed and asked her to send me some photos of her paintings once she was done.

How good are they!!! She really got us don't you think. From the stripes, to the gum boots, to the crocheted collar she found on my ravelry project page and then made herself and added. Wow!

What a wonderful and unexpected gift.

Thank you SO MUCH for sending them to us Zannah!! We all really love them.

Do you write a blog?
Do you read blogs?
Do you feel like blogs have changed your life?
Do you adore Zannah's work as much as we do?
Do you know where we can buy a 12 year old, white or cream petti-skirt?

I hope your Monday is a funday peeps.

Lotsa love.



  1. I just finished posting my blog, and as usual I have popped over to find inspiration from you. I love the way you live, write and inspire. Thank you!

    And Zannah's work is just beautiful.

  2. Her paintings are beautiful, what an amazing gift for you. And the crochet detail, just wonderful.

  3. How kind! Love the collar touch too! Pettiskirts? Thinking Etsy? Would be pretty easy to make one though! xx Had lost a bit of my blogging mojo, been so busy - too busy. I do love having the time to blog. xx

  4. Beautiful paintings!! Love them, they're really gorgeous. Blogging has absolutely changed my life. I've been reading and writing blogs for years now and have been so inspired by many of the things I've seen and the lives other people are living. x

  5. Wow Kate. Beautiful. Oh the collar

  6. Stunning - and what an honour, yes? To be "interpreted" via an unexpected medium. A well deserved bonus methinks! ♥♥♥

  7. What fun that is, Kate, I love that she was able to capture you so well.

  8. How lovely for you! The pictures are great!
    I have just began blogging, and I love it so much! Taking the time to photograph and write about the little every day things of our farm, baking & crafting has somehow made me appreciate them more. I found writing a "things we love this week" post really made me stop and learn to recognize and love every little moment of a day that goes together to make the day, or week, wonderful.
    I love blogging. And I love your blog.

    Happy Monday!
    Sarah xox

  9. What a treasure those paintings are. And the collar- amazing! Love it.

  10. Oh wow, Zannah's paintings are gorgeous!! And I can completely relate to your feelings on blogging. I am constantly amazed by all the wonderful things our own little blog has done in our lives. The blogging community is incredible!

    Katie xx

  11. Just beautiful..creative and wonderful treasures!

  12. WOW!! those are amazing, I love the collar on the painting!

  13. pettiskirts?

  14. Oh these paintings are all kinds of amazing Kate! Blogging has certainly changed my life for the better..the connections I have made are wonderful.
    Happy week to you.

  15. Hello Kate, the paintings are wonderful, what a clever lady....I've been reading your blog for a while now and although I know you shouldn't have favourites... yours is one of ny favourites! I love blogging too, it has opened so many doors for me, and inspired me in so many ways. It is so great to have connections with people who share a common thread, and be inspired by them, ..thank you x

  16. Ah blogging. What a pleasant surprise in my life! <3

  17. Oh they are just gorgeous!! What a lovely little present to recieve and treasure x

  18. Those are amazing pieces of art.
    Perfect in all the best ways. Love the collar detail.

  19. wow beautiful are those paintings! i love that you included the photos too...! Blogging is full of surprises...I have loved my journey too xx

  20. Amazing paintings soft and pretty! Blogging is wonderful, it has opened up a world of connections and community that previously I didn't even know existed.

  21. I would like blogs from women who have something to say. All crafters seem to pretty much copy the same sorts of stuff from one another, both what they say and what they make. I don't think that in many cases it is a true personal record, so much as it is just a blog about what people think they should be writing about. There are hardly any original voices any more. Partly the problem seems to be that the good ones are the early ones and they are still here! That means people like them and for good reason. However, it also has the result of indirectly suffocating the voice of others, who try to be like them. Occasionally you get someone exploding onto the scene in a breath of fresh air. But oh so rarely!

    I could give absolute examples but that wouldn't be fair. I do however, blog hop around looking desperately for a woman who actually has something to say. Who doesn't mind if people don't like them. I find the clichyness and the overbearing need to be liked and thereby the voluntary filter just too much at the moment.

    Craft blogs are of course primarily about that but other things do creep in, so why can't those other things be about intelligent thought? Why can't I know what people think of current politics in their countries, invasions of other countries, even what they watch on TV for goodness sake (even that seems out of bounds less we get to know the 'real' person behind the mask and make judgements).

    The homogenized mass that is becoming blogging is losing its appeal fast for me. If you want to belong you have to fit, to fit you have to do the equivalent of cutting your toes off to fit the glass slipper that Cinderella wore. What happened to people dancing to their own tune?

    To be fair, I don't think I can aim a lot of my criticism at your door. I don't agree with all you say and am often provoked (for good and bad). That in my book is a good reason for returning. You sometimes ask good questions or you make statements I agree/disagree with.

