Tuesday, April 30, 2013

These autumn days I am...

❤ Popping and planting garlic. See you in six months little purple bulbs.
❤ Knitting beanies. One almost done, four to go.
❤ LOVING having my folks at the bottom of the hill. xx
❤ Making and stamping bunting to go in shop windows when my book comes out. Eeeeep!!
❤ Thinking a lot about business and pleasure. And dollars and sense.
❤ Picking about 20kgs of tomatoes a day. Preserving most days. 
❤ Keeping one girl a day home with us for private time. Part time farm school.
❤ Loving the look of the water droplets on the nasturtium leaves.
❤ So over the 300+ spam comments I am getting each day on my blog. 
❤ Loving Dawn Tan's new blog.
❤ Behind on my running/walking routine because of the time-hogging tomatoes.
❤ Loving splitting two year old, very dry wood.
❤ Wishing it were 15 degrees warmer. At least.
❤ Listening to the Maremmas barking like crazy in the back paddock. 
❤ Needing to dehydrate another load of apples.
❤ Watching Nashville. Liking not loving.
❤ Looking forward to visiting a dairy goat farm later this week for some ideas and info.
❤ So glad I decided not to drive to Melbourne and back tonight.
❤ Supervising the building of the recycled cubby house. There it is in the pic above top left.
❤ Loving the expanding kitchen garden.
❤ So sorry that I haven't replied to your emails. I'll get there soon.
❤ Still struggling with autumn dressing.
❤ Enjoying snacking on carrots straight from the ground.
❤ Embarrassed that we still have one suit case left to unpack. The odds and ends one. Ugh!
❤ A bit dehydrated. I never remember to drink water when it's cold. 
❤ Really enjoying writing my blog at the moment.
❤ Loving the comments you are leaving on my blog. Thank you! Thank you! x
❤ Tired and ready for bed.

What's going on with you?
What are you thinking/making/baking/growing/feeling/wearing?
Do tell.

Later potata. xx


  1. I'm loving that the sun is actually out (here in the uk), not loving being at work when I need to be planting in my little greenhouse. Sarah

  2. I love your photos!! I want to try planting garlic sone day..I have peppers and tomatotes all ready!.
    You're a inspiration for me!
    warm regards.

  3. Loving the looks of your apple and tomato preserving...our Spring is trying to get started but nothing set in the flower beds or gardens yet...as we have 84 degrees coming for today and they are calling for a high of 46 tomorrow and rain mixed with snow on Thursday. It's been a crazy year weather wise.

  4. I am thinking I wish I had an extra 2 arms. And $5000. Just $5000 . Xxxxxxxx

  5. i'm hooking up a basket, hopefully it'll one day be big enough to keep all of my kitty's toys in...
    loving your posts at the moment, they're totally inspiring!
    planting garlic is on my to-do list this month, i'm hoping i'll get a chance on the weekend ;)

    enjoy all of the things on that list up there, they sounds magical! (well except the suitcase unpacking... maybe just rip that one off like a bandaid? you'll probably feel better after :D)

  6. If the tomato photos yesterday weren't enough, now this incredible garlic! I love your place. Can I move in?

    1. PS Turn off anonymous comments - it might slow your spam issue.

  7. Loving everything about this post.
    I wonder if it'a cold enough up here for me to start planting garlic?
    I love your kitchen garden, Kate. I'm also wondering what kind of crates are they?
    How do you know if they are okay for planting in (ie. not treated timber?
    I have too many questions for you, not so many answers. Sorry.

    My girls start school again tomorrow. The house will be so quiet. I may even quite like that for a day or so, but then i will start to miss them. That's what we are up to.

  8. I hear ya on the autumnal dressing! Probably the numero uno reason this is my least favourite time of the year...drop by my blog in the morning for a little Autumn closet inspiration...perhaps it will help the two of us! haha.

    These images are lovely - I'm so looking forward to getting my hands on your book & having a little piece of your beautiful life right here with me.

    Sar xx

  9. Loving your posts and photies, as usual!!
    Smiling because I finally got around to getting some garlic in a few weeks ago!
    Hoping it works out!
    Just went to a TedxSydney-mini- event - making jam and relish... inspired! (the BIG event is Saturday, I CAN"T wait!!)
    Wanting the corriander seeds to be successful!
    Eagerly awaiting to see a pic of your new book!!
    Jealous you're knitting,
    Procrastinating and should be writing essays!!
    Hoping and dreaming ....
    and thanking-goodness school and normal routines are back tomorrow!! :)

  10. Love Maisy and Lennon (on youtube) but I haven't watched Nashville yet. I'm drawing and I can't stop. That's a good thing to be so involved in it that I lose track of time :) Yes-excited for your book too. Will we get it in the USA?

