Friday, March 31, 2017

just do it!

Hello honey bunches,

I hope this finds you well and happy, not too warm or too cold, and maybe, hopefully, enjoying a little pocket of time you've carved out just for yourself and nobody else.

Before I start I want to acknowledge that I'm learning how hard it is for me to get straight into the blog writing without a quick discussion of the process. (Please see the the first paragraph of my last blog post for more info on this). I think I know what I want to write about today but I don't know where to start, and setting the scene, describing my morning and talking about where I am at, feels like a short cut from here to there. But knowing that my mum will arrive in a few hours with her (metaphoric) red pen and draw a line through this paragraph on her way to changing my semi colons to colons and moving my commas around makes me wonder if I should try a bit harder or just do it, as the case may be.

Just do it - if there were a theme to my past week, that would be it.

Just do it began last Monday in our gym session, as so many of my big thoughts and blog posts do lately, have you noticed that? The session was actually about finding our wall. Our trainer smashed us. Push ups and sits ups and running and rowing, ropes and weights and squats and kicks and so much more. And then the whole lot again three more times. In the third round I found my wall but somehow got through it and went on. 

But the harder it got, the tireder I became, the more my head talk took over. 'I just finished my period so I don't have a lot of energy today', I thought, 'it's so humid and there's no air' I went on, 'we split and stacked so much wood yesterday so I'm too tired today', I tried, 'I can't concentrate on my breathing', 'I don't like this song', 'I feel weak', 'I don't know what's wrong with me', 'I can't do this'...

Some of them I kept to myself and some of them I puffed out loud to our trainer. 

Just do it - she replied.

And after she told me a couple of times I took it on and tried it. I stopped myself from making the same old excuses and turned inwards to get the job done. I didn't let myself feel the pain but tightened my core, checked my position and focused on the finish line. Over and over until I did it. And it was the best feeling.

All through the week I've tried to do the same. Stop the crazy amount of head talk, stop the self doubt and the questions and all the multiple choices, and just get the job done. I've carried enormous rounds of wood to the splitter, I've pulled up hundreds of meters of irrigation lines that had grass growing over them, I've dealt with daughters with extreme emotions, I've hung washing on the line in winds that almost pushed me over, I've squished a zillion tomatoes and processed just as many apples, I've shopped the city with two teenagers, and I've picked and carried crates and crates of apples and pears and quinces.

I just did it.

You know as silly as it sounds I've never really thought much about that brand's slogan - Just do it - they were only just words until I put them into action and felt them in my core. Now I feel like I could totally wear them on my tee-shirt.....just joking.

I've included the next few photos just for fun. Jazzy asked to borrow my camera while we were out picking fruit earlier in the week and I just did it. It was lovely to see her perspective, nice to be in a few photos for a change and interesting to see what I look like from the back and how farmery my hands are.

Then they all had a go.

Jazzy took this photo.

Indi took this photo.

And Pepper took this photo. I can't help but laugh every time I look at it at how she got everything in focus except for us. I love it.

And with that I have a few questions for you;

Do you read my blog on your phone, tablet or computer?
How do you know when I've updated my blog?
Approximately how many blogs do you read these days?
Do you read my blog for the craft, the family, the farming or something else?
Do you have anything you'd like me to blog about?
Are you listening to S-Town? (I'm up to chapter three)
If you had heaps of pears what would you do with them? (These look good)
Do you, can you, should you just do it?

Thanks and so much love,

Kate xx


  1. iPhone
    Now days, I make my self a cuppa, put my feet up and get ready for some downtime after I've feed the kids lunch on a Friday arvo (you are pretty regular- so I've made it my Friday, time out routine to read your blog)
    im down to 3 blogs these days. Used to be more- but I find it hard to keep up with to many.
    I read your blog for 'all of the above'. Your life is very different from mine- all of it, so I like to step out of my everyday and read someone else's everyday. Plus it reminds me of growing up in Tassy so it's kinda nostalgic a bit too.
    No S-Town happening for me
    Pears- hmmm. Poach some for breakfasts. Tart tartin w Nutella for desserts.. Make some really wholesome rustic muffins for in between.
    I'm slowing down from my 'just do it' stage. I've been 'just doing it' for 10 years and I've forgotten how to stop- and so I'm on the other end of that path, for now anyway.

  2. On my phone (I have no computer or tablet)
    I check in each Friday but also get updates on Facebook
    I only read a handful of blogs. A lot that I used to read, no longer blog 😞
    I read your blog for all those reasons. I love how you write as though we are good friends sitting down to a cuppa and a chat. You really do inspire me! One day I will knit socks and my dreams of having a patch of land will come true. And I love that I've been privileged to 'watch your girls grow'.
    The only way I've ever eaten pears is 'as is' or stewed, so I'm not much help there.
    I 'just do it' at exercise therapy each week! But I have the added incentive of it enabling me to pain free to help, so I'm not sure it counts.

