Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Eight is enough.

 Hello! How are you? I have a few things to tell you. Eight I think...

The first is that after counting down the months and weeks and days and sleeps, the peonies blossomed and my Jazzy bear turned nine.

NINE!!!!! How does that happen?

We celebrated with pancakes and prezzies and a tea party dinner. The real party is coming soon tho, the new countdown is on.

The second is that I finally worked out how to knit an attached icord and then I cast off this baby.

Do you think wanting to have another baby just so I can cover it in hand knits is a legitimate reason?? The farmer boy doesn't. I think I'm going to have to take a break from new born knits for a while....

This bonnet is for the Chooky soon-to-be baby and is ravelled here.

The third is how grateful I am for all of your kind apple wishes on my last post. So far so good, but we have some nasty weather forecast for the next few days and it would be wonderful if the trees can hold off blossoming until next week.

The fourth is that Rita Hodge is the winner of my Suzy Hausfrau giveaway!!!!!
Hooray for Rita!!!!
Email me your postal details and we'll get that gorgeous wool to you asap.
Hugest thank you to Renae for the generous and gorgeous prize. xx

Watch this space because I have another woolly giveaway coming up very soon.

The fifth is that my Swans Island wool is still sitting next to my computer, still wrapped in its skeins. And I have spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time over the past few days stroking it, admiring it and searching ravelry queuing possible projects for it. I'm thinking cardigan tonight. Possibly a bit lacy. I'm hoping to get on with it this weekend.

The sixth is that Joel Salatin, that lunatic farmer himself, is coming back to Melbourne.

One of the highlights of this trip will be Joel's conversation with our buddy Rohan Anderson. According to the website - The pair will discuss Joel's radical farming methods - which have revolutionised the way thousands think about animals, produce and life. 

I'm certain it's going to be an unbelievably interesting and incredibly inspiring evening.

If you are around Melbourne on the 23rd of this month. If you are interested in where and how your food is grown. If you want to know more about what's going on in the big wide world of food production and politics, then this one's for you. Book it in, the details are here.

The photos above are from when Joel visited our farm a few years ago to have a look around and a chat with us about what we're doing here. Joel was an enormous inspiration for us starting this farm all those years ago. He and his books gave us permission to break the traditional farming rules and farm in a way that made a lot more sense to us. I have to say, that visit was definitely a highlight of our Daylesford Organics journey.

The seventh is that I wrote a guest post over at JustB called Bloom Where You are Planted.

And the eighth is that after a very long break, we will be back at a farmer's market this weekend. Yep, Daylesford Organics will be selling certified organic - free range eggs, at the Collingwood Children's Farm this Saturday. Yay!!

We are super excited to be back in town. 

If you are in Melbourne, why don't you come down and say hi, pick up some of the best and freshest produce around and make a lovely morning of it. We'd love to see you.

So that about wraps it up for me.
How about you?
Do you have anything to tell me?
Come on, I bet you do.
I can't wait to hear.

Bye! xx


  1. I love your new header and when the weather warms up I'd love to take a day trip and see you at the markets. x Good luck with your apples!

  2. Happy birthday Miss Jazzy! Hip hip hooray!!

    Loveliness times eight right here Kate. Those flowers, that hat, the yarn. Sigh. Off to check out the guest post.

    PS. I can tell you that we got our solar panels installed today. Yay! :)

  3. Kate I desperately want to have a babyso I can swaddle it in my handmade knits and crotchet items! I totally understand. Very exciting about the farmers market, ill be sure to stop by and get some eggs! I've been loving your blog. So nice reading about other people's crafty journeys, keeps me inspired in my wooly world. Your farm sounds so beautiful and idyllic, will you be doing the farm-gate produce stall over summer?
    Just wanted to say how much you inspire me!
    Z xx

  4. I'm in Adelaide so I believe we'll be sending you some most unpleasant weather soon. Apparently it snowed in the hills here today. Crazy. We have one lonely apple tree in our garden and as it is already blossoming I guess that means we won't get fruit this year. I'm so disappointed about that, it was going to be the first fruit from this tree. I really hope your trees hold on to their flowers for a while longer!

  5. nope, you're not crazy, I have to stop looking at all those gorgeous baby handkits - I almost just want another bub for the sheer cuteness of teeny tiny things !! and knitted ?!?! even cuter!! Hope that weather doesn't dampen your spring too much !

  6. I have started a beautiful baby blanket in some lovely soft bendigo baby..... for a one day maybe baby! My hubby thinks that's crazy talk!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Princess. She looks much older than my 9 year old. More like 12.

  8. Hi,I have just read your JustB post and thought I would share another quote. I recently read a book called the Story of Seven Summers. The author sets herself up on a small property. At the end of the book is the quote "who you are is where you are" it resonated with me and I thought you might like it too.Cheers,Michelle.

