Sunday, July 8, 2012


I am not a winter person at all. I suffer from cold fingers and nose and toesies, I struggle with the lack of sunlight and I suffocate under all the layers of clothing.

But there is something seriously magical about the mid winter frosty mornings we've been having lately. The paddocks blanketed in white, the crunch underfoot and the way the ice seems almost hairy on the leaves and trees.

Having a dog to walk has made us enjoy the frosty mornings, rather than just look at them through the windows. Having a dog has made us get up early, rug up in all our winter woollies and get out amongst it. We've crunched across the grassy paddocks, smashed up frozen puddles, admired the glittery leaves and rubbed our fingers along prickly branches.

It's been glorious, but so seriously cold that I've had to carry my camera inside my jacket or it's stopped working. Freeeeeeezing!

So seriously cold that the chook water has frozen in the pipes. Icy!!

And then we've watched as the sun slowly came over the tops of the trees and warmed the earth and melted the frost. We've heard it trickle down branches and we've played with the ice blocks we've found in mugs and containers we've left outside.

And then we've come home and enjoyed steaming, hot cups of coffee and bowls of porridge. Warming our hands and our tummies. And the brilliant, sparkly winter sunshine that fills our newly white house and our days is simply divine.

Happy sparkly day my friends.
Winter solstice has passed, I think we might go and plant some onions.
What are you up to?



  1. Beautiful photos Kate, you have captured the moment perfectly as always. The frost is incredible, I am looking at winter differently this year for some reason. I am embracing the beauty instead of just complaining about the cold :) Happy Sunday.

  2. I am so enjoying the frosty mornings this year. Being a north Queensland girl, I still find frost a novelty!

    Beautiful photos, Kate.

  3. Kate, the photos are gorgeous. I am not a winter person either, but having just had a long heat wave (southwestern Ontario, Canada), I might become one.

  4. The best thing about wintery days and frosty mornings is when you get to come inside and warm up! Love your photos :)

  5. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  6. Beautifully captured Kate, up here the frosts don't last long in the yard and we wake up mostly to dew drops on our leaves. I am glad that you have a sunshiney house to retreat to after venturing out to the blast of cold in your yard.

  7. Beautiful pictures, frost is so delicate, captured perfectly! Ada :)

  8. What stunning photos. We are having such a miserable summer that I almost long for. Winter where there will be no expectation of the sun...As I get old I find myself embracing the winter more - there is something about the light, especially when it is very cold and it is always goog to get back inside to the wood burner. I love your blog it is beautiful and a wonderful celebration of your family x

  9. Such gorgeous pics! We too are having the most amazing frosty mornings. My remedy for the cold is huge mugs of hot choc with at least one (but preferably two) marshmallows floating on top!!! Keep warm! lol x

  10. Hoar frost captured so beautifully. In Canada these pictures are a treasure to keep our hopes up. As summer is finally upon us I do still remember fondly the amazing designs we have in the wintertime.

  11. I'm in love with you photos. I'm in love with your land. I'm forever in love with winter....

  12. Wow Kate - these photos!!! Really and truly wow. They are so gorgeous.
    I'm a winter-person but maybe that's easy to say in Brisbane? ;)
    Glad something so beautiful has come out of the cold weather for you :) Kx

  13. You actually make the frost look appealing :) :) Lovely pictures !!

  14. Absolutely spectacular pics Kate, my nose feels cold just looking!We never get frosts her in Briz so it is lovely to see this part of your world. I have just had 2 weeks of school holidays filled with rain and two children suffering from the flu and your posts have been a beacon of positivity in a bleak sickly house. Thankyou again. melx

  15. such cold mornings here too but nothing like your frosty ones, unfortunately we are too close to the sea. the garden is consuming my thoughts like it does most winter's. i just love this time of year and where we live its the best time for gardening. moist soil, cool but mostly sunny days, prefect, i just can't get enough of the garden right now. summer is too drying and hot for me, i tend to hibernate then.
    fantastic photos, just lovely.

  16. Amazing shots Kate. Wonderful to see that things are falling into place for you and your fam, enjoying your posts,
    Stay wam x

  17. They are the most stunning photos....thanks for braving the freezing cold to bring them to us. xxxx

  18. Thank you for temporarily transporting me away from my heatwave!

  19. Kate I love your posts and reading your blog makes me seriously want to move to the Daylesford area lol. With our impending move to Vic I keep saying to hubby "are you sure we couldn't move out towards Daylesford????" lol, he just glares as me as his job is in Dandenong,,,,,I don't think he was considering that big of a commute twice a day!

  20. I've been thinking about planting onions and leeks and shallots too. The solstice has passed so it's planting time. I put garlic in about a month ago and it's going great. I have been a little bit amazed by how great.
    Ah, those frosts. I miss frosts.

  21. Ahhhh your frosts are glorious!! We don't get that many of them each year, but I can't complain because I'm a summer person and can't stand being cold. But it's worth it for the marvellous crisp freshness that your pictures shows!

  22. I am definitely a winter person. The Adelaide summer wears me out. But the last couple of years I have really felt the cold. I wonder if my body has finally missed the little internal heaters I have had warming me up as they grew inside me.

    Either way I still love the winter but wear a lot more layers than I used to.

    Beautiful pics, as usual. Hasn't been that cold here!

  23. Beautiful sparkly, frosty shots
    I struggle with the cold too....but hang onto the promise of spring!!!

  24. STUNNING photo's and I love the frozen heart, so sweet!

  25. I also hate winter with a passion. But this last weekend I too sat back and enjoyed the gorgeous frost that blanketed the beautifully trimmed lawns in our suburban street, and our yard of big weeds!

    Such a beautiful beautiful time of day :) Ive enjoyed taking our kids down to the little storm water drain down the road and showing them what ice looks like. I must say, if it were a bit warmer, I could definitely get used to the scenery!

    Thanks for your photos, they are gorgeous :)

  26. I'm not a fan of winter either. It will be over with eventually though. Hang in there.


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