Friday, May 7, 2010

Guest blogger.

I'm guest blogging over at Sparkle Power today.

Have you ever written a guest blog post?

To be honest, I found it quite a challenge.

When I write on my own blog, I assume the people who are going to read it already know a bit about me. I'm talking about you. You know that I adore being a mother but that sometimes it drives me insane, you know that I would rather sew than do housework, you know that a lot of the time I am happy but that sometimes I struggle and that most of the time I make it up as I go along.

But Candace lives in another country. Her readers have never heard about Daylesford Organics or Foxs Lane. What ever I wrote in my guest blog post is all they know about me.

On one hand it really doesn't matter.

But on the other hand I want my blogutation to be truthful. I wanted to portray an honest picture of what motherhood means to me.

All in one post.

So click on over to Candace's blog if you like and see what you think.

The mini tree dress and fancy undy bundies pictured are a present for a baby born a week ago. A baby I had no idea about because my phone had died and I didn't receive the text.
Thanks heaps Andi for leaving that comment and letting me know.
I have since put my sim card in Bren's ancient Nokia until my replacement iphone arrives.

The dress and bloomers were made from vintage sheets and I screen printed the tree back here, I used op shopped bias binding and button and crocheted ric rac.

I hope you have the greatest weekend.

If part of your weekend involves Mothers' Day, I hope it is fabulous.
We are postponing Mothers' Day until next month. In June it will be quieter here on the farm and I will be able to have a whole weekend dedicated to the celebration of me. Yay! I can hardly wait!


  1. I need a little girl so I can dress her in beautiful things such as these................
    love that you can postpone Mothers Day & enjoy it properly when you can....breakfast in bed, crumbs everywhere, lukewarm cups of tea with tooooo much milk, lots of hugs & sloppy kisses - all of it!!! Enjoy!

  2. and you've made me cry... loved your post at sparkle power :)

  3. Well done Kate, I am looking forward to reading your guest post.
    hope you have a good weekend & yay for the June YOU celebrations.

  4. Loved your post over at sparkle power and you made me tear up as well! Here's to being mums...............
    While writing this my 4yo and 2yo got into the tub of caster sugar and 2yo has a sparkly mouth, hands, arms, legs and feet and the kitchen floor is crunchy. What was that I said about here's to being mums?


  5. Your post was beautiful- straight from the heart. Have a happy mother's day even if you're not quite going all out this weekend. xo m.

  6. Your motherhood post was beautiful! You have described life as a mum so perfectly...enjoy your mother's day & your gorgeous family!

  7. Congratulations Kate! I think it is a wonderful post and you should be very proud of yourself and your delightful family. :)

  8. She'll absolutely love them!!
    I'm off to read about 'the real you'.
    Andi x

  9. I am going to pop on over and have a look right now Kate, how exciting for you. Your Mother's Day postponement sounds like a wonderful idea doesnt it, wish I could do that, lol! The baby outfit is just adorable, and how perfect is the tree print on it.

  10. yep you did a great job. no reason to be worried at all!

    very sweet :o)

  11. your post went very well :)))))) loved it go you you guest blogger you!!! x

  12. I love the dress and bloomers - so sweet ;)
    I'm off to read your guest post now, I bet it'll be great.

  13. Hi Kate. I loved your post at Sparkle Power. It came across really well. Totally honest and totally gorgeous. Well done. (And great photos of your girls and hubby!)

  14. Lovely guest post! Beautifully expressed. Also love those dress photos in the woods - look great! x

  15. Hey Kate :-)
    I just saw this crochet pattern for a produce bag and thought of you ..
    manda x

  16. Kate you did an wonderful job! It's the most beautiful, moving and special post. And it sounds like not only do you love being a mum, you are a great mum too. Your girls are lucky to have you
    I did a stint of guest blogging a few years ago on Meet Me at Mikes, and I found it a challenge too, especially as well Pip's blog is so wonderful and popular and I wanted to do a really good job.
    And I'm so thrilled you are getting a weekend later on totally devoted to you. Couldn't think of anyone who deserves it more. lots of love
    Jess xo

  17. I love your guest post, it's put me in a lovely mood before bed. Hope you have a great weekend Kate xx the outfit!

  18. Your so cute Kate. Well done.

  19. Love that dress and I am sure you did an amazing job. Gotta go check it out :P

  20. As ever you captured the very essence! Beautiful guest blog and love those undy bundies. Enjoy your weekend and thats a great idea to postpone mothers sundays are mothers day every week so this one is no different, just more chocolate :-)

  21. I love learning about Australia from your blog...headed over to read your guest post now.PS-I've heard of Daylesford Organics because of you:)

  22. I read Candace's blog already! and thought it was you over there.
    I used to use a Teflon foot to sew the plastic, then I got a walking foot for quilting and that does the trick. Happy Mothers Day!

  23. So beautiful you wrote on the guest blog !!

  24. Congratulations on you guest blogposting: like you, I'd feel a little scared at first!

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, little outfit ... :0)

    Shirl x

  25. Can you stop making so many clothes! Your putting the Bonds factory to shame. It's a production line out there in those hills!!


  26. I love undie bundies! Great idea moving Mother's Day. The Mr worked all weekend and I bought myself my own token gift so I think I will tell him we are just doing it properly next month instead...


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