Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Lately I've been feeling uninspired to turn on my computer. It's strange and so very unlike me. I'm hoping it's just a short lived phase and I'll be online inspired again soon. In the meantime here's a little catch up...

Lately I've been thinking a lot about facebook. I've been reading through the comments on that post and realising that a lot of people feel VERY strongly about it. In our house we've been making our own facebook user rules. Rules that work for us and make us feel safe.  This week my farmer boy got his own facebook account and he is actually really enjoying it. I have a feeling Miss Indi is enjoying watching her Dad's page more than her own. I think someday soon I will write a post entirely dedicated to what I have learnt about facebook so far, but I might have to join up first.

Lately I haven't had more than a few minutes at a time to craft it up. I've found that since ditching the tv during the week, I just don't crochet until the weekend. Apparently hook time and couch time and screen time go together for me.

Lately the boys have been building a new shed. Old school techniques with old materials. Some of the bits of wood they've been using are over one hundred years old. It's been a nice couple of days, every few weeks, kinda project. I think I should organise the women folk to make quilts on their shed building days. It seems right don't you think?

Lately I've been wondering about tomatoes. We have a cool room full of them and we are about to start preserving them tomorrow. But should we puree and bottle them all, or should we play around with other preserving recipes and techniques?

Lately I've been stressing about the weather. I do not like winter. I suffer the cold. I don't like wearing 100 layers and having the laundry drying inside. Freezing days make my bones ache. Grey days make me sad. So we've been brain storming ways to make winter warmer. New ways to heat the house, new ways to dry the washing, perhaps a new oven than heats and cooks.

Lately we've been enjoying eating and preserving the last of the summer berries, cooking and juicing the apples, munching on colourful carrots and crunchy peas and making a start on the earth oven.

Lately I've been reading books about parenting teens. It's funny, I never read one book about mothering a baby or a toddler and here I am with a stack of books on my bedside about adolescents. I'm not certain how much I am actually learning, but it's definitely feels good to find out we are not alone in this.

Lately farmer Bren has been obsessing over building a cycle powered apple crusher for apple cider. Miss Indi is one of 20 kids at her school to be part of a local landscapes project sponsored by the National Gallery of Victoria. Miss Jazzy has been working on her lolly project and just today was stung by a wasp twice (while her Dad was dumpster diving searching for parts for his bike project). And Miss Pepper is all about the letters and what things say.

Lately we've been enjoying the 350 fluffy day old (now week old) chicks we picked up last week.

Lately we've fallen off the menu planning wagon and it's been a 'what are we having tonight?' disaster. But after a huge bulk organic shop in Castlemaine today we are hopping straight back on tomorrow.

And lately I've been feeling pretty happy. The growing and preserving and cooking makes me happy. Spending time with my gang makes me happy. Thoughtful and kind emails make me happy. Phone conversations with old friends and plans with new friends make me happy. Watching my kids finding their passions makes me happy. My new plan makes me scared and happy. Miss Pepper begging me to make her a new dress today made me happy. Roses on the table makes me happy. Cooking from our garden makes me happy. Buttercup yellow makes me happy. My farmer boy makes me happiest.

So enough about me.
How are YOU??
What have you been up to lately?
What's making YOU happy?

Bye. x


  1. I have been up to busy-ness lately. Nothing very much - but a lot going on. It's good. I like being busy. But I don't like being hectic. I am envious of your cool room full of tomatoes. I think facebook sounds like one of those things. It is just out there and you have to manage it as best as you can when your mediums (because they aren't really smallies when they like facebook) become interested. Sounds like you're doing that. Kudos to you! I love that Miss Pepper asks you to make droesses. Is Castlemaine said like Newcastle or is the castle bit different? I've always wondered about that. Poor Miss Jazzy - two wasp stings. Highly unfair. I can't wait to see what a cycle driven apple crusher looks like. I like the sound of an apple crusher. I love apples. I think they are my favourite food and my favourite smell.

    I'm glad I popped down Foxs Lane today, Miss Kate - you always have such thoughtful things to say.

    Good luck with the tomatoes!

    PS I'm not keen on winter either... I've always thought I should have become an eternal sun seeking surfer.

  2. About what to do with tomatoes, how about tomato jam? It might sound strange but it's actually quite deilcious and very popular in my home country, I'm sure there's plenty of recipes online. Just a suggestion :-)

  3. Love this post and all of your inspiring and comforting photos.
    Lately, I have been tired, confused, overwhelmed, happy, tired, coughing, tired, excited, busy...did I say tired?....!
    Wrap up warm and tuck in to those toms! It’s just starting to get warm here, dare we even hope of warmer weather days!!?
    I know you probably don’t want to hear that but really us Brits have to shout out and do star jumps whenever we can head outdoors without a brolly or a coat so you’ll have to forgive the bragging!! x

  4. Life balance is making me happy this week! Some weeks it all goes wrong but this week I feel as though I've spent a good amount of time on my three loves ... my daughter, knitting and running. Each one has it's own demands on my time but these are the three things that make me happy.