  3. I use my computer to read your blog. I get notified via facebook.
    I blog, I like to read your blog, yours is a bit like a lifestyle magazine, farming, family, plants, travel and real life. All good.

  4. thanks for taking the time again to write, i love reading what you have to say and seeing bits of your world.

    i read your blog on all of those, depending where i am and what i have with me.
    i generally use bloglovin' but i think sometimes you post on facebook too.
    i have an extensive feed on bloglovin' but i pick and choose the content that interests me, i have about six or seven blogs i consistently keep up with no matter the content.
    i love reading anything you write, i love your perspectives and lifestyle.
    currently listening to chapter 3 of s-town as i type, tearing up.
    i don't know a lot about how to use pears but i think muffins, cake or loaf with them in would be nice.
    i definitely need to just do it. i spend too long overthinking, procrastinating, making excuses, not feeling ready, but when i do just do it, it's so rewarding.

  5. Usually on my phone but I prefer the computer easier to comment and the photos look better on a bigger screen.
    I use bloglovin to keep up. I read too many blogs but sadly many of my favourites don't blog anymore.
    I read your blog for all those reasons, it feels like a friendly chat.
    I'd like you to blog about some of your family meals.
    I've only listened to the first episode of s-town so far.
    I love lightly stewed pears pulled from the freezer in winter and plonked on my porridge.
    I need to be a just do it girl, procrastination and wishing for someone e else to do it are my default setting. Although Im on a high when I do just do it.
    Cheers Kate

  6. Usually on my phone but I prefer the computer easier to comment and the photos look better on a bigger screen.
    I use bloglovin to keep up. I read too many blogs but sadly many of my favourites don't blog anymore.
    I read your blog for all those reasons, it feels like a friendly chat.
    I'd like you to blog about some of your family meals.
    I've only listened to the first episode of s-town so far.
    I love lightly stewed pears pulled from the freezer in winter and plonked on my porridge.
    I need to be a just do it girl, procrastination and wishing for someone e else to do it are my default setting. Although Im on a high when I do just do it.
    Cheers Kate

  7. 1. On my computer.
    2. I just check my blog list daily, except for the weekend.
    3. I have a list of nearly 200 blogs, and I read all of them. Thank god they are all updated on different times :)
    4. I read your blog for everything, and hope that one day your awesome socks will make me try to learn knitting again :) And it's curious to read about your tips on preserving the harvest, because we do most things differently.
    5. I would be glad if you shared some daily recipes.
    6. No S-Town.
    7. Pear jam and dried pears for winter.
    8. Yep, "just do it" strategy pulled me out of the depression. And some nice vitamins, too. So, I'm all for that.

  8. Hi Kate, I read on my computer, when I get an email, first thing on a friday morning. I read a couple of blogs a day, usually by email and sometimes I notice a blog has updated on my blogroll. I read for the writing and photography and honest reflection, with of course, home, work and craft and travel thrown in too! How about a home tour?! I love to see how others live. I'm not sure about s-town, but I listen to so much more audio now than anything else, and really enjoy it. What about a podcast?...When I was little whenever I was ill, my Mum would give me tinned pears to eat. I admire your go get attitude this week, the workout sounded tough. You must have good energy to do all that you do. Lovely photos of you, it helps to connect with you I think. Have a good weekend, take it easy! X

  9. hello kate ,
    i read it on my computer and get a sign from feedly ....there is a new blog for you.
    and for me it is amazing to read some news from down under because i live in the netherlands .
    when we have spring ,you are preparing for autumn
    family live and your life on the farm is lovely to read .
    so keep cool and have a good weekend ,greetings gerda

  10. On my iPad. Email first. 2 or 3 blogs only. Craft, family, farming.
    Preserving. What is S-Town? Pears, love them, eat fresh, freeze?/preserve them, share.

  11. I am so happy to see you in the photos!! Your smile is beautiful!!!

    I almost always read on my phone but have to come back to my computer if I want to comment.
    I read all my blogs via Bloglovin so when you publish something it just pops up in my feed.
    I subscribe to quite a few blogs but really there is only 10 or so I read religiously.
    I am happy to read anything you write. I like it all Kate!
    I am super curious about your food situation- are you self sufficient? Do you buy from other farmers? What does your pantry look like? What are the meals that are on the highest rotation for you guys? Do you ever visit a supermarket or eat junk food??? As we both know, food is my obsession, hence why I look the way I do ;)
    A friend has been on to me this week to listen to S-Town ( Hi Honae! ) & its been recommended in a few podcasts & blogs so I've downloaded it but not listed to it yet.
    I don't eat pears so I'd give them to my kids.
    And as a mum I really think I have no choice but to just do it.

    Hope life is peachy for you all Kate xx

  12. Hi Kate, love the photos,
    I read you on an original iPad! I read about 10-12 blogs that I love and every night when I get into bed, before I settle down to sleep I visit every blog and see if there are any new posts. It's lovely when there is, like chatting to old friends, also, sad when they are quiet for periods of time, like I have done something wrong and they don't want to talkto me!

