Friday, October 14, 2011

This is/was a craft blog?

A few days ago I was reading through a list of Australian Women Bloggers when I came across the words personal blogger next to me. Personal blogger?? When did that happen? Foxs Lane was created two years ago as a way for me to document the crafty stuff I was making and to connect with the crafty community. And there I was listed as a personal blogger.

So in order to get in touch with my crafty blogger roots and to record some of the stuff I've been making, here is a crafty blog post.

First off we have the Star pot-holder, details here. The Star pot-holder was crocheted when there was a family suggestion that I should decorate the spot just above our bed in the caravan. There will be more pot-holders to follow soon I hope.
Next up we have Daisy the Birthday Fairy named by Jazzy the birthday girl upon receiving her last week. Daisy's details here. The pattern I knitted Daisy from is super cute and includes a dolly with thumbs and feet and a dress and even undies. Miss Jazzy loves her.

And then the gorgeous Ms Chooky sent me one of her fab vintage Western Australia cushions and I stitched our journey so far on it.
Mine are not neat stitches and I'm not even sure what they are called, but they sort of blend in together when there are lots of them. I probably could tell you some story of each stitch representing an hour of driving, or a memory created, or an 'are we there yet?' but I haven't quite worked that one out yet.

That's where we are now, at the bottom left there in Carnarvon WA. We have been checking out some farms in the area and stocking up on organic produce. We're heading to Coral Bay after the farmers' market tomorrow.

And then there was that afternoon a week or so ago when I decided that as a knitter I really should learn how to knit pretty pictures and change colours. So using the book Picture Perfect Knits, I taught myself the Intarsia method.

It's a bit tight in the middle and the back is a bit of a mess but I think for a first go it's alright.
And lastly there's my car crochet project.

This is slow one because I'm this family's long distance driver but it's still handy to have a bit here and a bit there project.

I don't know what this is. I am too impatient to commit to a big blanket, I like the idea of learning new crochet stitches, it's worked in cotton so it's not too hot or sweaty and perhaps one day it'll turn into a throw or a lap rug or something.

So there you have it. Maybe this isn't a craft blog anymore but it still contains crafty interludes from time to time.

May your weekend be a wonderful one.

Happy travels. xx

ps. yes, I know the spacing and text sizing in this post is all over the place but blogger is driving me nuts and I've been playing with this post for ages and its time to let it go and press the publish button.

pps. I know the layout of this blog must be driving you mad Dad. If you want to have a go at fixing it let me know and I'll give you my deets. x


  1. I didn't realise you were listed as a personal blogger. I must go back and check out that list.
    Love your cushion stitching - now that's a very cool idea as a travel memento!

  2. I love your blog ... whatever you write about. I think all we crafty bloggers stray into personal blogging territory sooner or later ... there really is only so much you can say about knitting, sewing, and crochet, and we do all those things in the context of our lives. Ditch the niche say I, and just be true to yourself ... and I'm sure that means there will still be lots of Foxs Lane makes :D

  3. I agree with Annie, I love your blog whatever "it is".
    But you know that already.
    I also agree with Annie about how many crafty bloggers also talk about personal stuff, but I wonder if most blogs do this too. i don't know.
    anyway I love Daisy ( and that's I'm not a big doll person so that's saying something) and seeing your stitched out path on Cath's cushion, plus these new fancy crochet squares, whatever they become.'

  4. Blogs seem to ebb and flow, through our craft and our family and whatever else. I am also demented by bloggers space weirdness -wish I could help ...and I am deadly jealous of that cushion..

  5. Ha! I wonder the same thing about my blog sometimes, 'this is supposed to be a craft blog.' At the moment it is more of a renovation and personal blog. But I grow and change, so why fight it? :)

  6. Blogs that follow a persons life, and include craftiness in the mix is far more interesting in my books than a blog just about craft. Because craft is relevant to and influenced by our day to day lives.
    I do love your blog, craftiness (and my goodness there are some lovely things there you've been creating) or no craftiness. Whatever your blog is it's working anyway :)

  7. Oh wow, seeing your trip all stitched out like that really puts into perspective (for me at least, sitting here watching while you drive & drive & drive) just how far you've travelled!

