Friday, August 3, 2018

flat battery

Late last Saturday afternoon Bren and Pepper had lit a fire in the garden to burn some of the wooden off-cuts from the studio build, when I came out of the house and was struck by how beautiful the little scene looked in the last of the glowing winter's light. We had friends coming over any minute so I rushed inside to get my camera to capture the fire, and the smoke, and the light, and the two of them, before they arrived.

The first time I rushed outside ready to click I was dismayed to see that I'd forgotten my SD card. So I ran back inside, grabbed it, popped it in, and ran out to try again. Only to remember that my battery was in the charger. So I raced inside again, put the battery in the camera, and ran outside. Only this time I found that my camera wouldn't turn on. No digital readings or lights at all. I took the battery out and put it back in several times but no change. So with some concern I took it back inside and went outside to greet our friends.

On Sunday I put the battery back in the charger, saw that it was fully charged, tried to put it in my camera again a few times, but nothing happened.

By Monday when I was still putting the battery in and getting the same result, I started wondering if I would be able to blog this week and if in fact this might be a sign that I need to take a deep-winter break and come back when the mud has dried up and the sun has come out.

My camera was already old when I bought it second hand from a photographer five or six years ago but I am completely reliant on it and have never given any thought to replacing or updating.

On Tuesday I asked Bren about it and we spoke about the life-length of batteries and how I should really have a spare and that if I ordered one online it might just arrive before blog Friday. But I had a million things to do and couldn't be bothered researching models and shops, so I didn't.

On Wednesday he held my camera in his hands, popped the battery in and out a few times with no change, and then just as I was starting to think that all hope was lost, he looked logically and practically (his words not mine) at the camera and noticed that the SD card door wasn't closed properly. So he clicked it in and it all turned back on. Just like that. I still can't believe that I didn't notice that myself. But obviously I didn't.

There is no great message or moral to this story. I'm actually a bit unsure as to why I just spent so much time telling it, other than to explain why there aren't photos of my every-day this week. And because it's made me think about how much of a creature of habit I am, how much I distrust technology, how I'd be lost without a camera, how even though I ended up being completely present in that bonfire moment - I'm still disappointed that I didn't get any photos of it to post here, and how I guess I probably should look at getting some spare bits and pieces for future just-in-cases. Or a little point and shoot to keep in my bag.

So rather than the photo-a-day post I've been sharing lately, I thought I'd do a quick round up instead.

This past week I've been -

Photographing - my Merricks shawl, finally. Pattern by Kylie @WhiskyBayWoollens, yarn by Abbe @TheNobleFoxYarnCo

Cleaning the green-house getting ready for spring planting.

Listening - to the podcast The Teacher's Pet which is a terribly distressing and sad piece of investigative journalism, I'm almost up to date and completely hooked.

Knitting - these socks for the sixth or seventh time. I actually cast them off earlier in the week with bobbles at the top, but the bobbles stretched the cast off and they became baggy and so I had to pull them apart yet again and start something new. I'm pretty certain that these love hearts are it this time though. They kind of remind me of a sugar bowl we had growing up.

Learning - how to make tussie-mussies in our floral design class last Monday.

Reading - Susi Fox's book Mine.

Loving - every single second spent in my new studio. It's quiet and uninterrupted and heavenly.

Watching - season 2 of Glow.

Needing - to get something nice for all five of us to wear to a special birthday party soon and not knowing where to start.

Dreaming - of sunshine and warmth and blossom.

Looking forward - to Jazzy's school musical tonight.

Feeling - a bit like I've got a flat battery myself.

Wondering - if it'll snow tomorrow.

Apologising  - for this blog post and wondering if I should really take a winter blog break after all.

Hoping - that you'll leave me a little note and tell me a bit about what you're growing/knitting/watching/hoping/cooking/feeling/wearing...

Signing off until next week.

Love, Kate x


  1. How fortunate that your camera was a simple and cheap fix. 👏
    Growing: weeds, lots of early bulbs and Daphne
    Knitting: socks and a memory blanket from leftover sock yarn
    Watching: war on waste ABC
    Hoping: that some acupuncture next week will get things moving in my body and I won't feel so flat and meh, also that I'll find my voice/courage and start to speak my truth.
    Cooking: the bare minimum also related to feeling meh
    Feeling: meh sad old lonely and cold always cold
    Wearing: my uniform, jeans hand knitted socks and 3 tops one including wool. Would like to be wearing PJs and UGGs but still could have to do the kid drop off

    Sorry my comment isn't more cheery but sometimes I just don't want to pretend
    Cheers Kate.

    1. Oh Kate I totally get that, I'm feeling much the same today.
      Are your bulbs up yet? Mine still feel so far away.
      We're knitting twins! And uniform twins. And cooking twins!!
      I really hope your acupuncture works, I've been thinking about getting some endless for my insomnia.
      And I hope you have a lovely weekend.
      Love xx

    2. We have lots of bulbs up and out, so early this year, I'm nervous for what it could mean for summer.
      I've never had acupuncture but my yoga teacher recommended this Chinese medicine dr and thought it could help. I figure if nothing else at least I get to lay down for awhile and have someone fuss over me. I'll let you know what I think. Have you ever tried it? I really feel for you, insomnia just makes everything harder .
      Cheers (twin) Kate.

