Monday, October 24, 2011

Miss Pepper is Four.

Our Beautiful Pepper Berry birthday girl.

Very, very early this morning there was a discussion from the bunk bed end of the caravan. Someone told you that today was your birthday and you said it couldn't be because your birthday was going to be in Monkey Mia. As soon as you realised that it was Monkey Mia and so it must be your birthday you were up and excited. Birthday day was on!

You sat at your birthday table and surveyed the scene. You opened your prezzies and ate a few lollies and wore your birthday tiara proudly.

Then we got dressed and looked out of the caravan door to the beach and saw a dolphin right in front of our van doing a special private show. We squealed with delight and were certain she was there to wish you a very special happy birthday. (Mum embarrassed you by coming to see what the fuss was about dressed only in a bed sheet, but let's not go there.)

Then we walked down the beach to watch the dolphin feeding.

By the time we got back to the caravan and cooked up your birthday love heart pancakes we were all super hungry, but you refused to eat until we invited all your friends to eat too.

You spent the day swimming at the beach and the pool, doing make-overs with the big girls, pretending to chat on the mobile Phone Jazzy made for you, watching the movie Dad made of your life and running from van to van to beach and back.

You and your friends were super excited about your party and asked about it all day long. When finally it was time to get ready for the party, you and Ivy helped with the cake and everybody carried the food and drinks outside.

And what a great party!

I love that you did a bit of break dancing while everyone was posing for this photo. I also love that you took lots of breaks to have 'time out' in the caravan over the course of the afternoon.

Because of the sea breeze, birthday candle time needed a bit of shelter in the form of a couple of beach towels. It looks like you had a bit of help from Ivy and Georgie with the blowing out too.

Your Dad finally got to perform 'happy birthday' on the ukelele.

And you cut the cake and knife came out dirty and you kissed the nearest boy.

What a day!

I hope that your year of being four is as happy as today has been.

We love you hunormously.

Miss Pepper's third birthday here.
Miss Pepper's second birthday here and party here.
And yes, she has worn the same tutu for all three birthdays, but sadly I think it might retire after this trip.

Happy days. xx


  1. Oh happy birthday to the little lady!
    How fun to celebrate a birthday on the road!
    Looks amazing, enjoy xxx

  2. I love a good birthday party, and what better way than to celebrate with all your new friends.

    Happy Birthday to a gorgeous girl - I am sure that tutu can make one more year!

  3. Happy Birthday Princess Pepper!
    I'm sure it is one you will remember for many many years to come, I can only inmagine what it's like to have a dolphin visit on your birthday - what a beautiful spot to celebrate the big 4 (no caravan park pun intended) :)

  4. HAPPY birthday Miss Pepper, you are so lucky to have a birthday in such a magical place!....i have really enjoyed reading your blog on the road Kate, you are truly creating a wonderful picture for us all stuck at home !

  5. what special, unforgettable birthdays your beautiful girls are having on this trip! Happy birthday Miss Pepper, it looks like a fantabulous day.

  6. Happy 4th Birthday Miss Pepper Berry. I am so happy that you had a very special day to remember for a very special girl. Maybe I should post some chocolate chip cookies to you all!

  7. Wow Miss Pepper it looks like you had an awesome birthday. What a great place to turn 4 especially having a birthday hello from a dolphin. Happy Birthday

  8. What a little dolly she is. Looks like a wonderful and happy birthday.

  9. Happy fourth birthday to you, darling Pepper.
    It sounds like your big day was fantastic.
    Bee and I look forward to seeing you in eight days time. That day can't arrive fast enough.
    I love you very very much.
    Your Ra xxxx

  10. Happy birthday beautiful girl. What a memorable day. xx

  11. Miss Pepper, you are just the most adorable four year old girl and it looks like you have had such a fun day celebrating your birthday :)
    Happy Birthday to you.


  12. Waaahoooooo Birthday Girl!
    Much love and birthday kisses for you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  13. Health and happiness just radiate from the birthday girl! Happy Birthday to Miss Pepper Berry!

  14. Happy birthday Pepper!!! She is so very cute Kate. What special way to celebrate your birthday, one that she will remember forever. xo

  15. sounds like THE most perfect birthday. four is the best age to be! little pepper is just so gorgeous and you definately had a wonderful day. your love for your family and your beautiful stories inspire me endlessly. xx

  16. Miss Pepper is a lucky little lady. What a beautiful 4th birthday.

  17. Happy Birthday Miss Pepper!
    What beautiful memories your mummy and daddy and big sisters are creating with you on your special day!
    Happy travels x

  18. What a gorgeous little person she is Kate - happy birthday Miss Pepper.
    Her celebration looks fabulous.
    I just want to say how much I am enjoying living through you vicariously Kate!! Your trip is amazing.
    As a nine-year-old my family drove across the Nullabor and up to Kalbarri and I have those memories for life - what you are doing is wonderful.

  19. Such a fabulous birthday. Such a brilliant place to celebrate... and I can't believe Miss Pepper is four already. What!!!

    Happy Happy Birthday Pepper.

  20. Happy Four to Pretty Miss Perfect Pepper ... perfection in a perfect place for pretty, perfect, Pepper person wearing plaits ... OK I'll stop ... Big LOVE to ALL ♥♥♥♥♥

  21. Happy 4th Birthday to Miss Pepper! What a cutie she is, and what a beautiful day!

  22. Happy Birthday sweet Pepper baby. What a way to celebrate!!

  23. What an amazing day, its one she will never forget x

  24. what a cool gang. i'd be break dancing in my tutu too-too! happy birthday peppy!! xx

  25. Birthday hugs all the way from Norway to little miss P =)
    Siv xx

  26. Happy Birthday Miss Pepper.. what a lovely thoughtful child she is.. doesn't make you buy her a new birthday outfit every year :)

  27. A happy happy happy birthday to you Miss Pepper. October 24 is the bestest evers day to be born ;-)

  28. Jeez I love your family.

    You all rock my socks.

    Happy Birthday Pepper!

  29. Happy Birthday Miss Pepper! Today is my birthday too. I turned 24. I hope your birthday was as fun and fabulous as mine was.

  30. Hey happy birthday to the gorgeous Miss Pepper, wow four is so special..

  31. Happy Birthday big girl, looks like the most wonderful day. x

  32. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEPPER! Gosh she is just the cutest thing! What a day, it all looks pretty perfect & I love that she took herself off for quite time every now & then, not to get over excited & savouring all the specialness of the day. This all looks like the way to go for your big day, Kate. I'm not sure I could think of anything more perfect..x

  33. Always makes me smile yr beautiful family....those cakes look pretty impressive !! Thanks for bringing some sunshine to this cold-ish Melbourne day :)

  34. What a fabulous day !!
    And THE cutest birthday girl!!!XXX

  35. happy birthday Miss Pepper, looks like you had a fab birthday xx

  36. Looks like a wonderful birthday....4 years,Happy Birthday Miss P.

    Your photos are awesome.

  37. Happiest birthday to you Pepper, what a fabbo day being with the gorgeous dolphins!!

  38. Happy Birthday Pepper! Definately a birthday you'll never forget! xx

  39. What a gorgeous way to spend a birthday. Happy Birthday to Miss Pepper.
    My boys got invited to a 6th birthday for a girl last week in the caravan park. It was super cute.
    I could live there for a year too.We loved Monkey Mia most of all.

  40. Happy Happy Birthday Miss Pepper!!
    Such a beautiful little lady. What a fun party she had.
    Happy days to you all.

  41. belated happy birthday to gorgeous miss pepper and very belated birthday to you!
    ari turned 4 yesterday {party today} and it reminded me :)

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