Sunday, February 19, 2012

This is not a tutorial.

The first part of our weekend was all big city, bright lights, late night, family, friends, fun, fun, fun.

Today we've tried to take it easy. To spend time together at home. To ground ourselves. To have a slow day in preparation for the fast week to come.

We spent a bit of this afternoon making decorations for our kitchen garden. Prettying up the pea and bean stakes. Wrapping wool around sticks.

It was good simple fun.

A great way to use up all the colourful yarn scraps I've been amassing.
Fun time together as a family.
A crafty activity suitable for young and old.
A way to marry wool and nature (I love that combo).
A way to really be together, winding, talking, telling, singing.

We tied a knot with a strand of wool and wound around and around and around.
Some liked neat wraps and others prefered big gaps.

We could probably use beads and bells and sequins and other crafty bits too next time.

I'm totally in the mood to wrap now.
I've been walking around the farm looking at all the potential wrap situations: trees, the uprights in the garage, chairs, stools, bits of the chooken houses, mobiles...

And the newly colourful bean patch makes me so happy every time I walk past.

I have no idea how long my kids will be happy spending a few hours like this, but while they still are, I'll certainly be making the most of it.

I hope you've had a great weekend. Have you done anything special?
Have you been wrapping?
Do you think you might?
What do you think you might wrap?

I hope your week this week is surprising and fabulous.

Bye! x


  1. A friend has a beautiful wrapped branch as a Christmas tree / permanent home decoration. Love your bean stakes!

  2. Hmmm, you've got me thinking now. I have some other offcutty kind of bits that I have been hoarding waiting to find new uses!

    These images are delightful. Makes me wish I'd approached my Sunday in the same way.

  3. Dear Kate
    I found your blog on inspiring reads at little eco footprints a short time ago and I am addicted. Why? You embrace the simple things in life and understand the beauty and the extraordinary in seemingly ordinary things. Thank you for your insight and for sharing your view of the world. Have a great week. Melanie - 3 x 4 & under

  4. A yarn bombed bean patch ... brilliant! And yes I love to wrap, I've even been wrapping sticks, but little one's in a jar not big ones in the garden :D

  5. Your colourful bean patch looks amazing, Kate - now I want to wrap sticks too! for our kitchen garden! (I get so excited saying "our kitchen garden" because it now feels a bit more like one, after we tripled our dirt quota with some boxes on the concrete...). It was so much fun seeing you and your family on friday night... (and yep, we've had a lovely fast and slooow weekend too) xo

  6. I like it! My boys could easily do this too! xx

  7. That is stunning. You have a beautiful family with beautiful hearts. x

  8. Love it! What a fantastic idea. And the kids look like they're having fun with it too.

    I'm with you on the weekends of feeling grounded. Mon-Fri is such a whirlwind that it doesn't feel right to be doing the same busy-busy routine on the weekend!

  9. LOL! you yarn bombed your vege patch!

    hanging up old cd's is a good decoration and way to scare off the birds too.

  10. Ooh, me much intact that I may ripe our kids into doing a bit of yarn bombing too :)
    Never fear Kate...all our kids including our big, almost men late teen boys still love being involved in any crafty's how we roll :)

  11. Sorry about the iPad is constantly spell checking itself

  12. What a lovely idea! If only my Boxers would leave something like that alone.

  13. Loving your wraps and the different wrapping style. What a wonderful and beautiful Sunday afternoon thing to do together, and I'm sure the veggie patch is feeling all sorts of special for such a celebration xo

  14. your life is truly beautiful. i cannot say it enough. xx

  15. Love your colourful garden stakes, and the image of you all sitting and winding slowly together. We have been out weeding our gardens, mowing our foot long grass thanks to all the rain and hosing ourselves as it has been a stinker of a weekend up here. melx

  16. Love so much to see your kitchen garden details of all those lovely green leaves.
    Im sitting here wrapped up in my new/old dressing gown I got at Camberwell markets today for pittance.
    Does wrapping 'me' count?

    ps When did you paint your concrete that luscious shade? Have I missed something?

  17. Yarn bombing in your own garden!! Very cool!

  18. This post even impressed on my husband. :D I think we might have some fun yarn wrapping plans for our vegetable patch this upcoming summer. Gorgeous!

  19. Gorgeous photos. Fun activity. Lovely use of yarn!

  20. Check out your daughters amazing rainbow wool dress, OMG! Loving the yarn bombing in the garden too xx

  21. Love it. What a good idea too for a community garden. A lovely way to get little ones involved.

  22. Yes simple, but so very amazingly effective and oh so very pretty Kate! It truly does make such a difference to the look of the garden. I'll be planting new things in my garden soon and will now have to incorporate some colour like this. Thanks heaps for the inspiration and hope your week is wonderful. x

  23. That looks great! My boys came home with a bounty of different shaped stocks yesterday, of course each stick has a purpose, mostly weapons of some kind! I wonder if the novelty will wear off & they'll put them to better, more colorful use...
    A lovely way for you to spend a Sunday x

  24. The boys are great at collecting sticks. At the moment they are used to re enact star wars scenes though.I'm sure my daughter would love it.
    Is that you or your eldest daughter in the back shots?
    ps is anyone else finding the new word verifications challenging?

  25. Your wrapped poles remind me of some of the places you visited on your trip! Definitely a pretty way to brighten up the vegie garden, especially for those coming Winter months.
    As for my weekend, there was lots of food making and some knitting. Can't seem to put those needles down lately.

  26. A yarn bombed veggie patch - I love it!! What fun!! It looks so cheery. :)

  27. Wow!!! Those rainbow branches are gorgeous -
    it really makes the garden look even more beautiful!!

    I didn't get much done on the weekend, full of a sinus
    cold/headache. Got a bombsite of a house to tidy now!XX

  28. Reminds me of our God's Eye! Loving the colour in the garden, looks super ace. Hope you have a peaceful week, see you Friday xo

  29. It kinda is:-)
    I think we'll try it too

  30. This is gorgeous! yarn and nature... a perfect combination! Your garden looks so colourful and happy. It makes me *smile*.

  31. Love it! I know my husband will roll his eyes when he sees this in our veggie patch!

  32. Beautiful! Love it:) the kinda thing that brightens everyday- might need to do some brightening myself!


  33. Thats a great idea! I'm gonna do it in our garden when it eventually happens after the 'wet'. Love the dress that Noro?

  34. Ahhhhh how totally joyful! I am SO going to do this for my sweet peas and beans. Hell, I'm going to yarn wrap a gazillion sticks and stick them soddin' everywhere!
    LOVE love love x♥

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