Monday, October 15, 2012

Love Kate x

Dear chickens,

Thank you for fertilising our soil, for eating the bugs, for scratching and weeding and for giving us eggs to eat and to sell. We are so grateful.

Dear Melbourne farmer's marketers,

Thank you for a wonderful market day.
Thank you for coming out and supporting us farmers, for buying our produce, for choosing quality over cheap and nasty, for asking questions about our farming methods and for caring.

Thank you for introducing yourselves and for telling me you read my blog. It was wonderful to meet you and to prove to farmer Bren that you are real and not at all my imaginary friends.

Dear Indi, Jazzy and Pepper,

Thank you for sharing our organic farming dream. Thank you for letting us get you out of bed at 5.30am on a Saturday morning to drive down to Melbourne and thank you for being such wonderful farmer's marketers. We love your guts.

And dear everyone who stood behind our stall and helped us and hung out with us. You are all super stars. Thank you. xx

Dear doctors, nurses, homeopaths, friends and family,

THANK YOU for reassuring us and comforting us and checking in on us and looking after us since Miss Pepper has been sick. We are so super grateful to you all.

Dear knitting, thank you for giving me something to do with my hands, for the therapy and meditation. I cannot imagine how I would have survived this stressful situation without you.

Today it looks like Miss Pepper has finally turned a corner and we can finally exhale. Phew.


Dear kitchen garden,

We are constantly in awe and grateful for the bounty you supply us with. Those teeny seeds that we plant, water and weed that then grow up to be delicious leaves and roots. Driving back from the city yesterday, we all agreed (even the pre-teen) that we would much rather have a kitchen garden out the front of the house, than a supermarket up the street. YUM!

And dearest, darling farmer boy of mine,

Thank you for knowing what I need better than I do.
Thank you for inspiring me and encouraging me to be me.
Thank you for reminding me to exhale.

Love, love, love, love, love, love, love...

And lovely readers,

Thank you for being awesome.
For writing gorgeous comments, for sharing your stories, for sharing our story, for caring.
You(se) are ace and I hope your week is wonderful.

Would you like to write a little dear.... message?
I'd so love to read it.




  1. What a lovely litany of thankfulnesses. Blessings abound and surround. Important that we notice and recognize them; you've done that remarkably well here, Kate. Thank you.

  2. Thank -you Kate for sharing your world! It is always a delight to peek inside for a wee while. As for my message, "Dear ovaries (and sperm too!) for so very magically creating the beautiful packages I am privileged to Mumma day in and day out. Those babies fill me right to the very brim!" x
    Steph :)
    P.S. I'm following you on instagram under "thisbrownwren" just so you don't think..mmm...who is this random crazy gal ;)

  3. ... and thank you for a lovely post that brought a smile to my face :)

  4. Thank you for being a bright spot in my day. Thankyou for sharing with us. Thank you your your openess. Thank you for being sparkly!Love and best wishes for your little Miss Pepper x

  5. ...dear Kate, thank you for sharing with us through your wonderful blog! I'm sorry to hear miss pepper had been unwell and hope she is better very soon..xx

  6. Thank you for the lovely post Kate! You are a gem, I really look forward to your sweet posts everyday :) I am so happy your little angel is fine now. Take care and thank you!

  7. Oh I hope Miss P is okay, that sounds like a worrying time.
    Love to you guys, XXJ

  8. Dear Kate, Thank you for being you, for continuing to grow and blossom and create and nurture. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life. It's a great privilege to stand behind the counter of your market stall and sell your beautiful produce. love, Bee. xx

    1. you guys are so lucky to have each other- i know you know but from a far i see it too.

  9. Dear Kate
    Thank you for your effors so you can provide organic produce instead of the mass-produced fare you buy from the supermarket.
    Thank you for sharing your family and story and for raising your children in such a healthy environment.
    Thank you for for your blog.
    PS I hope Pepper is feeling better soon.

  10. Dear Kate, thank you for being so ace and for bringing the word "ace" back into my daily vocab. I don't feel like such an old fart knowing that someone else is out there using it! Let's start a resurgence of "poxy" too! Love Ky xxx

  11. So pleased to hear Miss P is on the up xx

  12. Oh poor Pepper sorry I didn't realise that she had been unwell. Sometimes all the little things add up and make it hard to exhale, glad you've found a moment to sit back and have a look at it all.

  13. I think we should be thanking you Kate for making us see the real work behind the beautiful organic produce that you grow for us to buy, and for sharing your lovely family with us too. I am glad to hear that Miss Pepper is much better even though you never mentioned on the blog that she was unwell. I do hope the knitting helps with the stress relief!

