Saturday, February 11, 2012

Crocheting up my scraps.

The problem.

The problem with my plan to crochet a queen sized granny blanket that uses up all my straggly half balls of yarn, is that I'm about a quarter of the way through and I've already finished the good colours.

My intention was to neaten up my stash. But in the process I've used up all the brights and all that's left is the greens, pinks and blues. Don't get me wrong, I do like those colours a lot, but the blanket is starting to look a bit flat, and that is not the random, stripey look I was going for.

The solution.

So I went out and bought some more wool.

And then I had to buy a new/old basket to put it all in.

Of course.

So now I am all sorted.

I wonder if I'll have to crochet a use up all my scraps blanket to use up all my scraps from this use up all my scraps blanket when I've finished it. Get it? Good.

So, I'm wondering, what do you do with all your woolly/fabric/paper/haberdashery scraps?
Do you have a special basket/bag/box/drawer?
Do you devise special plans/projects to use them all up?
Do you give them away? Hoard them? Check them out?
Do you love the look of a wool filled basket as much as I do?

See ya later hot potata! x


  1. Hey Kate, I think a basket full of coloured wool is as pretty to look at as a vase full of flowers....brightens things up big time......

    Talking about scraps, some of the things I make only need a piece of fabric an inch or so square.....which means I find it veeery hard to throw away small pieces of fabric as I may use them 'one day'.
    I use large see through storage bags to keep all these teeny tiny scraps in so I can see what I have.

    Drives me nuts sometimes, I often wonder if anyone would like to swap a bag of teeny tiny scraps with least I would have a bit more variety to choose from, hehe....

    Claire :}

  2. It's a vicious circle isn't it?! Of course you had to buy more yarn and most definetely there will be another scrap yarn project calling you.....
    And I have actually just reorganised my wardrobe so I can move my yarn in. Prior to that, with lack of space being an issue, it was under the dresser.

  3. Theoretically I make toys. Realistically the scraps sit in a basket getting inextricably entwined into an amorphous mass of coloured string!

  4. I just love the look of your rug, sraps or not, it's beautiful! I wish I knew how to crochet. How did you learn??
    Being a sewer, I have WAY too many scraps to even mention. I like to keep them in old suitcases, so that roughly the same size scraps are kept together. It works quite well for me :)And I'm a bit like just never know when 'that' small piece might come in handy!!!

    1. I used a tutorial on Lucy's blog Attic24 to learn.
      She has beautiful patterns with great explanations and lots of photographs.
      I also use google and youtube a lot too.
      I hope you do learn.

  5. Kate, your 'scrap eating' blanket is coming along great.

    I love a basket full of yarn too - just looking at it and thinking of all the things it could be!!

    I keep all my yarn scraps.They look great rolled up into small balls and filling a big glass jar or vase! I am interested in freeform crochet, and even though I have only tried experimenting a few times ... it is on my 'one day' list.

    Jonnine :)

    1. I love the idea of filling a big glass jar with scraps of yarn.
      I have a bowl of tiny, too small for anything useful, balls that would be perfect.

  6. I've been using my fabric scraps to make patchwork upholstery for chairs I am re-creating!!! Now I am onto another project with them! Very exciting! xx

  7. I have chosen you to receive a versatile blogger award, please visit my blog to cllect it and the award rules.. :)

  8. Hi Kate, I am making a blanket at the moment trying to just use wool from the stash and all the little left over bits. It is squares, so little bits get used for early short rounds and bigger bits get used for later longer rounds. Seems to be using up the scraps nicely. Also, I sometimes make little flowers from wool scraps, they don't need much wool to complete. Love the baskets of wool, I have mine in some very similar type baskets, I am getting a nice collection, and your blanket is looking great!! Have fun! Julie:)

  9. Got it! Lucky find in that new/old baskt. I have a huge picnic basket for wool and another large bag and then a couple of plastic shopping bags and the rest just lying around. Ongoing organisation need caused by messy younger daughter who is the resident crocheter at the moment. Old, old scraps eventually get moved on to more appreciative peoples via the oppy. Your rug is reminding me of the old all-nations carpet which was also designed to use up old scraps. Cherrie

  10. that is so awesome, i love the looks of your blanket, wont it be great to snuggle under with a hot cuppa:)
    i'm knitting another shawl.
    its 40 degrees up here in the kimberley, and my son thinks i'm crazy. x

  11. Blanket is looking amazing. Love the colours you have used and agree that you needed to buy more of the bright colours to blend in. Chuckled to myself that you had to buy a new/old basket to keep the new wool in though! We have a cat. It's cold outside, snow on the ground. He isn't going out much so he spends a lot of time sitting on the window sills looking out. We have tiled window sills and they are freezing cold. I have been using up scraps to crochet granny rectangles so he has a warm place to sit. My cat is spoilt! :) x

  12. your blanket is just so lovely. must learn to crochet. even if it's just so i can have some cute baskets of wool at my place. how long have you been crocheting Kate?

    1. Thanks so much Lea.
      I started crocheting almost 3 years ago.
      And I totally think you should learn. For the cute baskets of wool and because it is such fun too.

  13. I just love your rainbowy woolly baskets so much
    I might even find myself buying wool to keep in a basket before I find myself learning to crochet

  14. I love your creation & the colours are gorgeous. Nice baskets too!! I would love to be able to make a home made blanket & maybe if I spent less time on the computer I would be able to learn?! ha!

