Friday, June 1, 2012

A month of motifs & a giveaway.

And just like that, another month has passed and a new season has begun.

My May was filled with stripey leggings and boots, with thrifty finds, with an impromptu trip to Melbourne, with walks through the forest, with frosty mornings and a blazing fire, with cardigan knitting and Mother nature's gorgeous display of autumn leaves, with visits from rellies and lots of coffee, with a new puppy, with walks around the lake, with gifts in the mail and school transitions, with alpacas, with a construction zone kitchen and with lots of leafy green salads.

And of course my May was filled with crocheted motifs.

One motif almost every day in May.

In fact I only skipped two days. One when we spent the day in Melbourne and I was too tired on my return. And one last Sunday when I just couldn't be bothered.
But all up my motif a day in May was great fun.

I loved thinking about my motif over the day and choosing the pattern. I loved diving into my cotton collection. I loved how smart farmer Bren would think I was when I would read him lines of a pattern that sounded like a foreign language to him, but gradually became a fancy square. I loved posting a photo of the completed squares every night on instagram and hearing people's reactions. And I loved watching the pile of motifs grow day by May day.
I still don't know what I'm going to do with them. I think I'll take the next few weeks to sew the ends in and block them and see if they speak to me. If they tell me wall hanging or frames or a blanket. To be honest, I even really like Ellie's dreams of a woman finding a bag filled with my May motifs at the op shop one day. And how that woman would be filled with inspiration and plans for them and at the same time she would think about the woman who took the time to make them; who she was, and where and when.

Being a treasure hunter, I love the idea of someone one day having those same thoughts about me that I have often had myself.

Who knows.

In the mean time most of the details are on my Ravelry project page here. 

And as one season and project finishes another begins. I look forward to seeing where winter will take us this year. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

And as a thank you to you guys for traveling along with me and my motifs, for offering encouragement and being generally ace, I would love to give one of you a copy of this fabulous Japanese crochet book.

It is a gorgeous book filled with cute little projects, stunning styling and easy to follow diagrams (so much easier to follow than words I think).

If you would like a chance to win this book just leave a comment telling me something; what you are up to this weekend, your favourite of my motifs, what it is you are making, something that's inspiring you, or anything else that tickles your fancy. I'll draw a winner next week.

Until then, have a fabulous weekend wont you.

Later. xx

ps. Thanks Kate for the extra book. xx


  1. If May was motif month (say that fast!!) what will June be?? Jogging June? Jumping June? Jumpers for June? crap.. can't think of anything else starting with J except jellybeans!

    This weekend, well, I'm up to my ears in gigantic Lemons ... I'm trying to find ways to preserve them to make them last but you know what.. that is hard - I don't want to salt them cos I never use preserved lemons but I did find a recipe for Lemon Marmalade and also Lemon & Vanilla Jam .. so it looks like I'll be getting the pots & pans out!
    Have a great weekend Kate!

  2. so funny... I just bought the same book yesterday, here in Jakarta!!!!! And I'm ready to start my new crochet adventure!!!!
    xxxxx Alessandra

  3. This weekend my beautiful Mum is coming to steal away our 3 kids for a few nights. It will be the first time all of them have been away from me & my hubby for more than 24hours. They are going to love it. My hubby and I are going to go out for dinner, talk uninterrupted, make plans for this year and the next, and generally love each other. I will TRY not to knit.

    Thanks Kate, for the beautiful crochet inspiration. x

  4. This knitter is yearning to add crochet to her list. Your motifs are quite the inspiration. This weekend I'm escaping my small people for a night out in the city (and overnight stay) with friends. Yip yip yippee!

  5. Wow what an achievement Kate.Please don't include me in the giveaway..I just wanted to say how awesome your motifs are. They are absolutely gorgeous and I admire your discipline. My favourite is the red tulips. This weekend I am going to some handmade markets among other things-cooking, cleaning, kids sport you got the idea;)Have a great weekend!

