Monday, August 29, 2011

Grateful 2 u giveaway...

Since we've been on the road, I've been a thinking a lot about blogging and bloggers and blog readers.

I am so super grateful for my blog. My blog has given me an outlet to express myself. It's enabled me to make friends all over the world both virtual and real. It's given me the confidence to believe that perhaps I am not the only non writer in my family. It's let me journal my life internal and external. It's let me catalogue my photos. It's inspired me and it's presented me with some pretty amazing opportunities.

And you guys. My readers. I am so super grateful for you too. Thank you for reading, for following along, for commenting, for sharing and caring. Grateful is probably too small a word.

Thank you!!

Over the past little while on the road I have been crocheting the bits of this cushion cover. Those who follow me on Instagram or The Twitter have seen it grow from the first square all the way through to the blocking and the sewing in of the ends.

This cushion really holds a piece of this trip inside it. If you put your ear to it and listened carefully you might hear the buzzing of mozzies in Katherine, the rumble of the car engine from Kununurra to the west coast and my farmer boy reading Tim Winton to me at night in Broome. If you breathed in deeply you might smell citronella, sunscreen and the sea breeze. If you were so inclined you might have a lick and taste bbq's and vodka and old fashioned lemonade and possibly some tears too.

Hopefully Miss Jazzy has found all my own hairs that got caught in the crochet hook and pulled them out so there wont be any of them. Hopefully.

I'd love to send one of you this cushion cover as a thank you.

Trust me, it would look so great on your couch. It looks so good on our caravan couch that I've started on another for us to keep.

Leave me a comment on this post to win it. Tell me something: A joke, your dream, why you like reading my blog, where you think we should head next, what you are grateful for, what inspires you. I don't decide.

If you are one of my email subscribers, send me an email with your comment and I'll add it in.

We'll choose the cushion cover winner on Friday.
We'll also send a post card from Broome to four runners up.

Happy adventuring. xx


  1. I read your blog, probably every post, and each time I am inspired by you and your amazing little brood. I hope one day I have such an awesome family of my own! x

  2. How gorgeous!! i love your blog i look forward to your posts on your traveling adventure and your crochet it gives me some motivation!!! : )

  3. Such a lovely giveaway! So much work and such beautiful photos... But the best was the hairs in the crochet part :)) That happens to me too! How do they get there?! This is why I love your blog, Kate... these fabulously honest and hilarious snippets that I totally relate to. Thanks for another goodie. Kx

  4. Oh I'm relating to the hairs in the crochet too! They get everywhere sometimes!!

    Loving how you write, how you say exactly what you think - as if we were there having a conversation with you. Loving how you show us parts of your life/family and are very very honest.XXX

  5. Oh, that cushion is lovely! I think you are an amazing family, travelling together as you are doing. It is an experience that you will never forget... I am in awe of your bravery in taking the plunge and doing it!

  6. Aww! How lovely! I've been loving following you on your adventure. It's made me think abot what I would love to do with my family. I always show my husband your pots & now when he sees me on the computer he asks if there's any updates! We've talked about doing the same thing. We don't know whow we'll be able to do it at the moment but we will do it one day. Thanks for shaing your journey with us! And that cushion will look lovely in Piper's new room! xx

  7. I love sharing in the adventures of your journey Kate..hopefully one day we too will be caravanning around the country.
    I am so glad to hear I am not the only one whose hair gets caught up in the crochet :)
    Such a pretty cushion that would fit right at home here.


  8. I was cleaning my old room at my parents place the other day and went through a reflective going to trash phase that reminds me of some of your blog posts. When you look at objects and bit and pieces of scrap paper or fabric, it may not mean much but I do think that its the small things that make you who you are today. I went through pieces of cardboard from uni, old post sticks, half used dried out pens, stupid silly things that I had never thrown out mostly because I was lazy. But cleaning that room that I hadn't been in for so long made me realise that everything I didn't throw out represented a certain stage in my life. Reading your entries about the life you had before your kids and your farm and about the life that you have now is a good reminder for me that who I am now and made up of tiny bits and pieces of relevant and irrelevant history. Thanks for such a beautiful blog!

  9. Blog readers can be grateful too. There are a whole lot of blogs out there so to find one that feels as if it's been written by a friend, even though the person writing is someone you will never meet and clearly cannot know, is always a bonus. Blog readers value honesty, wit, and good writing. Blog readers like to see places they would never travel to, and be inspired by ideas they didn't have. So thank you for blogging x

  10. Yes, that would look perfecto on my couch! I like reading your blog because you write with such honesty and beauty. Even when you've had a shitty day, you manage to write about it in a lovely way. Special gift.


  11. Oh Kate that cushion is gorgeous. It's so silly and I can't believe I am telling you this but I felt a bit sooki just now reading your post and got a tiny bit teary. Aw. This sookiness has been passed onto the next generation: the other day I was telling my seven year old son (who loves school) about one of his first days in kindy when he didn't really want to go, but bravely went anyway... And that I was so proud of him that day, that my eyes welled with tears behind my big dark glasses when the bell went... And then when I had finished telling him the story, I looked at him and his eyes were all red. "Are you crying? " I asked, "No" he said ... "oh alright I am.." and he wept. Softie.

  12. how lovely kate, i have enjoyed your trip xo

  13. I love to read your blog I have never commented before but seeing your creativity is amazing especially given you are on the road it is so inspiring. It Makes me feel guilty for not doing more I really need to pull my bloody finger out he he

  14. I've said before that your blog is one of my favs. Your pics are always so striking and you have a friendly and honest voice that is really lovely to read.. lyrical.. I can't believe you thought you were a non-writer!! You are very talented - it must be a family writing gene that was lurking in there!

    Thanks for sharing your journey on the blog - it's great reading for all of us, and inspiring to see you adventureing around like you are!

    More power to y'all!

  15. How do you get pikachu on a bus?


    What's white, and if it falls out of a tree, will kill you?

    A fridge.

    I read your blog because it makes me remember how much I love my husband. And because you make pretty stuff. And because I'm looking for tips on how to travel Australia with kids.

    My favourite place in our whole travels was crossing the Nullarbor. It was incredible.


  16. I like reading your blog because I told you to have a blog even before you had one. And now your blog is so much more popular (and better) than mine!! Also, I can't crochet!
    Andi xx

  17. Ahhh, you're so lovely Kate! I'm so glad that you didn't take a holiday from us as well! But tell me, on your travels.. what is the one place you would go back to visit in the blink of an eye?

