Monday, April 2, 2012

My loving list.

Just for fun, because today is the first day of the school holidays and I feel happy and lucky and filled with love, I thought I'd make a list of some of the things that I'm loving right now. The things that are making me smile. The things that make me want to get out of bed in the morning. 

Ten things.

My loving list.

Top of the list are my gang. I heart them the most. They are my everything.
I'm loving crochet. And baskets of wool. And a blanket that is growing. And that meditative feeling that comes from having busy hands and a project you don't have to think to make.
I'm loving the autumn produce: apples and tomatoes and quinces and pears and carrots and grapes...

And I'm loving turning this into that, and that into this. It's like kitchen alchemy. It's quite magical don't you think?
I'm loving posies from my princesses and a kitchen table FULL of the gorgeous Gourmet Girlfriend's family. Great friends, beautiful food and lots of laughter is so much of what it's all about, I think.

I'm loving spotting little caravans around our town and imagining their road trips and what they've been up to.

And I'm loving the thought of Ms Frankie Blue taking us on many more adventures soon, after her time at the fixer uperer this week and next.
I'm loving knitting again. It's been quite some time between knitting projects, but it's lovely to be back. I'm using Kate's beautiful wool and knitting my first ever shawl. It's a very basic pattern but will be gorgeous to wear.
I am loving autumn's light and colours. Wow! She certainly is putting on quite a show this year.
I haven't had much time for treasure hunting lately but the little has been fun. A new to me dress and cardi, a bunch of Fowler's jars (soon to be filled with apples), some of my favourite pie crust edged Johnson Brothers crockery and a couple of pink floral cuties too.
I am loving farm life and it's variety of colours and flavours and jobs. I feel happy and proud to live here at the moment. 
And I love that my farmer boy has discovered a passion for turning a humble handful of flour into the most gorgeous loaves of bread, pies and pasta. It used to be my job but somewhere along the line he took over and I am in awe of his creativity and passion.

There's mine.
How about you?
What are you loving at the moment?
Have you got a loving list?
I'd love to know.
Let me know in the comments.
Or write a list on your blog and let us know and we can come and visit.

Happy week you guys.
I hope it's inspired and a bit silly.


  1. Such gorgeous pictures Kate!!! You're inspiring me with all of them x

  2. Oh, such delight! Thank you for inspiring me to look around and appreciate just how much I have to love.

  3. Oh. I'm loving this post!
    Right now I'm really loving the beautiful brilliant red dahlias that are flowering right outside our house. They are pure joy to me. xxxx

  4. Such a good list Kate.

    Loving the start of your blue shawl and just loving life x

  5. Oh I enjoyed this post so much. Such beautiful pictures. That's how life should be, right?
    I LOVE your shawl so far... and the blanket looks pretty good too. :)

  6. i am loving the quiet of 5 kids fast asleep :)


  7. Such a feel good list Kate! Also loving those tights and that shawl.
    I made a list today too, of things I'm looking forward to in Autumn -

  8. I just love autumn and everything that comes with it.

    Love your loving it list!!

  9. A great list of things to love Kate.......just wondering where you were perched to take that pic of everyone around the table?....

    Bren, the bread and pasta looks amazing, well done...

    I'm loving this beautiful Autumn weather
    Watching the young calves 'horsing' around in the paddock.
    The thought of 'treasures' to be discovered in Op shops I hope to visit over Easter and
    Crocheting flowers to make into brooches 'cos Autumn is the start of brooch weather in my world!!

    Enjoy the holidays with the gang.....

    Claire :}

  10. Can I just use your loving list? My produce doesn't begin to match yours (but I'm working on it) and I can't (or refuse to?) knit but the test - I'm with you!

  11. Loving your beautiful photos & those tights! Totally loving our beautiful crisp autumn mornings and clear days.

  12. All very good things.

    I am loving that today was a lovely day with a friend, and with my family. I'm loving that my first crochet project is going well.

    I did just do a post about my fledging garden, and my son... I'm loving that there are teeny tiny cucumbers to give me hope! And loving how my son loves to be creative.

  13. I love pretty much everything on your list as well as your lovely photos. I don't have a list but have been blogging about all things I love. A few things I'm loving could be on your list - I love living back in this part of the world, finding treasures in op shops, can't wait to go exploring around this state in the caravan, seeing old friends and making new ones, knitting and learning to crochet. I love everything about Autumn and can't wait to start using the fire. I'm not loving the fact that we are still waiting on the insurance company to replace our water pump and therefore can't do anything garden related without water!!! Enjoy your holidays - still 1 week to go here :-D

    Mel x

  14. Loving your blog, and love the idea of a loving list ~ it's a good way to think and see your surrounding. I think I'm gonna make one too! Thanks Kate ~ you're a gem!