  11. awww I could just jump into those photos and just get all cosy-ed up with all that going on at your house!!! Love that purple garlic, and 20kg of tomatoes - wow! Farm school sounds amazing, and well, i think we all wish it was warmer!!! have a lovely week Kate x

  12. Yes tired tired that's where I am! & loving the changes in the leaves resplendent in their autumn colours:)

  13. Beautiful mouth watering photos and cosy as well. Just read your post on passion and loved it. There is so much happiness in the things you and other ladies mention and it all sounds wonderful.

  14. Hi Kate. Your blog is my favourite. We are moving onto our country property next year and we are very excited. Its a big move for us as we have been in this dear house for 30 years. I think we have decided on a cottage style house with an Esse stove in the kitchen and a place for all my thrifted china and goodies. . Still wondering about the Rayburn though. I have been making quilts for my little grandsons and planning my next crochet blanket. I love reading about you and your girls, your farmer boy and your home and activities. I check on you every day. You feel like a real friend. A simple life is calling us out of this hustle and bustle life. Its tiring and stressful. i think a lot of people want simpler lives these days. Dont you. ?? We want beauty and peace in our life and to grow and make things. Im sure you understand. Hope tou see this. Lots of love. Julie in Perth x

  15. I'm thinking I love reading your blog, your planting-harvesting-processing adventures on the farm, and how you don't hesitate to keep a kid out of school for the day :-)
    I'm hooking a bag for my yoga mat!
    I baked plain white buns to go with our kudu stew tonight.
    I'm growing lemonds by the basketful and will need to hand at the school gate, I hink.
    I'm feeling tired as there's a cold setting into my throat.
    I'm stil in my gim clothes of this morning! :-0

    Good night, everyone.

  16. I am so excited for you about everything, but especially your book! I will be your biggest fan in QLD and sing about it from the rooftops! You're a gem, my friend!
    P.S. It's about 6am and I'm up early to print :: life is good {but a bit less busy-ness would make it awesome}!

  17. Wow I just love reading your blog I'm just starting to get the hang of growing lovely vegie. Yours look so yummy. Cheers

  18. You are always so busy Kate, you must have lots of energy. I cant wait to see what your book is all about, it sounds very intriguing. I am sitting here knitting and watching podcasts and hoping that the heater man turns up to fix the heater so I can stop sitting here in the cold.

  19. I'm saying goodbye this week to my little garden and vege patch and hoping that the tenants will be kind to them as we move from Melbourne to Perth.
    Very emotional and sad week only made better by discovering nits on the second kiddie the other night. Oh joy!
    Loving your blog and photos and loving that I will still be able to follow you when I'm over there.

  20. I am dreaming of a place in the country. . .

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  22. Oh the pictures of late on this blog, that's what I love. And autumn and thinking of coloured tights and how I can pull off a bonfire in my city backyard...

  23. I have big love for your blog & your photographs really bring it to life. Do tell how you are watching Nashville. I've been waiting for this series!

  24. Thanks for the little mention : ) xo

  25. You probably need to add the CAPTCHA code to your blog -- I had SO much spam and I finally caved and added CAPTCHA and now I have none. True story.

    I'd like to plant some garlic -- how exactly do you do it? Do the cloves need to have "sprouted first".

    And Autumn dressing is HARD...is it hot/cold/somewhere in the middle. urgh.

  26. How did I miss this post? Love it....... love the farm school idea xxxx

  27. Enjoying seeing the sun sparkle on the lawn.... Still not quite warm enough for sandals here in the UK though! Not long now, I have some funky navy wedge heel ones I am dying to wear! X

  28. What a lovely & insightful & inspiring post. Love your raised garden beds.

  29. I loved this post Kate. Happy Sunday to you xox

  30. Lovely pics, as usual.

    -drinking wine listening to my man chopping ingredients for our Saturday night dinner
    -loving seeing my coriander seedlings pushing their through the soil
    -embroidering a present for my friend's birthday
    -crocheting a new pattern from a book I won in a blog giveaway
    -enjoying sculling through blogs while I wait for dinner


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