Friday, November 30, 2018

until then

Hello friends.

Just a quick one today because we're taking our girls into Melbourne for the school students' strike for climate action to protect our future. We're catching the train into the city early and probably won't be home until late.

Hopefully I'll be back sometime over the weekend with more photos of my finished Lanes cardigan and the girls in the foxgloves. Hopefully I'll think of some stories to tell. Or maybe you could ask me a question and I'll try to answer it. Does that sound like a fun idea? Let's see what happens.

Until then, be kind to yourselves and each other.

Lots of love,

Kate xx


  1. What's Indi doing now that she has finished school? What were the best signs at the climate change march? What is your favorite thing about summer? What advice would you give a new gardener? How are you?
    Those are my questions. Would love to hear answers to one or all. Safe trip.

  2. I love that your girls are involved in the student strike. I read a comment today made by our Prime Minister that "our students should stay in school and learn school work not activism". No wonder our country is suffering. I say all power to the students, they will be spending more time on this planet than us adults and be left with cleaning up our greedy mess!!

  3. Congrats to you and your girls and your schools doing this! We all need to be doing it!

  4. We went to the demonstration yesterday. I think it is really important to know that peaceful agitation can bring about powerful change. Well done you five!

    I remember that you once posted that your Mum said that she felt her brain return when her youngest child turned 10 (apologies for the shocking paraphrase). Do you feel the same? Do you think it comes on gradually or hits in a rush? I've felt unsettled this whole year and a friend just said that when her youngest turned 10 it was like something shifted in her. I'm wondering if that is it?

  5. Well done to your girls, you must be so proud of them!

  6. Hi from the UK. A question I would love to hear your answer to... I enjoy your photos and thoughts thro the year which are stimulating both emotionally and visually, but I wondered about the other senses? What could you hear when you took that photo in the foxgloves? were there mad Ozzie birds shouting their heads off? and what does your farm smell like? I'd really love to know as it will be so different from here, where I can hear traffic and smell rain! xxx

  7. Hi Kate
    It's so awesome from over here in NZ to see these amazing young Australians protesting climate inaction in your country. Feel very proud and inspired by them. I'm sure it will be having an impact.
    Thanks for your book recommendation last week. I picked the Nowhere Child up from the library here in Wellington and have also found it unputdownable!! Thank you for the recommendation.
    Nicky :)

  8. hello Kate, please pass on my thanks to your girls for caring and acting to save us all

  9. Watching footage of the young speakers at the climate rallies around the country, I became quite emotional - if these young people can grasp that no environment = no economy, why can't politicians around the world? I felt very proud of our young people - they are intelligent, confident and articulate plus full of energy and passion - it gives me hope for the future...but will that be in time to save the planet?


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