Thursday, May 30, 2013


With the promise of more than two inches of rain on the horizon, we spent the whole of yesterday in the garden. We cleared out autumn and settled her in for the long, cold winter ahead.

We weeded, we forked over the empty beds and we filled them up with fresh compost. We picked bucket loads of carrots whose tops were starting to rot. We harvested the last of the tomatoes and beans and yanked out their vines. We thinned out and transplanted kale and spinach and cos. We planted broad beans soaked in garlic and chili (to deter the pesky possums). And we seeded a spiral of rocket and some parsley. 

And we lit a bonfire for warmth and to burn the sticks that held our tomatoes and beans up all through summer.

And my farmer boy made us cups of steaming hot Turkish coffee with cardamon.

It's a wonderful gift to realise that we are exactly where we want to be right now, doing exactly what we want to be doing. We are together, we are doing what we love: making and growing our own, we are being creative and we feel inspired and good. We feel really good.

Time and circumstances and bad weather may challenge that and probably change that, but for now it is.

And when we came in last night at dark, stoked the fire, settled in for the night and heard the rain starting to tumble down on the roof, we felt like we were up to date and on the right track.

Winter looks like she is settling in but our garden's ready for her.

If only I were as ready in the kitchen.
Soup again?
What're you having for dinner?



  1. Everything looks fantastic. What a fabulous feeling to be exactly where you want to be.
    We are having Lamb Shanks I put in the slow cooker this morning, a dinner that feels like I 'cheated' as all I have to do is serve it up. Now to wash the babies, fold washing and make lunches for tomorrow... sigh.

  2. Eggs,wild rocket ...poached pears & custard ..NOM !

  3. Well, it's supposed to be sunny and warm in France right now, but it seems that the rain doesn't want to leave.
    So for now, I eat a lot of soup too :)

    I'm really looking forward to enjoying Summer!

  4. We've got rain right now too which is good for all the grain farmers around here who have just finished seeding. Hopefully it will continue throughout the season and they'll have a good year this year.
    Eggs! We're having eggs for dinner. I've turned in to my mother and I cook by the day of the week, and Thursday is egg night. Well be having scrambled or omelet probably. No brain dinner!

  5. Hey gorgeous, long time!!
    I've just made a zucchini slice and Harvey 'helped' me make some healthyish biccies too.
    I'm pondering what my first soup of the season will be - I'm thinking minestrone and some home baked bread rolls.
    Rug up, the cold is coming!
    Ab xx

  6. I wrote the other day about my decision to embrace winter this year. Usually I struggle with the cold. I have decided I need to change my mind set to help me get through the chills.

  7. Fabulous post.

    I love that you're almost assisting the earth with it's seasonal change, preparing her in a way. It is beautiful! x

  8. Winter is looking good at your place Kate, just as I knew it would!

    Tonight, lamb roast for the big people and vegetable pasties for the smaller people. Everyone was pretty happy I think :)

  9. Is there anything better than looking around and realizing you are right where you want to be? Amazing. Drink it in and enjoy it, these are the days that fuel all the others.

  10. Hot roast chicken and fresh rolls for us...quick and easy. I'm really appreciating your preparation for winter and those ever gorgeous vegie gardens.

  11. How lucky you are Kate.

    Perth has turned freezing cold & I love it! Lots of soup with amazing bread from New Norcia bakery followed by luscious puddings in our house but tonight I tried a new pasta recipe from What Katie Ate- it was great!

    I am well & truly ready to welcome winter with open arms :)

  12. Such beautiful photos! So inspiring. The sunshine seems to have disappeared here in the UK but I'm hoping it will be back again soon. Looking forward to hearing your winter tales :)

  13. Soup for us too - Asian sweetcorn style. The garden only feels half ready for winter at our house. Your photos are a feast for the eyes.

  14. i wished i lived sandwiched between you guys and Tania (Ivy Nest) so you could show me how to live and grow and eat and knit real awesome.
    Yes, that would be perfect indeed.

    Also, I really really love that little jug. Any idea what they're called so I can snoop the internet for something similar?

    adoringly yours, D xx

  15. You are very lucky Kate. Lucky that you share the same dreams and work together to make them grow and satisfy you all. The shared dream is achievement enough in itself, but the doing, the success you've claimed for yourself is something else again x

  16. Sounds brilliant Kate. That "up to date" feeling is a great one, and for people like myself who aren't particularly well organised so tricky to achieve. I've just asked for a couple of days off work so that I can get up to date... get some jobs crossed off the list ready for the change in season, ready for birth, ready for a changed family.
    Not sure how I'm doing... since I am propped up in bed, rugged up in blankets, enjoying the bird calls and weak winter sun glistening through my window and catching up with bloggy friends!!! Still ... I suppose a bit or R&R is important too.

  17. So funny/strange that we are headed into Summer, when you are headed into winter! We had pot roast with potatoes and carrots in the crock pot. Made gravy with the broth. It was delicious!
    Rachael in Michigan, USA

  18. Love your red carrots. Tonight we are having some pork grown by a neighbour and brought over as a gift. I think with some apples also grown by neighbours and fennel grown by me with some spicy plum sauce that I made from plums gleaned from the roadside. A very local produce dinner.

  19. Hi Kate! Love reading your blog and looking at your fabulous pictures! I homeschool my daughter and last year we studied the rotation of the Earth and its tilt. We realized while we here in California, USA are entering summer, someone in Australia is beginning winter. It's wonderful to experience our summer and your winter at the same time! Thank you for transporting us to the other side of our world and into yours! :)

  20. Lovely Kate! I love reading that you are doing the same things we are in the garden. Except we are without campfire turkish coffee, a situation I shall have to remedy!


  21. Your bottle tree fascinates me! I wish I'd thought of it first :D haha. Your garden beds look so neat and organised compared to mine (which are small..but my plants are thrown together so higgledy piggeldy). I LOVE that photo of your carrots!

  22. It's a bit strange to me to read of you settling in for winter while we are heading into our hot summer.
    Last night my mom and I made cheese enchiladas for dinner,and tonight my brother-in-law is grilling meat and veggies for us all.

  23. Your blog is so inspiring! I just planted out my winter veggie garden too. It's a good feeling!

  24. I need to get into the garden. I need to plant out onions and get them into the ground.

  25. I love this.
    We are starting our third year in the country, learning all we can about this land, growing our veggies, our kids and our minds.
    It is a special life, is it not?
    We are just beginning summer here. :)

  26. I would love to hear what you are planning for your green tomatoes. We have some in our veggie garden and I am not sure the best way to make use of them.


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