  6. I loved your house motif the best, but they are all so inspiring! ☆ミ
    i like how you roll; stripy leggings and boots. *^.^*
    happy weekend.

  7. HI Kate. I love your motifs. My favourite one is the navy one with the colourful sprinkles on it, tho if I remember correctly you weren't pleased with how it turned out. I love it though.

    I have to tell you this (and it's not to win the book, but of course I wouldn't say no if I won! ;) - you have really inspired me. All my life I wanted to be creative. Not original necessarily, but wanted to make things with my own two hands. When I was little my favourite books were the Little House on the Prairie books and I loved the descriptions of their simple life, living mostly off the land, diving into scrap bags, making practical things, getting special fabric for dresses etc. I learned how to crochet and how to knit (my sister could to the former, my mother the latter), but being the fourth kid of five, I think my mum never really had time to help me through tricky bits, so I just stopped. Same with sewing - I really wanted to do it, and would pull out her old machine, but lacking any guidance or skills, I would just sew a seam around a square of material, call it an apron and wear it proudly.

    Well, the internet changes all that doesn't it. Here you can find step by step tutorials and patterns and have every question answered that you could possibly ask about a crafty project. At the start of the month I bit the bullet and bought a sewing machine. And the floodgates opened! So much that I sewed every day for two weeks and then this week I just had to take a little break for a few days. But once I started sewing, I was inspired. I made your ric rac as part a gift for a friend's one year old, have sewed bunting, skirts, dresses, shirts, pants and a little outfit for the baby.

    I've even pulled out my old crochet granny rug that I've been working on for about 6 years, and am now one row away from finishing.

    There are a lot of blogs out there that are inspirational, but I really anticipate your blog posts because I feel like I 'know' you a little (thank you Twitter), you have girls like me :), and I love your creative combo of cooking, crafting, mothering, photo-ing and living your lovely life in Victoria. (I may or may not have spent a night reading through your archives during the month!)

    This weekend I hope to have an hour to myself after solo parenting since Tuesday. Mr is back tomorrow morning. Take care and have a lovely weekend xx

  8. I have loved your crochet this month, every day something different. I need to learn to read crochet patterns, so far I can only do ripple, straight lines and circles!! This weekend I'm going to buy new underwear cause we have been married 20 years next week and we are going to Auckland for the weekend, just David and I leaving our messy brood with Grandma for the first time ever!!!! Hopefully this wasn't too much information, but I'm kinda excited :)

  9. So beautiful and impressive. I'm not a crocheter – I've never learnt, but the pictures above have made me wish I had that ability. So I've been in discussion with the bisabuela (great-grandma), who has slowed down on her crocheting due to arthritis, and she has promised to teach me her skills. I do not wish to receive the book (it may be awhile until I'm advanced enough to use it), but I wanted to let you know that you have inspired me. (And I'll be having the best dreams tonight about finding that bag full of your motifs in the local vinnies!)

    ps we're hopefully heading to the Archibald Prize this afternoon, with a toddler and a 2 month old in tow! Wish me luck.

  10. I don't know the name of it but, it's the one that looks like it has an orange and yellow sun in the middle of two blues. I can't stop staring at it every time I see it. One of my faves indeed! You've inspired me to move my crochet blanket to the front of the pile (after I finish knitting the two pairs of socks I am in the middle of).

    I would use up my scraps of wool and whip up a square a day and put them together for one of my boys. They love snuggling under the quilts I've made, I'm thinking it's time for them to snuggle under some yummy yarn instead!

  11. this weekend I will be finishing off some crocheted hot water bottle covers to take with us in our campervan (Gertie Mae) next weekend to Pt Fairy for the long weekend.