  18. And oh, don't count this as too entries.. I just forgot to add... Bubba Joe would love that cushion! He loves to stick his little fingers in the crochet blankets & pull the off the couch then lie on the fall & examine them! I'd give the cushion to Joe to roll around with & when he topples over (from too much sitting up) he has something soft to land on!
    And in the words of Joe... "hello dadda"... which can also mean bye bye!!!

  19. I like reading your blog because I get to see your adventures--from daily ones like working on a farm to memory-making trips in a caravan. It's fun to see all the places you go and things you make!

  20. I've got a cool neighbour that deserves a lovely cushion like that.
    Your blog justs takes me away to another place for awhile and it's sweet and genuine and true.

  21. I've just started reading your blog a few months ago, a wee bit envious of your road trip - is on my list of want to do's as a family, so I'm really enjoying reading about yours. Also trying to learn to crochet here so very inspired by all the yummy crochet in your caravan. Thanks for sharing.

    PS particularly liked your post about all the washing and way people hang it etc.

  22. I dream of a country where every person ever born is valued over money. Where the big concerns on all our hearts are not how do we differ, but how do we unite, not how do we deter but how do we invite? Where equality and autonomy reign supreme and where classy crocheted cushion covers cradle cherished heads as they dream :)

  23. I think you should stay in Broome! I would. Until the rains come. And then I'd head south. We would love that cushion on our couch.

  24. I always love reading your blog but I've especially loved following you on this trip. It takes me back to the trip my family did when I was 9 and it inspires me to dream of doing a similar trip with my own children one day. I don't want it to end!

  25. This little cushion cover is so lovely :) You are so clever! I follow you on instagram and I'm grateful I get to follow your pretty photos whilst you are on your trip. I do hope you enjoy your amazing trip. I can't wait to read more :)

  26. I love reading your blog, especially once you started on your caravan adventure. Your trip ia an inspiration and a lovely time for your family - and an amazing experience for your daughters. When i was a child - my family travelled across Europe in a combi van. Your trip has reminded me of how wonderful this experience was and how much I learnt about the world.

  27. I LOVE the cushion cover! Absolutely gorgeous :) (And I am constantly pulling out my hairs before gifting items)
    I am only new to blogging.
    I started about a month ago.
    It is such a great outlet. I find myself being able to write things in better, more insightful words than usually come out of my mouth.
    I am also single, and often lonely. Most of my friends are married with kidlets. I love them all, and play as big a part in all their lives as I can. I love that my closest friend's middle child has invited me to his 3rd birthday "party" twice.
    But when I go home at night, or spend entire days home on my own, I really begin to feel lonely. Blogging helps me to write down some of the stuff that makes me excited or sad in a day, that I have no one to share with at the end of each day.
    Sonia xx

  28. Yours was the second blog I ever saw and I was hooked. The way you craft, create, reflect and find joy in all the small details of life including mothering, is why your blog is inspirational whether you are on an organic farm or in driving down a dusty road in outback Australia. Blogging for me has become the most powerful gratitude journal I could have imagined, thanks for inspiring me to get started. melx

  29. I've recently found your blog and it has quickly turned into one of my favorites!! I have just started trying to crochet a cushion cover but it will never be as wonderful as the one you have made! I would love it on my couch..

  30. What a nice giveaway...
    I like reading your blog because your life is so very different from mine...I like to read about different places and people...I enjoy your writing and your pictures...
    I am grateful that we weathered Hurricane Irene with no damage and everyone is safe...

  31. I have been following your blog for a few months now,I have found following this trip in particular, inspiring and motivating. You are taking your girls to places I'd someday love to take my children to. Thank you for showing us your journey.

  32. your blog makes me want to live more intentionally, be kinder to and enjoy my children more and i love the vintage sheet eye candy

  33. Reading your holiday adventure makes me think we should do the same one day. Wonderful memories for the kids.

  34. i love reading your blog, i read a post and then say to my boyfriend 'you know that woman who is travelling around australia with her family? she loves coffee too....' and then he looks at me funny and calls me an idiot.
    the more i read blogs (yours and other peoples) the more inspired i am with how people live their lives and the things that they make too. I have recently started making patchwork quilts... one day i would like to sell them.x

  35. I read your blog in the hope that one day (maybe) you will have a give away for a hand crocheted cushion cover made whilst touring the country in a vintage caravan. And now that day is here. Hooray! I guess this means I can stop reading it now?

  36. I am an artist who creates from home (which can be difficult, not having a set time and place for my art), and I am fully inspired by other artists who create from home. I am also inspired by people (you!) following their dreams, and not caring if it fits into societies' "norm"...


  37. Inspiring and fun reading your blog. You've headed north with your fam. Four weeks to go and we'll be heading south to explore southern Victoria. Can't wait - Gold rush in Ballarat! No, we look forward to checking out the washing lines in the caravan parks, coffee in the van, and hanging out with our boys, walking and looking at "things" we've not seen before. Big boy wants to surf Bells, Hubby wants a vanilla slice from Sorrento, little guy can't wait to ride in the van and I'm excited about it all. Thanks for the inspiration, sharing your travels, creations and thoughts.

  38. I found your blog in the long, lonely midnight hours. I've just lost someone amazing, and there are so many hours to fill now. You've pulled me away from the sadness so many times. Entertained me. Made me smile. I'm trailing along on your journey as I travel this new journey of my own. I am grateful you share with us. Thank you for helping me heal.

  39. Oh to win this would be such a delight. I started reading your blog not so long ago and got hooked when I realised you were about to embark on the caravan journey around Australia. When I think of the things I would love to do in my life a trip like yours with my own 3 children, would probably be at the top of the list. So that keeps me checking for updates on your blog daily (sometimes more!!). Then I realised while reading back on some past entries that I used to work at your Dads accountants!! Haha, what a small world. Thanks so much for being so open and HONEST about life. It is comforting to read an honest blog with all the ups and downs that life throws at us. Cheers, Melissa from Deloraine!! (andy_melissa8(at)

  40. Can you please, please, please take a photo of the sea for me??? That's my dream... :) x

  41. Gorgeous cushion Kate and lovely sentiment. I LOVE what you wrote about it too-hairs and all.

    Safe travels!
    PS A joke for your girls(be warned tho your big girl might roll her eyes like mine did)...What do you call a three legged donkey?


