Sunday, June 2, 2013

Proper knitting

Just over a week ago I got an email asking me to knit something for the Guardian Angel Knitting Program which encourages Aussies to knit a gift of woolen warmth for a child in need. I cried. I always cry about charities that help children, but something about helping with hand knits just got to me. Every child deserves a bit of hand knitted, woolly goodness I think.

If you would like to be a Guardian Angel and knit something for a child doing it tough, you'll find all the details here. I knitted my beanie in wool, but if you don't mind acrylic, there are a couple of packs of acrylic yarn and straight needles available from the charity to get you started. To be honest I'm not sure how many, but if you are interested in one please leave you contact deets in the comments and I'll pass them on.

The details of my project are here.

After I finished the red beanie, I knitted a chunky cable beanie for my farmer boy. Farming in Daylesford in winter is freezing cold work.

Project deets here.

And then I knitted him a balaclava.

I know!

He looks a bit like this dude don't you think?!

But the main thing is that he loves it! It's not quite as cozy as a tractor with a cab on it, but at least it's something.

Details here.

Sometimes he even wears them both at the same time!

We think he looks funny, but as long as he's warm, right?!

Next up on the sticks is a footy scarf!!
On straight needles!!

Who even am I?

It's for my sister Emily. I love her. And I love thinking about her and my Mum in a wool shop (my world), listening to people discussing their woolly projects, describing her project and buying her wool (not acrylic). And I love that even though she owns several Bulldogs scarves already, she still wants a handmade one. And I love thinking about her as I knit each row next to the wood stove at night. And I love that she paid me in coffee beans (unnecessary but nice). And I am loving knitting with straight needles. I haven't used them in years, but something about them makes me feel like I'm doing proper knitting. Strange but true.

Knitting makes me happy. And keeps them warm.

What's making you happy? Or warm?


PS My blog is now on bloglovin - whatever that means.


  1. My son lives on central coast , NSW and waits for train on freezing station. water is about five metres from station and the wind off the water is icy. I made him alpaca scarf and gloves and also made that balaclava. Assuming it's from Patons Winter Warmers? He would have preferred the pattern with separate eye holes and mouth section, but I thought that might give people the wrong idea about him, especially as it was in black.

    Have also just made him another hat in camel yarn from Renae at suzyhausfrau in Canberra. Alternating rows of colours make the fabric very firm and warm in Aran weight yarn.

  2. Oh Kate! Your comparison of your husbands twin just made me laugh! Well done on your work! Not long ago I went along to a quilting day where I helped make quilts for babies who might need one coming out of hospital. I can't describe how proud I felt of my little quilt - I had done something nice for someone else :) I always make a point to my daughter (she's only 4) of giving money to people who collect at shopping centres. I want her growing up knowing that she can help others in many ways and not just to walk past with her head down or look the other way. If I could knit I would put my hand up for this one too. Learning how to knit is on my list though...

    Sophie xo

  3. I am loving that balaclava!
    Such a brilliant idea for farming in the cold!XX

  4. Very nice people, nice beanies and very, very good photos, sowing the love you fell for your family.

    Nice regards Gitta

  5. here comes a " H" for showing , excuses...

  6. Oh I would love to crochet a hat for a child who needs one. Xx

  7. I do love that you're knitting a footy scarf..but I meant to say I love that second last picture of your farmer and your girl x

  8. hello kate,
    i love your knitting!!!! i think i will make a balaclava for my husband,too.
    lovely blog.
    have a wonderful knitting time,regina

  9. I love drawing. Especially about things that are going on in my life right's kind of like a journal for me. And drawing by hand instead of the computer feels so good. I get lost in it.

    Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  10. Oh Kate, so funny!!! I will never be able to look at a $100 note quite the same again without thinking of your farmer boy! Not that I get to look at those notes very often mind you......Your beanies are great! Lovely photos as always. Knitting makes me happy too :-) Mel x

  11. I knit a hat for a birthday present for a farmer to wear on the dairy for cold mornings and he liked it so much he wears it to town! Jo x

  12. Bren looks beautiful in the balaclava. I think it's marvelous that you help keep your family warm with love and wool. Wool's a pretty miraculous material indeed!

  13. I like what you knit, Kate. Actually reading this post and looking at your beautiful photos make me warm and happy right at the moment. Thanks for that feeling!

  14. I would love to knit something for a child so if you could pass my details on that would be great��

  15. family+knitting+music+nature=happiness

  16. The idea of knitting a hat for a child in need is heartwarming! Small things make me happy, like my two pet rabbits cleaning eachother's ears (I just noticed it now and I'm happy for her that I got him from the shelter, so she wouldn't feel alone and have a buddy). Drawing, knitting, nature...relax me and remind me to take things as they come...

  17. Loving that you're making your sister a scarf... pity about the team she supports ;)

  18. Your knitted goods are luscious-looking and delightfully warm, I bet. Your daughter is sprightly and hubby handsome. Good job raising your family; many thanks for sharing with your blog.

  19. I always go pick up my poor neglected knitting and knock off a couple of rows after I read your posts!

  20. Yep, lots of knitting here too, I dropped into our local craft shop today for 'Habby Hour' we drank tea, ate home-made cake and chatted while we knit. Just divine!

  21. Loving the beanie and he does resemble the face on the note. They look nice and warm that's for sure. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  22. So nice to hear your warm heart will give someone else a warm head.
    If no one else thanks you - I will. Thank you.
    My Girl Guide Trefoil Guild crochet cotton chemo hats for cancer patients. Always nice to help.

  23. I'm such an Antarctic exploration nerd that I didn't even need to click on the link to know you meant Mawson! There are some brilliant images of the explorers in their woollies.

    We're going to see the Bulldogs play in Canberra next month; we're proud GWS supporters (even if they are hopeless!).

  24. I really need into this bloglovin thing. I have noticed that I am not getting nearly as many visits to my blog - It might also help if I blog more - Hummm
    Love the knits and the balaclave. A warm funny guy is the best thing possible.

  25. Awww thats really sweet of you (and them!). I haven't heard of that charity before but I will give it a look. I always have a plethora of knitted hats (really, so many!) and give a huge bag of them to our local charity shops every year.
    I have to admit the photo of your man with the hat and balaclava at the same time made me giggle :) I think I'd be inclined to knit in exchange for coffee beans too... ahhh!

  26. My friend Harry designed the Mawson $100 note, its a beauty :-)
    Always love your beanies, always beautiful and snuggly! x

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