Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I feel

so ridiculously grateful for all the comments you guys left on my third dress post. I am such a beginner in this whole dressmaking thing and your wonderful words of wisdom allow me to move forward and improve.

like I should email you and thank you individually for your advice but Bren is already threatening to send me to blogging rehab.


so proud and inspired by Daylesford Organics and all that we are achieving but also ready for the slowness of winter and the time to make some big decisions about our business.

like you wouldn't read my blog anymore if I showed you my real creative space.

so lucky and blessed to be part of my gorgeous, crazy family.

like I can't be held to blame if I didn't realise it was Oscar the teddy's birthday today and didn't have time to celebrate in the crazy before school rush this morning.

like I've misplaced the 'how to parent' book all parents should get a copy of when they become parents. Do you have one? Can I borrow it?

so lucky that some of my blog friends are becoming my real life friends. It is just the coolest.

like making a silver beet and potato pie should not be the excuse for a wild tantrum that culminated in engraving the antique kitchen table with a nail.

that housework doesn't make sense. Everything you do you have to do again anyway.



like I'm whinging.

cold outside and hot and stuffy inside.

like the end of May really wasn't the best week to choose for Harvest Week.

like I am so lucky that someone left four and a half meters of denim at the op shop the other day so now I don't have to drive to Ballarat.

like lentil soup and crusty bread.

like I'd love to do something fancy to my blog but I don't know how.

a bit sorry for the boys picking carrots and beetroots in the short creek paddock in the rain today.

like I am loving crocheting motifs but that I should work on something a bit more useful.


like I don't think I should publish this.

that snatching moments to stitch even one seam at my sewing machine is keeping me sane.

happy that I have completed all the round motifs from Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs and am about to start the hexagons. The motifs above are motifs 19 - 28.

what are you feeling today?


  1. Kate, better out than in as far as the whinge bit...I'm right there with you on the pointlessness of housework & the sewing machine keeping you sane... ME Tooooo!!

  2. I'm with Sean the Prawn - better out than in.

    Congrats on finishing the motifs, they look fab x

  3. I totally get it. All of it. People say "where do you get time to do that?", but really, "that" (like blogging and making stuff) is what gives us energy, right? It's those other things like rotten housework that sap it away.

    You wouldn't want to know me if you really saw my creative space either!

    Whinge away! I'm happy to read. :)

    (Gorgeous motifs too.)

  4. I feel grateful that you published this post sos I could read it after the long, strange, good, bad, doolally of a day 'round here.
    and like finding my copy of the motif book if only I could keep awake.
    My word verification is "hootten"
    I do believe this is my new favorite word.

  5. I'm probably feeling a bit more chipper than you by the sounds of things. But I might have had more coffee (have you had more than 4 cups since 7am?) Lovely motifs btw. And yes, as much as we adore our families, thank goodness for our sewing machines.

  6. Yep - ditto - thanks for making me feel "normal"!

  7. Kate I think this is an amazing and wonderful post, you do these more personal posts so well, I love how well you express so well how we can feel so many different things at the same time buzzing madly round. My head is always full sometimes I wish I could express myself as well as you. Im so pleased you hit the publish button. I know I would read your blog regardless of what your "real" creative space looks like. I feel as if people knew some things about me they wouldn't read my blog.
    Lentil soup sounds great to me too.
    I love all your new motifs by the way. Big hugs to you xo

  8. Parenting book? I didn't get one either!!

    I also feel tired.

    And really, really sick of stupid study about traffic and transport policy that just makes my head go around, and around and around and I really should just write it down and submit it as my assignment and not worry about it!

  9. I must get that book...... the motif one, not the parenting one......

  10. like you just read my thoughts.

    Except I don't have pretty crochet motifs to insert between them.


  11. I feel honoured that you went ahead and published such an honest and real yet beautiful post! Love it! And that third dress!!!

  12. I have had a really "down" day where I have been fighting everything since 6am.....the dog, the boy, the traffic, the school car park, the dishes, the washing, the....oh...just everything!!! Thankyou for sharing, it made me smile & that is a HUGE achievement today I tell you!!

  13. I definitely think this is one of the best blog posts I've ever read. I feel like it should almost be one of those play along things (that I don't really understand yet).

    I thought you'd been a dressmaker for yonks! That just makes what you achieve all the more awe inspiring!

  14. I'm sending you a friendly hug !

  15. oh sweet Kate, you are just feeling normal emotions that all of us feel at some time or another.
    I have had a headache for the last 4 days & wish that I could just sleep it off or something like that but the parenting manual* doesn't say what I should do with these 2 adventurous beings.
    feel what you need to feel, whinge as much as you want, we all do it.
    hope you feel ok soon, hugs to you lovely ♥

    * i don't think such a manual exists

  16. Okay so I just wrote that to shock the nice ones and make the bad ones (like you) laugh!
    Thanks for showing me the creative space, sharing your fabric and letting me be Peppers Nail Technition.
    Olive you!
    Ab x

  17. You should definitely post more of this. Maybe even make it a weekly feature because it makes us all feel totally normal when we feel the same. You could a Mr Linky for all the overwhelmed by life/kids/etc bloggers out there. Cherrie

  18. You can have my good parenting book!! I tried to follow it but they still argued, stamped feet, hit heads on the wall, spat out pumpkin and anything green, flushed cauliflower down the loo, told me they hated/loved/disliked/adored me. Eldest bit his baby sister, youngest kicked the middle girl, they all flooded the house once and locked us all out more than once.................
    Honestly I could go on and on, but you know what? They will fly from all states to be with me for my birthday, they still love me, they are not axe murderers, they don't mug old ladies and they pay for their fare on public transport AND even more important, none of them remember that I didn't dust or iron or the time I didn't vacuum for a week, they remember that I loved them!
    Oh yes, and Oscar Teddy doesn't know it was his birthday either, so have it tomorrow....
    Sit, do nothing and enjoy

  19. Brilliant! Your honesty, your warmth, your compassion, your craft...you are a star my friend....LOVE IT! :)

  20. I am glad you can post what you do, it is just how we all feel at different times.

    Sorry to hear about the nail...