    Reading your blog always makes me happy too!
    Fleur xx
    (ps. hope you got my reply about the apple day)

  5. lovely pics kate,
    lately ive been worrying.
    mosquitoes. bad hot desperate weather.
    rain. cyclones. its hard to live up here.

  6. Lately I've just been taking each day as it comes and enjoying seeing how it unfolds...lately I have been trying to stress less about things I can't control and focussing on the things I can...I have also been having a marvellous time with our little guy :)
    Sounds like your lately has been rather delightful.

  7. Hi Kate
    One of my favourite tomato preserving recipes came to me via a lovely Organic Gardening friend, Leonie. It is a spicy tomato sauce, a homemade ketchup. Yummo!! My three girls love it and, when some things seem to be completely unpalatable to them, the tomato sauce, in all its homemade goodness, seems to do the trick. Every time!
    I will post the recipe on my blog, if you would like to have a sticky.
    Loving your blog. Thank you so much.
    Samantha xx

  8. Lately I have been really enjoying wondering what I want/ need and then seeing what interesting ways life is throwing at me to overcome the problem. Its had some really interesting results and has taken much of the stressing out of life!

  9. I love your photos and this post in general! It's so grey where I am and it kind of makes me feel grey deep down too. I've been trying to keep busy with crafting. I'm going through a bunch of things with my pre-teens. It's a bit of a roller-coaster ride! Neither are on FB but I've been bugged about it so I can totally feel that whole issue. They've signed up to things without telling me and it has been issue I thought I wouldn't have to deal with so soon!

    BTW, saw that lovely petal-y square on pinterest and fell in love with it!

  10. Lately I've been admiring those crochet squares and wondering how you make them. And I have a question ... how cold does it get in your part of Australia in winter, and how hot in summer? I'm just wondering what the overall seasonal temp differential is and how much difference that makes to what you guys grow. Love the photos of the littlest, she looks pretty happy too :D

  11. I'm glad you stopped by, always good to hear what is going on in your world.

    Loving your blue hookery work too x

  12. What makes me happy? Cold weather (sorry!). At long last we can sleep with all the windows open and walking the hound every morning is truly refreshing!

    Re drying clothes indoors, if you already haven't got one, how about a ceiling rack? You know one of those racks you pull up? We have had one for years now and clothes dry overnight.

    Love your blog.

  13. Oh Kate I hear you about parenting teens. My big girl is only ten but I am convinced ten is the new thirteen. Whatever you decide about facebook and anything else will be right for your family.

  14. Reading your blog makes me happy. Diana

  15. Hi Kate, hoping that the books bring some helpful hints about parenting teens. I agree with Lea, my 10 yr seems like the new 13 too. Facebook rules are different for each family and being on it yourself makes you understand it more too. Sometimes I feel like ditching mine as I only really pop on to see what Isabelle is up to on there. What makes me happy - reading your blog and seeing the photos of your wonderful family and farm. I also think the rain has been making me happy lately as everything was turning brown around here lately so hopefully it will green up. Seeing my hairdresser's brand new grand-daughter made me happy yesterday and getting everyone a haircut too! Hope your menu planning turns out well for you too Kate. I can never seem to manage that unless I decide the night before what we are having so I know I have the ingredients in the fridge. Tonight is home made pizza night with Lachlan making the pizza dough! Have a great weekend.

  16. It's good at your place Kate. Keep up the go slow. I love stopping in here. xx

  17. I'm so glad you popped in to update your blog Kate. I love reading your blog and always miss you when you don't post for a bit. I think I have life envy. Your life is the kind of life I would love to have, just not sure how to get it lol. Hubby and I dream of buying a small farm and basically doing similar things to you. It would be a steep learning curve for us but we dream of it often.
    Our lives seem to be revolving around kids sport at the moment. Its the winding up of swimming lessons for my youngest two and also the beginning of soccer season for the middle two. Always makes for a hectic time when soccer now occupies 6 days of the week!
    You sound like me, crochet for me can only happen sitting on the couch with the tv on lol. It just doesn't seem to happen otherwise!
    Take care

  18. I'm glad you are happy, reading your blog makes me happy too. And staying off Facebook is probably one of the keys to enjoying all the important things in life.

  19. I've been a bit blah too of late, maybe it's the change of seasons. I have a facebook account, whilst it was good catching up with friends from High School, friends I hadn't thought of in over 20 years ... it's starting to wear a bit thin. I was chatting to my mum the other day when I started to tell her about the fraud we had on our credit card when she pipes in "yeah I heard about that, how is it going?" I was like... huh? She said she saw it on facebook, so I can't even start a topic nowadays cos I've been updating facebook?? Hmm. And not to mention that my sister-in-law announced my pregnancy to the world before I did.... I'm so over facebook, it stops you talking face-to-face with some that you would have normally done so.
    And the tomatoes... what do you normally buy, sundried, tinned, sauce? I suggest try making what you buy, I'm going to try to bottle some in a couple of weeks time (wish me luck).
    And me? Well, bubba Joe has a bad cold, the poor little thing, he's really miserable at the mo...

