Thursday, March 5, 2015

harvesting the hazels

IMG_4586' IMG_4588






Autumn, you might just be winning me over.

A sweet sunny day spent harvesting our hazelnuts. Speckled, sparkly shadows. All the twittering bird songs. A new spoon carved. A tiny nest found and admired. Blackberry scratches all over my arms and legs. Warm sun on our faces and backs. A bit of humming, some chats about plans and stages, a lot of silence and listening. Sweet, cardamon spiced, Turkish coffee brewed on a flame and served up in little cups. A chunk of apple cake unwrapped from its waxy paper package. Nuts cracked and eaten, coffee drunk.

One basket full.

I hope your season is the reason for your gladness.



  1. Well I'm jealous! Your photos and words are perfect as always xx

  2. Good job I can't reach that basket of nuts ! Hazel nuts are my favourite. Mmmmm.Hope your harvest is a good one. You deserve it. Love your wooden spoons too.

  3. Just re-read that last paragraph. You paint a good picture.....I can almost smell that coffee!

  4. I've never seen hazelnuts in their natural form that way. How interesting and what an evocative description.

  5. Beautiful pictures, beautiful words, beautiful moment. That turkish coffee sounds amazing!

  6. I'm usually sad at the end of summer but being heavily pregnant I'm enjoying the cooler weather (although I can't button up any of my cardis). I'm spending my days cooking and freezing, knitting, dreaming and waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting ....). Learning to appreciate the current season and not long for the next has not always come easily for me but its a lesson I'm slowly getting my head around.

    You're pictures with this post are beautiful x

    1. Oh dear ... Forgive the typos! Pregnant fingers and tiny keyboards do not mix !

  7. Sounds perfect! I was just googling how to tap my birch trees in spring and I found this video - I thought Bren might like it - if he hasn't already heard of Touch Wood (although he probably has!). Maybe Bren could make some taps on his pole lathe?! I'll buy one!

  8. I love everything about this, it all looks quite romantic. I'm fairly certain this kind of day, especially the turkish coffee, would be heaven in my husbands eyes.

  9. Life doesn't get much better than this Kate x

  10. Spring is just around the corner, here at the other side of the world. I'm walking in bright sunshine (though in cold air) when I'm off to work each morning. Just a few weeks ago I walked in total darkness. I love the change of seasons. Spring and autumn are both so beautiful and nice...Glad, that we can enjoy them! :)

  11. Kate that all sounds a bit lovely. It's still summer here, sweat rolling down your back kinda summer. Looking forward to those Autumnal notes. x

  12. Love autumn! My favourite season. It has a pleasure all its own. Thanks for sharing some of your autumn pleasures on your farm. xx

  13. I just discovered last autumn that there are hazel trees bearing nuts all around me! How did I not know this? What is your favourite thing to do with your harvest??


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