Monday, March 26, 2012

HAPPY new week!

HAPPY new week you guys!

I hope it's full of good news, good fun and lots of inspiration.
Let's not sweat the small stuff, but look bigger and higher and wider.
Let's all be fabulous!

It's going to be a sunny week here.
I'm planning lots of gardening, honey collecting and of course the preserving continues.
What have you got on?
Anything exciting?
Hope so.

Hugest thanks to my gang for indulging my ear beanie obsession.
Hopefully there's a pattern coming soon.

Kate xx


  1. I made one of these for Busy when she was a baby she would peak out of her sling with her little brown ears and it was so cute! I really think we need a picture of you ALL wearing them!

  2. Oh Wow! Those are some super cute, full of love photos !
    "don't sweat the small stuff" very apt words for a Monday morning.
    Have a great week, Dee

  3. How do you get Farmer Bren to indulge you? My hubby is pretty tolerant of my crafting addiction but the one rule from when we first met has been "just don't expect me to wear any of it!" LOL

  4. Hi Kate .. what a spunky family you have :) very happy to find your blog! They will be loving those ear beanies in the coming months .. what a cold morning this morn ... brrrr I'm still defrosting!

  5. That is exactly the sort of hat I am looking at to make for poppy. She just picked some pink wool (of course) out for her new winter beanie, and I was thinking it needs ears and ear flaps just llike Miss P's! Great minds, my friend

  6. your family is awesome.
    wishing you a wonderful week Kate X


  7. That's a super cute little bear family you've got there, Kate. x

  8. Love your photo's, there is so much love in them :)
    Nice crisp Autumn days here. Looking forward to planting Calendula, getting our chookie yard ready, and choosing chookies :)
    Ps. LOVE the ear beanies :)

  9. yes. I'm with Cath. We need a picture of you ALL wearing them ;)

  10. yes!
    let's all be totes fab.

  11. Happy happy week to you all gorgeous ones. Would so love the beanie pattern to do for my little one.


  12. Cute as buttons....and very accommodating.
    My family will only allow me to take photos of them if I promise NOT to put them on the Blog - I'm getting very good at taking photos with my fingers crossed :)

  13. Aw, this really is adorable. There is just one member of your lovely family missing - where's YOUR ear hat Kate!? Hehe... Have a wonderful week :)

    Katie x

  14. Too cute those little bears of yours!!

  15. oh wow, absolutely holding my breath until the pattern comes. SO LOVELY!

  16. Hope you all have a wonderful week. I dig the hats; I wear hat most days. Might figure how to build them using your fabulous photos as inspiration. That steely grey color looks great here in foggy SF Bay Area.

  17. Love your blog - that's all! Anne

  18. I agree entirely with your sentiments - "ear ear", or so thay say. xx

  19. Fantastic photos Kate ...just loving those beanies!

    Here in the UK we're getting absolutely beautiful weather with summer temperatures in spring!!!! Beautiful blue skies and perfect weather to be outside, so most of my spare time will be spent in the garden this week but nothing too strenuous as I'm due a rest after racing in the sweltering heat of midday in a half marathon yesterday.

    Have a lovely week.
    Fleur xx

  20. Loving the ear beanies, sooo cute! Have you got one too?
    Sally xox

  21. I'm eagerly awaiting a pattern. Love it!

  22. love. love. love.
    nothing else to say about those ears!
    x ashley

  23. I love happy weeks. I love letting "stuff" go. I love that feeling of relief when you realise that such-and-such or so-and-so doesn't bother you anymore, because you don't let it/them.

    Love the blue hats - they remind me of Totoro!

  24. :-))))))))))))) Lovely happy family!!

  25. I'm incredibly new at this crocheting bizzo, but would LOVE to see the pattern for these one day. I keep checking back to see if today is the day :)

    Gorgeous beanies. Gorgeous family.

  26. You've just gotta love a man who can wear a beanie with ears on it! You have a gorgeous family.

  27. Bren does wear the hat well. I look spazzy in all but a few beanies



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