Tuesday, August 2, 2011

People in my neighbourhood.

A guy I met this morning asked me why all these kids aren't at school? They are at school, I replied, the school of life! Fair enough he said, I was worried but I guess they were better behaved than some of the adults around here last night.

This morning we met a couple with two kids, a nine year old boy and a seven year old girl. Both were born on the same date two years apart. November 15th. Our Indi's birthday too.

This morning we met an Irish guy on a one year working visa working at a bar in the middle of nowhere for twelve weeks. He really enjoyed the work and said the bosses treated the staff very well.

Another guy we met this morning was filling up a big, plastic tub with soapy water. He was going to chuck the family's dirty laundry in and let the agitation of the drive to the next caravan park wash it clean for them. I love this simple idea and probably should consider doing the same, but the convenience of three dollars for a washing machine at the next caravan park wins every time.

This morning two guys on camping chairs sat outside their caravan and watched as Bren reversed our van into it's spot. Occasionally they yelled out comments at us. About three hours later we sat on our camping chairs outside our caravan eating sandwiches and watching a guy reverse his caravan into it's spot. It was hard at times, but we didn't call out any comments at all.

This afternoon we met a couple who had poured talcum powder on every part of their caravan that touched the ground so the ants don't climb up inside. I wonder if it'll work.

This afternoon, I heard a woman tell her husband off over and over and over for how he was parenting their children. I'm certain that after a while he stopped listening to her, the same way she accused him of saying the same thing over and over and the kids not listening to him. Get in the car! Get in the car! Stop repeating yourself! Stop repeating yourself!

This afternoon a man in a cap walked past the spot where I was giving Farmer Bren a number two haircut. I offered to cut his hair next but he said he'd been done too recently.

This afternoon we saw a couple fishing in a water hole where there was a sign that read No Fishing! So not cool. Indi was most upset and really wanted to tell them off, but I thought it was safer to leave.

This evening the girls met and danced with a little girl called Jamie Lea. Jamie Lea lives here in Mataranka and goes to the local primary school. She showed us her t'shirt with the school name on it to prove it. She gets to swim in the thermal springs sometimes, but not all the time. My girls thought it was a bit odd that Jamie Lea lives where they are on holidays. I guess they don't remember that it happens all the time in reverse in their town in Daylesford.

I think if you had met me today you would probably think I was a happy, present, attentive, interested Mother. Except for that bit when I got cross with my middle child for constantly complaining about everything.

All pics in this post were taken at The Devils Marbles, NT.
The last pic was taken just after two enormous road trains drove up to the peaceful scene. The drivers jumped out and marched towards us. I was certain they were going to tell us we had to leave so they could do road works or something, but instead they got out their cameras and started snapping photos of the amazing view. You can see them there on top of one of the trucks getting a better view.

And finally, a HUGE thank you for all your kind and helpful comments on my last post. I needed to write that post to get it out and I needed to read your words of wisdom. I am having internet issues so visiting and commenting and emailing have been difficult but I read and considered and loved every one.

I do hope everything is sunshiney in your world.

Bye. xx


  1. Ahh Mataranka springs arent they lovely?Were there many tourists?When we were there eons ago there were way to many people.Loved your tales today

  2. It's my experience that most of the time a very good day follows a very bad one. Glad you are all back on the curious, embracing, happy train once more. x

  3. Photos are brilliant! Good to see Pepper packed a tutu. I love her! I was having one of those Rare For Me days where felt like a good mother. I am sure it won't last.

  4. Love all those photos but that third one is just so beautiful.

    I love meeting friendly people. I tear up sometimes when people are just nice and chatty just because.
    It reminds me of how nice us humans can be.

    Ack. Cats pulling out power cords meant that I didn't get back to comment on your last post. Not much wisdom but I would have offered you some virtual hugs.


