Monday, April 9, 2012


Hello new week!

Hello crazy, middle of the school holidays, lots of children,  lots of insanity, lots of dancing and singing, lots of fun.
Hello pretty autumn table filled with bunches of roses from my farmer boy, and with leaves and petals and cookery books and fruit.
Hello little cape weed Pepper posy that is just as pretty all closed up as it was bright yellow and open.
Hello little crochet squares that I saw on Ravelry and just had to make. I'm not sure what I'll do with them but the hooking sure was fun.
Hello snuggly blue shawl with 16 rows of pattern still to go. What a shame I stood on and snapped my interchangeable number three needle and now have to squeeze you onto metal ones with a too small cord. I love you and am so excited to wear you.
Hello quinces on the tree, off the tree, in crates, in pots and as jelly.
Hello farmer Bren's first loaf of sour dough bread made from his own starter. 
Hello hot happy buns. Yum! Yum! Yum!

Hello plans for a wood burning stove. He's researching models and efficiency and sizes and prices and I'm looking at pictures of kitchens and deciding on a colour.
Hello preserving big pots of apples and pears.
Hello to the few hazelnuts that the birds missed.
Hello chookeys!
What a wonderful job you do laying eggs and fertilising the soil for us. Thank you!

And hello to you!
What have you been up to?
What are you saying hello to?
Is it cold where you are?
Are you cooking or making or baking?
Wishing you a very happy week indeed.

Bye! xx


  1. My Kate, you are productive little cookies at the moment!I am so impressed at Bren's sour-dough - any chance of sharing the recipe? I'm so keen to try it out! J x

  2. So many wonderful things!
    What method did Bren use to start his mother? Sourdough mother, that is. I'm trying to build up the courage to start my own. I thought of stealing some from my old work, but that's kind of cheating.
    Enjoy the holidays and having your girlies about. x

  3. Oh, what a great blog you have, i like it so much.
    Corina from germany

  4. I love the picture of your little girl hen-hugging.

  5. I love the photo of Miss Jazzy! Your crochet squares look amazing, and how sad that you stood on your knitting needle. I cant wait to see how the shawl looks when it is finished. It will be the perfect time to wear it too. Bren's bread looks amazing. I really enjoy sourdough bread but no-one else here does. Hope you find just the right woodstove to bake all your goodies in, I bet they will taste amazing. Have a great week for the rest of the holidays!

  6. Hi Kate, as always, your posts inspire and delight me, even this week, as I languish in bed with a bad back and a bad attitude. But can I say, I think I am MOST impressed that on top of all your other tasks, you manage to do all those fabulous plaits!

  7. Hello, it's freezing here to in the Dandenongs. So cold in fact that I had to make some warming "Muffins that taste like Doughnuts" I found on Deb's blog Works in Progress.
    I've been painting, not walls, portraits and loving it.
    Making final plans with hubby for our holiday to France, Italy and the U.K., leaving in three weeks for two months EEEEK!!
    Have a wonderful second week of school holidays,
    Anne xx

  8. We have two quince trees, but I have no idea what to do with them. I didn't even know what they were until a few weeks back. It would be great if you shared some recipes.

  9. love those squares and yes it's cold down here.

  10. Hello, beautiful autumn days and a long weekend has seen family & friends enjoying long lunches, lazy chocolate eating afternoons and lots of lounging around however the holiday is over tomorrow and it will be back into sewing, pattern making, child wrangling and all the stuff that usually happens round here - YAY! I have a chocolate headache....

    Love your photos...I've just recently REdiscovered a crochet blanket I started a while ago and have set myself the task of completing...your new squares are very pretty.

  11. Hello,
    I am saying goodbye to the last of our chestnut harvest from our front yard tree, 2 kg not too bad. Making Chestnut chocolate cake, chestnut honey ricotta dip and freezing pureed chestnuts to through the next months. It is so cold today and I took the day to rest after making, 2 pumpkin pies a pear tarte tartin and an orange polenta cake all in one day. With all this good food, our Easter was great.
    Happy holidays to you.

  12. Hello Kate! What a lovely post that was. Those flowers from your lovely man are gorgeous. The weather has finally turned here too and I'm soooo glad it has. Yesterday was hot in the morning and then the cold snap shocked us all into autumn by late afternoon. Bring on autumn!!! Happy belated Easter to you, Kate x

  13. Love the squares Kate - I see gorgeous coasters for drinkware; that way you get to see them everyday on your kitchen table!! And the hen-hugging is just so adorable, I must remember to share with my mum as it would make her day to see such a sweet young girl adoring her chickens! Mum always loved her "girls", and misses having them around so much!

  14. Hey Kate, hope you had a great easter. We put a wood stove in the kitchen when we first moved here 10 years ago, wood is our only form of heating and I cook on it for about 8 months of the year. You'll love it, ours is a Banquet by Scandia, cast iron and not insulated like a Rayburn or Aga (we had an Aga but we need the heat to warm the house as well), keeps going all night so the kettle is singing when I get up plus the house is toasty warm, can't ask for much more....

  15. Hello Kate! xx We've been winding down after market, thinking about visiting friends but staying home and hibernating instead. We've been cuddling and watching tv. Oh dear.... feels like I just said a swear word! Oh and we have been collecting eggs, making fresh pasta and pizza and chutney too!

