Friday, July 25, 2014

Looking inwards

IMG_0290 IMG_0289 IMG_0286 IMG_0294I guess it's interesting, but probably not all that surprising, that so many of us are feeling the same way in this political, global, humanitarian point in time. After my Mum proof read my blog the other day we discussed what I would do if people left aggressive or negative comments. Would I delete them, respond to them or just leave them there as part of the conversation but try not take them to heart.

I often worry about responses to my more personal posts, but thankfully this time I needn't have. Thankfully there was not one single #firstworldproblem type comment, nothing angry or bitter and nothing that I had to worry about letting into my heart. If anything it made me feel better knowing that I wasn't all alone.

So with the knowledge that we are so many of us feeling a bit off balance at the moment, I thought I might share a technique that my Chinese doctor taught me, a way to find my centre and move forward.

This practise works well when you do it several times throughout the day. For me it works to attach it to something I do regularly but not too often, I do it when I check my Fitbit.

Every time I check how many steps I've walked so far, maybe six or seven times a day, I stop where I am, close my eyes if I can, focus inwards, take a few big deep breaths, scan my body and state of mind and then I ask myself;

How am I feeling?

I give myself a quick, one word answer. Nothing complicated, just a word that describes the way I'm feeling in my body or in my state of mind. Words like peaceful, anxious, inspired, stuck, restless, sensitive, motivated, stretched, strong, teary, chaotic, concerned, powerless, loved and lucky are some of those that have come up for me over the past few months.

And then straight away I asks myself;

What do I need?

Again just a quick one or two word answer is all that I am looking inwards for. Quiet, direction, light, exercise, peace, colour, time, patience, order, acceptance, space, a house in the tropics, strength, resilience and kindness come up for me often.

I have no answers to the hardest questions, but this little practice helps give me clarity and direction. A few extra tools in my toolbox to help me move on and live a creative, soul filled life instead of falling in a heap too often.

I hope you have a colourful, love filled weekend honey bunches.



Gloves (pattern and details Ravelled here) swapped for beautiful beakers by Adriana Christianson.


  1. I can't believe you only check your fitbit six or 7 times a day.... I am obsessive. I just remind myself regularly throughout the day: it's all good.
    Have a good weekend Foxy, wish you were here. Xxxx

    1. I don't think I've even checked mine today, I've been on the couch working on my laptop and would be lucky to have reached 1000 yet. Eeeeeep!!! Better get out there eh. And oh how I wishwishwish we were there too. xxxxx

  2. How am I feeling? What do I need? This is very much a mindfulness/live in the moment strategy and it is excellent. It's so easy to allow oneself to get caught up in the stress of the modern world - remembering that we are not robots, but biological organisms and taking time to reflect on ourselves and our needs is imperative to good health.
    The modern world is missing "thinking time" and "quiet time". How many times do you observe a ridiculous situation or problem that with a bit of forethought wouldn't have happened? I love your post because it reminds us to take that time for reflection. When we can satisfy our own intrinsic needs, we can be happier and healthier and better able to make a better world around us.

  3. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.. the post cannot have come at a more perfect time x

  4. Hi Kate,
    Not sure whether I've commented here before... Dave here (other half of Emily for the Beetleshack)... we had Patrick, Meg and the crew stay with us on their way up the coast, so have that little connection.
    I read your post the other day and just wanted to say that I think all of those feelings / emotions etc yourwrote about display your compassion and humanity, which is a beautiful thing! Nothing ever to be ashamed of in that.
    It is so easy to feel overwhelmed sometimes... I've decided that all I and my family can do is to live simply, faithfully and in a way that makes hopefully a bit of positive difference to those around us (and perhaps with the odd letter to politicians about global issues thrown in!).
    Keep truckin! I reckon you are definitely making a bit of positive difference!

  5. Gracias por compartir la manera que utilizas para escuchar tu interior, a mi las respuestas me llegan conectando con el sentir también, como llegan las respuestas de las preguntas sencillas pueden llegar de las preguntas profundas ... todo esta en el interior.... Gracias por expresar y compartir tu sentir , no estas sola hay cada vez mas personas que sienten que el viejo mundo se esta destruyendo ... es doloroso verlo... y es la oportunidad de crear un mundo donde el amor,y el respeto hacia toda manifestación de Vida sea el valor principal... estamos en tiempo de cambio y es importante centrarse en lo que anhela nuestro corazón , confiar y agradecer ... ¡¡¡ Un fuerte abrazo !!!!

  6. This is such a wonderful idea, thank you so much for sharing. I will definitely try it. Love the fingerless gloves and the photos of your gorgeous (oh my gosh growing so fast) girl xx

  7. Kate, I've just been catching up on your last few posts. I've been feeling much the same of late. I haven't been able to put it into words, but sometimes I feel like I/we/my little family are so insignificant in the scheme of things. Its difficult to deal with so many 'way bigger then me' issues, and so hard to understand and explain to our children. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your helpful tips, I needed this x

  8. I am very glad that you put yourself out there in your last post, and that you had a positive response to it. I think that for the most part people are good and try and hope for that, so I am glad that is what came your way. It doesn't always work out like that, but it seems to be a good starting point. I like your technique for taking a moment. xx

  9. This is a lovely idea. Quite often I think I'm feeling down or I'm struggling, but I never ask myself what I need, so I shall try that in the future. I'm glad there were only positive responses to your last post, as of course there should be. CJ xx

  10. I have to say I'm trying to stay clear of the news at the moment. I just don't think I can handle it anymore as daily things seem to just be getting worse and worse. X

  11. Thanks Kate for sharing this lovely technique. Love the gloves and beaker. xxoo

  12. Yes we all need time to take stock, reflect and feel grateful for the simple things we have. There is a lot of tragedy in the world, things we cannot control or understand, but there is also a lot of kindness too. I am glad the comments received were understanding and kind. I hope you are feeling a little better today. x

  13. And you said you couldn't meditate.
    I love the questions and the one word answer, I'm going to add that to my practise everytime I stop and breathe deeply.

  14. Sending love Kate. I love your system of looking after your insides. So useful. xxx

  15. I like this simple little system Kate, I need to try it. Anything for a little more balance. I am relieved you didn't get any negative comments on your last post, it was written straight from your heart and that is a courageous thing to do. Love the gloves and the beakers. Have a beautiful weekend x

  16. what a love suggestion to take some time to be mindful during the day. to be present…in the moment and allow some self thought, and reflection. Now I have to go and find out what fitbit is….feeling totally left out of that discussion xx

  17. Lovely Kate ,
    what a great technique to learn and help to stay centred .
    THANK you for the beautiful gloves , I LOVE them ,and these gorgeous pics !!

  18. There are people who don't agree with me and people who are just negative. I will post people who have differing opinions if they can do it politely. Life is too short to waste on the rest.

  19. what a lovely post - made me really stop and think. It's all too rare an occurrence to stop and think about what's going on with yourself, and I love your method here x

  20. What a wonderful practice. Stopping and taking a moment for yourself always helps, but I only think to do it when it's already too late. I love that you do it regularly throughout the day.

  21. I love this idea - simple & manageable and positive. Thanks for sharing it! Sweet mittens. :)

  22. Thank you for posting this. I always feel so - ugh - frivolous when I write a happy blog post when all of this crap is happening in the world and I feel like I should be happy at all. So I've been praying a lot and educating myself more, and now I come across your post and it's just perfect. It doesn't solve the world conflict problem, but it solves those problems closer to home, so thank you. You've made a difference in my world. xxxx

  23. Thank you. I needed to read this today. x


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