  5. Yay, you're entering close to the city where my 4 babies were born. I love Mataranka, except when i was finally about to swim, pregnant with our first, oh 1998 anyone, a tour bus of Contiki noisey folk stopped & it put me right off. So technically i've never swam there.
    Enjoy those road trains, they'll only get heavier between Katherine & Darwin. Are you going to Litchfield while you're on the way up or down, you MUST go there. You're about to experience the most beautiful weather. Let me know if you want any tips on what to do in Darwin, i'll full of them. Crocodylus is the ONLY crocodile park to go to, it's fantastic, a proper zoo & everything, but quite the crocodile education. Must also see a sunset at Mindil Beach, pop out to East Point (on your bikes) & dinner on the Stokes Hill Wharf, after a run along the Esplanade (we have an apartment there, it's gorgeous on the harbour!!)
    Enjoy enjoy enjoy, hopefully nothing goes wrong & you truly have to experience what NT really stands for . . . not today, not tomorrow, not Tuesdays, not Thursdays, they truly are never in a hurry, take that with a grain of salt. Love Posie

  6. I missed your unhappy post ... glad to have found you again in a happier place. And in geographically the most amazing place. More and more I feel as if I want to cross the world and see the places you're all seeing, but maybe without those ants!

  7. Lovely post, and tomorrow will have a whole new lot of neighbours! How great is that!
    Now, I'm not happy - ever since I read your post title, I can't get that pesky Seaseme Street song out of my head - you know the one, hopefully it's out of my head by tomorrow.

  8. Great post - I love hearing all about your adventures!! Your children sound gorgeous; full of excitement, curiosity and a sense of what's right! You're so right that they're probably learning just as much as if they were at school!!

  9. Oh, I want to come to Australia and visit all these amazing places. I am a geologist by training and although now I am more interested in textiles, I am always curious of the strange shapes that rocks might have.
    You are right, this trip is the best of school for your kids and they will remember it for the rest of their lives.

  10. I'm so loving all of your photographs of Aussie Kate! These devils marbles are fab and I love the shot of the split one with the kids inside... it's just amazing, thank you for sharing! Have a safe journey to your next stopping spot!

  11. Great post. I am absolutely loving all the tales of your journey xx

  12. Beautiful photos and words Kate. Glad you had such a lovely time yesterday

  13. Great pics.
    And there are so many interesting people out there aren't there?

  14. Nice to hear you back to your happy self, glad you had a better day. You meet a great variety of people on holidays, hearing about them all makes me feel like im there.

    Well better get my girls ready for school, would much rather them learn from the scho o of life in the middle of the country.... But alas, that will have to wait...

    Xx elisha

  15. yes, those ants - it took us a few weeks to work out that they had got into our clothes and beds without us knowing and we had bites or reactions for about three weeks! We eventually shook out and rewashed all our clothes and all our bedding! We did love it there but preferred Edith falls for the lack of ants!

  16. You write so well, Kate - I look forward to every post!

  17. Beautiful photos Kate. I'm enjoying hearing about some of the people you are meeting along the way. It certainly is a catalogue of human behaviour.
    Have an awesome day,
    Anne xx

  18. Hello gorgeous lady!
    I love hearing all that you are up to on your big adventure.
    You're inspiring us to make plans for our own adventure.
    Take care & have fun. xxx

  19. Amazing photos!

    Was wondering about you this morning and how you might be dealing with wet beds between caravan parks (since we are in the middle of overnight toilet training with limited success so far) - wondering if you wash before you leave and have a drying rack in the van but figured you probably had enough sheets to get you through a couple of days!! Or perhaps you don't really have that many accidents and it's not an issue for you at all!!

    And don't you just love caravan parks for the insight you get into other people's lives!

  20. The sun is shining in Victoria! Yay! Thanks for keeping in touch xxx sending hugs to you all xx

  21. Beautiful photos Kate. Love being "on" this travelling holiday with you.

  22. I really enjoyed your observations, they cracked me up. It must have been hard to hold your tongues watching that man reverse his caravan.

    The Devil's Marbles look very interesting. I especially liked thta one split down the middle.