  2. Growing- not much, just using all the winter bits up in a Very full tart-Yotam Ottolenghi.
    Watching- Back roads ABC
    Feeling - Better- I have a great friend who happens to be a life coach,never went for that sort of thing ,but she did some of her magic on me and I do feel more organised ,and less flat.
    Reading The lace Weaver by Lauren Chater
    Looking forward too - Our new Kelpie puppy to remove his cast, He fell of the quad bike and did some damage to he leg,and I have been puppy sitting him and being his nurse/carer omg I am Puffed out ,on top of everything else,its a hard job.
    Love you blog ,have been following for years...and if you need a little winter break you do it,its good for all of us ...but having a farm myself I know its hard to get these breaks :)

  3. Lovely post, Kate. So happy your camera could be fixed!
    I had a similar thing this week with my washing machine. Stopped working completely. Got the technician in who said he'd have to send away for a new part from Germany in order to fix it. ($700..) but then, just today, I tried it one more time. And it worked! yippee. Currently listening to: some new songs by Bon iver (recommended by my teenage son) and cooking felafel and couscous. Wearing my favourite linen dress, but with wool layers underneath and on top! Hope you have a lovely weekend. XX

  4. Growing - mostly stuff in pots because we are moving soon. Beetroot, leeks, snow peas, kale and brocollini that the new owners will get to eat not us. And a hanging basket packed with flowers that reminds me of my lovely Dad and will certainly be moving with us.
    Knitting - actually re-knitting a crofthoose hat. I did three rows of little houses and started the crown when I realised I'd knit the edge instead of ribbing so out it came!
    Watching - Love your garden on netflix (Alan Titchmarsh fixes peoples gardens so they can enjoy them, It's just nice TV)
    Listening - to John Denver songs and singing along loudly much to the disgust of my children
    Packing - frantically because I thought we were moving at the end of next month but it's been brought forward and I have 2 weeks
    Cooking - the strangest meals as I use up the contents of the freezer and pantry
    Thinking - about a change of job as I'm so not enjoying this one but we've got a mortgage to pay
    Wearing - jeans, boots and jumpers by choice but corporate stuff to work by necessity
    Wondering - If the new house was the right decision
    Hoping - that you keep blogging weekly as I so look forward to reading about your life in the country

  5. 'There is no great message or moral to this story.' Hmmmm. Kate. I reckon there is a great message and moral, i.e. Got a problem? Who ya gonna call? Brenno the Great, of course. Problem solved. How many years has BTG been solving problems for you? ��❤️

  6. I do love your blogs and feel a bit overwhelmed at what you achieve. Just wondering how much sleep do you get lol

  7. Kept blogging Kate. I really enjoyed your blog this week.

  8. Thank you for pushing through and writing a post even though it's not how you would normally like to do it. Having said that, if you feel you need a mid-winter break please allow yourself that :)

  9. Growing- apparently mold due to rain.
    Knitting- can't to save my life.
    Watching- Footy tonight sort of.
    Reading- Work emails
    Feeling- Overwhelmed! I'm starting a new job in Child Protection in four weeks after working at the same school for nine years. What have I done!?
    Cooking- Pasta with chicken, garlic, spinach, leeks and cream sauce.
    Hoping- my family copes with my new shift work job. Please God........

  10. Hi Kate. Our heatwave has returned in the Uk. But I'm British so I'm currently drinking a nice hot cup of tea while thinking about getting changed into something cooler! Eating biscuits, watching the dog toasting himself in the full sun, growing sweet-peas, reading your blog with delight as always xxx

  11. I enjoy your Blog every Friday night. As a mum with little ones, there is no going out for Friday night shenanigans so it is a little treat. Thank you for your efforts.
    In the community garden we are growing broccoli and leeks. We are dealing with frost and drought. We are building community.
    Love Gabe

  12. Please no winter blog break. You are a bright spot in a somewhat tough week, please... Julie

  13. No pressure, but I hope you don't take a break. I love reading your weekly posts, so much so that I often think of doing the same thing. I enjoy your casual, conversational style, when so many blogs are just bright ads and ambitious or ridiculous how-tos. It's my little Friday treat - I usually save it for when I'm settled at my desk, I've addressed any pressing work emails, and I've got my hot cup of coffee. It's my little reward for making it through another week!

  14. We’ve all been there Kate. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t fit the butterfly onto the back of my earring this morning, only to realise that I’d put it in back to front. Started a sweater for my sister and helping her in the cafethis week as her husband had hurt his back. Oh my it was soooo hot. Cooking a ham for tea. Wearing cooler clothes as it’s so hot. Trying to keep my beautiful purple Hydranger from drying out, eating as many salads as we can cope with.

