Friday, May 2, 2014

This weekend you might like to…...

READ - issue 39 of Dumbo Feather. There's a story about an organic farmer/blogger in there you just might recognise. Eeeeep!!

MAKE - my toffee apples while it's still apple season.


LISTEN - to Emily Ulman's beautiful new song Light On and while you're at it like her facebook page too - she's ace.

PLANT - your garlic. We got a bit of ours in yesterday and hope to get the rest in tomorrow.

PULL OUT - the last of the outside tomatoes. Ours were hit by our first frost on Wednesday night and will make a delicious feast for the chooks and compost pile.

SUPPORT - our gorgeous friend and organic egg farmer Madelaine and her pozible campaign to buy an egg washing/sorting/grading machine.

CLICK - over to Wholehearted Journal to read an interview with me.


MEDITATE  - by taking a little time out for yourself each day in May to crochet a motif. Take a picture, upload it to Facebook or instagram and tag it with #motifdaymay.

IMG_9214 And have a gorgeous weekend. Of course. We've got loads of farming stuff going on and we're hoping to get out to Clunes Booktown at some stage too.

How about YOU?

Bye! x


  1. I would like to do all those things. You are full of bright ideas, I tell ya! :) GOOD ONE!!!!

  2. Eeep! You're in my fav mag - how exciting! Can't wait til it arrives - congratulations Kate :)

  3. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! I am a tiny bit jealous :-)

    Would love to particpate in the crochet meditation but I have a golfer's arm from too much crochet. Sighs...

    Take care

  4. Kate, I enjoyed that little round up and oh how I still love that rustic cubby house and bunting. My daughter would be in heaven with a cubby like that. Have a great weekend...Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  5. Gorgeous Kate....every single one of them. Xx

  6. Stunning :-) Have a great weekend xx

  7. well, that's my weekend sorted then! wonder who i can get to look after the kids cos i think i might be a bit busy!!! flick x

  8. I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog and looking into your very interesting life on the farm. I'm in New York, USA, pretty far from where you are, yet there are so many aspects of your life I can relate to.The crafting and photography are especially fun. You have a beautiful family.

  9. Still laughing about Bren being Sven! X

  10. Gorgeous! Thanks for the ideas. I'll be checking them out. Hope you have a lovely weekend. xxoo

  11. perfect weekend suggestions, we're going to hit the road and I'll do a few of these along the way xx

  12. What a great post! Always love reading about what's going on at your place! Nice to see you in one of the photos too! Do you know of anywhere I can take my girls apple picking, anywhere that does a pick your own type thing? Cheers x Dre

  13. Gorgeous Kate, such a beautiful collection of things! Just as Miss Prudence said; I feel better and a little more inspired from reading your post x

  14. Well were just beginning to enjoy our spring here so most of your suggestions will have to wait awhile. Still I can join in the crochet and I certainly enjoyed your post!

  15. I'm not doing the motif-a-day, but I am with you in spirit Kate as I am doing my Ripple-stripe-a-day. That slow, rhythmic, day-dreamy crochet soothes my soul, I love it so much. I think I could spend the rest of my life making ripple blankets. Have you an idea for your 31 motifs? I could imagine them stiffened and suspended from tree branches, twirling and dancing in the breeze. Lots of love as always xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Sounds like a great plan for the weekend!
    How do you grow garlic?

  17. Just realised your toffee apples look like giant cherries! Yummmm!!! Loving your crochet creations x

  18. You Ulman's really are a bit of an amazing bunch aren't you!


  19. Love that you are in Dumbo Feather. That is totes awesome. Can't wait to check it out.


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