Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Turkish coffee grinder & other adventures

Yesterday we went to Melbourne and found LOVE!

I have a few winter warmer tricks at home to get us through the freezing cold days, but yesterday needed something bigger. Something stronger. Something more hard core than soup, stripey socks and silly dancing to get us through the irritating coughs, sniffles and muddy puddles everywhere.

So we got the girls out of bed a little later than usual. We ate breakfast when they should have already been at school. We piled in the car and headed off to Melbourne.

We were on the hunt for a Turkish coffee grinder and an adventure.

We ate lunch and drank lots of coffee at the always awesome Seven Seeds.

As our waiter placed each plate in front of each of us he whispered a barely audible yum! which was cute and so very accurate.

My salad was made of freekah, corn, chickpeas, pomegranate, rocket and feta and was possibly the best salad I've had all year, if not ever. Bren had kangaroo and the girls thought that was hilarious.

Then we drove through a yarn bombed city street. Royal Parade renamed Royal Granny Parade. Each of the trees wore a colorful decoration. And I wished we had had more time to walk along and admire every amazing work of art. (Watch the video about it here).

Then we walked up and down Sydney Road Brunswick. We admired the new to us shops and decorations and people. We bought some clothes in an op shop, some pies in a Lebanese bakery and a Turkish coffee grinder, some Turkish coffee to try and six small Turkish coffee glasses.

We ate a sandwich dinner at my farmer boy's folks house and then we drove home in the dark. Possibly a bit later than we should have.

My clever, thoughtful boy had left the kitchen stove burning and set up the lounge room fire so all we had to do was light it and we were extra toastie.

When they were tucked into their snugly beds, he told the girls a story of a talking Turkish coffee grinder. They laughed and laughed and all slept through the night for the first time in ages. No eczema, no coughs, no drinks, no nightmares.

We felt happy, like we'd done the right thing by our family by having a day away.

But this morning was a different story entirely.

This morning we woke up a bit late, the little two girls were coughing constantly, Miss Pepper had a rash, they were all three cranky maganky and it took everything I had not to get swept away with the wind and the rain and the storminess.

I had thought that one great day away would mean an easier next few days, but it felt like the opposite. Like it was all so much harder than it should have been.

Never mind. I wont be put off. But maybe next time we'll take two days away instead of the one? Maybe.

And there's only 10 days until the winter solstice and two and a bit weeks until school holidays. We'll be OK.

But if you have some winter warmer tricks up your sleeve, feel free to share. I'm all ears.
Oh and freekah? Been there, done that? Are you a fan?I think I am.

Bye. xx

ps Miss Indi took the top pic. xx


  1. Your day out sounds wonderful, I'm glad it was a lovely day. I'm sorry the next morning didn't bring such joy, I hope the coughs and grumps disappear soon!

    1. Thanks heaps Sarah!
      All better and happier by the end of the day, thank goodness.

  2. manuka honey in everything sweet and chilli in everything savoury x

  3. I love the yarn-bombed chair...I would love to have a seat there. Hope you're family are better soon...

  4. ok. so. you should try this warm salad, , with freekah instead of farro and also mix through some greens, it's divine. as far as winter warmers- blend your own chai (i use pepper, cardamon pods, cinnamon, fennel seeds, cloves, fresh ginger and black tea leaves or no tea for baby chai). I feel like it prevents and cures all kinds of bugs and just makes me feel good regardless.

  5. Oh it sounds like you had a hoot here in Melb! love that yarn bombed chair...i do hope whoever did it, this photo gets back to them! I've just registered for the Voices master class in a few weeks...I noticed you're a speaker! Can't wait to meet you IRL! xx

  6. Loved that you took a day off to nourish your souls and I can relate to the next morning which is real life but glad you could have a day away with happy memories. Love seeing those yarn bombing photos. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  7. That is so adorable!
    And exactly why I LOVE Melbourne so much!

    Wonderful photos :)

  8. i love to read your happy memories and see nice pics...
    greetings from Turkey!


  9. Thanks for sharing this. I live in melbourne but forget to go explore those parts. I might just take a day and do it soon.

  10. Hi Kate. I love seeing a glimpse of you on your blog. I bet your big city adventure was fun while it lasted. Sometimes being spontaneous is tricky with a family, school & responsibilities. If you find a secret winter warmer trick let us know! x

  11. Wow - what a stunning shot of you two up the top there!
    So great that you guys took the day off, those memories
    will get you through those other times!!xxxJ

  12. check you two love birds out . . . you guys are so cute!

    i think i might have a recipe that's pretty close to your freekah salad. it's a winner. I'll email it through.

    rachel xo

  13. I love the idea of wagging school and going on an adventure to escape the cold! I think we might have to do this soon! Hopefully looking forward to the school holidays will see you through the next little while. I've finally remembered my openid login so can post comments on your beautiful blog! Kate.

  14. What a lovely post. Oh how I would love to take a spontaneous day of to escape the hussle and bussle of school life for just a day (just secretly I think quiet a few kids in my class did take an extra long weekend!) it's good for the soul. I've made myself a winter bucket list. To remind me of all the fun things that do come along with winter as the days get a little bit longer and cooler.