  20. I've been loving your Instagram snaps, they always make me happy! I've been reading up on adolescence too, uncertain times, and worrying about my intense & sensitive 10yr old, so determined to be independant. But mostly I'm trying to embrace being a SAHM with kids all at school. Trying to be on top of everything & enjoying some quiet moments..x

  21. That's a lovely post, Kate. I don't like the Winter either. Certainly not looking forward to it. Not a whole lot making me happy at the moment, I guess that means I have to change some stuff!

  22. Thoughtful post and photos as always Kate. A friend of mine said Facebook is like junk food which I think is a good description although I am on FB myself. Making me happy today is our children playing with a newborn puppy and my children also presented me with a bunch of home grown vegetables they had proudly picked themselves :)

  23. Your little girl is darling! I am happy working around my cottage and the farm.

  24. We have had so many tomatoes here (even lovely roma ones and my first ever black Russians)and while we started with pasta sauce and tomato sauce this week it has been "throw them in the freezer") I feel like I am doing a mad juggling act between work and business and home. My darling boy came down with a vomit bug this afternoon and whilst it has thrown tomorrow's plans into chaos I have to say that I am kind of relishing the chance to throw off all commitments and just stay home and have a lovely domestic day!!! You know you are way too busy when you can make gastro sound like a good thing LOL

  25. No happy campers here. Lots of carpet beetles apparently so mad days of vacumning, checking my yarn and fabric, washing for my foreseeable future.

    Love all the snaps and the update. I love winter but you have my sympathies. I recon I have a lot more body fat than you so I don't struggle with the cold so much ;)

    There seems to be a general computer/blog apathy around this year so far. I am beginning to think that it is contagious...spread by blog comments perhaps? :P


  26. Whatever you can read about raising teens, keep reading and know whatever you face in raising teens, it's been faced by someone before you and you really are not alone. May the force be with you. *smiles smug knowing smile*

  27. Thankyou Kate for your honesty. Your words make me smile and encourage me to keep on keeping things simple. Little Miss Pepper is such a treasure. Stay snug tmrw.

  28. So,we are on are on our last teenager and have enjoyed going with the flow. They have all been wonderfully different in their teenage years and we have floated and responded accordingly. Part of our work is with drug and alcohol affected clientelle, so we have always said (quite bluntly) just be honest with us because we are pretty good at picking up "the stories and anything less'. Its been great and we love their company and are enormously proud of their achievements. However, we have two dogs . . . now that has been so much more challenging

  29. Plenty of wasps around at the moment, our Matilda got stung at the open day at the Dharma school on the weekend. Let me know if you need any bike bits for the project. More than happy to help out If I can.

    Keir Whitcher
    Mclennan Cycles
    Fulcher St Daylesford

  30. I love winter - it's really COOL! (shall I shoot myself now?) The air is so cold and crisp it gets right down to the bottom of your lungs and tickles. The colours of the world change to remind us to rest and relax. You can indulge in as many spices as you wish and scent your house with casseroles and tagines and fragrant fruit (and heat the kitchen with the cooking of them). I have bamboo fabric pants, and a singlet that I wear underneath my top, the thinnest fabric and I am never cold. Mandarins and oranges are in season, making the best room freshener ever when you toss the dried peel on the open fire. Winter gives great quality 'me-time' - while dinner is beginning to work it's magic in the oven, there is nothing to do but snuggle up comfortably with some gorgeous music and knit/crochet for YOURSELF! (hand warmers, a cowl, a scarflet or three, a granny cushion for your chair, socks, boot toppers, wrist warmers). Your body uses up more calories to keep warm, so WINTER MAKES YOU SKINNY! I love winter.

  31. I'm with Ummy, I LOVE autumn and winter. I feel about summer, like you feel about winter. I start feeling so much more energised and motivated at this time of year.

    I can't wait to see how your shed is coming along. It looks lovely already. We are in thre throes of building one too but it's the modern way. We'll be moving in soon.
    Enjoy your happiness.Such a lovely space to be in:)

  32. Beautiful as always, Kate. Not going back to work and letting my kids be kids is making me happy! Feel super lucky it's a choice we can make.

  33. WOW. I just went back to your facebook post and read some - not all - of the comments. Tricky isn't it because so many people make such good points and there are so many different perspectives to negotiate through. Good that you've managed to quieten the noise and make your own family rules. True to yourselves - that sounds good.
    We've been cooking lots of scones at our place... and other delights too. The weather is getting cooler and now there is time to bake. We were without an oven for so long, then we got one and found ourselves in a Perth summer - not the best weather for baking!
    My partner reads parenting books off and on all the time. Whenever I get overwhelmed he goes to the library and borrows books and then tells me what they say. I don't much feel like reading them myself - at the end of the day I'd rather unwind reading blogs or crafty books than parenting stuff. So he reads and then chats and then we work it out. Toddler not eating? Middle child syndrome? Temper tantrums? Discipline? He reads. We chat.

  34. Love your photos- they always brighten my day on instagram :) I have to ask, what yarn are you using for the pink crocheted granny square? I just love the subtle shift in shade.


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