  15. Your shawl is beautiful. The same "husband fixes it" thing happens to me, too, but it's usually with the car. HA!

  16. I love reading your blog and your everyday snippets of life! It's something I look forward to on Friday mornings, when it's usually there (I'm in the northern hemisphere, UK).
    Midwinter can be so gloomy, with the cold dark grey days seemingly never-ending. I often light lots of candles, which is one of the few things that is good about winter!
    Have a lovely weekend xxx

  17. Please no winter blog break! I look forward to reading your blog every Friday. Hope you have a wonderful week, Kate!

  18. I would totally recommend having a back up camera, even the cheapest one or a camera phone - the technology in a basic camera phone these days rivals that of the decent dslr.
    reading 'Another Kyoto' and 'Anna Krarenina'
    needing a spa break so much!
    feeling vulnerable,
    wondering if I'll ever feel happy or confident again
    hoping I can make through the weekend and do stuff that makes my hubby happy.
    I'm exhausted and utterly defeated - it actually helped to read your blog and see you're now perfect and miss the obvious at times too xxx

  19. I'm just starting the Merricks shawl. Love the colors you used. Glad it was merely 'shutting the door' to fix your camera. lol Please keep posting. I look forward to reading what your family is upto...down there.

  20. Kate, thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of my Merricks shawl pattern - your version is gorgeous 💙 sorry to hear of all the camera frustrations though! I'm looking forward to Spring too. Winter is all well and good, but it does seem too drag on...!

  21. Glad your camera is ok - it's very stressful when you go to use it and it won't cooperate! Feeling super meh at the moment, we were on the verge of purchasing our dream equestrian property and all the finance fell through at the last minute so we are back to square one and have missed out on the property and I'm just devastated.... not sure if I'm heading in the right direction when only a week ago I know exactly where I was going. Hence this week I have literally just been going through the motions and doing what I have to do without actually being engaged whatsoever - tricky with a 11yr old, a 9 yr old and a 4 yr old, all who demand constant engagement all. the. time. Have followed your blog for years and loved it, your new studio looks amazing!

  22. Hello Kate, finally I find the courage to leave you a comment from around half the world. For a long time now I really look forward for any new posts on Foxs Lane. During our last cold and nasty winter here in the Bavarian Alps in the south of Germany, your lovely garden pics and family stories warmed my heart and soul every Friday.We are in the midth of an nearly anprecedented heat wave at the moment and I draw comfort from your winterly impressions. I can relate to so many occurrences you describe, not the last one being your camera battery. It could have happened to me up to the dot where my husband takes it and fixes it with one glance. I find it so infuriating, he means well, but over the years I came to the conclusion, these technical snafus are in my world to pay me back for something I never did. And then I laugh at myself and that really helps. Congratulation on your wonderful studio, Bren and Jobbo and everyone did an amazing job. I wish you will enjoy long hours of creativity, solitude, companionship, laughter, reflectiveness there, take the one or other nap, enjoy reading, writing, posting in this inspiring surrounding and keep up the intricate needlework you are doing. Of course it is up to you to decide on a winter break but I would miss something that became very dear to me. Whatever you decide, have a good time and thank you very much for all the work you put into your blog - it shows.Many greetings from Mecki (from faraway Germany).

  23. Knitting: one plain length of white knit. Our local area police command is trying to break the record for the longest 'white ribbon', in aid of the White Ribbon domestic violence campaign. They need more than 2k of knitting! It's a community thing.
    Learning: Ralph Vaughan William's 'The Sky Above the Roof' for grade five classical voice exams. It's haunting and melancholy. I'm obsessed with it right now.
    Reading: 'The Wind-up Bird Chronicles' by Haruki Murakami
    Loving: winter.
    Watching: The War on Waste on ABC TV.
    Needing: about a month's worth of sleep, plus more hours in the day.
    Dreaming: of moving to Tasmania.
    Looking forward: to a girl's weekend away at the Barrington Tops playing with Tasmanian devil joeys.
    Feeling: excited! Our turtle conservation group is teaming up with a major wildlife conservationist for an exciting project.
    Wondering: whether Nine Entertainment are going to through 160 regional Fairfax newspapers to the wolves. Yep, I work for one of them.
    Hoping: I get a decent amount of sleep tonight!

  24. I just downloaded The Teacher’s Pet. Thanks for the recommendation! I love your blog and I hope that if you do take a winter break that it will be the refresh you need. I completely understand the winter blahs but it is so hot here that I relish your winter pictures.

  25. I loved season 2 of Glow...hope you are loving it too..the costumes/music!!! Can't wait to read that book, it is now next on my reading list. Please don't take a winter break, love reading your blog!

  26. Hello you! I'm so glad that you've kept writing here so reliably over the years. Still get a kick out of having a peek into you life when I visit here.

    I've just inherited a bag of wool handspun by my grandmother (from merino sheep on the family farm). Could you point me in the direction of a straightforward sock pattern? I know socks aren't typically easy, but I thought I'd give it a go!

    Love to you and yours.

    Rachel xo


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