Tuesday, January 22, 2013

what we've been up to X six


We've been letting the garden decide what we eat.

Lots of salads, freshly dug potatoes, baby beets, pestos, plum cakes, pullet eggs, berry sorbets...still no red tomatoes though.


We've been heading out after dinner to turn pumps and sprinklers and taps off.

As the sun slowly sets over the hill, the temperature drops a bit and it's the perfect time to explore, to throw rocks in the dry creek bed, to catch naughty runaway dogs, to pick berries and carrots, to swing under the big Blackwood tree and to feel a bit wild and free and crazy.


We've been starting to think about our trip to Israel this year.

The sights, the smells, the tastes and the culture. I thought cooking our way through Jerusalem might be a good way to prepare the girls. We started with the Krantz cakes the other day, deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious!


We've been gathering bucket loads of seed off the blackwood trees to regrow and replant and make wind breaks and reforest this place. There is something very wonderful about collecting seeds and growing plants from them. Magical. Sustainable.


We celebrated wonderful behaviour and filled sticker charts with a trip to the water slides with friends. Every single time I saw my girls yesterday they giggled excitedly at what a brilliant time they were having. And they totally deserved it. I am such a fan of the reward chart. I wonder if it's too early to start new ones.


And I've been making and photographing. Now that I've pretty much finished with the words for my book, I'm on to the making it pretty bit. I'm writing lists, collecting ingredients, making stuff, setting up scenes and photographing it all. It's scary and overwhelming and exciting and fun. I wish I knew more, had more time and owned some vintage suitcases.

So there's my second last Tuesday of the summer holidays six.
What're yours?
Care to share?

Later potata


  1. Oooh, these photos are so good Kate. Your trip sounds brilliant.
    Us: beaching it, picking pumpkins, buying school stuff, getting hair cuts before back to school, dealing with a really sick pet :( and enjoying a slight respite from the heat. Rain! Not much, but enough to have cooled things down a bit.
    Is that 6?

  2. I wish I knew more, had more time, and owned some vintage suitcases too! But maybe for different reasons. So envious of your book writing and photographing. Just emerging from the fog of having a baby, and feeling the need for some creative outlet. Need to find the time and muster some energy! Those cakes look soooo good! xK

  3. Quiet. Reflective. Planning .. but only a little. Hoping. Enrolling ... (scary but exciting) and of course EATING. We love our food in this house...♥♥♥

  4. I caught up with my cousin and his wife in the holidays and they did Israel last year with their three young kids. They had some interesting stories. I can ask for travel advice if you like :-)

  5. Trip to Israel? Can't wait to hear!

  6. I'm the same as the others - how did I miss a trip? Just hanging out and trying to stretch out each day. Going too fast.....

  7. Hi I'm jade and I have a vintage suitcase addiction.... don't start buying them.... seriously, it's a disease.

  8. You're off to Israel? No way!
    I love that you let your garden dictate what you eat..it's what I am eventually striving for.
    Us..we've been keeping a low key these holidays, flitting between home and the beach..it's been rather bliss.
    Tammi x

  9. You have captured life at your house beautifully as usual Kate. Do I need to buy Jerusalem? I have heard so many good things about it and your cakes look incredible. I have two 'ripper' vintage suitcases...if you were closer I would drop them off at your place in the morning :)

  10. such wonderous events going on at yours. that bread looks divine and oh a trip to israel! Stickers charts are plentiful here...the kids are off to the traffic school tomorrow as a reward for such good work! The images of those seeds just make my heart smile and I do hope your tomatoes go red soon xx

  11. Wow that's exciting, words are done, now onto the imagery. I am excited to read your book when it comes out!

  12. Berry sorbet sounds delicious! It's been below freezing for most of the mornings and afternoons here the post few days but summer foods found delightful! Hopefully you get your tomatoes!!

  13. Kate, if only you were closer. Vintage suitcases is all my storage these days, (all stuffed to the brim unfortunately.)
    So exciting about your book!

  14. I'm saving seeds for the first time this year and yes it does have magic about it. While I stood outside picking rocket seeds, the wind must have blown some in a pot nearby, because now I have tender new rocket leaves. I've got dried coriander bunches and beautiful dill heads too. Like you say, magical and sustainable. x

  15. You might not have vintage suitcases but you sure have gorgeous baskets! I hope they're featuring. Plus, vintage suitcases are everywhere these days (yes, I have a few). I don't go to the big shops much but I always get a little bit of a shock, and then feel a bit sad, that gorgeous vintage goodies are being sourced and secured to fill shop fronts of china-made disposable fashions...ah well, enough rant! They are still charming.

    Melania x

  16. 1. Drawing
    2. Reading
    3. Giggling with friends
    4. Playing Go Fish
    5. Breastfeeding
    6. Eating gelato.
    That's our six!!


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