Wednesday, May 1, 2013

every day in may - or not

This is the bunting I made and the stamp I cut to stamp the bunting I made.

When my book comes out in August, hopefully some book shops will hang this stamped bunting in their windows as a display.

My book!! Oh my gosh! Did you see I put a little pic of the cover over there on my side bar. Eeeeeep!!

This is the wool I was lucky enough to win in Little Woollie Jules's giveaway to celebrate the opening of her online store. Thanks Jules!! 

Delicious and soft and squishy and waiting patiently for the perfect project. Six 50gm balls, any suggestions?

This is the show-off autumn kissed grapevine on the front side of our house. The back-side (ha!) grapevine gets less sun and is yellow. 

This is about 30 or 40 rows of this brilliant idea I had that is never going to happen. Such a shame. A wide, loooooooong, grey scarf would be so useful and snuggly and cute. But realistically, 120 stitch rows of plain knit and plain purl are not so much fun. Unravel.

This is the state of our cubby so far. 

There'll be more tomorrow. @thebuilderrecycles (on instagram) is coming at 8am.

This was my attempt at a wintery colour palette blanket.

It hurts my eyes. Unravel.

These are the potatoes we picked last Friday.

This is the beanie I'm knitting for Pepper. I-cords and pom poms to go.

These are some of my kitchen garden tomatoes. With ten crates of green tomatoes in the loungeroom and a frost warning overnight, I had to say goodbye to these. I guess the chooks will love them.

It's funny, all week long I've been obsessively considering my every day in May project.

I've thought about walking every day, crocheting a square a day, knitting a square a day, making a pom pom a day, cooking a new recipe a day, reading a chapter a day, writing a blog post a day, naming something I am grateful for each day, doing something different with apples every day, taking a bag to the op-shop a day or doing some sort of photo challenge each day.

But late this afternoon, waaaaaay into the first day of May, I admitted defeat. For some reason I am just too crazy busy this May. Between the book stuff and the preserving stuff and the home stuff and the mothering stuff, there is just no room to take on another project. I have no idea how it is possible that with three at school this year I am still busier than last year, but I am. Either that or just more realistic.

I adored last year's motif a day in May and the May two years before that. I loved choosing the pattern, finding the cotton, hooking each square and watching the pile of finished motifs grow.

Hopefully I'll be back on board next year.

Hopefully I'll stick to this decision and not freak out and rush off to make a square as soon as I've pressed publish on this post. Hopefully.

So what are you up to over there?
Are you busier this year than last?
Are you making every day in May?
Or are you too tired by the end of the day?
Oh and if I disable anonymous comments is that going to worry you?



  1. You could totally change your 'Every day in May' from something you 'do' to something you 'think' & keep a journal of daily thoughts. May reflections.
    Simple ones like :
    ~Something that made me smile.
    ~a childhood memory.
    ~my favourite meal.
    ~ a place i would like to go

    then it requires you to actually stop doing things and let go of the busy.
    and then maybe just maybe we could SEE each other and hug and drink coffee and giggle and do nothing for a while together.
    I love you.

    I didn't want that to sound all tsk tsk..... I hop it didn't come across that way- was just an idea.

    as for me.....I am running every day, busier than i have ever been and less tired than I have ever been. weird.

  2. You've inspired me to make May a great month... thank you!

  3. I thought the same as Ruth - perhaps if you do your every day in May this year it could be to grab a cuppa and sit and be still and reclaim some time for yourself?

    Gorgeous photos - as for anonymous comments - go for it - 300+ spam per day would drive me bonkers.

  4. Loving the bunting...... so cute! I am still up for hosting you here on a regional Vic book tour. We will find somewhere for the bunting. That wool is divine. Pity I can't knit xxx

  5. I love the bunting and can't wait to read the book- all so inspirational. :)

  6. Let it go Kate, life's too short to stress about "something every day" :-)
    Love the bunting and the yarn, makes me want to order some...and I will definitely order your book to come and live in South Africa!
    It's Worker's Day, holiday, but since the bus drivers are on a strike in South Africa for the past week, my cleaner couldn't come in (and taxi fare is way too expensive), so I've taken on the cleaning and housework - bit busier that usual :-)
    Anonymous - yes, avoid the spam where you can .
    Have a great May!

  7. Well, you WILL be doing something everyday in May, with all that you have on your plate already...
    I love love love the book cover, and the bunting is very cheerful!
    Since I don't have a blogger account and somehow OpenID never works on blogger-blogs, I would be sad to not have the option to comment by Anonymous, but I totally see that filtering a few hundred spam comments takes way too much time (and I don't comment very often), so if you decide to block anonymous comments, just know that I will still read!


  8. I've stopped signing up for "every day" or "every month" stuff as I always fall by the wayside and then feel guilty that I haven't achieved my goals. Instead I'm subscribing to my own "Live Every Day As It Comes" and feel a lot happier about that. I go to bed each evening feeling happy that I've got through the day, and count all of the little things that I have done, even the minutiae makes my heart sing.

  9. I've been thinking a lot about your Every Day in May project from last year, namely because the blanket I started at that time is still unfinished. But there is hope..... I have just bought more wool with which to continue my supposed stash-busting Hexagon Blanket which had been put into hibernation while we renovated and then moved house. So don't feel obliged to begin a new project when so many satisfying and fulfilling ones are currently underway in your life. Good luck!