  42. You are so sweet! I was wondering if you are going to spend much time in Anhem Land? My friend went up last year and volunteered in a community and spent time with the locals making necklaces and helping in a school - an amazing eye opener seeing her pictures - truly looked like a third world in our country.... Maybe a great experience for you guys?

    Sending Love xxx Rach

  43. Oooh! My heart skipped a beat when I read that you're giving this beauty away to one lucky person!
    I have only just started reading your blog a couple of months ago, and I find it a very relaxing, peaceful read. I can imagine the feel of being on holiday, that timeless feeling of being away from work and normal everyday life.
    I was thrilled to see the photos taken of your caravan before you left - they were taken by my friend Ro. Let's face it, he's everyone from the Ballarat area's friend!
    Trust me, that awesome cushion would look superb on my couch!
    Rach x

  44. I'm hoping that is has a tiny little bit of sand on/in it too so I can pretend I'm on Cable Beach too. :D I love reading your holiday post as it reminds me when I was 13 and we did a simialar trip but only for 8 weeks.

  45. Oh, this is fun, blogs are fun, comments are fun.

    So here is the favourite joke from kinder at our place this week.

    Why did the horse cross the road?

    Because is was NeighKed...get it get it, do you get it?

    Insert same joke five minutes later.

  46. I wanted to mention that Tim Winton has written a children's book, it' called Buggalugs Bum Thief. Monet read it a little while ago and loved it. Great for young readers...

    I laughed when you mentioned you hair fetting caught in your crochet. It shows up particularly in cream or white.... Hehehe....

    It would be really special to have a cushion that has travelled around Australia... :-)

    Will have to work out twitter next...

  47. Hi there - I'm a new follower of your blog and it's now the one I look forward to reading the most - what I like best about it I think is the honesty with which you write and how 'real' and un-bloggy your family life is!
    We're having our own family adventure this year - moving to Australia from the UK - so I'm loving reading about your journey cross country - thanks for sharing your adventures x

  48. We went around Australia 7 years ago with a two year old and one in the tummy. We spent 18 months moving about, and your beautiful journal brings it all back to me. Our old sunwagon poptop didn't look near as stylish but did have a retro feel. I have crochet on my to do list this year - just got some bamboo needles in the post today. W.A is awesome - you can't go too wrong. Ningaloo Reef was one of our highlights - the desert meets the sea and there are crabs in the trees.

  49. Not sure what it is that I like most about you and your's natural, homely , warm, encouraging, funny, exciting glad you are sharing your families journey with us all.....Perth has to be a must on the journey and then on to our beautiful south west!

  50. Kate I love reading your blog. I am especially loving reading about your travels.

  51. open your heart an follow your nose. see where it takes you! when else will you have freedom as pure as this? my dream is to one day give my little people a taste of that magic red kimberly dirt that you guys now have under your skin.


  52. What's invisible and smells like a carrot?
    C'mon Bren, you know all about carrots.
    Give up?
    You will have to wait till the morning :)

  53. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love reading your blog, because you're a great mate and dear friend.
    Because it's yours, because it's your voice, about you and how you are feeling and what you are thinking and I want to know all these things because I care about you.
    I love because it's honest, and I can relate so often, and often it's like you are writing my own thoughts just a little different or about different stuff.
    i love it because you write so well. I love it just because,you know?
    As for my dream, well I think you know what it is.
    and I'm grateful for our friendship and to know you.
    mushy I know but true.
    PS the cushion is gorgeous!!
    PPS you don't need to enter me in the giveaway, i just am happy to have a mushy rant xo

  54. I just ,love all the travel stories and news, you make me taste and smell it all every time I read (except for sticking out the caravan- oh wait, we do that too!). Hope we get a postcard fro Broome!

  55. I love your blog even more at the moment because you are travelling a similar path to my parents (altho they are one of the many with the shiny new Jayco!) I love seeing your photos and hearing your experiences and reflections.
    and I love that you have a cool van and we were brave enough to take the girls out of school and teach them more on this road trip than any terms in school will.
    Happy travels and keep taking us with you x

  56. OKay - make sure you go to Coconut Wells. It's an hour-ish (can't remember exactly) out of Broome. It is bewdiful. And free camping is a possiblility too.

  57. I am really inspired by your crochet work. Also really really enjoy reading your travel diaries!!!

  58. Seeing your post today has brought up alot of memories for me!

    I have a pillow very similar to the one you're giving away that was started by my mother - she created each square and the back... then suddenly became sick and passed away.

    Going through her belongings, my grandma and I found a plastic grocery bag with the bits and pieces of the pillow in it.

    Since I have no skill in crocheting (I'm learning), my grandma took the pillow home and finished it for me... and she has since passed away.

    I'm grateful to have these two wonderful women work on such a special pillow. :)

  59. They bring back such fond memories of when I was young my mother had taken up crocheting and our sofa was filled with pillows just like yours, They beautiful and your are so talented!

  60. Oh Kate, this is why I read your blog, why I feel as if I know you, why I also feel a huge fondness for all of you as if you're part of my own little family too♥
    You epitomise all that is good, kind, generous, honest and true plus your mothering skills are exceptional♥ ... Ooops sorry Bren, I reckon your wifeing skills are sensaish too♥
    My own blog posts show how in love I am with my own Ma Bella's♥ I'm a total sucker for little girls. My feathers fluff up and I'm sure people can hear me going, cluck, cluck, clucketty, cluck. Reading your posts bring out the full on broody mother hen I am!!
    Plus I'm so very grateful to count you as a friend♥
    I seriously think you should head wherever your heart takes you so long as it's warm, safe and mozzie free.
    Huge Hugs Loverlies ♥♥♥♥♥.

  61. I read your blog because it's honest and I love the things you create and it has been fun seeing your adventures.
    And yes, this would look lovely on my couch :)

  62. I dream of working home, taking care of my children, actually. a lottery, next!
    Siv xx

  63. Thank you for the giveaway - the cushion cover is gorgeous. I just recently started reading your blog, and I love it - for the pictures, for the stories from the road, for the ideas it inspires in me, namely that I might one day jump in a caravan of my own and travel around really seeing what's out there. Thanks for that!

