Friday, January 27, 2017

full of great and grateful

Hello my beautiful friends!

Well here we are again.

It's funny how these Friday blog posts book-end my week. Here I sit now - here I sat last week. Same time, same space, and then everything in between.

Last week just before I sat down to write, at the end of my gym session, my trainer told me she felt like my spark had gone out. I knew it too. Last week I felt like the world was sitting on my shoulders, like my skin was too thin to keep out the hurt, and like my body was tender and I was coming down with something.

Today, seven days after that, my gym trainer told me how strong I was getting and how much of a difference she had noticed in me in one week. Today I'm sitting here feeling calm and even, and even a bit excited, about what though I'm not exactly sure.

It's been a crazy week and I think that what got me through it to a place where I'm finishing it in a stronger state than when I started, is looking on the bright side. Very consciously choosing to see the good. Bringing myself back to the positive each time something threatened to knock me over. I know it sounds cliched, but it worked.

So although I feel like the whole grateful thing has been overused and is often a bit icky, for want of a better word, I've decided to make a list of all that I've been grateful for over my past week.

Here goes;

I'm grateful for wide open spaces, for a wet summer that has kept our farm looking lush, and for those apples, no matter how spotty, that have survived this difficult season and are growing and haven't yet been eaten by the birds.

I'm grateful for shady trees that give us cozy places to hang out and rest.

I'm grateful for family.

I'm grateful for the little vases of flowers I've been finding around the house.

I'm grateful that we've got plenty of water this year to irrigate.

I'm grateful that all the veggies we've been planting look healthy and strong.

I'm grateful for the wonderful medical care our Jarrah was given when she suddenly became very unwell last Sunday. I'm grateful to my dad, Farmdoc, for advising us, for the doctors, the nurses, the hospital, the tests and the medicine for keeping watch over her and making sure she recovered completely.

I'm grateful for our families for their support during this worrying time.

I'm grateful for knitting for keeping my hands busy while my heart was fluttering and my mind was panicking.

I'm grateful for the shower, because there is no better place to lose it.

I'm grateful to my mum for lending me her library book Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill which was such a perfect book to read next to a hospital bed.

I'm grateful for podcasts and my iPhone's battery that got me through a VERY long night of one-hourly observation checks and four-hourly meds.

And I'm unbelievably, ridiculously grateful that our Jarrah has recovered so well and that we have been allowed to consider it as something that happened, rather than something that happens.

I'm grateful to wonderful Sarah who left a comment on my last post advising me to spray icy cold water on my scarlet runner beans each evening because they need cold nights to set fruit. THANK YOU Sarah!! It worked. I've lost count of all the baby beans currently climbing the tee-pee. I'm so happy and relieved. I'm also grateful to you Peter Cundall for advising Sarah on the radio. And you, farmer Bren, I know you knew it.

I'm grateful for sun dried laundry.

I'm grateful for the train to Melbourne.

I'm grateful for the company of our dog and our cat.

I'm grateful for twilight, my favourite time of the day to wander and gather and water and weed.

I'm grateful for lemon juice and feta on everything.

I'm grateful for those first blackberries of the season that are hard and sour and the only ones I like to eat.

I'm grateful for sunshine and warmth.

I'm grateful for where I was born and how I can live.

I'm grateful for the physical and emotional closeness I share with my parents.

I'm grateful for health and strength.

I'm grateful for a family that values hand made.

I'm grateful that I cut and sewed a dress from an old bed sheet and could throw it in the rubbish when it failed, with no guilt at all.

I'm grateful for girls and their craft projects covering the floor of my studio.

I'm grateful for overalls and work boots.

I'm grateful for barbecues with new friends.

And you guys of course, I'm so grateful that you're here and for all that you add to my life.

I'm wishing you a wonderful weekend and if you'd like to tell me - I'd love to read your grateful list too.


Kate x


  1. love your grateful list... so glad your Jazzy is ok... those stressy times takes such a toll don't they? am grateful for heaps right now, our farm beginnings, my precious family especially my hardworking hubby and incredibly wonderful dream living/chasing adult children and son in law, my health (even when it's crappy because it's not as crappy it could be or as bad as many people have it) the time to make apricot jam, that I've not found a job yet because it's allowed me more precious time at home, that our backyard is slowly filling with cows about to calf and the anticipation of baby calves running around, organic homegrown veggies, blogs and IG filled with people like yourself living out their dreams and sharing and inspiring so many x

  2. Hi Kate, so sorry to hear that Jarrah has been so poorly but so happy to hear that she is now well. What a lovely positive post. You reap what you sow I believe and do try to live my life in that way. The phrase "pay it forward" is what I use. It's like stacking up credits just in case you need someone to return a favour. I think you live your life in the same way. It makes me happy and I hope it makes the people around me happy. Keep up the good work.

  3. I'm grateful for a full water tank and rainy days between the stinky hots ones so I don't panic about bushfires. I'm grateful my mum lives 30 mins drive away now instead of a 6 hour one. I'm grateful for our health and happiness and grateful that we decided not to get a very very very cute puppy. I'm grateful that my fave blogger is writing regularly again. Xxxxxxxx

  4. I am grateful that I clicked on your new post tonight.

    In this world there needs to be more gratefulness and you have summed it up beautifully.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  5. Beautiful positive post. Thank you. Glad your little one is on the mend. So hard when your children are ill.

  6. thank you for this. for posting beautiful photos of a tranquil place teeming with hope and possibility. i live in the states and blogs like yours are a solace in the storm of the political nightmare we are living. please know how much getting away to your world means to me, now more than ever.

  7. I am grateful that you still blog and those photos..swoon.

  8. This week my daughter was so discouraged. Nothing seemed right in her world. I told her there are things that CANNOT be controlled but what can change is how we react or deal with challenges. She called yesterday to say nothing had changed but she had a good week because she chose to dwell on the good. What really changed was her attitude of gratitude and it made all the difference. I'm so happy things are better. I love reading your blog.

  9. So much to be grateful for!
    We went camping in your neck of the woods last week.. Me,hubby and our three and half year old. We were in a tent during that big storm! I'm grateful for fancy tents that pump up and are rock solid when it really counts.

  10. So many good things Kate. I am also grateful for your blog. I hope Jarrah is much better x

  11. beautiful post, thank you xxx

  12. So happy to read your post and admire your photos. Sorry to hear your daughter has been unwell but pleased she is recovering well. Take care and have a happy week.

  13. So pleased Jarrah is recovered/recovering. Scary time for you all. Your property looks amazingly green and lush for this time of year - it's been a good Summer so far, hasn't it. Take care

  14. Such a beautiful post- we all have so much to be grateful for x

  15. You are a sensitive and beautiful soul who feels both pain and joy more deeply than others. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  16. I love this post. I love that in the midst of pain you seek the spirit of gratefulness. I love that gratefulness brings strength.i just love your photos.

  17. Beautiful post. We should all do this on a regular basis. So glad Jarrah is better.


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