    Thank you for giving us a peek into your world! Casey :)

  15. Tears... So beautiful. You really are having the best childhood with your girls. The sweetest. I love your family. That top pic of you and Bren is exactly what your whole family feels like to me; quirky, beautiful, wonderfully yourself, but mostly pure real true love and delight.
    I'm sorry that the next day after your holiday in yarny street was the opposite. I think it's about keeping bringing us back to remembering to be present and "enjoy" or appreciate the good and the bad. That each is important in our life. And to teach us to work through the hard times; they keep coming back so we may as well embrace them (somehow!). I think you do that so honestly and beautifully. I really appreciate and love the way to struggle, but see your struggle and don't get caught up in it, but work through it.
    Winter warmers - urgh. It's raining again here. Which means stuck in this tiny shack with a leaky roof. The fire struggled this afternoon and we had to (almost) relight it. The kids hate soup for dinner (to the moon and back!). It's so hard not to slump down into it. This afternoon, in a break in the endless rain that is flooding our yard again, I snuck quietly outside and soaked up the last of the light, the deep blue of the evening. I took some photos and talked some words to myself. I breathed deep and looked at the little tiny details of life around me. I loved it all so much. And I etched those teeny moments onto my soul to fulfill these other moments. Also, I've taken lately - when I can - to standing fully in the morning / afternoon sun and closing my eyes. Ignoring all around me, and breathing deeply. Let the sun be part of me. Storing it up for when I need it.
    Good night sweet you xxx
    (love your tights - are they "OK" brand? I love mine from you last year, think a new pair...!).

  16. We had a Surprise Day Home yesterday! it started well, but by afternoon they both it was nice to have some headspace again today and join up with fellow hookers for a hook-in-public :-)

  17. Hi Kate, I've only been reading your blog for a little while but I am absolutely in love with it. I'm in the US and I am fascinated by the whole opposite seasons thing. Your family is just beautiful and so happy, you can tell. I look forward to reading more.

  18. Hello, what on earth is freekah? I'd love to try it! Anything with warming spices is good in winter, mmm, curry! Weather shocking here, heavy rain and cold too. But hey Ho, our flowers r looking very pleased with themselves! Sorry to hear of eczema, I suffer with it myself and have bn using avocado oil as a moisturizer lately. It has really helped me. Wow, that's so cool that u take your girls out of school, over here in the UK the schools so don't have a sense of humour about it! Shame, in a way. God, that tea described above sounds amazing! I want to make it! Xxx

  19. Love seeing and reading about your adventures in Melbourne. Winter warming tricks for me include reading a book snuggled under a quilt with a wheat pack or hot water bottle on my lap, usually having a hot chocolate too helps.. I sometimes use w wheat pack when I am sewing too - co my sewing room is very cold. Roll on summer.

  20. I love that you do this, take a family day trip to melbourne. I think I need to do that kind of thing every now and then. We're just back from our holiday and so far so good, but boy is it cold! I am still in my jammies, little olive is in bed, but I think I'll get myself rugged up and take my man out for a yummy morning tea somewhere we can watch the wild sea just as soon as she wakes..x

  21. We have an "un" official RDO day set aside for each day of each school term. My son knows it's all his -he can claim it whenever he wants (not including exam/test days - he has tried!) and he just needs to give me a few days notice in case it interferes with work etc. We usually end up going to see a movie together (an early session so that the cinema is ridiculously empty and cavernous) then it's time for food glorious food. A jaunt in a park, a small treat purchase (usually a new novel) and more food/coffee/snacks/cake!! It's utter bliss. We know we're breaking "the rules" and we relish every second. They will be the days I remember in amongst the haze of days where the rules WERE FOLLOWED. Thank you for sharing your scared time. Xx

  22. I love reading about your trips to melbourne, I live in carlton and seven seeds is a regular for me:) and I was in daylesford yesterday which made me think of your blog. It was freeeezing there! But so nice. I was wearing a beautiful woolly beanie I knitted the other night inspired by the ones you made for your girls.
    x zannah

  23. Hot chocolate with a shot of whisky...not child friendly, but happy parent = happy child? ;-)

  24. I was in Sydney Road yesterday too! What a shame I didn't bump into you - it would have made my day soo much nicer. I too am looking forward to the solstice, at our house we are in need of a celebration to help us through the rest of winter, and best of all I still have some of your yummy rhubarb to cook up into something lovely. x

  25. That sounds like an awesome day , perfect to keep warm .

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  26. what a grand way to spend the day!..citrus citrus and a bit more citrus...oh and tea tree oil on everything and everyone...saves us every winter. im partial to a cumquat a day...extra zingy and will put hairs on your chest but they bomb all the germies with vit c. xx

  27. lovely post, and you have inspired me to start knitting.

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  30. Oh my gosh, how cute is that love sign?!

    I hope the girls get better quickly. I felt like the long weekend wasn't long enough either... kind of a teaser! Like... here's how relaxed you COULD be... NOPE just kidding. Ah well :) We only have one week left until the holidays and I cannot wait.

  31. A trip to the city is always welcome! Discovered your blog today via Lucent Imagery, and what a lovely find it is with a focus on seasonal produce and crafting- I'm in the process of knitting a lap rug from squares. I've also been searching to no avail for some awesome winter boots...but being on the Gold Coast, well let's just say it's rather limiting. I spotted 2 awesome pairs of boots you're wearing in a couple of posts. Campers perhaps? I'd love to know what the other boots are too. Thanks (no more fashion questions I promise). Natalie


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