  14. Dear Kate, thank you for being so supportive and encouraging and inspiring!
    I mean it.


  15. Thank you for being you and sharing your world with me! I have only just discovered you and I look forward to each post! I only wish I lived closer to melbourne and not in Sydney so I could say hello on real time!

  16. Thank you for making me realise as a wife, mother and manna what a lucky person I am to have so much love surrounding me. Have a good week, with much more exhaling! Xx

  17. I reckon this post's very aptly titled. Because I do 'Love Kate'. (And Bren. And Indi. And Jarrah. And Pepper.) For how can I not. ❤❤❤❤❤

  18. A truly beautiful, beautiful post. I really, really loved reading this.

  19. dear kate,
    thank you for living your dream
    and also living a version of mine,
    it inspires me endlessly
    and reminds often
    that they can truly be lived
    and not just exist as a dream.
    I'm still brewing some details in mine,
    so... dear dream,
    I'm nearly ready!

    love little white dove

    ps loved your spot in frankie :-)

  20. Thank you Kate for sharing your farm and family's lives.
    Thank you for giving me those little hits of Australian landscape I get when I visit Fox's Lane. Sometimes, unconsciously, I need that reminding of the beauty I no longer see.
    Thank you for being so passionate and for sharing that passion with the world.
    Thank you Farmer Bren and the girls for sharing you with the wider world.

  21. just : how lovely is to hear from you!! I'm happy to know that things are going on well and that your daughter is getting well!!
    xxx alessandra

  22. Thank you Kate for sharing this beautiful space with us and for inspiring us with the honesty of your blog.

    You make me look at my life differently which I need to do from time to time.

    Jane x

  23. Love youse too, thanks for giving us all joy in our everyday. Some days, you just make my day! xxx

  24. Dear Kate,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful life with your readers. Thank you for inspiring posts, awe-inspiring photographs and true-from-the heart messages. Thank you for making me want to knit, garden, eat vegies, and take time for my family.
    Thank you for being you.
    Maureen x

  25. Dear Kate,
    I have a tear in my eyes and a smile on my face. I often think that it is always the simple things that make life a true treasure, the quiet, slow things.... I am looking forward to moving to my own little rural dream in about 1 month now and will find your blog an inspiration for the big job we have decided to take on.
    Louise - gardenglut

  26. Dear Kate, and family!
    Thankyou for sharing your lives through your blog! Your ups and downs and happiness and fun, inspiration and knitting and cooking, and farming and chooks and flowers and bush and ... and ... and ... and !! :)
    If I were to ever (hmm... not in Melbourne but you never know!) run into you, I would kidnap you and take you for coffee and chat and question you on most things I have read here! :) ok just kidding! :)
    I too, would prefer a kitchen garden to the food they pass off here!
    T.H.A.N.K.Y.O.U !!!
    Best wishes for a sweet summer of strawberries :)
    P.S. more blogs on raising girls ?!?! :)

  27. (and P.P.S. I'm not a stalker or kidnapper - PROMISE! :)

  28. Dear Kate,
    I just want to write a quick note to thankyou for always inspiring me in so many ways, thankyou for making me love my surroundings, my garden, my crochet, and my sweet family just that little bit more, because you inspire me to notice all the good stuff!!!

  29. Dear Kate, thank you for your sweet words and easy way. i feel like i would make my own cuppa at your place. have a gorgeous week! :)sarah

  30. Hi Kate, I'm so glad Miss Pepper has turned the corner, for the better, what a relief to you all. Thank you for taking the time to write down your grateful list, it is an inspiration and a good counsel for me today to be grateful too. I love the photos of Farmer Boy in that absolutely magical setting...a lovely study.

  31. Thankyou for your beautiful posts and reflections which always make my day and never fail to inspire. :)

  32. Lots of love back atya, you glorious lady. I missed the news Pepper was ill, no good!! Hope all is OK xxx

  33. Hi Kate,
    I love your post and we all feel great full when someone we love has been I'll.
    It keeps things real.
    It gives us time to be thank full.
    I am thanking you for your blog.

  34. Thank you Kate for sharing your beautiful thoughts and pictures and reminding me of all that I have to be greatful for too!

  35. Dear Kate,

    Thank you for sharing a little of your world with us.

    And thanking for teaching us to breathe and slow our own lives down a little.

    Mel x

  36. Thank you Kate (and Farmer Bren) for growing all that lovely real food.
    Thank you for growing such lovely real girls.
    Thank you mostly for you lovely blog.