    Unless a blog is all craft all the time I don't tend to think of them in categories like that... which is just as well because mine would be labelled something like "ADD blogger".

    I feel like I miss you at the moment... I wonder why? xx

  8. That cushion is awesome - what a great holiday souvenir.

  9. I love the potholder. Everything is pretty but that potholder makes me smile.

    thanks for sharing!

  10. That cushion of your travels is such a fantastic idea! I love reading about your crafty adventures as well as your personal ones. To be honest though, I think your personal lives are pretty creative as well!

  11. Yes I'm listed as personal too and I don't want that category either? Have to investigate!
    WOW the cushion is awesome, magnificently tracking your journey plus you're not alone Darling, blogger's driving me nuts too. Thinking of you ALL every day ♥♥♥♥♥

  12. Do we have to be pigeon holed? Your blog is always fabulous...its you :-) Love that pot holder and the cushion, great idea!

  13. I love the idea of tracking your journey that way - I was lucky enough to buy a Tasmania cushion from Cathy and I love it!!

  14. Oh Pah-Phewey to them. It is a craft blog what they don't realise that even Crafties get to take holidays.. and yes.. they even craft on their holidays! Loving the pot holder, I'm going over to heart it on Rav!!!

  15. Ah Blog Schmog - people just love putting things in little boxes when sometimes things just aren't that straightforward.
    I like what it is - what ever that may be. Perhaps "A crafty Blog With Feeling" ?
    Love the cushion!

  16. This is a gorgeous dose of crafty goodness, Kate! I love everything, mostly your stitched journey on Cath's cushion..x

  17. Your stitching on the map fabric is such a fabulous idea!! Loving it so much. Have a fab week hon.

  18. No, the layout's not driving me mad, Kate. Not at all. Until I arrived at the pps at the end of your post, I hadn't even noticed it. So I don't want to have a go at fixing it. But thanks for the offer, anyway.
    PS I too have big problems with Blogger formatting. So maybe it's genetic with me and you.
    PPS The layout may not be perfect; but in my eyes you are.

  19. Reminds me of a line from "you've got mail"

    Joe Fox: It wasn't... personal.
    Kathleen Kelly: What is that supposed to mean? I am so sick of that. All that means is that it wasn't personal to you. But it was personal to me. It's *personal* to a lot of people. And what's so wrong with being personal, anyway?
    Joe Fox: Uh, nothing.
    Kathleen Kelly: Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.

    Hmm, I'm gonna put that on the teev now.

    Loving following your travels, Foxslane family.

  20. HI, my friend and I have been following for ages now, just while you have been traveling anyways. I love what you are doing as a family, we are planning on doing the same next year, we are going up the West Coast though. We live in Dongara and are getting excited that you are getting closer and we (my friend & I)were wondering if you would be stopping in Dongara as we would love to meet you all :)I am also excited to see what you writing about Exmouth etc at the moment as that area is a favourite spot of ours. If you get the chance while at Coral bay go out to Warroora station, the boys start shearing out there on Monday, its a beautiful spot. Anyway keep it up, love the inspiration

  21. Pillow R.U.L.E.S! I should do one every time Ged & I go away...that way he wouldn't get us lost!!!...maybe? lol xx

  22. love your work. i especially ♡ that cushion. small projects are a must

  23. I think that you are a great blogger, crafty post or not. I like to read about your life, your children, your family. And of course about your crafts too!

  24. I looove that cushion. Who cares about a label anyway.

  25. Another one here jealous of both your cushion and the journey being recorded.

    When I became a groupie, your blog was well established and had not only crafty leanings but reflected your life and loves and thoughts about nearly everything. I guess that makes it personal.

    But tag schmag. You have a great blog. End of story.

  26. Your cushion is gorgeous and what a fabulous idea stitched with memories!

    If you make it to the south west of WA (Im in Kojonup), check out the Albany Farmers Markets every Saturday, lots of gorgeous organic produce there!

  27. Lots of lovely crafty stuff here. I've been mucking around with some new crochet techniques/stitches too. Just need some quick stuff.

    Love the pillow Cath sent you. Fabulous indeedy.


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