  21. Abbe is so mean.

    Let me know when you find the book. I don't think I'm in the running for Mother of the year at the moment either.

  22. hey, i feel the same! one stolen stitching moment saves the soul...

  23. It sounds like you need a day off Kate! If I was closer I'd come and babysit.

  24. i feel inspired by your beautiful crochet motifs.

    i wrote a post a while ago with some of my favourite parenting books and I also got some really helpful comments with suggestions for older children- search "parenting books" or look under my category "bookworms" for the list and my lovely readers suggestions if you're interested... although i am sure you are doing all the right things. xx

  25. I love your feelings. A lot of them are the same as mine. I love that you can blog about them, it makes me feel like I'm normal...or at least that someone else is like me.

    Also, I love all the motifs and can't wait to see some hexagon ones.


  26. I love this post Kate!!! and, I could not agree more about the house work =) you put a smile on my face today

  27. There's a book???!!!! Pretty much ditto to the above feelings although in contrast, feeling way too hot! Phew... this is Blighty not Australia what is going on, and it's only May.....

  28. Love Love Love a good honest blog! I thought I was the only one having a tantrum, then apologizing to the kids, and thinking I should give up coffee! I thought I was the only one who only puts a tablecloth on to take photos for my blog!

  29. Kate you are so good at writing it all down that I almost feel a comment is not needed. Just to say that I hear ya girlfriend (so wish I lived close enough to be one of the blog to real life buddies!). I love that you turn towards your blog when things are good and not so good. For me, there is a definite pulling into my shell (as evidenced by my recent quiet-ness!).

    Oh and I was only just saying to a mate yesterday that even sewing one seam can make such a massive difference to my day. It's the crafters version of a nice warm bath!


  30. I'd lend you my 'How To Parent' book..but I've misplaced my copy too!!
    I couldn't find the right words for my daughter who thinks she's done badly in an exam...whatever I said annoyed or upset her!!
    But I'm her mum I don't care if she passes or fails..she's always going to be my little girl!
    I'm loving the motifs, I've done notrhing more than look at that book so far!
    Have a lovely day.
    Em xx

  31. ditto kate, there must be something in the air:) we were talking about it at our stitch and bitch group tonight and then i read your post!!!

  32. People ask me when I have the time to knit and blog while keeping a house and taking care of my 3 month old and my 2 year old. I tell them that not everything gets done. The dishes might not get done one night (like last night) because I need me time with my needles or my sewing machine. Anyway totally understand.

  33. oh dearie. I'm prescribing a margarita and an evening of "All creatures great and small" on netflix. have worked wonders for me. I certainly don't have to tell you to keep on being crafty... I don't think anyone could stop your amazingness in that area :) Best of luck with that table/nail incident

  34. An excellent post - I don't think there are very many of us who would admit to those feelings on our blogs!! My bit of parenting advice has always been - 'don't listen to advice'!! Clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy and a sensible routine worked for my son!!

  35. I love your blog, it is very warm your crocheting is excellent!
    Greetings from Uruguay

  36. I love this post - it sums up what we are all doing, feeling and thinking.

    I just got this crochet book - looks like I'm going to ditch some more housework... x

  37. I feel...

    happy you decided this was post-worthy

    relieved that someone else has had their kitchen table gouged by a tantruming child. mine isn't antique, thankfully.

  38. That's such a lovely post & I am glad you published it!

  39. happy you decided to publish your post, it helps to read a bit of real life and remember that we all have ups and downs and feel tired, tired, tired. Does crochet help you feel sane? I do believe it is one of the most soothing things out there!

  40. I feel...like giving you a hug!!!

    Psst, did you know, there isn't really a parenting book? It's an urban myth made up by 'perfect parents' to let the rest of us mere mortals know where we went wrong. Want to compare bad parent notes? I have plenty that will make you feel better! xx

  41. Hi Kate
    I just wanted to say that last night I was peeling the outside leaves off some organic brussel sprouts and out wiggled a caterpillar - and I instantly thought of you - and had a giggle to myself!
    keep up the good fight!
    lots of hugs to you
    mel x

  42. You are real Kate! Hope your day got much better and you've sent the child with the nail and the tantrum on a french polishing course. :o) xx (ps great find on the denim and I totally agree about the infuriating pointlessness of housework)

  43. Hi Kate, thanks for posting this even though you weren't sure... I've admired you from afar and am impressed by what you are doing - in farming as well as craft creating, and hope you get some energy from all your supportive commenters!

  44. I feel happy that there are people who like to share their thoughts, like you.
    I feel excited that there are so many creative people out there.
    I feel like I shouldn't be on my computer and should be doing some sewing.

    Thank you for your post - it was good to read. And I love the crochet - the dark brown one reminds me of icing piped onto a biscuit.

    BTW I'd like for you to pop on over to my blog and have a go at winning my giveaway - love to see you there. http://amoebahandmade.blogspot.com/2010/05/thats-my-pic-just-there-and-my-first.html

    Emma x

  45. My sewing machine keeps me sane too. Except when im the one who has a tantrum from running out of cotton and head butts the machine denting my head with the looper. x

  46. Life is crazy for lots of us at the moment....I'm only about 3 days late reading your post but what stands out is how lovely all our blog friends are and how supportive they are.

    Hope life slows down for you soon and you can recover your equilibrium xx

  47. So many things all at once... just like you.

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