  64. Well you brought me back from the brink of quitting the stupid Internet, all together. The day I found your blog, I baked, I gardened, I tidied my sewing room and I made a a doll. Seriously. And I read archive upon archive. It's you who gets the thankyou from me.

  65. Oh, you have inspired so many daydreams in me. I am a confirmed city girl from the sparkle-ly city of Dallas, TX but suddenly I have such a craving to do a trip like yours. And to improve my crochet skills :)
    Thank YOU for your stories and inspiration!

  66. Lovely crochet cushion, Love it. I'm inspired by life and go by the quote either get busy living or get busy dying ( from shawshank redemption - one of my favourite films) x

    Leah x

  67. And this is what I love most about the part of the bloggy world I inhabit - people are just so lovely.

  68. You know those blogs where you get exited when you see an update on your dashboard - well yours is one of those for me :) I love reading tales of your daily life in the caravan, I loved watching the exitement as you prepared for the road trip. I would adore your cushion to take on our travels in our own retro caravan (Towby) this summer. My husband won't let me yarn bomb the outside of it - so I'm making my best attempt to get as much hooky goodness into the middle x

  69. Just wanted to say I love your blog, I'm always impressed with how often you udate us. I'm terrorable at keeping up:) We built our own caravan last year for a week trip. Your very brave to go all summer! xxx Dawn

  70. sure that little cushion would love to live with me here in the Netherlands it will keep me happy on a snowy winter day

  71. Can I just say I am absolutely loving your blogging at the moment because your out there living my dream! I have always wanted to travel around Australia, so I guess you could say I am living vicariously through you!

    We did buy a vintage (1960's?) boat (ex trawler) which my hubby has been fitting out and I am trying to convince him to do some trips up and down the east coast (my suggestion to sail the world was laughed out of the room ;)

    Alas though I have been given the job of making curtains and bedding for our home upon the water... I have also been given strict instructions on what is and is NOT acceptable attire for a boat of this calibre. Hmmm guess I will just have to use the fish fabric and make hom a fishermans bucket hat instead!

  72. Here's a joke for you one of my students (she's 10) told the class yesterday. It made us all laugh.
    How does a butcher introduce his wife?
    Meat Patty!

  73. Your cooment re hair in the crochet made me laugh, I have the same thing going on here, it's either mine, my daughters or the cats fur (she has long fur) so I am forever searching with glasses on so as not to miss any. Even tho I keep it all covered in a little bag!!
    Loving your journey thus far, you really seem to have got into the grove of it now.
    x Sandi

  74. This is a very generous and beautiful giveaway... a cushion who is fully grown, well travelled and much loved.

    I hope it finds comfort and love in its future home.

    Wonderful photos and journaling here.

    Safe travels
    and best wishes

  75. That's pretty special Kate. I think whoever ends up with that in their home will treasure it & the journey it's had...knowing how much we would love to do this trip ourselves it would sit there & taunt us til we got our act into gear to go!
    ...that's my dream I think, and maybe that's what all this 'unease' around here is leading up to, who knows...x

  76. Oooh, I have the perfect in the car and cranky joke - make sure you use it wisely!

    What did the goldfish in the tank say to the other goldfish in the tank?

    You steer, I'll man the cannon.

    Best joke ever! Enjoy the west coast, am very envious.

  77. I have been meaning to post for some time now but I am not great with words. I greatly admire your adventure and your family. The way you write your blog I feel as if I know you and have been so blessed to share in your recent adventures. May your fun and ability to just be carry over to when your adventure eventually ends!

  78. Hi Kate, Been loving reading about your trip. Thanks for sharing! I am heading overseas on my own trip next Monday- 3 months. CAN. NOT. WAIT!
    Love Reges

  79. It was the posts with your sisters and your dad that touched me first, then as you have ventured off I have been inspired to create my own blog whilst on our own sailing adventure, not with kids but with two dogs!

    Maybe we could swap pillows, yours can venture by sea and mine can go by land? You would however have dog hair on your pillow and the smell of the sea....

  80. What a fabulous history to go with your cushion. Personally I'd be hoping for a hair or two to go with its adventures.

    My thoughts today are along the lines of..if I am lucky enough to win, you could hand deliver it when you pass through on your way home ;) Then it would have travelled most of its journey with you :)

  81. I'm enjoying your trip (in my head) and every time I hit your inspiring blog, I reminisce about our recent (albeit much shorter) NT road trip.

    My partner, Matt, proposed to me beside the waterfall at Eighth Gorge on a 3 day hike; Katherine Gorge is unforgettable, truly one of the best trips we've taken.

    What an amazing country we live in... I want to make sure my kids (like yours) get a chance to see this side of Oz.

  82. I adore this cushion cover beyond belief! Well, being 2 weeks off giving birth my dreams are a little out there but I will share with you the fact that my husband left me for Martina Navratalova (sp?) last night and my father in law built them a Caribbean Island to live on (cos building islands is so do-able!). And I woke up grumpy with him about it!
    Happy Travels....Broome...swoooon!

  83. I am addicted to your blog and love your latest family adventure. How I would love to trek across the US with my boys! I am especially in love with all you have done to add personal touches to your traveling home. I am truly inspired and enjoy reading about your adventures. I especially LOVE the coffee maker!

  84. Kate, your blog is taking me to another place I'd rather be at the moment. . . after being ill for over 6 weeks I've finally got answers that I have gall stones and await an outcome with a specialist tomorrow. Two out of four of my babies have chest infections after more doctors visits today :( Reading your blog picks me up and takes me along the journey with you, even if for just ten minutes to forget whats happening here. Thank you for your inspiration x
    Maybe I'll even find some more time to crochet . . .

  85. The cushion cover must hold lots of wonderful memories for you Kate. It sounds like your trip is going very well and I cant wait to see where you travel to next!

  86. Kate you are so very splendid and so is your lovely crochet cushion- Very "nana" and I love it xxx sarah

  87. I am a avid follower of your blog. I really want to pack up my family and take off on an adventure like yours. Maybe one day! My inlaws have an old caravan that is never used now so I am sweet talking my husband into a caravan holiday. They live in Adelaide and we live in Perth - just a minor detail to sort out. Keep up the fantastic blogging - your words bring a smile to my face and I love your openess and honesty.