  15. Don't you just love having to go out and buy more wool for the project that's supposedly just using up your scraps?!!! I'm doing exactly the same with a Bullseye Crochet Blanket!! There is no end to it ... !!

  16. I'm also a basket and yarn addict. In fact if I had to go round the house logging all my baskets it would take me a day. Maybe I'll do a post about that one day. I use French shopping baskets (the big type) for my yarn stash. I never leave France without a new one! Love your blanket though, it's going to be stunning.

  17. Lovely baskets of colour and your blanket is looking great. I'm fairly new to crochet but this winter I want to crochet a ripple blanket .. nothing like starting big! Could you tell me if you mostly use 8 ply wool .. is there any type you prefer? Do you use a size 4.00 hook? Should I even think of beginning one?

  18. ha,ha, classic!
    I normally use my scraps for smaller projects..
    Anything really, just combining all the craps
    - headbands, leg warmers, coasters ect.
    If it is only a very small amount I save it, to use it to embroider with.
    Scraps are goooood :)

  19. What a gorgeous blanket and a terrific idea! I tend to make cushions or throws with my scraps; also, felted slippers and coin purses are great little gifts to have on hand, and don't take scads of yarn to finish. I love how yarn looks displayed in baskets, but I worry about moths, as well as my two yarn-munching cats.
    You know, when I find a multi-color piece looking a little flat (both knitted or quilted) I find that adding a touch of black helps pop all the colors so much. A little golden yellow is good, too.

  20. This one is going to be gorgeous when finished! My scraps go to the kids craft box xx

  21. The blanket is looking great! Maybe you could make another just in tones of blue, green & pink, and if the colours aren't to your taste, give it as a gift?

    I have a draw full of yarn scraps of all sizes. They do come in handy for whipping up cute amigurumi gifts, though I do have this feeling that I'll never get to the bottom of the drawer.

  22. I have a lock up to keep them in! hoarder? Me? never!
    But its so bad now I'm organising a giveaway to get it all under control / make room for more stuff!

  23. It's looking terrific Kate!

    The scraps hang around for a while & if they don't get used they go to the oppie. x

  24. Your blanket is looking amazing!!! Aaah baskets of wool - there is something so totally wholesome, calming, motivating and cheerful about them. I have started to keep each different type/brand of wool in a different basket which is a bit anal but I love it. Mind you, I'm now running out of room to keep the blimmin' baskets!! I can't ever through left over scraps away - they get stashed in a drawer for another day. If it's a colour I don't like anymore then it goes to Miss 4's kindy and they have fun sewing with it. Anything to encourage another generation of crafty folk. Have a fab week enjoying your new stash hon!

  25. the baskets of wool are divine! LOVE them!
    and your baskets are beautiful. the op shops in nthn nsw don't seem as good as the ones you frequent.
    i'm slowly! learning to crochet and i love it.... thanks for the inspiration x

  26. I'm making a bag made up of lots of colourfull granny squares, really enjoying it and busting my stash at the same time.Good luck with the granny stripe, i`ve just finished making one for my sons bed. It`s quite a commitment but worth it. It's brightened up his whole room, life really wouldn`t be the same without it now!

  27. Wooow great your baskets with al de great colors.I like your crochetwork very match.

    Greatings send you Conny

  28. i don't do crochet but i do do baskets.

  29. I love what you've done with those scraps of wool, the blanky is so cool. I've just started crocheting and out of my first granny square I made a cell phone pouch for my mom so that she can carry her Tracfone SVC phone for seniors with larger keys and letters on the screen around her neck. I'm now motivated to make a cushion cover for the lounge in bright colors with roses on. Oh I think crochet is so addictive once you start and at least you don't waste your precious time catching a snooze or staring into space with a spare half hour.

  30. Basically, I think that if you put the time and effort into a project, then you should only use colours that sing to you. I hoard, because you never know when that particular colour will sing! Loving the baskets. I agree, they look just as pretty as a garden full of flowers.
    Jak x

  31. I just like the baskets of wool. They would be enough for me to enjoy looking at.

  32. Its going to be gorgeous Kate.
    This is the problem I had with the monstrosity (kind of) way back in the day when I was crocheting.

    Would love to know how many rows you are doing a day?
    I just bought a whole lot more wool as well to make me want to start up again, its been three days...


  33. The blanket is coming along beautifully! What is your favourite brand of wool to use?

  34. Lovely Blanket Kate.

    I love scraps of wool the possibilities are endless, and I do love knitting up small projects so all those odd balls of wool come in very handy.

    Please pop over to my blog:

    to see my little Valentines make which was made with odd bits of wool. I love making these cufflets, they don't take long to make and use up all those odds and ends.

    Happy crafting.
    Fleur xx

  35. Please, you must tell me! Where did you get your baskets from? I have outgrown my little basket (since the other day when I too went out & bought lots of new wool!)
    The blanket is looking great, I love the colours all mixed together like that.
    Rach x

  36. Oh no! I just saw it says new/old basket, so I'm not gonna just be able to pop into a shop and grab one am I? I'll have to scour around for one won't I? Oh well, lucky that's my favourite thing to do! Hehe!

  37. I have none of the above, but your photos are making me want to learn how to crochet!

  38. This is a very late reply and I'm sure you finished a great number of rows on this blanket. But better late than never!
    I crocheted a blanket with my scraps, just like this one. I separated all of the 'eligible' wool from my stash and then closed my eyes and grabbed balls at random. It was the only thing I could do to stop me from planning it out and matching colours!
    It was exciting to see what colour you were going to crochet next!

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