  16. That photo is such a classic, I love it lol....a great one to pull out on her 21st birthday for sure!!!

    Those little crochet squares would make great little doily type things I think. Would make a cupboard look nice and bright.

    Your blog always makes me yearn for a life in the country.

  17. Hello!
    I adore that first photo Kate, just gorgeous.
    We're saying hello to the school holidays, to lazy mornings spent in our pj's, to no routine, to just chilling.
    There's been lots of making and baking happening inbetween the rest of living is good :)

  18. meant to tell you with research re oven- you can see a picture of ours with the chimney via The Insta. we fired her up yesterday. Best pizza ever.

  19. Oh I wish I grew quinces! I've been saying hello to my interstate living boyfriend for a weekend in Melbourne. Then we said good bye. And now I'm saying hello to my blogging friends! :)

  20. hello hello! you guys sure are busy having fun and yummy holiday times. love those crochet squares and i just wanted to say how adorable that last pic is. i really feel like capturing... um... i mean hugging a chicken now - so sweet : )

  21. Those crochet squares are SO gorgeous!!
    I'm going to have to get in that kitchen I think,
    got a girl turning 6 on friday the 13th!!xxJ

  22. I'm saying hello to you! I'm loving those crochet squares and am just about to check out the ravelry pattern. But it isn't cold here yet - it is 34 degrees today!

  23. Hello to you too. Your preserved apples and pears look beautiful. It's cold here but spring's bursting out with blossom and buds.

  24. Well I can't wait to say hello to winter and hello to my leggings and boots again but as I'm in Perth it is still "summer" here. 34 degrees today in fact so I'm still saying hello to my thongs and shorts! And still making icy poles for the girls...just made raspberry, coconut and banana ones. YUM!

  25. Those crochet squares are lovely, I can just see them done up as a blanket! How did the loaf of sourdough go? I just did a post about my gluten free sourdough, it didn't look as nice as Brens....way to go!

  26. Hello Kate, if you would like some additional help with your wood could give my ex husband a call, he installs, maintains and rebuilds wood stoves all over Australia. His name is John and his business name is AGAMAN. 0428 539 934. No obligation, if you do talk to him tell him Sandi sent you :) When we were together we had a Rayburn wood stove and I loved it, it supplied us with heat, hot water and wonderful food. I did all my preserving and jam making on it and producted the most amazing roast dinners and my gran loved to sit with her feet in the warming draw. It was so old and basic compared to today's beauties. When I have my own home again I will once again have one, to go with the veggie/herb patch and the chooks.
    xx Sandi

  27. Hello from 1 degree above the equator, not so cold here, and there's been lots of monsoonal rain! I've said hello to some crochet, some cuddles and lots of plans for my future holidays. And of course, to another week at the office. But I'm also saying hello to another week of lovely blog posts to all my gorgeous online friends :-)

  28. Hello.

    What a lovely, happy post.

    We have just got back from a week on the river. Houseboating. Bliss x

  29. It is Spring where we are, and the last few times I have stopped by your blog I have had to check the date to make sure I was not reading old posts, and you are, in fact, having Fall.

    We are enjoying the warming days and longer sunshine. Playing outside in the dirt and picking dandelions.

  30. HELLO!! I love this post, so many cheery pictures especially the first, gorgeous!! We're hanging about, loving holidays, and about to rug & go say hello to the playground..x

  31. oh hello there! We are rugging up because autumn just crept in with an icy southerly - woollies are a necessity. We've also just booked a trip to Melbourne...very excited! x

  32. Hi Kate,

    I just love your crochet squares as they are, they would be lovely as coasters (you could put a vintage fabric backing on them too if you use them for coasters).

    It's back to miserable grey rainy days in UK this week.

    Have a lovely week with the kids.
    Fleur xx

  33. Hab Dich beim Stöbern gefunden und wenn ich mich hier so umschaue, entdecke ich viele interessante Dinge. Dein Blog gefällt mir sehr gut! Vielleicht klickst Du mal rüber, ich würd mich freuen.
    Ganz liebe Rosaliegrüße ∙∙♥♥∙∙

  34. Hello
    Love your blog. Was wondering if you would share you quince jelly recipe. Quince jelly is my favourite jam but I haven't had a lot of success with making it. Cheers

  35. Great photos! Love that petals crochet pattern - had to buy it. Thanks for the links :) Kx

  36. Love the photo of your daughter in the glasses, my 10 year old daughter would look similar if we did a photo of her, it certainly made me smile. My daughter would find it funny if I put it on my blog as well.

  37. Hello Kate, great post! Things are slower here in the Church Cottages garden, it will be summer before we get anything out of the soil, apart from copious amounts of herbs, which are an all-year-round feature. My word, those quince(s?) look magnificent! I would love a quince tree, and am so envious of Sue over at The Quince Tree blog. I'm working on it. I have to make do with whatever our local market can get hold of, but they were a revelation to me, ah! the scent of them in a bowlon the kitchen worktop!

    We have a Rayburn (AGA) and I can thoroughly recommend them, nothing cooks better; though I do miss a gas hob/live flame, I must say.

    You have spurred me on to make bread today - I'm a bit hit and miss with it, I should get into a regular habit with it, for sure.

    Today I will be sayinghello to my friends, the ladies of Stitch and Bitch who will be here to do exactly that all day, at my scrubbed pine table. And 'hello' to you too!

  38. The picture of your daughter hugging the chicken is the cutest. I'd personally be afraid to hug a chicken.


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