  12. They are just wonderful Kate! Especially love the red white + blue one nearing the top.
    Great prize - I would love to get back into making some granny squares... I'm going diamond-crazy at the moment with all the diamond shapes I'm crocheting over and over ;) Have a fab weekend! (and thanks for linking to Ellie - what a gorgeous blog! So happy to have discovered it). Kx

    Someone who can use it, deserves it, that would be a win for me!
    Just to say, I loved the motifs of May, esp the pretty bobbly blue bow.
    I am sourcing winter seedlings, upping the compost and tending my veggie patch.
    In addition, cooking with my family and running around to sports and parties.

  14. Kate, there was so many lovely motifs that I can't narrow it down to one favourite! What a great way to use up those tiny bits of yarn that I'm loathed to part with. This weekend, I'll be ploughing away on a seafoam stitch scarf for myself and settling on a pattern for a pincushion swap that I've been dobbed in for!


  15. Love the motifs.

    This weekend is a three dayer here in the West and hopefully Saturday and Sunday are crafty days for me :)

  16. All the motifs are beautiful, but I think my favourite is the one of the house.

  17. You definately have an eye for colour and a talent for beautiful motifs. They are so fabulous.
    Strangely I was thinking about you/them in bed the other night and thought of an idea of what you could do with them ....... perhaps an aution? Proceeds could go to whatever fund you thought fit, and as you placed them on we could have the oportunity to bid on them thus bringing your divine motifs into our own homes??
    Food for thought anyway??
    Little Stooge is going for his motorcross license this weekend, so we are all very excited here!!! x

    1. Live your auction idea- id love a shot at buying a little square of this months pretties to help a good cause:)

    2. *love* that should have been- auto spell check, what a pain:)

    3. Yes, an auction, I am in, for the bobbly blue bow if you go in that direction with your motifs. Nice thought At Number 32.

  18. I love the house motif and the tulip one. I am not entering the book give away as I, unfortunately, cannot follow a crochet pattern and it would be wasted on me!xx

  19. I've so loved seeing all the different motifs each day, waiting at night to see what today's might be.
    I also love Ellie's suggestion about finding you're motifs in the oppy and being inspired and wondering about who made them.
    PS please don't enter me in the giveaway, as you know me, i don't really do non bear/toy craft these days and it would be wasted on me. I just wanted to comment on the end of the motif era xo

  20. Beautiful motifs, Kate!
    This weekend I'll be knitting my newly cast on cardigan and a lace scarf for my mum!

  21. Kate, I love the hot pink and turqoise single-coloured squares, and wonde ow they would look in our Vinnis Bambi, a lovely hand-dyed bamboo. And I love the one with the bow, and wonder how it will look in link on white, in memory of my mom whom we lost to breast cancer.
    And I plan to chil will my boys this weekend, go bike-riding in te park; check out my stash to see what we can use in next week's public knit-hook-along to make a few scarves and beanies for school.
    But right now and chilling with my boys under the duvet, all reading something, and we have to get up for schoool nownow!

  22. I am very inspired by your may, and I am planning to do something similar for my month of June. I plan to decide what it is I will do every day by tomorrow in time to do it. I asked my blog readers today for their suggestions.

    I do not crochet, but if I were to win this I would gift it to my Mom who would treasure it!

  23. Well done Kate ! I love the butterfly motif but they are all lovely in their own way. I am still attempting to do a hexipuff a day over the course of the year, for the bee keepers quilt. So far so good. I am only 10 behind. Not bad for 5 months and also considering I can knit one in 20 minutes, all is not lost and so I still consider myself to be pretty well on track.
    Love to read your posts. Thanks to all your lovely family for allowing us a peek into your part of the world. It is still a wonderful world and I count my blessings every day. It is helpful to know that others are consciously also trying to see life in such an optimistic way. There is so much beauty and plenty of things to be thankful for if only we look.

  24. Those photos all make me so happy. Well done!

    I can't imagine having the skill to do that. Maybe one day. I just keep plugging away at my giant granny square - a big ol' blanket, my first real crochet project.