  10. Love the bunting, and that wool is Devine - ? A long stripy cowl or granny square one for winter? Looking forward to seeing your book .

  11. Oh, your book cover is gorgeous, Kate!!! And that stamp!!! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy in August:) I've got rid of my anonymous commenters over the past few months and it's completely cut out the spam. Go for it, I say:) x

  12. PS That bunting is the most gorgeous bunting I've seen. It's definitely pinterest worthy;) x

  13. Man, I'm grabby tonight.... I want that bunting. I want that book. I want that yarn... Get rid of the Anonymous Commenters. I don't have any of those accounts but I can still comment via Name/URL even though I don't have a URL. People should have the courage to put their name next to their views.
    Ms Zeb
    ...says the woman using her online name....

  14. Don't be disheartened! Just make it 'make something every day in May'. We all make something, whether it is dinner, bottled produce, an artistic pile of clean washing (ha!). Perhaps you should just be open this May and see what develops each day.
    Just an idea...

  15. I'm so intrigued by your book! WHAT IS IT???!!!!

  16. Wow, so much goodness here! Congratulations on your book!!! Can't wait to see it!

    I feel your unpicking pain..last week I thought a plain and purl scarf would be perfect for the middle daughter to keep cosy in but the curl factor never even bleeped on my radar until half way through the scarf..gahhh! Pesky ribs and the like were the only advice that came my way, so frustrating!

    Loving that bunting! And cubby! And hat! :)

  17. Love your spuds, and your stamp and your bunting and your book and the autumn colour!

  18. I love the bunting! And I can't wait to read your book. May is such a busy month, I can't believe that in the last two years you have found the time to make something a day, maybe you should rename it the Day by Day in May project?

  19. These pics (as always) steal me them.
    You may like the giveaway I have on at the moment...x

  20. The bunting is divine! I really want to make some. And I love all your autumny, yarny pics. So glad it's getting cooler. Also, I can't wait for your book!

  21. Oh, so much goodness!!
    Your book cover is very very beautiful and exciting!
    May I suggest the "pickles poncho" for your yarn, though the pattern calls for two colours only, I have thougfht it would be nice with many!
    Not that I have myself made one, but would love to!

  22. I can't wait to order the book! The cover looks gorgeous!

  23. Vantastic I love it!!! So exciting. Just eat every day in May. Xxx

  24. I'm sorry you unraveled the 'winter' afghan as too bright. You might want that bright in the months to come and I liked your colors and pattern. You sound super busy. The bunting for the book is so adorable. I bet the book stores love it. Your book looks very interesting. :) How about really noticing one thing outside each day. I think you already do it, but just the extra moment to say...'ah yes, this is today's moment.' :) Helen

  25. My daughter wants a beanie with cable knit in it, which pattern did you use? This might appeal to her

  26. I love those colours in the blanket!
    So far I am busier than normal as I just had but no. 3 & its taking some getting used to. My big boys are 13 & 10 so realising that things will be moving at a much slower pace as we get used to living by the babes feeding routine. It's not so bad really as we move into the cooler months here in yes I am more tired than I have been in years but I am happy, so very happy.

  27. Hello gorgeous Kate, yes you should disable anon comments if you're getting spammed, the buggers! May is going to be a good month here but I'm a bit like you, a tad overloaded! The book cover looks AWESOME and the bunting looks SPECTACULAR. I'm so impressed and cannot wait to read it. Well done you clever creative thing. Love from us up here xxx

  28. Kate - the book cover looks amazing!!! Can we pre-order a copy anywhere?? Congratulations!!!! Must be sooooooo exciting! Enjoy the moment!

  29. From where I'm sitting you always seem to be doing amazing things so don't think you need to do more! I love your little stamp - it reminds me of doing a lino cut in high school - is that what it is and if so - can you still but lino??

    1. No, it's a kind or rubber. I'm not sure what it's called but it is white and soft. Much nicer to work with than the old lino.

  30. EEk! Disable those anonymous comments quick smart, it must be giving you a headache with all that spam Kate! I was just hopping on to say the bunting and caravan stamp is so gorgeous and you are so clever but thought I'd better add my two cents worth on the anonymous subject considering the two just above me are spam :-(

  31. How exciting Kate, a book!! I can't wait to see it, I bet its wonderful!! : )

  32. Maybe your "Every Day in May" could be to just take a moment and breathe! Have to tell you that I borrow Frankie from the library sometimes. This afternoon I snuck away to my craft room with my new library stash and a cup of chai and my knitting and who should I see in Frankie?!? Beautiful photo of you with your family in that stunning country light and lovely to read the interview. Cannot wait for the book. Will we be able to order signed copies from your blog?

  33. I love the multiple levels involved in the crafting of the bunting with the making of the stamp to add to the design of the fabric on the bunting. Terrifically inspiring!

  34. I can't wait to buy your book! I know it is going to be amazing!!!
    (I like the blanket you started!!! But that does not matter because YOU have to LOVE it!!)

  35. Stamping bunting is such a sweet idea - love it! Oh my I am so excited to see that photo of your book, I can't wait to see it in person!

  36. Your knitting is gorgeous! That blanket is amazing- I can knit scarves- that is about it! Oh and hats- but that blanket is going to be fantastic!


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