  88. Woops - I forgot, sorry to keep you in suspence.
    Answer - A Bunny Fart :)

  89. I'm grateful for my hubby, we've had a lot of ups and downs in our life together but it seems at the moment that we're having a few ups. Yay!

    I love reading your blog, regardless of what you write about :)

  90. I remember when your crochet adventures first began and look at you now! Wish I had the paitence to sit there and teach myself Kate. I'd love to win your cushion. My giveaway is drawn in two days. You have a 2 in 3 chance at the moment! xx

  91. Hi Kate,
    Your blog always gives me a lift, even if you are having a bit of a blue day. I like the way you are honest about life.
    I too, would love to own the cushion, because it is roving around Australia, the place dearest to my heart in all the world. And also because YOU made it and you are a very inspiring woman.

  92. How thoughtful! I'd love a granny cushion. Husby I'm sure would despise it, but that means I can use it all for myself in my craft room on my chair. I hope you come to Brisbane and check out all our awesome theme parks and awesome beaches!! I'm sure your girlies would love it!

  93. I discovered your blog just after you left for your trip. I fell in love with it instantly. Not only are you doing my dream trip but you also have recently taught yourself to crochet, just like I did.
    Your blog has inspired me with my crochet and definitely in my wish to do a big road trip. I check in with you each day hoping to live my dream through your family for the moment.
    I love your cushion!!

  94. Your creativity, honesty and self reflection are all inspirational.
    My thoughts about a 'next stop' would be Karijini National Park in the Pilbara. It is the most magical place on the planet. Powerful, full of history and just serene. You will never forget it and can easily spend a week wandering its enormous gorges. Trust me - it will blow your crocheting needles away.

  95. Hi Guys!
    My name is Jess & I'm an Aussie creative currently living abroad in Hamburg, Germany. Sounds exotic doesn't it? And yes, there are some wonderful things about living in overseas and having the rest of Europe at our doorstep; weekends in Italy, leaning to speak another language fluently and being Australian, in a world where everyone loves meeting an Australian :)

    But when all is said and done, I am still just a girl who misses home most days. The sounds, the smells, the amazing light (even on an overcast day), the reminder of childhood memories; and it's your blog that keeps me close to those things every day.

    When I open my in-box to find your latest entry, it's like clicking on a piece of home. I love that you not only give us an account of where you've been & what you've been doing (with fantastic photos along the way), but you also describe the characters you meet, the smell of the gum trees, the sound of your caravan bumping along the road & of children's laughter at camping grounds. They're all things I hope to be able to share with children of my own one day.

    Best of all, is that you magically weave your handmade delights into your everyday spent with family. Not only are you giving them the gift of time spent together, memories of a lifetime, but also the love and value of the handmade.

    Making ideas become realities, the time it takes to create them and the appreciation and pride that inevitably follows, are passed down with grace.

    It's family here I miss...even more than the beaches at home (if you can believe it), so to witness this amazing adventure you're having together sends a little piece of sunshine over the web and makes me smile. My Australian husband and I can only hope when our family comes along, that we can give to our children, the gifts you have been able to give yours. We take our hats off to you.

    So please don't thank us for reading....we thank you for sharing; for your honesty when things aren't always perfect, for seeing the beauty in the nature of Australia but most of all for picking up all you knew and heading off into the sunset. Most people only talk about doing something like that, but you guys actually did it!
    Every time I listen to My Friend the Chocolate Cake's 'Home Improvements'....I think of you.

    Big hello for Hamburg, it's overcast here today as we say goodbye to Summer and welcome the red and golden trees of Autumn.

  96. Kate, I love reading your blog, and I love that my whole family recognise your blog from a distance and ask how you are...
    (and a little riddle from our little girl - What has hands but can't scratch itself? A clock!)xo

  97. By the time I scrolled my way down through all these comments I forgot what I was going to write?!

    You're ace. Okay, ace-ish. I don't want your head getting so big you can't get out of the caravan...

  98. Well I am not grateful for your blog! Reading your blog has sent me on a wild chase for our own perfect caravan - and it's hard work trying to locate the elusive "perfect" van! I have finally given in to my husband's wish of a "vintage" van to "do-up" and I have banished my dream of a brand-new Jayco Expanda. So thanks to your blog I have been converted to the idea of an old van.

    Nah, really I am grateful! :)

    I can't wait to tell our own story of a caravaning adventure... We have been dreaming of such a trip for SO long and to read your blog - living the dream - keeps me motivated to continue searching eBay and the Trading Post. Our littlest is only 2 so we don't plan to get going for a few years yet, but until then, I love reading your stories. And of course, part of the adventure is in the planning!

  99. I am only a recent reader and receiver, and the reason I enjoy reading about your life is because a thousand years ago we did the same thing, enjoyed the same things, and I am reliving our travels through you and your family, as we can no longer afford to get across Bass Strait and then buy petrol. However, I will continue to follow you when you return home, as I am Victorian by birth, Tasmanian by choice, but I love travelling around country Victoria.

  100. Hello,

    Thank you for sending me your mails.
    I like to read them just as I like reading your blog.
    It's very inspiring for me. The things you make are original and special.
    The cushions are very nice.
    I think your life with your husband and children is a dream for me.

    I wish you good luck.

    Hartelijke groeten uit Nederland.

  101. I'm relatively new to your blog but love it because you are doing exactly what we dream of, one day in the future. We also have 2 little girls, asha is 3 1/2 but Millie is only 10 weeks so a bit young just yet! But in a few years we will be hitting the road to explore and experience this amazing country to give our kids (and us) an invaluable experience!

    Thank you so much for sharing your adventure! It gives me something to day dream about while feeding Millie... Keep on enjoying every day.

    Best wishes,

    Imogen O'Meara

  102. Hi Guys!
    My name is Jess & I'm an Aussie creative currently living abroad in Hamburg, Germany. Sounds exotic doesn't it? And yes, there are some wonderful things about living in overseas and having the rest of Europe at our doorstep; weekends in Italy, leaning to speak another language fluently and being Australian, in world where everyone loves meeting an Australian But when all is said and done, I am still just a girl who misses home most days. The sounds, the smells, the amazing light (even on an overcast day), the reminder of childhood memories; and it's your blog that keeps me close to those things every day.

    When I open my in-box to find your latest entry, it's like clicking on a piece of home. I love that you not only give us an account of where you've been & what you've been doing (with fantastic photos along the way), but you also describe the characters you meet, the smell of the gum trees, the sound of your caravan bumping along the road & of children's laughter at camping grounds. They're all things I hope to be able to share with children of my own one day.