  13. I love the photos your girls took!

    I usually read on my computer - the pictures are just too pretty for smaller devices.

    On Fridays, after I've finished chores (I have each Friday off from work), I usually sit down with a big drink of water and come here and read. I love it :)

    I probably only read four or five blogs these days. I wish I read more but a lot of my favourites have moved on to other creative endeavours and my new favourites don't have blogrolls/favourites lists for me to find new blog beauties. I (really) miss blogrolls.

    I love the beauty on your blog. The glorious pictures and the words that tell the precious stories.

    Nah, I think you should blog about whatever takes your fancy.

    I've not listened to S-Town yet - it is on the list. I am loving the High Low, Emma Gannon's Ctrl Alt Delete, The Guilty Feminist and History Extra though.

    I <3 stewed pears. With everything. All the time.

    I am a bit of a just do it person, I guess. I just tell myself to 'rip off that bandaid and get going'. But I can also procrastinate like an ace sloth too.

  14. Do you read my blog on your phone, tablet or computer? COMPUTER
    Approximately how many blogs do you read these days? ACTUALLY READ - MAYBE ONE A DAY, TWO OR THREE ON MY BIG STUDY DAYS TWICE A WEEK
    Do you read my blog for the craft, the family, the farming or something else? JUST FOR THE RAMBLINGS - IN THE NICEST POSSIBLE WAY.
    Do you have anything you'd like me to blog about? NUP. IT'S ALL LOVELY.
    Are you listening to S-Town? (I'm up to chapter three) I SPIED IT ON I-TUNES THIS WEEK. I HAVEN'T STARTED.
    Do you, can you, should you just do it? I JUST DO IT. I MUTTER IT TO MYSELF ALL THE TIME.

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  16. I read your blog on my iPad and I follow you on Instagram. I get notifications on either a face book or Instagram.
    I love your photos and your wonderful crafting ability. I will never b able to knit those socks you knit! I love reading about your girls and seeing how you live as a family. I would love to hear more about parenting, schooling your three girls and the amazing schools they attend, how you spend your days with planning for the jobs of motherhood, your daily routine, how you keep on top of all the homelife chores and still manage to knit socks, take photos, help on the farm and sit and read books!! I have only three blogs that I read.
    Little eco footprints (who is now just Instagram king as a Tricia Eco)
    Practising simplicity
    And yours.
    I have read yours for a long time.
    I have listened to your amazing daughters music enough to even sing along to. I also can't imagine how amazing it would be to have those schools for my kids to go to.
    Actually, it would be really interesting to understand your views on education and what you hope for your girls through their education.
    I love your Instagram life.
    I want your garden beds, cubby house, picnics under apple blossoms and a pair of your socks.
    I have a man who makes wooden spoons and bowls though so that's good. ��
    Baked pears, stewed pears.
    I love pears. Jars and jars of cooked pears. ��

  17. I read your blog on my computer.
    I used to check in with your blog periodically and am loving your Friday posts because I know that when I check on a Friday night or Saturday, a post will be there.
    Only three these days, including yours. I used to read more but a couple of people have retired their blog or drastically changed its style. I'm grateful for your blog.
    I read your blog for all those reasons, particularly the farming stories, however I also enjoy the way you craft a tale. I like the backstory to each blog entry you write even though your mother doesn't! As an English teacher, I feel my opinion is a valid one! :p
    I am happy to read what you are writing now :)
    I sadly can't eat pears anymore because of the fructans BUT I would make a crumble for family and friends :)
    As a planner, I usually don't 'just do it' but sometimes it's the best thing to do.

  18. I just adore the pictures of you and hubby and wish to see the voice behind the camera a bit more often. I read your blog on my laptop in the evenings after the kids are in bed. I still read a dozen or so blogs on simple living - family, sewing, knitting and crafting, growing your own food etc...even though everyone is on Instagram including me but you don't get a full story there. I am trying to just 'do it' with a chronic illness I started a new part-time position at a library and ended up hospital on my 2nd day! Results came back serious and I've spent 5 weeks traveling across NSW to specialists appointments all while trying to keep going to my new job and get the kids to school, childcare and preschool and not fall apart. Beetroot and pear salad or pear and chocolate tart!

  19. Hola Kate! Hace años que te sigo, gracias al traductor de google puedo leerte ya que yo no se ingles. Me gusta mucho que publiques cada semana, cada viernes enciendo el ordenador para conocer tu nueva entrada. Me inspira y me identifico muchas veces con lo que compartes. Sigo algunos blogs de artesania y vida sencilla de campo , tu blog es de mis preferidos.Y .... las peras... al horno quedan muy ricas, o cocidas con canela y azúcar.

  20. I read on my pc [the big one, not even a laptop]
    I know when you've posted because I have a link of my fave blogs on my blog and they auto-update when there's a new post. Sort of an rss feed.
    I read at least a dozen blogs. I read yours for the lifestyle. It's nice knowing another family on the other side of the world does the same sorts of things we do.
    Blog your heart, darling.

