Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello happy & beautiful (almost) winter list

It's freeeeeezing cold here. Today was dark and grey and stormy and wet. Winter feels like it has well and truly settled in two weeks early. Although this weather feels like it could drag me under, this year I am determined not to let it. I'm determined to stay on top of it all. And what better way than by noticing and remembering and appreciating and being grateful for the good in my life. The great in my life. The beautiful in my life.

So here we go, here's my HELLO HAPPY and BEAUTIFUL (almost) WINTER list.

I love watching my little girls and their dogs. It reminds me of what we wanted, what we dreamed of, when we decided to move to the country to bring up our family. Jazzy and Willow.

I love the bits of bright colour in our garden. We're pretty good at growing the edible and the functional, but we often forget about the purely decorative. The decorative serves a pretty important function too, so I am learning.

I'm so happy that the kitchen garden is looking almost ready to take on the winter months. Kale and lettuce and rocket and herbs and garlic and broccoli and carrots and beetroots. I've got a bundle of seeds to plant in the hot house next time I get a chance too.

Pom pom parties!

We bought a Clover pom pom maker last weekend and it is rocking our world. It is quick and fun to use and makes the best, fluffiest pom poms around.

It may be freeeeeeeeezing, but Daylesford does autumn beautifully. This tree up near the poly tunnels seems to change colour and glow as the day goes on.

A sneaky, mid-week, wintery getaway with my farmer boy. We had the caravan park and the beach to ourselves and spent a whole luxurious two days alone. (Thanks heaps M and D xx)

The very last of autumn's colourful bounty. Yesterday I spent a bit of a disgusting few hours poking through the sloppy, mouldy vines in the poly tunnels for the final time of the season. Tomorrow the chooks will go in and clean them up. It's been a wonderful season but the time has come to say farewell.

A sunny Sunday's work in the kitchen garden resulted in a ute load of garden scraps for the compost. Out with the old and in with the new. Hooray!!

I've been catching glimpses of the cubby-house in different lights, from different angles and falling in love over and over again. 

Keeping the home fires burning. Cooking our food and warming our home. Late in the evenings we like to pull chairs up to her and open an oven for extra warmth. Then my farmer boy reads some Michael Pollan out loud and I knit. It's cozy. And MP is a great writer. And my farmer boy is a great reader and he took that photo and he's a bit cute too.

Ahhhhh, I feel better already. I think I might have to make this a regular thing.

Do you want to play too? Here in the comments or on your blog?
What are some of the little things making you feel up and happy at the moment?
What's chasing your grey away?

Big love peeps.
Be good. xx


  1. Feeling better already Kate, thank you x

  2. I love Autumn. It's really beautiful in WA at the moment - not too cold yet and with amazing cool blue skies. I love all those reds and oranges of the leaves - just beautiful. When my husband read Michael Pollan he kept having to read bits out to me, and then I read it and couldn't help but read sections back to him. So good. Just bought his new one - no doubt the same will happen again! Keep warm. xK

  3. Here is the UK we are happy that a bit of sunshine might get my allotment veg to grow.. a bit at least. It feels strange that we are at the start of our growing season and you are at the end. That's the circle of life. Jo x

  4. I'm just starting out on my first ever veggie growing escapades here in the UK and it is so exciting to see things I planted on my windowsill a few weeks ago sprouting up and being planted outside! I think I'm boring my family with daily updates on how all the plants are doing :) I also grabbed a wormery for £3 at a car boot sale and the worms for it (all 500) have just arrived so it's wormery fun for me this afternoon!

  5. what bliss!! I cannot wait till we are on our property and I can make winter lists like yours! Sounds heavenly and I simple adore the idea of have hubby read whist you knit (although I can't I would crochet)....wishing you splendid days xx

  6. gosh, it all looks so deeply inviting and honestly satisfying. the oven would be an ideal way to end the day in the garden. thank you for sharing the beauty, i think i will spend tomorrow noticing, around my place. ;)sarah

  7. Hair dye used to chase my greys away but now I've given up on it and we're embracing each other's greyness :)
    We've just had our first week in a new state and a first day at a new school today. A very big emotional roller coaster for all of us.
    I'll embrace your great up and happy list. Big change can sometimes make it hard to focus on the good bits.
    Today the WA sun was shining in the afternoon and from the verandah we can see the water - very good bits.
    Today we spoke with some friends on the other side on the country on the phone!!
    Thanks for the inspiration Kate.
    Jenny x

  8. Love Michael Polan!! It's just warming up here for summer. So much fun to see your part of the world :)
    Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  9. That tree is amazing - it looks like a huge beautiful flame. I love the change of the seasons - something so exciting about preparing for something a little bit different and your home looks warm and inviting. As Jo says we are just snatching the briefest bits of sunshine over here in the UK - there's been lots of waiting for it but Summer is in no rush to get here! Jane x

  10. The tree took my breath for a brief moment; grew up in Eastern US where autumn is quite different from that which I see here in northern California, your tree took me right back to the sugar maples and oaks of my childhood. Thank you.