    But best of all, is that you magically weave your handmade delights into your everyday spent with family. Not only are you giving them the gift of time spent together, memories of a lifetime, but also the love and value of the handmade. Making ideas become realities, the time it takes to create and the appreciation and pride that inevitably follows. It's family here I miss...even more than the beaches at home, so to witness this amazing adventure you're having together sends a little piece of sunshine over the web and makes me smile. My Australian husband and I can only hope when our family comes along, that we can give to our children, the gifts you have been able to give yours. We take our hats off to you.

    So please don't thank us for reading....we thank you for sharing; for you honesty when things aren't always perfect, for seeing the beauty in the nature of Australia but most of all for picking up all you knew and heading off into the sunset. Most people only talk about doing something like that, but you guys actually did it!
    Every time I listen to My Friend the Chocolate Cake's 'Home Improvements'....I think of you :

    Big hello for Hamburg, it's overcast here today as we say goodbye to Summer and welcome the red and golden trees or Autumn.

    Hugs to you all,
    Jessica Allen

    p.s I would love to send your gorgeous Girls one of my handmade monkies let me know if there is an address I can send them to ...oh, and you don't have to include all that I have written in the blog comments, as it got a little longer than I thought

  103. Oh woman ..... I wanna do what you are doing!!!! One day.... with or without the littles, it'll be a life on the road. We've been dreaming of it for a while now (well, years actually) and reading your very entertaining updates has inspired me all over again.
    And who said you were a non writer? Every post has me grinning away and feeling the heat or dust or cold springs that you are telling me about .... and your delightful sense of humour shines through every time!!
    Oh, and I'd love to win the cushion just because it's 'been around'!!

  104. After spending 2 weeks in a campervan in NZ with my husband and 2 smalls, my admiration for you knows no bounds.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog - we get the adventure without the frazzle!

  105. Oh yay, this is adorable & so totally . . . YOU!! Crochet & generocity, that is what i can feel from this cushion.
    Citronella, ah, takes me back to living in Darwin, such happy, outdoor, free years we had up there with all our babies.
    Dream: space, a homestead, country living, that is it, pure & simple, a happy place to raise our large family & it's so close to coming true!!
    Happy travels lovely Foxy family, love Posie

  106. you and your blog inspire me Kate, so honest, so creative, so real, I look forward to evey post, thank you for that joy xx

  107. Mi piace tutto quello che fai, che fate insieme, quello che raccontate, il come siete, sempre. Il cuscino è molto bello, sicuramente mi piacerebbe averlo sul mio divano, ma, siccome non sono così tanto fortunata, lo guarderò sul vostro blog e continuerò a pensare che sia davvero fantastico. GRAZIE Lara

  108. As a crocheter and sewing beginner I was immediately attracted by your blog, but soon realized that the way you have lived your life with your lovely family represents an inspiration for me. I am a Mexican postgraduate student in London, where I live with my french boyfriend and it is our dream one day to be able to leave the city life to start our own farm. We have now a little one on the way and this will inspire us to find a way to have a beautiful life in the countryside, maybe one day we will so courageous, fun and crazy (!) to start a caravan trip! Many blessings and good luck for you and your family in this wonderful adventure! Look forward to keep reading your blog!

  109. Very pretty pillow and I would love to win it as much as I look forward to your blog posts. You can see a lot of love went into the making of this.

  110. Kate,

    Love your creative mind and how you open your world to us. I also appreciate the fact that you are showing your children that is more to living then sitting in front of some sort of technology. You rock! Read your blog everyday for inspiration ;).

  111. I am inspired by your big adventure. I can't do anything on that scale as yet with my children, but one day I would love to. Maybe when I am a qualified teacher, long Summer road trips might be in the pipeline!

    Until then, smaller adventures will serve us well :)

  112. You have started a dream of mine, and now my boyfriends to do what your amazing little family has done, we read your posts together, they emote so much inside of me, they have taught me to let go a little not be so cranky and uptight, to just be content.
    I adore every post of this stunning family journey and just the honesty in your posts, is such a pleasure to read, I have cried, I have laughed and I have sent energy your way when you were feeling less than your usual bright bubbly self.
    Enjoy your days on the road, I enjoy reading them as much as you love living them.
    xx Courtney

  113. Hi Kate not messaging for the cushion as i have plenty of them. But thanks for the motivation (ric rac!!) I have finally learnt to crochet (almost properly lol) still holding it like a knitting needle. Thanks also for keeping my sewing mojo going ive mentioned you in my blog again, re: the patchwork bed linen, yer im the copy cat from ballarat!! Have an awesome day ...Di

  114. Kate, you inspire me. Your zest for life and your determination to follow your dreams should be bottled.
    When I watch the weather forecast each night, I often think of your lovely family caravaning across Australia and see that the weather are experiencing is quite different to your home farm.
    Looking forward to the rest of your adventures.

  115. Hi! i just simply lurve that cushion, all the colors look awesome together, I wanna make one for me, I am gunna make one for me! (if i don't win), yes i agree to all the previous comments your blog is totally inspiring for me too! keep on enjoying your adventures - awesome stuff!

  116. hi Kate
    today when my miss 12 yearold was telling me how much she hates school, and yesterday when she came home a bit broken from all the drama and boredom that school and the kids there dumped on her, i thought of your family. in your van. free. and together. it makes me a little more determined to somehow make it happen, and then i told her she could stay home today and play. and be free. :-) x i love your blog because you are one cool chicky and you just get it.

  117. ooh, so many lovely comments!

    I'll just leave a joke, a pretty bad joke actually:

    Two snowmen are standing in a meadow. One snowman turns to the other and says, "Do you smell carrots?"

    I am so grateful to have your tales to read, thank you!