    If you had heaps of pears what would you do with them? Ginger pear jam. Ricotta pear tarts.

    Do you, can you, should you just do it? I Just Do It all the time. My whole life is a marathon. I hit my wall every day and just keep on keeping on. Sometimes I lose it - to rage or tears, but someone has to do the work and that someone is me. If I want things to be different, then I have to make the change, and do the work.

  21. I read you in my computer or rarely in my tablet.
    I Check in your blog on friday mornings (local time, I´m around the globe), after I leave my small boy at school.
    I read approx 5 blogs, depends on my free time
    For crafting, farming, family and because you are in the south hemisphere too!
    No S-Town
    With pears I would do "Tatin de peras", free version of a classic Tatin cake (with apples) or "Peras al vino tinto" (red wine), "ensalada de peras y rúcula"
    I just do it, I´m finishing painting the big 300 m2 house!!(with my great husband/partner-painter). We spent all summer painting, the boys helped a bit, and the house looks great now!

  22. Kate I love to read your ramblings no matter what they are about. Now then questions:
    I read your blog on my tablet
    I check to see if there is a new one every Friday
    I follow just 10 blogs and they don't blog everyday.
    I read your blog for all the content happy times, sad times, work, home, craft, family, school, music, spoon carving and gardening and anything and everything in between.
    For me I just love to read your blog. Blog about anything you want.
    I have not heard of S-Town so no comment.
    Pears, if hubby was hear he would eat them as hard as they could be I then finish them off when soft and juicy.
    We are at present 'just doing it' as we have to at the moment but there is no hardship to it we just do it.
    The photos are fab how clever to get the focus on the background and hazy on the main focus. Very arty.

  23. Hola Kate! Hace unos años que sigo tu blog, lo leo desde el ordenador gracias al traductor de google ya que yo no se ingles. Cada viernes me conecto expresamente para ver tu nueva entrada, me identifico muchas veces con lo que escribes , me inspiras!!!. La fotografía es preciosa . Sigo unos cuantos blogs de artesania, y de vida sencilla en el campo, Fosx Lane es de mis preferidos. Las peras , quedan muy ricas con canela y azúcar cocidas, y también al horno.

  24. Hi Kate, I love your blog so much. Your head space sounds so much like my head space - the bit about multiple choice made me smile. This is totally what I do - too many "Oh, but I could do it this way", "what if I did it like this......or that" You are an inspiration. I read your blog on my iPad every Friday and I look forward to it each week. I 'read' about 25 blogs but really what I do is scan some but really read perhaps 8 of those. I read your blog for everything - your photos, your honesty, your writing, for insight into your life and because I have a secret dream to live in the countryside and live closer to nature. I live in London and love it but feel the countryside calling which I am now working towards. One day.......In the meantime I am attempting to grow some tomatoes and sweet peas from seed and so far so good!
    I've had a good think and I am not sure if there is anything else I would like you to blog about.
    I am not listening to S-Town.
    If I had heaps of pears, I would give them away because we don't have much storage in our city flat! That I am sure is not very helpful to you!
    And yes, sometimes we should just do it, but other times we should definitely think about it, process it, write about the process and sometimes decide to not do it, because I do think if we just do it all the time, we'll be exhausted!
    Have a wonderful weekend Kate,
    Lots of love, Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. Do you read my blog on your phone, tablet or computer? computer at work while I'm having my coffee and pop-tart :)
    How do you know when I've updated my blog? I still use a blog reader- old school but it works for me :)
    Approximately how many blogs do you read these days? not sure, but I'm at the max amount that my (free) blog reader will allow without a paid upgrade
    Do you read my blog for the craft, the family, the farming or something else? yes :) I read for all of those things and more. It's nice to hear about a life so different from my own, and on the other side of the world too as it were.
    Do you have anything you'd like me to blog about? you blog for you - it's just nice that you share with us!
    Are you listening to S-Town? (I'm up to chapter three) S-Town???
    If you had heaps of pears what would you do with them? (These look good) mmm....pearsauce maybe?
    Do you, can you, should you just do it? Absolutely.

  26. I read your blog on my tablet. I added you to the favorite list on my blog so I will know when you post. I read it because I love your photos and words and because you are on the other side of the world from me. If I had all those pears and the knowledge of how to do it I would make jars and jars of pear preserves like my mom used to make. It's one of the recipes I never thought to get from her.

  27. I love how you have your descriptive starts to your blog posts. I think those paragraphs set the mood and the scene for your readers, and they also help you get connected to your writing.

    Do you read my blog on your phone, tablet or computer?--Computer!

    How do you know when I've updated my blog?--I check every couple of days.

    Approximately how many blogs do you read these days?--Three or four, down from 12-18. Many of my favorite bloggers have discontinued writing.

    Do you read my blog for the craft, the family, the farming or something else?--All of it. I love that your hemisphere's seasons are opposite mine. I love your photos. I love your perspective on life. I appreciate the choices you've made that have led you to your commitments to family & farming. Your blog is a treat to me.