    I hate how the comments a blogger gets just tend to be so much soft soap, they could be written with their eyes closed. 'oh how lovely' every one says. I refuse to do that. If I like something I say properly why but only when I truly love something which is surprisingly often. When I don't, I can't bring myself to say I do. I have a favourite blogger who sometimes makes awful things (in amidst the wonderful things). I stay quiet then. People make no differentiation between what is truly good and what isn't. So many banal words and yes untruths are spoken. (I sometimes wonder if the more canny bloggers know that their followers profess to love everything so sometimes put a real dud up on purpose - and then laugh at the effusive response.) Mostly though, I get the feeling that praise will be taken anyway it can be got and they can't ever see that it is sometimes false or undeserved. Blatantly lying is not kind in my book! If you want to believe your nice comments then you have to take notice of the ones you don't like also or none of them (is what I have heard). Yet too many people will take the empty words to feed their ego when a passerby just cringes at the gullibility.

    So, more truth (not digging the dirt on people's personal life and families, that is not what I mean). Less people pleasing is needed. It is a right and a privilege to both to offend and to be offended as long as within acceptable non abusive parameters (perfectly possible). It serves much more of a purpose than to swim around in a sea of bland porridge and I fear that is what a lot of bloggers and their readers are doing.

    1. or you could choose to just read the ones you do like.
      blogs all appeal to different people for different reasons.
      we don't all have to be the same, like the same, look the same or love the same.
      difference is healthy & good.
      in blog land and in real life land.

      you may well choose to be the commenter who doesn't comment with soft soap but you DO choose to remain anonymous.
      where is the truth in that?

    2. Perhaps you could write your own blog and express 'real truth', put your own life and views out for public exposure and debate. I would be greatly interested in reading your views and perceptions and will happily follow your link back...oh have posted anonymously so I can't. By all means have an opinion and voice it but have the courage of your convictions and put your name to it so debate can be shared.

    3. What the? I come here because I know from what you say (and don't say but allude to) that your blog is a space to remInd you of life's goodness, even when you struggle to feel it. Just like life. And I've no idea about the craft stuff...not here for's hard to explain but your words and photos soothe me in the mire of life. Thank you and please don't change a thing! Xxxx

    4. How come all the critics are always anon? Don't read this log or other craft blogs if you don't like them!!

  22. I do read blogs and I write one. I don't feel I am swimming around in a bland sea of porridge, but do wonder why anyone who DID think that way would not provide a name to their remarks...

  23. I love the little touch of the crochet collar, how sweet!
    I have to say that yours is one of my favourite new blogs that I've found this year. All of your posts are so inspirational and wonderful.
    My blog has totally changed my life, and I am so, so grateful for being able to keep one. I've made so many wonderful friends through it and gotten to do amazing things that never would have happened without it. This past summer I modelled for a book that will be on the shelves next year, for one of my best friends in the world who found me through my blog. If it weren't for my blog I never would have known her and that always amazes and humbles me.

  24. Just beautiful Kate, so clever! I do read blogs, though at the moment I've not had a lot of time to leave comments as often as I'd like to. As always yours is an honest refreshing and inspiring read. By petti skirt do you mean like a petticoat? I could kick myself for not grabbing one I saw at our local op-shop recently and now it's gone. It was handmade cotton with the prettiest crocheted lace detail on the hem, it looked like it had been specifically made for a deb dress or something..sigh.x

  25. Oh how wonderful - your painting friend seems to have captured that same wonderful quality you have in your photos! I also like being a blogger! and following inspiring bloggers like you! thank you.

  26. Thank you for a glimpse into your life. Your photos are lovely & inspiring. The paintings capture the feel of your daughter... I especially like the one of her in the knit cap.

  27. I've just resumed blogging after a break of a few years. I had forgotten how much I loved my space for words and pictures. It's a way of slowing down and looking at things - and remembering them. I also live in regional Victoria and it's such a lovely way to connect out to the world.

  28. Homogenised mass - sounds like what porridge becomes when it's gone cold....

  29. I do write a me, my blog is an online diary...I've tried to keep a written diary my entire life and failed, until blogging...I love blogging...And I read blogs, a lot of blogs! I have the main ones I read, but I always click on new blogs to read...lots of blogs...blogs to me are like updated penpals...When I was in high school, I had between 25 and 30 penpals...I loved writing to penpals (and still have all my letters) I am still in touch with Tone, my penapl from Norway...we started writing to each other around we Facebook, with occasional letters and cards...And I have met many new "online" friends and feel like I am part of a community...Ravelry helps too, as there are blogging forums on there too...Zannah's work is great...and I have no idea what a petti-skirt is...sorry...

  30. Such treasures to be in possession of....It must be so nice to see yourself through someones eyes....well maybe a little scary at times but this artist has capture you both beautifully. xx

  31. Blogs have definitely changed my life. And I love reading how they are changing others lives too. Beautiful paintings!

  32. I love your blog, I love that I know you because of blogging, and oh my gosh I am totally jealous of those paintings..Absolutely gorgeous as is your family as always :)

  33. HI Kate,
    I love your blog, it's real, you say what most of us are feeling, but don't talk about, I am also in toatl awe of Zannah's work & would love buy a piece of her art, she is amazing does she have an etsy store or similiar.

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  36. Yes, Kate, blogging definitely brought a lot of splendid things to our lives. In a way, it also shaped who I am today. Through blogging, I found my career, my craft, my business, and people who matter to me and support me. I’m glad that blogging did the same to you. And, yes, those are pretty paintings. You’re so lucky!


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