  23. Ahhh Kate Nov 15 is a great Day for a Birthday in my part of the world too! Love your photos and stories, your blog is going to be such a wonderful thing to look back on for the kids when they get old to help them recollect some details of this adventure that for them may my fade with time

  24. Don't worry about the silly man with the worried look on his face over the girls not being in school. I have a 13 and 15 year old. Last year they had 8 months off school travelling through NZ,Canada,the US and the Pacific Islands with us and it is the greatest experience you could ever give them, life on the road, with little possessions, meeting people from all walks of life and being together as a family unit is so very special. ENJOY!

  25. Well 'sunshiney' is certainly the word for today!! You wouldn't believe the incredible spring weather that's upon us down here at the moment, it's nice, amazing what a bit of sun can do for the soul. I loved reading this post today Kate, the different people you come across, isn't it all very entertaining, observing people..x

  26. Lovely pic and case study of your farm in the Weekly Time's "Farm" magazine today. Bren holding a chook and another pic of a carton of eggs. Travel safe and enjoying the adventure, K8

  27. Beautiful photos Kate. Did you know many trucks have a keg system under the trailer to wash their clothes in like you saw? It is a great system when you are stuck on the road.

  28. Hi Kate..please don't feel you have to reply to this comment..I just love that we are travelling Australia with you and seeing the best of it..and your family!

  29. Loving this post! It must be a week for totally ramdom, but yet intensely informative blog posts! Have a great week xx

  30. Such interesting people in your neighborhood...you really are giving the girls the most amazing experience.

  31. Now I'm feeling homesick!! I drove past the marbles so many times to do my fortnightly shopping :) a 500kms round trip for a few hours shopping in Tennant Creek. I met my husband there and birthed 5 of my 7 babies in that country. I miss the sense of space and belonging, the connection to country and people so much ..sigh..

  32. Today I left early and came home too late... I didn't see anyone in my neighbourhood. Yours sounds rather interesting. Jack saw a tiger snake in our neighbourhood yesterday... I thought it would be too early for them to be visiting. What a few sunny days will do! Lovely to hear from you Kate xx

  33. Yay. You made it to the springs. Are they still full of bats? Getting further north and warmer now. Enjoy NT. Have a mango smoothy from mindel markets for me. Wish we were heading back, but will have to be content to be just over an hour from and meeting you:)
    Great photos.

  34. Did you make it to Bitter Springs? These are not as busy as Mataranka Springs but still at Mataranka.
    Good to see everyone in a better place!

  35. What a wonderful post! Your adventures sound fantastic. I can't wait to read the next instalment! Happy travels.

  36. Found my way here after following a linky to your beautiful quilts, and just had to read some more. You have a very lovely blog and hope you don't mind me tagging along your journey.

  37. Hi Kate. I am so happy to have found you! I love READING your blog, and the pictures just ads even more life to the well composed words of yours. ANd how did I end up here? Through a blogger called Bunny Mummy who loves crochet as much as I do and just gave her first go on patchwork. She linked to your place as she was blown away by your vintage quilts. And I have to say I am swept off my feet as well. And to find out that your blog not only is eye candy but also has a message of life and some substanse to eat is a real treat. I will follow your every step from now on and catch up with your previous posts bit by bit to get the whole picture together of who you are, where you are from and your, t o me, great values of life. Lovely.

  38. loved the visit to The Devils Marbles through your tees kate.
    read my email and DO IT

  39. Oh Kate...it's just gorgeous...
    I have a photo of me at Devils marbles...with dreadlocks in hair...If I find it I will scan it and send you the pic...
    It is bringing back so many memories...
    Time for a holiday I think...

  40. Oh Darling so pleased the dust has settled for YOU. What about that gorgeous pink tutu in the middle of Australia:)
    Everything's very sunshiney here I've been accepted to exhibit in a very prestigious event, WuHu.
    Huge Hugs Darlings ♥♥♥♥♥

  41. What stunning photos. How wonderful... and yes I'd go the $3 washing machine over hand washing (with the assistance of drive-time agitation) any day!


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