    Do you have anything you'd like me to blog about?--I always want to know more about how your cooker and heating system works! I live in the USA: the concept of having a wood-fired cooker always going is foreign to me.

    Are you listening to S-Town? (I'm up to chapter three)--Nope. I'm reading mystery books and Oliver Sacks lately.

    If you had heaps of pears what would you do with them? (These look good)--Make pear sauce. Can them in halves. Make pear leather (add cardamom and cinnamon?) and dried pears. Freeze them for smoothies. Put them in bottles with a favorite liquor. Make pear vinegar.

    Do you, can you, should you just do it?--Exercise so far? No. I've been practicing taking care of myself, getting enough rest, and prioritizing mental health. Exercise is next!

    Best wishes, Kate!

  28. Love the photos of you and your husband! You're more real with the photos, not so much a character in a book. Your writing feels more genuine with the images of you.
    I read for the warmth and daily life reality that you convey.
    I read on my phone, i check each Friday although I have learned to check on my Thursday evening because sometimes, if i'm up late I catch your morning writing. (I think that's how it works, i'm in MN.
    I love your farming, knitting, woodworking, wood stacking etc etc. I feel validated when i want to garden, and have roaring fires on a cold damp day. Real people managing to live their lives in ways that are rewarding, enjoyable, and meaningful.
    Your knitting inspires me. :)
    I read 3 blogs, i have 3 blog icons on my phone, yours is one of those. And my spirit always lifts when I see a new posting.
    I have toyed with writing a blog myself. But don't have a p.c. at the moment.
    Warm best...

  29. Happy Friday to you
    I read your blog on my laptop, once I've finished any online work that needs doing, I then visit here to kind of start off my weekend! I love how your week has gone, and crave for some countryside/ growing our own/ small holding of my own.
    I love how you write your blog and have taken it on board to try something similar on my own which i'll be working on this month :)
    Thank you for your ongoing inspiration, have a wonderful week x

  30. Great post, I loved seeing the photos of you two at the end. Nice to put a face to the blog. In answer to your questions:
    I always read your blog on my iPad
    I follow via Bloglovin, so they tell me when there are new posts
    I follow about 170 blogs
    I read your blog for everything - it's a nice mix!
    I'm afraid if I had heaps of pears I would give them away, as I don't like them!
    I most definitely agree with 'just do it' - don't worry, prepare, think about it, just go for it 😃

  31. I read your blog on my phone before I get up in the am. I use Bloglovin so my favourite blogs are all together. I love your blog as I also live in Victoria and other than a blog I read from NSW and QLD all the others are overseas. I love your blog as I also live on a farm, I grow our veges (not all), knit, crotchet etc etc so I really enjoy seeing what you are up too. I also love the photo's of you and your family and the farm. The only extra thing I would like to seeks a little advertising when your apple store is open so I can talk my husband into going for a leisurely drive. I am going to make my mum pear and ginger jam. Have a wonderful day. Cheers Lenore

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Hi Kate,

    I really only read your blog, but I do also enjoy listening to Libby's podcast at Truly Myrtle. Mostly I find the link from your facebook page, but often I just click over here on my laptop to see if you've done a new post.

    Gosh, I really love all of your posts, but have especially enjoyed your travelling stories (and photos), the thought provoking ones about life (I constantly dream about a sea change!) and your day-to-day happenings. And anything craft/knitting related, of course. I miss seeing your caravan photos, but that's probably a good thing because we sold our vintage van a few years ago and if you start posting photos and camping stories then I'll be longing for another caravan myself!

    I haven't heard about S-Town, but I will look it up. At the moment I'm watching Stranger Things for the second time on Netflix and I'm dying for the next series to come out. Oh and the pears - maybe pear pies - one for the table and several for the freezer.

  34. Wow Kate, I can't tell you how much I needed this blog post today, I'm sat reading it on my iPad, while sat in hospital with my 13month old baby. He's been quite poorly, with scary phrases like renal failure, acute dehydration, and meningitis tests bouncing around. Day 3 of being here and just do it is just what I need to hear. I feel like I can't go on, I've got so many questions that can't be answered, so I just need to get on, do what needs to be done, particularly cuddles while I feel like my back is breaking after needing to hold him constantly for a week, getting him back to sleep after the latest round of proddings.
    I see you have a new post on facebook, but will often leave reading it until later, when I get the chance to savour it. I read around 15 blogs, and I love yours as you're living your life like I wish I was brave enough to. I like to read about what you're growing, and how you're growing it (love your raised veggie beds), I like to read about your family and how you negotiate the different ages (my daughter is 4, and your daughters give me a fresh look at what girls can be, strong, brave, outgoing, lots of mud, and getting stuck into nature and the outside world), I love to see your part of the world, the similarities and differences to where I live (rural town in the U.K.). I'd love to see more of what you already do! Maybe just photos if you don't feel like the accompanying stories, just seeing your patch makes me happy. Mhmm, pears. I'd love to just crunch some fresh ones. I'd like to try a pear tart tatin, pear frangipani, and see if there's any pear jam recipes.
    Thank you so much for your blog, just what I needed xx

    1. Oh, and in all that I forgot to say that he's on the mend! All the tests show he's going in the right direction, it's just a slow process and they still don't know many answers. But he's improving and I'm holding onto that.