  25. Hiya Kate.
    I have so enjoy my visits to Foxlane and your motifs are beautiful. I would have to say my fav is the one with the red boarder and yellow and green flower in the middle. I am a total crochet addict and at the moment I am making little motifs to make into garlands. I am mainly working on hearts and flowers to make into garlands for friends with new babies. I crochet everyday and over the past 2 weeks I have been longing to do it more often as my beautiful Dad is in the final stage of his life due to liver cancer. Seeing his life come to an end has just about ripped my heart apart and I am finding life tough at the moment. Apart from trying to be there for my 4 children, crochet is my medication. It allows me to sit, be quiet and think. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  26. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for taking readers on your motif journey through May! I think that your squares would look great joined together to make a scarf - bright, warm and a wonderful reminder of May.

  27. Hi Kate,
    Love your blog. You are my inspiration for craft and for life. This weekend I will be making my daughter a few long sleeve tops with stud tape along the arm and side seam and some pinafores, as she has broken her elbow and we can't get any clothing over her bent arm. Would much rather be crocheting.....

  28. Hi Kate
    Thanks so much for the inspiration you provided with the 'Every Day in May' challenge. While I am nowhere near finishing the hexagon blanket that was my May project, it will continue to grow as the winter progresses. Meanwhile, it is sitting quite merrily in a colourful wooly pile in the basket which sits next to the fireplace in our family room. I find it very hard to resist - but then, my hexagon motifs were in no way as intricate and time consuming as your motifs, which are very beautiful. Well done! Just as well it isn't a year long challenge!

    Thanks again.

  29. This weekend my twins are making Communion. I will be at church then a fewfamily and friends will come over my house for a brunch celebration. Here we are getting ready for summer!!! I love your blog.

  30. looks like an inspiring's cold and grey here this it will be some time for some indoors by the fire...

  31. thank you for your lovely blog, photos and crochet - all of which remind me to stop, notice, breathe, create and share... all the good important things! thank you!
    this weekend, as i am a temporary resident here, i will be exploring Hobart and surrounds, hopefully progressing a uni essay (ugh. eek. grrr!), and maybe making some more fimo beads (my current experiment) or finishing the crocheted hand warmers i am making for a friend.
    what tickles my fancy? at the moment - having my essay finished and commencing my sabbatical with vigour! come on next friday afternoon!
    : )

  32. This weekend I'm making my big girl a birthday cheesecake - she will be eleven when the sun rises tomorrow...Ah 11 kisses when she wakes and a crazy sugar filled Oreo cheescake after lunch. I have made my own cream cheese - the last of the whey dripped through the muslin a few hours ago but beyond that I cannot fathom how to make an Oreo cheesecake healthy... well it has organic butter in the base! I've given up, it is her birthday afterall!
    Beautiful motifs...I like lots of them but that red one really grabs me - will be lovely to see what, if anything, they become.

  33. I think you've done a great job on the motifs and I've loved seeing them appear on instagram in the evenings! This weekend we'll wander up to Maleny for lunch,to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary! And seeing as the weather is rainy and cold right now, I'll be spending alot of time on the couch with my hook :)

  34. wow, hasn't the month flown by! love to see your work. This weekend I will be washing, washing, washing - with a smile on my face 'cause my gorgeous 'big' girl, aged 10 is back home from school camp and had an awesome time! (I missed her)

  35. Your squares are absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see what you are going to use them for. Wishing you a lazy, restful weekend!

  36. This week I am escaping for the weekend with two gorgeous girlfriends to a little house by the beach with no children, husbands or chores! It is expected to rain all weekend but we don't care as there will be wine, chocolate, sleepins, crochet and no cooking AT ALL!

  37. Oh, count me in for the book giveaway. I love Japanese crochet patterns and diagrams.

    I once found a little bag while op-shopping, with simple crochet motif squares in it in different colours and slightly different sizes. You have inspired me to pull out the bag and re-examine them. I wonder what I could make with them? xx

  38. Your butterfly motif is my fave but the others are truly pretty as well. Good on you to take the time to make a motif a day, you can look back and think that you took time out for yourself and made something lovely xx

    Well, I'm up to relaxing and enjoying my lovely family this weekend, hope yours is lovely too !

