Thursday, July 2, 2015

Carmel market





For some people travel is all about the museums and galleries, for others it's about the shopping and for others it's all about the beach or the local gardens. When our family travel, our most favourite thing to do is to explore the local markets. We love craft markets, trash and treasure markets, farmer's markets, vintage antique markets, almost any old market will do.

We google them, we walk as far as we need to to reach them and then we explore them. Up each aisle and down the next, chatting to the locals, learning their stories and tasting/trying their wares, each market we find is another adventure.




On Tuesday, two days after we landed in Israel and twenty times since we'd been asked when we could visit a market, we walked to The Carmel market. We arrived pretty early to avoid being squeezed by the crowds and we explored.



We listened to the stall holders calling their wares, we smelled all the smells - some delicious and some putrid, we saw Druze women baking fresh pita and we delighted in the fact that we are back in summer fruit and vegetable season.

We bought spices and halva, lollies and apricot leather, the girls bought rings and bracelets, and we got tricked into buying way more bread than we ever wanted.

IMG_5440 (1)



And we left there with bulging backpacks, full tummies and happy hearts feeling like our adventures have begun.

Big love and happy travels to you my friends.

I hope you're travelling well.



  1. Such an interesting looking place, with so much on offer!

  2. I would love to visit the market with you. It is definitely a feast for all of the senses. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Oh I am so jealous of all those tomatoes!

  4. Yum halva- now you've made me want some too:)

  5. Oh what a gorgeous thing to be doing - walking in the warm sunshine and tasting, seeing, smelling all the sights.

  6. So nice!!! Travel for us is all about the food! We look at restaurants and choose our accommodation based on proximity, markets are a very very close second. X

  7. Market = destination heaven!!! Enjoy... xxx

  8. I simply don't know where start here Kate...SO much goodness x

  9. It all sounds and looks amazing. We are definite market fans here too, always looking for a bargain! x

  10. Sounds like you guys are having fun! Don't forget to get Bren to take some photos with you in them Kate. Have fun, safe travels xxxxxooooo

  11. Oh no, you missed the beautiful Bhutan with mighty mountains, where you will find beautiful handcrafts all local.

  12. What a fascinating market, would love to rummage there!

  13. Markets are my go-to for travel adventures too. If they're a real local market, you see what the locals eat and buy and it runs to the beat of the city you're in. In Istanbul I loved the spice market, but wasn't so fussed on the tourist trap that is the Grand Bazaar. In New York I was in my happy place at the Brooklyn Flea and had my partner allowed it, we'd have done many, many more market excursions.

  14. Markets are the best place for photographers. Really great travelling wishes to you. Jo x

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  16. Kate, mind you, what cam and lens do you use? These are awsome pictures!

  17. markets alone are a reason to travel...and oooh, these look good.
    Happy travels lovely.

  18. Hi, what a wonderful market!
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