  35. I read on my laptop. I subscribe via feedly. I read far too many blogs and am actively reducing the number I read in order to have more time to make things myself rather than just reading about other people making things.

    I originally arrived here when someone recommended your blog because of some crochet you were doing, but I stayed because I love reading about farm life and appreciate your insights into raising girls. I'm a few years behind you on that journey.

  36. Hi Kate, so good as always. Love seeing you on your blog! In or out of focus! Just do it...Nike certainly were onto something weren't they?

    I read and comment on a computer. Blogs are way too small and frustrating on my phone.
    I know when you have updated because Blogger reader tells me so!
    I read 5-6 blogs properly. I used to read far more than this.
    I read for ramblings, farming, cooking and pretty photos.
    Pear crumble or stewed pears for the freezer?
    I should always just do it, but sometime I hesitate.


  37. I read on my iPad using the Feedly ap and follow way too many (200+) but have about 50 in my A-list, including you, that I keep up with daily. As a mother, maker and newbie gardener, I enjoy the way your blog encompasses so many of my interests and reads like a personal journal. It's inspired a new series on my own blog called Concious Creative Living :)

    Do you have anything you'd like me to blog about? I enjoyed when you touched on identity outside of mother, because as a new mother of an almost 3 year old, I've grappled with a lot!

    Should you just do it? So much YES! Needed this as a start to my Saturday. The list is long and the kid won't sleep, but I've got to quit making excuses!

    My first comment disappeared into the ethers...hopefully this doesn't end up a duplicate :)

  38. Hi! :)
    Do you read my blog on your phone, tablet or computer? My phone and my dad's computer.
    How do you know when I've updated my blog? Facebook - but I'm trying to be on there less so it'll just be by chance soon.
    Approximately how many blogs do you read these days? Not as many as I'd like, about a handful off and on.
    Do you read my blog for the craft, the family, the farming or something else? All of it :)
    Do you have anything you'd like me to blog about? I'm happy as it is.
    Are you listening to S-Town? (I'm up to chapter three) Never heard of it!
    If you had heaps of pears what would you do with them? (These look good) Eat them. As they are. Give the rest away or perhaps look into finally making jam :)
    Do you, can you, should you just do it? Procrastinator should be my middle name. But I'm sick of treading water so I'm going to take this as my cue...

  39. How exciting, apple season is starting for you!

    Phone and laptop.
    Stories on IG and sometimes I just remember it's friday and check in.
    Only about 3 including yours.
    All of those reasons - I love the variety and also just like to catch up and see how you are like you're an old friend that I never get to see in real life.
    I'd love to know more about how you farm, what do you use to nourish the soil and how do you deal with pests/disease in the veggie garden and orchard?
    I've never heard of S-Town!
    I'd make frangipani style muffins/cupcakes and freeze them for a rainy day - after scoffing at least half hot out of the oven! I make a apple ripple cake that could be subbed with pears - recipe here:
    Yes - just do it... though I often will ponder, procrastinate, get distracted, question myself and talk to myself a lot prior... but I reckon that's ok, we all need to move at our pace when we are ready, I get there eventually... I think life's too short to be a gonna, being a doer is much more fun.

    happy sunday to you, and btw I just love the bowls your farmer boy is making - so inspirational to see a wood turning machine made from humble materials. xx

  40. Dear Kate

    I read your blog on my computer, follow you on Instagram, have you in my blog roll. I know you post on Fridays. You are good like that.

    I follow about half a dozen blogs regularly, check in with a couple of them everyday and scroll through their latest posts. I used to follow more, mostly craft blogs, but I just don't have the time. Now I follow those who speak to me and I feel connected to. It is all about the person behind the post.

    I'm a blogger myself and I have found it very interesting to read the answers here in the comment field. For quite some time I've struggled with regular posting... My voice seem to fade out a bit but I just don;t want to let it go. I love the connection I have with my readers and I love the therapeutic outlet it is as well as a place of reminding myself of the great life I have. I see my blog as a place of affirmations. It is great to go back in my archives and see my own life with perspective. Makes me feel so so lucky.

    I come to your place to enjoy your photography and your story telling (both through your photos and your rambles). Often you bring up a topic I can identify with, like today. It feels like talking to a good friend.

    I love to step into your world and lifestyle which is so different from my own and it sings in perfect tune with your voice - authentic, down to earth and honest. I appreciate that. Simplicity and joy over the small things in life, good and bad.

    Pear recipes? Well, the closest to a pear recipe I can come is grated pear on oatmeal in the morning, with sesame seeds and a drizzle of honey on top? I serve it with almond milk and it is so smooth and lovely.

    S-Town - have no idea what that is but I listen to more Podcasts lately than before when driving or going for walks.