  39. Christine McDonnel by email.

  40. I will be looking after my girls solo while hubby is in bali..but garantueed i will be working on my ripple blanket...

  41. I love your little squares - fabulous! What really tickles me though, is how one Sunday you just couldn't be bothered - too funny! Don't include me in the giveaway, I can't crochet one stitch. Love your blog though...

  42. Not sure I would be clever enough to follow a book written in Japanese. This weekend we are celebrating an 8th birthday (with a friend sleeping over and a garish purple and green dolly varden icecream cake) I am planting blueberries, and knitting the last rows on my shalom cardi, and finishing off the Mr Snake cushion for childcare, and just generally being cosy and domestic and falling into Winter in a comfy, cosy, at home kind of way.

  43. Ho appena scoperto il tuo blog! Complimenti!
    Sarà una fonte d'ispirazione per me.I motivi sono stupendi ,io ne farei quadri su juta .
    Grazie per il libro,partecipo volentieri.

  44. Just 'fallen' across your blog, love all those squares you have been so busy with - they would look so good set together!I really like the one that reminds me of strawberries. I always find it odd to read how you in the southern hemisphere are heading into winter as over here in England we are ever hopeful for summer! (I won't hold my breath though!) I am a lover of quilting and hand spinning and often root around in knitting and crochet too - so much to do, so little time!

  45. They are all beautiful! I love the idea of you donating them to an oppy and someone coming across them like a little pot of crochet gold and gasping with the thrill of finding them!

  46. I've loved watching your square collection grow throughout the month.

    This weekend? A bridal shower. Working in the yard. And if I'm lucky, some crocheting. A baby blanket to be clear!

    Lovely post.

  47. lovely motifs. great weekend planned, cleaning the chicken coop (yay!!!), planting some roses, pulling up weeds, heading out for a long beach walk. might cook up some soup too just because its the first weekend of winter and soup means cosy. enjoy yours!

  48. What a lovely giveaway and what agreat idea to crochet a new motif every day. I crocheted flowers on my to Italy some weeks ago. It's perfect in the train or plane. I HOPE that I win your giveaway... Found your blog at Lizzie's...

  49. I'm looking forward to a weekend of crochet and graduation parties...sounds like fun! The book is beautiful - thanks for a great giveaway!!

  50. Hi Kate, well done on your lovely squares, they look so delicate. This weekend I'll be helping sell our cider at our local village jubilee day (we live in deep dark Somerset, England). And for the first and only time, I shall be Morris dancing with a bunch of ol fellas from the village. Just me and them. We're a total shambles. Take care, Helen

  51. ...oh, and don't include me for the giveaway please! I'm miles away x

  52. I shall be crocheting flowers this weekend, and having a little give-away too!
    I have loved your block journey and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that book!!!!

  53. What a lovely book. I have loved following your motif a day journey via instagram, and seeing what you had made each night. This weekend I will be writing school reports and hopefully i'll find some time for a little bit of crochet. You have inspired me to consider a something a day project for july!

  54. Love your crochet squares! Visiting by way of This Mumma's Life. I have a bag full of colorful wool granny squares that I love to look at but the project is a long way from finished. Love all your different motifs! I wonder if I would be able to follow the instructions... Would love to win but understand you are probably not able to ship to US. BTW, It is so wild to me that it is fall for you and spring for us!

  55. Those squares look fantastic, who knew you could make so many different patterns with a hook and some yarn. I think my favourites are the 3d ones. I've just returned to crochet this past year and I'm really enjoying it.

    I really enjoy your blog, it's real, and colourful too.