  11. I live in Nova Scotia and even though it is spring, our weather has been very cold, grey and dreary. I have been drinking lots of spiced tea. Very warming and nourishing. Lots of knitting with colourful yarns always helps. Also plenty of cooking. I made a lentil soup last night and it was just the thing.
    It sounds so cosy; sitting by the fire and knitting while listening to your loved one read to you. I think it sounds amazing! Very romantic!

  12. You have lots to be happy about there, Kate:) I love the cooler weather so I'm feeling really happy now that I can feel a chill in the air. I'm also loving the grey clouds that are hovering about lately. I only pray there will be rain pour out of them. We so desperately need rain. That would make me jump for joy:) Loving the autumn leaves and the earlier nights. Love, love, LOVE this time of year! x

  13. a getaway sounds divine! love the geraniums too! xx

  14. After having lived for the past twenty years in the top end we find ourselves starting to experience our first winter. I have to say that at the moment I am loving the cool, the cold and the cold rain. I love the colour of winter being reflected in the trees and the gardens. I love the fact that my one light cardi is not enough and the local op shops have helped me get the winter wardrobe that I need. I love being able to knit and crochet without sweating. So far winter is enjoyable.

  15. I love the late Autumn we have had in the hills; watching children at kindy play in the leaf pit; snuggling into the first of many cowls that I will knit for myself; bringing out my favourite long brown boots; and how good a chai tea,or a cocoa feels at the end of a long day.

  16. Sometimes when the winter blues are lurking, I get out the old photo albums and get amazed at how much things have changed here on our farm in 12 years. I reckon you would have the same delight. Maybe a photo album every Tuesday night in front of the fire? Having followed your writing for 5? years, I recognise big changes at your place. How satisfying it is to have things "together". When you are stuck inside in winter, you can delight at your achievements by walking around inside and looking out the windows. What about a challenge for a new item for the cubby each week? Curtains, table cloth, repurposed furniture, flower or foliage arrangement.....Kate at Beaufort

  17. I think I've told you before how much I love winter but right now what is making me happy is-
    My one month old babe. He is beyond perfect!
    Watching my 10 yr old interact with his new brother.
    Knowing I will be home alllllllll winter
    The sunny days & cold nights
    Reading blogs- I don't have much of an attention span right now so books are out
    Reading your list made me happy too Kate. Life sounds good xx

  18. I quite like the onset of winter, the Autumn colours are amazing. I like how the food we cook changes: stews, soups, warm spiced dishes, shepherds' pies.... Mmm! I love my winter boots and winter coat. I like to get out on the fresh air, running or walking, even if (if!) It is lashing with rain and windy as hell, it's so exhilerating! Am loving the onset of summer, too, though, (such as it is in the UK at the mo!) We r really looking forward to.meeting up with old friends who live far, taking our new to us trailer tent to a very dorsetian (?not even a word!) Sounding camp site, "moonfleet farm".... Dreamy! Reannon, v envious of u having a new baby! How lovely. Sending big love from England xxx

  19. Wow! Really beautiful photos! And lovely moments! It's so funny- where I live it is Spring although insanely rainy and grey- your beautiful pictures of Fall made me nostalgic for the season even though we have just came out of winter!

  20. Hi

    Just did a post "Things that make me happy right now" as per your entry. Carla at Socks Ahoy!

  21. All my thoughts are consumed with our trip to Europe which is now less than THREE months away! Woot.

  22. Oh that tree is glorious. It's been a lovely autumn for colour.

  23. I visited a garden yesterday, and even in the cold and the near drizzle it was a tonic.

  24. Gorgeous pictures Kate. Winter is my favourite season xx

  25. My neighbours have the same breed dogs as you, and they bark incessantly! Not great when their house is only 50m from mine despite them living on 15 acres. Do your dogs bark? These dogs will bark continuously even while wearing dog collars (and sound like they're in pain). I am at my wits end.
    Completely off topic, sorry.
    Cheers, Kali

  26. Oh I adore that first photo of your daughter with the dogs - such a gorgeous moment!
    It is freeezing here today/tonight too. Your autumn trees look glorious, what a view, incredible how different in "mood" they look in the different shades of light.

  27. Love the pic of your girlie with the dog .... so beautiful

    and the pom poms ... love a pom pom & think a pom pom party would brighten up winter no end


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