Friday, August 14, 2015

The view from Florence




Ciao from Florence in Italy!

So I guess I'm really not such a great travel blogger after all.

I have the stories to tell and oh so many photos to illustrate them; but I guess life on the road, life with patchy internet, life in new cities, life in very close proximity to four other people, life where I never know whose bag has my computer charger and card reader in it, life where exploring feels more important than documenting, life where our days are busy and full and slip by so quickly, makes it difficult and not necessarily the priority.

I really do want to tell you about our days in Edale - possibly the most beautiful place on earth, about Spoonfest, about our return trip to London and then our amazing week in Paris. And I want to talk to you about the challenges and the joys of travelling Europe with our three girls, about my personal feelings on this epic journey and about the incidental details like what I'm knitting, reading and watching.

So I guess there's no place better to start than today, and no better view to share than the views from our apartment in Florence.

Every single time I look out the big windows in the lounge-room and see the views in the top three photos, I gasp. Every single time. What more could you ask for than the Ponte Vecchio and the Duomo?! I cannot cannot believe we are here. I cannot believe I get to eat my muesli each morning looking out over all that, and I can't believe this place was available last week when we booked it. It's not air-conditioned and it's pretty noisy from the street, but that's a small price to pay for such a view I think.

Please keep in mind that the windows only open a few inches so I have to squeeze my hand through and risk the six floor drop of my camera or phone each time I want to take a pic. Which I do often.

IMG_6546 IMG_6545IMG_6541


The other four photos are out the back windows from our bedroom. Incredibly beautiful too I think.

Of course there are unimaginably beautiful churches and markets and meals and artworks here in Florence, hopefully I'll get to those soon.

Until then, happy travels my friends.

I hope the view out of your window makes you smile.

Love Kate



  1. OH Kate - how wonderfully beautiful!!!
    I wait in anticipation daily for your Instagram photo updates on your adventures and travels and get so super excited when you update here on your blog.
    thank you for sharing with us xxxx

  2. 'A Room With A View" :) My daughter had spent time in Florence twice in the last year, studying via Monash University, and her photos have been luscious - so are yours!!

    1. It's such an easy place to photograph. Everywhere you turn there's another postcard picture. x

  3. Oh Kate...just like Angie I anticipate your Insta updates and get even more excited when you pop up in my blog feed. I know that one day you will blog about Spoonfest and until then I will patiently wait. Did I ever mention that I love your work? x

    1. Hahaha thanks lovely Jane. The problem is I have so many pics of Spoonfest that I don't know where to start. xx

  4. WOW! Your view is MAZING!! We were in Florence 3 weeks ago and we saw everything you are seeing, only we were standing on the ground and had to walk between each of these amazing attractions to see them. You get them all out of your window!! How lucky are you?!

    1. How wonderful is Florence!! I still can't believe that we are here and that everything is so BEAUTIFUL!! x

  5. Buongiorno Bella Kate!! Oh I am green, lime green with envy....only someone who has either been to Italy or craves to go would appreciate those high rise buildings....I lived my dream 5 yrs ago and travelled to Europe with my family (a 3.5yr old in toe) and had 2 blissful, hard, relaxing, stressful, heartbreakingly wonderful weeks in Italy - one in Grieve in Tuscany and one in Trevi in Umbria...we left the cities due to having to drive and so fell in love with the country side of things. I kept a written diary of each day that I still read today every now and then so I beg you (so dramatic I know!! hehe) please, please tell us those stories you have in you :) so warm heartily Jan x

  6. The Ponte Vecchio is everything I love and loathe about Iraly just right there. x

  7. Lovely to hear from you. Better to be where you are than trying to update us about where you are; be here now is one of my husband's favorite expressions and it's so true. We'll wait for the stories-you just keep on doing what feels best for you and the farmer boy and the girls. I'm grateful for this update-what an incredible view !~!


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