    I'm a great procrastinator and a terrible "Just Do It" girl. And I'm not proud of it. I know that if my mindset was programmed to be a doer I would have come so much further in life with my dreams and passions... I've come to a place in life though when Just Do It is needed because it is never to late to make your dreams come true.

    Take care my lovely.

  41. I read on an ipad. I use the Feedly app to follow the blogs I'm interested in, and I follow a lot, but there are three that I read regularly - yours, Yarn Harlot and Soule Mama. The other one I dip into more often than some is Dove Grey Reader.

    With the Feedly app I can see whenever there's something new that I haven't read yet. I tend to read over breakfast (I live alone) or in the quieter moments on weekends.

    As above there are three blogs, including yours, that I read regularly, and many more that I dip into occasionally. I do read quite a few work related blogs when I have time (I work in museums) but it is the craft/photography/lives/reflections that I find I want to follow more regularly. I think one of the things I like is an insight into a different life to the one I have, but with some common interests.

    I like seeing what comes up without knowing where the blog is going to go next. Haven't listened to S town at all yet, I'm behind in my podcasts.

    I like anything that combines pear and blue cheese.

    Like at least one other commenter I am a terrible procrastinator, and struggle with the 'just do it' approach. I need motivation, punishment or reward!

  42. I read your blog on my lapotop and I get updates through my feed reader (I use still Vienna even though it’s terrible). I have about 50 things in my feed, but only about 20 of them are really blogs.
    I read your blog for all the reasons you’ve given but also because I love to read about what people are doing in the local area. Local in this sense meaning Victoria, I live in Melbourne so it’s not mega close. I enjoy moving with you through the seasons. Somebody above mentioned your discussion of your identity as a mother, which interests me too as I have a 20 month old and am thinking about having another one.
    I’m not listening to S-Town, love s good recommendation though, thanks.
    If have extra pears I always make Tarte di Cambrai from Jane Grigson’s Fruit Book. Or pear and dark chocolate muffins – with a little crystallised ginger if I have it.
    There are definitely some things in my life I should apply the Just Do It ethos to but I do enjoy a little procrastination and equivocation.

  43. • Laptop

    • Feedly RSS feed!

    • 5 that post regularly, but I have about 2 dozen in Feedly

    • For you. I love watching the way you do life, with all it's ups, downs and arounds. I value your connectedness with the deeper things of life - creation, family, slowing down.

    • Nope, just whatever you feel like writing about. And I totally get the preamble paragraph, I operate exactly the same way. I have learnt to sometimes write it then go back and delete it, but really, I don't think it's a big deal being there. It's deliciously real.

    • I have no idea what s-town is. :O

    • I don't really eat fruit these days (avoiding volumes of fructose, so berries & citrus I still enjoy), but if I did, I would bottle them for nostalgic reasons - my parents always had a glass-fronted cupboard full of home bottled fruits, tomato sauce, spaghetti when I was growing up, and I have that image etched in my mind with fondness.

    • Sometimes. But mostly lately I'm trying to be more gentle with myself, listen to what I'm feeling, greet where I'm at and be ok with it. Which is often how I press on anyway, but for me the phrase 'just do it' has a note of being a little unkind to myself, and that's a habit I am slowly removing from rhythms. When it is what I need, I tend to go with 'come on beautiful, lets do it'.

    And now I wonder how you have any time at all with all of these comments to read!!! My word!

    Thanks as always, for sharing, for being real. For doing life with courage. I'd hug you if I could. Assuming you do hugs. Otherwise I'd respect your body space and just nudge your shoulder with mine. :)

  44. Hi Kate
    I read your blog on both my computer and Ipad. I read about 10 blogs regularly and just check in on them all once or twice a week for any updates. I am a mother of 3 adult daughters so I can relate to some of your posts! I enjoy your craft and seeing the photos of your farm adventures. We actually visited your roadside stall 2 years ago and loved eating your organic apples and pears! We travelled from WA in our caravan (love your book). Not sure what I would do with too many pears apart from stewing, juicing, making muffins and just eating them and enjoying them while they are in season.
    I could certainly live more by the "Just do it" motto
    Many thanks for an enjoyable blog to read and be inspired by.
    Fond regards

  45. Do you read my blog on your phone, tablet or computer? - Usually Mac
    How do you know when I've updated my blog? - Blogloving tells me
    Approximately how many blogs do you read these days? - less, may not even ten
    Do you read my blog for the craft, the family, the farming or something else? - the craft and farm, I started following when your were caravanning!
    If you had heaps of pears what would you do with them? (These look good) - I dislike dried pears, so probably mush them like applesauce? Or make heaps of the upside down pear & fennel & gorgonzola tarte that I learnt at a cooking class!
    Do you, can you, should you just do it - if my body and good sense allows me.