  118. I have been laughing out loud reading about hair getting caught in your crochet! My kids think I'm nuts sitting here giggling to myself. I have the same problem and thought it was just me - so I'm thrilled that I'm not alone in the stray hair department!!! Your blog is just delightful and being able to hear all about your wonderful adventures is amazing. My gorgeous Kylie (from Blue Teacups) has bought a retro caravan and I am green with envy. If I were to win your gorgeous giveaway - I would re-gift it to her as it would be lovely to have something that starts in one caravan, end up in another caravan. Have a fab week!! Leah x

  119. Dear Vintage Caravanners,
    Thank you for taking us on the journey with you. Daylesford holds a special place in our hearts so as you travel we trace your trip on the map in our home. You are having a holiday for us.
    Jacinta and Patrick (Age 12)

  120. I love reading your blog for many reasons. You are so crafty and I love that you are taking your family on the road. That has always been a dream of mine. You must be patient, because I do not think I could handle it now, but you seem so happy and calm. I love the pictures you post, the adventure and the calm; the fun and great moments. So, even if I do not win I am glad that I let you know why I love love love your blog. You inspire me.

  121. I like reading your blog because it makes me feel part of your adventure.

  122. I like following you on Insagram. To see the real life adventure in an instant. I love your blog because your values are close to mine when it involves organics, thrifting and creating. I do try not to overwhelm people i "like" on blogland or instagram...i don't want to be one of those insanely "oh i love you" people but i really do love the community of blogging (and iphone's).
    I am insanely jealous you are on the road when our next big trip is sooo far away..i really want to be in my retro-mobile especially after seeing your posts.
    I love how everyone (most) bloggers are so sharing with their comments, information, skills and life's.I have been blogging for a year and a half and i still haven't gotten over it. Thankyou Kate for sharing your stories with us...and thankyou blogland.

  123. Hooray! Have been wondering what the 'maker' in you was up to!

  124. As I said in my last comment, uber inspired by you guys!!! We check in every single time you post, to see what you've been up to! Almost feels like we're all traveling with you, which is a nice way to feel when you are stuck at home in the middle of the city, day in day out!

    Love your toy post - totally planning another toy clear up thanks to that!

  125. oh my goodness there were lots of comments to scroll through just now!
    i like to read your blog as it's a lovely little holiday from whatever is going on in my day, in my head, in my reality. it's a little get-away to another reality, that of you and your family and it's just so honest and genuine that it helps me tune-in to y'all and tune-out to me.
    it's just wonderful.
    plus you also write some real thought provoking bits and pieces, so you are definitely not a non-writer!!
    i've loved hearing all about your adventures and can't wait to hear about the rest of your journey down the coast, if you make it past broome :D

  126. I have just recently started following you and your wee family. I have however read through your older posts. I have been truly inspired! You are so talented and adventurous. I have even shared some posts with my class of 16 five and six year olds. All the best for the rest of your journey. Katie xxo.

  127. I read all your posts as if we have been old friends. Eager to hear what new thoughts you have & new adventures that have been had. Your sweet blog is my inspiration to knit more and live intentionally. Inspired by the voices of experience.

  128. Vorrei tanto vincere questo cuscino, per appoggiarci la testa, chiudere gli occhi e sognare sognare sognare.... di essere in Australia.

  129. I'm grateful for your blog right now because it's an aesthetically pleasing procrastination device. I'm meant to be writing an essay.

    Keep on travelling Kate! xx

  130. Glad you are still finding time for crafting while off adventuring...and very generous of you to give away your gorgeous cushion! Your blog is always inspiring Kate...whether it's your crafting, your caravaning, your family or your organic farming and way of thanks! x

  131. I think I am enjoying your adventure just as much as you all are. I've never been to Australia and never likely to, but at least I can 'get it'.

    OK, now some entertainment:


    Four girlies and Bren,
    A rooster, taking care of his hens,
    They laughed, they played, they learned and they loved,
    So glad they gave their little world an almighty shove!


    Man: Doctor, doctor I think I am turning into a pig.
    Doctor: Oh dear, how long have you been feeling like this?
    Man: About a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

    OK, not my best work, but I am so tired. Have been packing, sorting, bootfairing, eBaying, Freecycling and dumping so that I finally stop procrastinating and get on with my new life in a new country.

    Take care.
    Jak x

  132. oh Kate, it's wonderful...maybe one day I'll be able to crochet like this...perhaps you should send it to me for inspiration! ;) I read your blog because I enjoy the stories you tell, I like seeing the things you create...and now I am REALLY enjoying seeing your travels, especially when you were in Alice and the Uluru area...cause we travelled there on a family holiday when I was a kidlet...actually probably a tad older than Indi! It's inspiring that one day I might just pack up and do something like this! xx

  133. Kate, you are sooo good to us :-)
    Reading your blog is like traveling with my own family. We live in Cologne (Germany) and run a small hostel, therefore we had not much time to travel. I like reading your thoughts about live and how to live it. It remains me that I sometimes have to stop and think of the things I´m doing.
    Have a good time with your family and many nice moments.

  134. Oh Kate, people have written such lovely things... I am abit tired and don't feel particularly eloquent. One of the reasons (there are loads) that I really like your blog is because you are so inclusive, I feel like you're saying 'Hey Tan (and Cathie/Jessica/ Lauren/Jak etc), guess what- we've been swimming in waterholes, it's ace, I have been sewing and it's doing my head in' (not that that is your words, but that's the 'tone' I feel from you). Hmmm, do you know what I mean? I really value people being 'real', and I think you are pretty's not always that easy to come by! No jokes from me either... but I will tell you that our fruit trees are blossoming and fruit tree blossoms are gorgeous, Cam cut some for us to have inside- yey. My neighbour said, "I couldn't do that, I'd just look at that and say- that's fruit'! I assured her we will have an abundance of fruit and have enought blossom to enjoy a little bit inside (plus, Cam cut it and I am sure he was strategic!). Take care, Foxs Lane family, continue to travel well.

  135. I love your blog for the fabulous projects, the colorful photos, marvelous girls, the inspiration, the honesty. It takes a lot to give up privacy and be willing to let it all show, but you do it so naturally that it doesn't even feel like an effort. And, of course, I like to read your blog for the sense I get of living vicariously--you do things I'd never have access to in my life (and even if I did, I don't know that I'd have the guts to do them). Thanks!

  136. Thank you Kate and family for sharing your travels and adventures. I look forward to reading about each stop on the way.
    Thank you for reminding me about the simple things, like taking time to crochet.
    Happy travelling!

  137. Kate,
    Your blog has become and inspiration for my husband and I. We are also the very proud parents of 3 beautiful girls and dream of one day completing a similar journey to your family. My husband was not a "blog reader/follower" until I introduced him to the world of foxs lane. I do laugh now when he happily tells me "they have done a new post!!" who would have thought an old caravan (a beautiful one at that) would have the power to convert a grown man!