    Not sure what this weekend holds here in Tassie for me, but hopefully much fireside time, good coffee and yummy food. (not too much taxing of the kids would be good too)

    cheers Kate

  56. Kate all those squares look beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I love the op shop idea of someone finding a bag full of them one day and being inspired to do something wonderful with it.
    This month I've discovered the joys of a good wool shop. Tried to get better at crochet. Enjoyed every second of trying. Discovered Ravelry. Took time out for me to pause. And currently have the most revolting virus that I really just wish would bugger off.
    ps. that book looks beauuuutiful!

  57. Today is going to be awesome, first of all a stop off and Spotlight, followed by a trip to the local oppy, then to the hairdressers for some root colouring in and then of to an awesome sewing class, home again to some bubbles and hopefully a mushroom risotto or curry (I am not picky!) Love every single one of those motifs but I think the little house is the cutest of cutes. And that crochet book looks fantastic, have an awesome weekend Mx

  58. I love the squares that you made. One night , lying in bed , waiting for sleep it will come to you what they should be .
    What inspires me at the moment is what I think about before I go to sleep , my spinning . I have been spinning yarn for socks and knitting handspun socks .

  59. I've loved seeing your motif appear on IG each evening and wondering at how talented you are and feeling grateful that I have managed to sew at some stage during the day. I was not as dedicated as you - I missed about 10 days. But I am glad I played along and as soon as my basket of Year 8 English work is marked I will be back to more sewing.

  60. I think my mum would like that book. I still struggle with crochet, although hand me a pair of needles and I'm fine.
    Plans for this weekend - 1. Bathroom renovation (waterproofing ready for the tiles next week), 2. Sewing a dress for a collegue (she's given me enough fabric for three dresses!), 3. Cooking a yummy lasagne for dinner tonight, 4. Tidying my sewing room.
    I envy your yarn stash! So many colours, so much of it!

  61. I love all your squares. I'm new to crocheting and am teaching myself by making many hexagons for a throw. I've been inspired by all your different squares and want to learn just how to do more.

  62. Hi Kate,
    My name is Hestelle and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa, I discovered your blog tow months ago and it was an instant addiction! I feel like such a peeping tom, but love to read about your live and love your positive attitude, we all may have an off day or two but getting up is the trick and you seem to do that!

    A year ago I gave up my corporate job and opened a shop specializing in locally produced handmade goods. It's a daily struggle but we are getting there, there is a huge revival in buying handmade here in South Africa. I am also totally obsesses with crochet and have started giving crochet classes to local girls. We are starting a mini revival here, at first girls were embarrassed to tell their friends they taking crochet classes - but now they loud and proud about it and more and more girls join us every week.

    I loved your may project so that I decided to also do it and must say it was a commitment! to get it done in amongst everything else I have to to every day. I posted the progress on my facebook page and judging by the message and comments I got, next may your project will grow substantially!

    Thank you for being such and inspiration !


    1. PS! Still wanted to add I am busy with a charity drive to give 30 under-privileged pensioners in the area each a blanket, scarf and gloves for winter and my squares will be worked into these blankets.

  63. I do love a good red granny square so that would be the winner of the month for me.

    This weekend I am spending time with Mr YouTube to learn a new German cast on method. It could take a while.


    (Your blog is not letting me comment through Google :( What is it with blogger at the moment?

  64. Hi Kate
    Today my girlfriend and I took a sock knitting class at Onabee in Kensington!! It's always fun to make that drive (for me, 2 hours) into the Big City and have lunch out and chat and laugh, and let my husband have time alone with our daughters.
    Love reading your posts, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching your squares growing day by day. Please put me in the draw to win the book!!! It looks fabulous : -) Cheers, Trudy

  65. Wow,this is so lovely and generous of you.Thanks for the chance to win this book.Crochet is my passion,I am always in free patterns hunting =o) so this would be amazing to win.Yesterday I just finished few little crocheted owls for my swap partner and just looking what could I make next,maybe summer bag for me or hat for my daughter.Don't know is it the same at you but I am always make more things for others than me or my family.We have change in weather this week-end,sunny days not so warm and they said it will rain,again.Have a lovely week-end and thank you for this lovely giveaway.