  9. what a lovely collection of eight. those peonies are absolutely beautiful, the bonnet is delightful (cluck-cluck) and be careful you don't wear out that delicious yarn before you get to knit it up! have a lovely day :)sarah

  10. I don't know why, but when I get new wool I like to look at for a while still wrapped up on its label before I decide to do anything with it. Strange I know.......

  11. so much good stuff happening at your house, a cacophony of joy, wisdom and creativity. Aw babies, they never get old.

  12. First up, Happy Birthday to your Jazzy bear, second I am in the enviable position of having two new grandbabies to knit for. Bring it on I say! :)

  13. Love that Joel guy-what a treat to have had him visit!

  14. it's always your blog i miss the most when we're without internet.
    my lady baby turns 9 in February. it makes my throat tighten and my nose prickle...(time, slow DOWN!)

  15. Hi Kate, those peonies are so pretty! Looks like a lovely birthday celebration. This sounds like a wonderful day if we ever venture to Melbourne it might be something for our to-do list, enjoy :)

  16. So excited for you that Joel is coming. He lives in my beautiful area of Virgnina, the Shenanadoah Valley. I am sure he is so happy to be coming there where it is Spring and leaving here, which is now Autumn. Hope you have lots of pictures from his visit and that he will take plenty of photos at your home and farm. Enjoy his visit:)

  17. Hi Kate, so lovely to read your goings on. A birthday (happy birthday Miss Jazzy), I LOVE a birthday! How ace that your have had Joel S visit your farm, I remember reading about it at the time, my farmer boy went and heard him speak that time and came back all star gazed and inspired. Nice to not feel so 'odd' sometimes! I just read your apples post- loved that list of your varieties. And babies? My friends babies get more hand sewn by me things than my kids did when they were little because I got back into sewing a little too late. May the weather be kind to you and your produce- feels likes it's snowing somewhere today.

  18. Those peonies are AMAZING! and a happy birthday to your daughter :)That bonnet looks great and I totally agree with the hubby- after only two kids and i'm already burnt out ;) congrats on having you eggs back at the market this week...
    I've been working on a secret baby blanket for a dear friend- i'm itching to share photos but I can't! the struggle of a blogger.

  19. Happy birthday to your nine year old Jazzy. I have an almost nine year old too - I have been asking myself the same thing - how does that happen?! Time really does fly.

  20. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter Jazzy! eagerly waiting to see what you will make out of the organic wool treasure.. :)

  21. Happy birthday to Jazzy. I think 9 is a wonderful age. Luca is just about to turn 10 and I still can't believe I had him a decade ago. I'm sure there are many among us who could happily keep having babies for the knits alone (oh and the sewing):) That little bonnet is just the sweetest.

  22. I absolutely do not think having another babe for the knits is a crazy idea. Not a bit :) Happy happy birthday Jazzy! Nine is still my favourite age ever. Fingers crossed your apples don't bloom too soon.

  23. Happy birthday to your baby Jazzy girl, lovely celebrations. Was chatting to one of my boys this morning about apples and apple growing, was going to show them your last post after school, opened my Frankie mag, (great article) there you were and now in my inbox. Love it. Wish we lived in Melbourne would definitely pop in and say Hi! Baby bonnet divine!

  24. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed reading your blog Kate. Will have to pop back in more often. All good here. My baby is turning 3 in January! And remember when I told you I was too fat for that pattern book? Well I'm not anymore lol and No I don't want it back. :D thanks for continuing to let me read about your life. Best Wishes Tracy

  25. LOVE your now following! Look forward to reading your future posts <3
    Sarah xox

  26. Couldn't help but think about your apple trees during that nasty cold front that pushed through. It was so cold here north of Sydney when it I didn't even want to think what it must be like for you down south.


  27. Oh Kate I have to tell you Congratulations on the wonderful feature of you all in the pages of the latest issue of Frankie :)
    WOWWeeeeeee ... no way could I get to sleep after stumbling upon you in the gorgeous pages ;) Lovely, Lovely, well done, isn't enough kudos! Your beaming faces, how tall the girls have grown and your glorious wonderful story fill my heart with joy as always. No getting to sleep for a while yet here ... you're absolute stars and deservedly so ;)
    You're one helluva a mega beautiful Family ♥♥♥♥♥

  28. Wish I could stop by and pick up some of your eggs! They look great!
    Sadly the trip wouldn't be very eco concious, but if I ever talk my hubby into visiting, we'll do our best!

  29. Best wishes with your apples. We have a few trees (I'm in Texas) and our biggest problem is the deer.

  30. Love your new banner miss! I'd love to go to Joel's talk any chance I could get a lift with you's fellas?


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