    We would love to win your gorgeous cushion ad a reminder of our very own dreams and a way to keep it real.

    Happy travels.

  138. reading your blog is my holiday, we have a 16 month beautiful girl and while she is still alseep every morning I make myself a coffee and read you blog, I admire those gorgeous photos (so real and so beautiful), you and your holiday are a true inspiration for me. I dream everyday of having the guts and courage to do what you are doing! :)

  139. Hello Kate,
    The first time I read this post and I read them all, I didn't enter the give away..... I never enter them or even usually comment.
    I decided to comment after your last post with you saying how grateful you are to have so many people interested in what you do.
    You see I'm a lurker and I'm sure there are hundreds of others out there too following your adventures quietly without comment, so on behalf of the lurkers.. we love what you do and look forward to a good read each post. We may be just a bit shy to show the love xx

  140. Yours is a new-to-me blog. So I feel a little guilty entering your giveaway - but couldn't resist. I've just started following since you 'hit the road', wishing very much that our little family had done something similar when our boy was young. What a great time your girls are having - and something that will stay with them for such a long time. I love the idea of leaving all the clutter behind! cheers Wendy

  141. beautiful family history all hooked into a gorgeous piece of wooly goodness. i hear you gypsy friend. there are so many lessons and gifts on the road, all there for the taking. love your blog, just because

  142. I only came across your blog as you were preparing to leave on your wonderful trip, and I enjoyed looking at your crochet projects so much that I decided I just had to teach myself. I've just about finished my first cushion and have started on a second, it is addictive!

    It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day grind, reading family and craft centered blogs helps me to be a better me. Whether it's learning to crochet because I've seen something I've admired on a blog such as yours, or making a recipe I've seen somewhere else or even reading a parenting essay about just...slowing...down. They are all reminders to appreciate and make the most of what we have in this life, and to cherish those we hold close.

    On an entirely different note, I am so envious you are heading to Broome! I would so much love to go there one day, I hope you post lots of photos.

  143. I like reading your blog because it makes me feel part of your adventure., like i have left my job ams normal life behind and embarked on an awesome adventure

  144. Hi Kate..hopefully it's not too late to be in the mix for the giveaway! My computer was MIA the last few days. Love the colours.

  145. Kate, Love your blog. I check in every few days to get a taste of the Australia I know and love, the Australia I haven't lived in for 10 years. I live on the other side of the world, in a climate opposite to Oz, and at times I miss the open spaces and dry bush on the roadsides, the blue skies and sun and heat and most importantly - the friendly, laid back people. Your caravan adventure reminds me of all this. I read your blog and make little lists of the places I have never been that I want to see some day. Cheers!

  146. I love your blog, it's a must-read. It's awesome. I'm loving following your pictures on Instagram.

  147. you know that I just love you Kate, I know that sounds a bit mushy to say, but you really were one of the first bloggers that I connected with and called a friend before even meeting.
    after meeting you, I know that you are as awesome as your writing.

    Keep on being awesome lovely friend.
    big squishy hugs ♥

  148. Hi Kate
    Really enjoy reading your blog. A crafty friend of mine put me on to it as i also make things out of opp shop finds like sheets, aprons, curtains etc. What a great journey and some fantastic photos. I once also travelled around oz and its great to see you stopped at some of the same places. Even though I am on the other side of the world my dream is to go again on a trip like yours with my 10 year old daughter and show her my country. Im knitting squares to make a patch blanket. Need to refresh my crochet skills as promised to crochet flowers leafs and butterflies on it. One of my favourite Tim Winton stories is his short fable like story Blueback, its a lovely read and also suitable for younger readers. Hope your journey continues well.

  149. I just love reading all about your road trip. I LOVE it! I feel like I'm on it with you. I feel that you and your family are so brave in doing it and then to top it off, you're sharing it with us is just so amazing. I'd love to do something even remotely close to it and just like you inspire me when you're at home, you are inspiring me now to plan something like this. A great experience and familial bonding. I think you are just such a kind soul on the blogosphere and I'm so glad I came across your blog a year or 2 ago! Thanks heaps [I don't think I would usually say "thanks heaps" is it an aussie thing? Could have rubbed off on me when I used to watch Neighbours and Home&Away or just from following you aussie girls' blogs!!!] xxx

  150. Hiya Kate!

    I've been thinking of you and still following your blog and journey, been struggling with my health so haven't even had energy to send you emails, but it's coming right!
    You and your family are having a great time - what a great gift to give your girls, they will remember it forever! LIfe is about relationships and spending time with your loved ones. You and your farmer boy will reap so many benefits for taking this family time out to travel Australia. I wish I had done something similiar with my kids.
    I was looking at your caravan - it's so lekker [afrikaans word - meaning nice great grand wonderful]. If you have time check out this site:
    It's a campsite in SA where they have refurbished old caravans and you can stay in them!

    Keep safe, enjoy your adventure!

    Love Carol

  151. Has been such a long time since I entered a bloggy giveaway. I probably don't even deserve to enter given I haven't been very bloggy lately!

    I'll tell you a joke my 12yo told me a couple of weeks back. It's much better when she tells it cos she is so cute when she does it.

    Three men are on a boat in the middle of nowhere when it sinks. In the distance they seen an island and they all swim towards it. When they arrive they find that the island is inhabited by cannibals. They freak out as they don't want to be eaten, so the cannibals make a deal with them. Each one of them has to go and find 10 pieces of fruit and bring it back to the cannibal village.

    The first guy finds 10 bananas and takes them back to the village. The cannibals tell him that in order to keep his life, he has to shove each banana up his bum and not make any noise. If he makes a noise they'll kill him. The guy proceeds to stick the bananas up his bum and when he gets to the fourth banana he makes a noise so the cannibals kill him.

    The next guy comes along with 10 cherries. As with the first guy, he is asked to shove the cherries up his bum and not make a noise or else he'll be killed. He gets to the 8th cherry when he suddenly bursts out laughing. The cannibals kill him.

    The first guy is waiting at the gates of heaven, when the first second guy arrives to wait with him.
    The first guy asks the second guy "What happened? you were doing so well, why did you laugh"
    The second guy said "I couldn't help it. I saw the next guy coming with an armful of pineapples"

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