  66. Such a beautiful month youve shared with us all- I've loved coming in to see what you've made while I was away distracted with everyday little bits n things.

    This weekend we bought a new second hand car that will be the right size for me & hopefully help my back to heal.

    This weekend we swapped our excess herbs for lovely homegrown herb n veg at a urban harvest swap in Northcote at the uniting church.

    Today I'll finally make it to my beautiful toddler mans swimming lesson for the first time- the last three lessons I was sick & then had to work but finally I'm going & I can't wait:)

    This week I'm having a creative day, just for me for the first time in I can't remember how long

  67. Such a beautiful month youve shared with us all- I've loved coming in to see what you've made while I was away distracted with everyday little bits n things.

    This weekend we bought a new second hand car that will be the right size for me & hopefully help my back to heal.

    This weekend we swapped our excess herbs for lovely homegrown herb n veg at a urban harvest swap in Northcote at the uniting church.

    Today I'll finally make it to my beautiful toddler mans swimming lesson for the first time- the last three lessons I was sick & then had to work but finally I'm going & I can't wait:)

    This week I'm having a creative day, just for me for the first time in I can't remember how long

  68. Hello, I love seeing all your squares together! So bright and cheerful! Im currently working on a shawl for myself although im a bit stuck at the moment. Ive done something wrong and need to sit quitely to reread the pattern and find it. I believe ill have to pull out about six rows. :{ Im also doing up baby hats for the grandchildren and some booties. I confess Ive been doing them to avaiod the
    Tammy in Ct.

  69. Heya!
    This weekend is the queens´s jubilee here in London and we´re going to see the thousand ship flotilla on the Thames!
    My favourite of your motifs is the water lily... beautiful idea and pattern!

    Hope you´re not too cold down under... here we´re finally having some sunshine!

  70. Hi, I love all your motifs especially the one with the wee pink heart! This weekend I'm running the kids around to soccer and a party and hopefully settling down to making a new bag, ive already cut the pattern which is half the process over! I usual can only craft at night so will be a late one for me! Cheers

  71. Love the green and red square - those colours just go POP dont they! This weekend we have all our kids home under one roof for the first time in months. I felt such joy and warmth when i got up early knowing all those beds are filled. I feel very lucky. I will be doing loads of washing and making lots of food and getting out 5 plates for a change! and loving every bit of it.Also will fit in some homework for my own visual arts studies. sue x

  72. I lean to really liking all your blue / turquoise squares. This weekend I have purchased some yarn and needles as I have been inspired by you and my d-i-l to get back to crocheting after many years. Currently I am making tea packets to carry tea bags in my purse without having the bags damaged. I would like to make a shawl for a Christmas present.
    I would love to have a beautiful pattern book.
    My weekend is wonderful as a son and 2 of his daughters are visiting.
    Annette ( Canada)

  73. This weekend we are nervously waiting for a response to our offer on our dream home. And along those lines... my favourite motif is the house. It's so cute!

  74. Lots of rain this weekend = lots of squares for my afgan sampler. Have just discovered your blog and it is inspiring to read and look at - thank you. All of the motifs are lovely - I think the butterfly garden is beautiful and delicate.

  75. Stuck inside with my little one being sick = walked to the beach to get some fresh air as I was feeling down = addicted to making beanies have made one for everyone in the family bar me and have some new wool to make newborn hats and a beautiful newborn nest for newborn photoshoots= really love your blog and am inspired by all the lovely creative people on IG lately! I love the butterfly garden it was forced to choose their all my favourites!

  76. This weekend my sister has been visiting. She hasn't been able to visit on her own for such a long time,so we have done lunch, op-shopping and antique window shopping plus a little painting and crocheting/knitting.

    Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful book. I look forward to reading your blog.