  15. Isn't this a beautiful time of the year in the country? Glad you are loving the yarn, shawl knitting is my favourite thing to do at the moment.

  16. Loving this weather! And the color of your shawl, blue is my fav color too. Wicked tights! great pictures....tad green with envie all the beautiful food!

  17. Right now I'm loving being part of a community of blogging women all painting their toenails with rainbow colours in support of friend and fellow blogger, Annie at Artistica Domestica, and of all the other folk fighting the fight against breast cancer. And I'm loving that it's spring here, which is great, but that I can still enjoy autumn's colour and bounty vicariously through photos like these :D

  18. Hey,
    I really like how you did the photos in this post, both the photo editing, colourwise, and the 4x4 grids you made. Can you tell me what applications you use to get the photos looking so good?
    I started reading your blog because of the trailer trip you took. We are renovating a trailer right now, though not to travel in -- to live in!


  19. Loving your love list.
    I might have to do a blog post on my list - Starting to get back into the blogging thing:)

  20. What a beautiful post hon! My tummy is rumbling now looking at that gorgeous bread!!

    Have a fab week.

  21. i love your gratitude Kate.
    I also love birthdays and sunlight and tea and opportunitea ;) x

  22. Just gorgeous. Not my fav things, and still makes me smile.... Happiness is infectious isnt it? Xx

  23. I love gratitude lists! This is such a wonderful post and your instagram pics are just AMAZING! I really need to IG more... Hope you are having a happy, sunshiney week :)

    Katie x

  24. Your pics are beautiful. I am glad to hear you love your life at the moment because I love just looking at all the pics you post. I too am loving your tights....

    I am loving the fact that my hubby was home last week & done heaps of work in the gardens & even helped me get some new veg in the ground.
    I am loving that it finally rained in Perth yesterday. After months & months of blue sky, sunshine & searing heat the rain, however light & brief, was wonderful.
    I am loving that I know I only have to work 4 days this week & that next week it is only 3 half days. That knowledge & feeling is pulling me through.
    I am loving our new kitten. Never thought I'd love a cat but I am head over heels.
    I am loving that I have found my cooking mojo. Breads, gnocchi, cakes, slices, hot cross buns, pizza's....gosh, so good!

    I am loving the love fest here :)

  25. There's always more room for love in the world, Kate. I think I might make a list too! I'm feeling rather inspired by yours. *happy sigh* I'm wondering if I leave some flour on the kitchen bench, my Huz might find a way to make something from it... highly unlikely, but I'm an optimist most days...

  26. My whole blog is a list of things I love! From small things to big things :) It's here

  27. Hahaha! Those Johnson Bros plates would have us fighting in op shops and garage sales. I collect those too. I have a huge stash now. Love your photos. really gorgeous. All that produce makes me yearn for my old garden and helps me feel inspired for my next one.

    Love your Loving List. I'm going to try and do one too and I'll be sure to link back to this lovely post:)

  28. I haven't got a current loving list. Not yet. But I do think it's a great thing to do to get out of a funk. I LOVE your list!

  29. Wow, I'm loving your beautiful photos!

  30. sweet, sweet post full of love and gratitude.
    My list is pretty much along your dear children and lovely hubby, the lengthening days and spring flowers, crochet blanket growing, hooking up spring flowers for an Easter tree, good food around a wooden table, drinking pimms with neighbours at an impromptu party, snuggling in front of a film, rosy cotton pillowcases on my bed, caravan dreams, newly sprouted seedlings, the smell o freshly baked buns.......I could go on!

  31. Wow I just caught up on some of the last posts, what a feast for the eyes and tummy. Loving your food the colours and the idea of combining both your blogs, good o I think. At the minute I am loving
    The hazy golden light that is filling these days and afternoons.
    The fresh tomatoes we are gathering daily
    The 5 golden nugget pumpkins I harvested this morning
    The lovely fat figs I am racing to pick before the lorikeets eat them all
    The delicious fig paste I made with said figs
    not rushing around, relaxing a little with all the kids on holidays
    The last bit of warm weather we are having.
    I think that'll do.

  32. oh kate, your life is just so beautiful. i love following your gorgeous photos on instagram and hearing you speak of it all on your blog makes me happy. cannot wait to see photos of apples in those jars. happy easter! xx

  33. I can practically smell that bread.....what memories that brings for me when I was a child back down in Somerset UK...those were the days!!! Your pictures are soooo good and I have really enjoyed exploring your has inspired me to go back to mine (I'm new to this!) and tweak it around a bit. It looks dreary in comparison although I am happy with my crochet bits I've been displaying!

    Keep well :-)



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