  46. Hello... it's Kate, I've spoken to you on Instagram before, I never usually comment on your blog but I've been locked out of instagram (although I'm actually appreciating the sense of ?freedom? and the extra time this has given me!) and one of the accounts I miss seeing the most is yours! I read your blog on my iPhone and started reading it during night feeds a few years ago and read your whole blog like a book!
    Anyway I just wanted to say I love this post. I am terrible at not doing things, putting off anything that feels stressful. BUT. Do you ever find this? Most of the time I don't "do it" but every now and then I feel all inspired and have a huge flurry of action and feel buzzing with excitement and life and feel like I can do anything and THEN I have a humungous crash and end up in tears in bed ... do you find it hard to be balanced?? because I read everything you've been doing and half thought wow well done you and half thought I really hope you haven't massively overdone yourself, and then I got overwhelmed with ?guilt? thinking is it just me that can't seem to push themselves like that, and am I as mental as I think I am??!!!!
    Anyway this is all far too much information but I guess I mean - I hope you are ok and not too worn out from all that action, and I admire you lots!! Kate xx

  47. *I read blogs on my computer ( very occasionally on my phone)
    *Bloglovin....but I usually look at blogs on a Wednesday when I doing paperwork etc
    *Not too many these days, I have culled lots. Like simple, honest and heartfelt blogs these days, like yours!
    * I love the photos on your blog, beautiful composition, and subjects. I also love the way you write, it appears to me like a little peep into your head, I always feel your words are open, honest and they make me feel quite serene as I read about your lovely life.
    * Tarte tatin ...but with pears. Pear tea cake. (I obviously am lazy and just swap pears into all my apple recipes).
    * I am a bit of a procrastinator and too much of a thinker. When I just get on with stuff I always think (there I go...) why don't I just do this and get on with it all the time, it feels so good. But its an ongoing struggle for me. My husband is a doer and I love it/am jealous of it/it annoys me...but mostly I love it.
    ****Love your blog Kate and always look forward to your new posts.

  48. I read your blog on my phone or on my laptop - depends where i am when your email lands in my inbox. I only subscribe to a handful of blogs - trying to go for quality over quantity and you, my dear, are quality in abundance.

    I love the diversity of your blog. It might feel the same same to you but watching the seasons change, the way your girls grow, the food youre growing and eating changes - i love it. The socks and wooden spoons inspire me to be more creative. I plan to learn how to make both in the next 12 months.

    Binged on S-Town. 24 hrs and all 7 eps. Intriguing story. Loved it.

    I love pears. Poached pears with vanilla yoghurt. Pear flan. Dried pears.

    I just do it. As much as i can. LIVE LIFE! Just DO IT!!


  49. Yours is one of the few blogs where I actually read the words as well as look at the photos. Love your stories and love the way that your photos depict what your words are saying. Lovely to see some photos of you in this post. You look as warm and lovely as I imagined you to be.

  50. I read on my phone or computer, check in every week or two, regularly follow about four blogs (not counting family and friends who no longer post), visit your blog for the feelings and lovely photos, and have many, many things I should be applying "just do it" to! As always, thanks for the inspiration.

  51. Do you read my blog on your phone, tablet or computer? On my computer usually.
    How do you know when I've updated my blog? I post regularly on Wednesdays and Sundays, with a smattering of other are in my blog roll, so I see if there is an update. I don't do notifications.
    Approximately how many blogs do you read these days? I used to read probably 5-10 weekly. I host a link-up on Wednesdays and I'm in a group that posts on Sundays (but I've been slacking at that one)...I spend more time on Instagram.
    Do you read my blog for the craft, the family, the farming or something else? I read your blog because you live on the other side of the world, in a life style that is far removed from mine. I love learning about the different ways people live...when I wa sin high school back in the 80's, I had 20+ penpals, only 6 were American..I've always been intrigued on the way people live...
    Do you have anything you'd like me to blog about? I am a teacher, so I would love to know more about the education system and the special school your girls attend, but I also know you are trying to respect their privacy, so I totally understand that...
    Are you listening to S-Town? (I'm up to chapter three) I don't even know what that is...okay just looked it up...I have a hard time with podcasts...don't like listening to audio books either...just me...
    If you had heaps of pears what would you do with them? (These look good)Pear crisp
    Do you, can you, should you just do it? Always, although I have been slowed down by an auto-immune disease this year.

  52. I read your blog on my computer, occasionally on my phone. I probably started following you for crafty reasons...maybe 2012/13? But continue to follow because you have beautiful pictures, and your life is different but the same as mine. I now live outside of Las Vegas, you can imagine my lack of green draws me to your lush summers...and all the veg and fruit and gardening! I can relate to so many of your experiences, and also learn from your trial and error - and honesty. I follow a lot of blogs, mostly because I have never paired down my feed, but don't want to abandon anyone! I love the last pictures the girls took of you as a couple. I've realized there aren't many pictures of my husband and myself...time to change that! As for the pears...we don't eat them much, my kids aren't all that I'm of no help ;)

  53. I read it at work on my pc. Its a great distraction of what i would rather be doing. I love all your posts as im a knitter, mother and want to be farmer.


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