    Thankful also that I have found my own version of Kate and Bren up here in Gympie and love their shop full of quality food, not the cheap and nasty stuff, or the yuck supermarket stuff.

    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

  37. Dear Kate

    I feel the same about my boy. Your words resonate strongly in me and I thank you.


  38. Thank you for sharing with us and just being your beautiful self!!

  39. I head to the Farmers Market every sunday morning here in California (USA). I am thankful for the farmers that grow my food. I know you work hard but what a lovely life. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  40. Thank you Kate for writing your blog - I love the beautiful pictures, I love your openness, I love that in a way I am able to see something of inspiring life on the other side of the earth from me, I love the feeling that as we are heading for winter you are heading for summer.

    You have a marvellous blog that let me see so many things that are different from my life.

  41. I love to read your blog and see your pictures. I will probally never get to see your part of the world in person. I feel
    I can see it thru your pictures. You are a very nice person.

  42. Dear Kate, thank you for sharing. I thank our little flock of hens every morning when I take their eggs. I thought I was strange. Now I know I am in good company :-) Your post brought me to tears this morning. Enjoy some spring sunshine this week, K8

  43. thanks so much Kate- a big dose of love like that is a tonic for all of us. You've made my day brighter.

  44. Dear Kate,

    thank you for living your life the way you do and for sharing it with us through your blog - thus providing me with lots of inspiration and motivation!
    I always read, but honestly don't know if I have ever commented before - mostly because your posts almost always leave me feeling very peaceful and quiet, not knowing what to say. But saying "Thank you" seems like a good way to start, me thinks...

    Wishing you a happy week, hoping that Miss Pepper will have recovered quickly!


  45. Dear Kate.
    Thank you for being you!
    Thank you for sharing your life through pictures and words.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us.
    Bren,,,,thank you for allowing Kate to share your family with us.
    Thank you for living the life that I have always dreamed of but have never been able to access.
    Thank you for the beautiful yarn work you do.
    Most of all,,,,thank you for being an inspiration to so many of us, you truly are a wonderful person.
    Love Colleen

  46. Hello
    I don't know, how I found your blog, but I just love it... we have an organic vegetable farm in Switzerland and I love it to see, what you do at the other side of the world... in my blog you don't see very much of the farmlife, more about my hobbies....
    Thank you for your wonderful blog, I keep on reading it... (oh, my english is very bad, its a long time ago since my exchange in Australia, I was in the Adelaide Hills)
    Love Lucy

  47. Hi Kate.
    Thanks for your great blog. I hope that your little one is healing could she not in that beautiful rural setting and healthy lifestyle...
    thoughts and wishes from WA

  48. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing you beautiful life. Honestly. Openly. And in all it's beauty! :) xx

  49. beautiful, and the best thing is that reading about all the wonderful things happening in your life made me reflect on mine..... thank you!

  50. I thank you for your beautiful healthy and happy chickens & eggs...and raising them so well so that city slickers like me don't HAVE to buy sad, horrible caged eggs from supermarkets. You rock...cluck cluck cluck. You give us a choice and I thank you for the bottom of my socks for that!

  51. Thank you for reminding me that deep down I am a positive and thankful person and that one day that will rise to the surface again... MsZeb

  52. Dear Kate

    I am burried under a pile of boxes but just wanted to say...this post is delightful.


  53. such a sweet post- i just love the positive atmosphere your blog brings to me.

  54. Dear Kate, I want to leave you a long message - but I'll keep it short. Dear You. Thank you. Reading this, I remembered the half-vague memories I have of my parents getting us up early early in the morning to be taken to market stalls. My mum and dad spent the days before a market making cakes and then set up a little coffee stall. It was in the days before mobile coffee vans. They had a little gas stove, and real coffee pots, and took seating and their ceramic cups and plates.
    I remember it being dark, and us being bundled into the car in a nest of blankets. Only tiny and vague memories - but wonderful and good.
    Love Ellie x
    ps - I think you know it, but I want to say that your blog and your sharing warms and nourishes me. I want to visit your home in the Spring time, perhaps next year to see all those blooms for myself. xxx

  55. Lovely Kate!
    Please can you tell me where I can find out where you will next be selling your lovely produce? I would love to grow my own food and am on my way to having a small garden and chickens. :) You are an inspiration.

  56. Kate this is all so beautiful.
    Your way of stringing words together is rather emotional. I don't know what's wrong with me but reading a few of yours posts has me a wee bit teary, but happy teary!
    Your life looks so beautiful. It's what I aspire to be and for my home to be.
    Rach xx

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