  77. Hey Kate,
    It's Cris from Syd again. Severe case of Mondayitis and rat race blues. Seeing your latest post in my inbox this morning has been the highlight of my day. I am so inspired by your blogs and eagerly look forward to each one. I have been learning to crochet for a little while now and your blogs have insired me to make sure I take a little time out of my every day to make a little something. I recently finished my first tea cozy yay! and am in the middle of a duck egg blue scarf for my eleven year old daughter. The highlight of my weekend was spending some quiet time with my girl teaching her how to crochet a granny square. She was so inspired by the granny squares on your blog too and is trying to make one a day now too, little by little, bit by bit until something truly beautiful evolves. I was amazed at how quickly she picked it up! Thank you for bringing a little bit of the country life into our chaotic world and inspiring us to be a little bit creative every day. Best therapy, thank you. Hope you have a gorgeous day, Cris from Syd.....................

  78. Cris from Syd again, forgot to mention, my 7 year old daughter loves your photos of your balls of wool! She has taken to unravelling all my wools and rolling them into pretty round balls for me so they look like yours! I love it! Thanks so much, Cris.

  79. Wow wnat an amazing goft you are offering, so kind, my project at the moment is a simple one, a scarf for a friend of my sons. Something to keep you warm now the cold Melbourne winter is upon us. Then back to my quilt I am making as a gift...

  80. Hi there, Kate. This is a great giveaway. I am a hige fan of your blog and follow it always since I discovered you on the design files. I am a big knitter and crocheter, too and although I live in the city now, I grew up in the country so reading your blog is like a breath of fresh air. I hope to have property again one day and have chooks like you and bake bread (although I do bake now as well!) and go for walks and enjoy cider festivals! This past weekend was a milestone for my partner and I. We live in a theatre that we converted from an old bike shop and we opened our first play here on Friday night! It has been a dream for both of us that has taken 12 years to fulfill! I am very happy but exhausted and would absolutely love to sit back and relax and crochet some of these gorgeous motifs from your pretty book. Have a great week!

  81. I really love your 3D flower motifs. I've only recently learn't to crochet and love following your crochet posts (and of course the other fabulous non-crochet posts!)

  82. oh - a Japanese crochet book giveaway. Um - yes please.

    Something. OK. I just missed the lunar eclipse as it was too cloudy. What a pity. I kept running out in the cold hoping to see something, but only saw the rainbow-moon clouds.

    I'm sitting by the fire wishing I had a teeny bit more motivation - less tired - to get out my crochet and make something, anything. Perhaps finish the blanket I started last year, or the big fat cushion I started last month.....

    I can't wait to see what, or if, you turn your motifs into. I think perhaps a calendar would be lovely - a motif per day with photo + instructions for a whole year. And at the end of the year, perhaps a quilt... Or not. I hope you frame some for your wall, and tuck one into Pepper's first-day-of-school bag.

    Enjoy your week Kate xx

  83. This is such a sweet project you undertook!

    (Also, Im not commenting to win. I wouldnt want to stop another from winning and the book looks lovely, but Im afraid I wouldnt use it. Hope that's ok).

  84. love all your may squares! Crochet has just got me through a weekend in one house in the pouring rain with ten adults and nine kids - hooray for crochet!

  85. Oh this book looks amazing! I have recently become inspired to nurture my creativity at least a little each day. Having a baby is as you would know exhausting and if you don't make an effort to do something for yourself you never get the chance. All my days were rolling into one and I was finding it hard to see what I had achieved other than nurturing my beautiful son. Since the beginning of my 'get creative' project I now create alongside my son and can look at his happy face as well as all my little creations. Oh so fulfilling! I am waiting for my mother in law to come and visit in a couple of weeks to teach me how to crotchet so this would be perfect! By the way I absolutely love you blog and am continuously inspired by the way you live your life.

  86. I just found your blog, via Attic 24. Hmmm I think I'll be back, oh yes!

    Fingers crossed for the lovely book too.

  87. I wish I could get caught up on my other projects to do some of these, they are beautiful!!! Thanks!!
    Beth Lee
    Parker, CO

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