Monday, June 10, 2013


I feel like we've just had the most wonderful long weekend. I felt like for once we had time and weren't in a crazy rush.

I feel like the farmer's market on Saturday was one of our most enjoyable and fun ever. 

I felt crazy proud that Miss Jazzy knitted alongside me in public on World Wide Knit in Public Day.

I felt like our dreams had come true when we walked down the hill to my folk's place to celebrate FarmDoc's birthday yesterday.

I feel totally surprised by how much I am enjoying Game of Thrones but that I have to remember not to watch it just before bed.

I feel like I am in a bit of a rush to finish the footy scarf knitting because the Bulldogs have a game this coming weekend.

I feel like a bit of farming is so good for my girls. I can see it in their grubby faces.

I'm feeling a bit nervous about some things I've committed to in the next few weeks.

I feel like every weekend should contain at least one bon-fire.

I feel great that we stewed a whole crate load of apples today, but I have no idea when we'll get to the next 20.

I feel a bit crazy that some little creature is eating the tops of our carrots in the garden and we don't know what to do about it. Farmer Bren thinks it's rats, I think it's a possum. I so don't want to poison or trap, but I don't know what else to do.

I feel that kind of happy that comes with spending time with people I adore.

I feel like I am loving knitting, but I miss crochet.

At times over the weekend I felt that kind of cold that only a hot bath can fix. And then a hot water bottle chaser.

I feel like my baby nephew Woody looks so much like my girls when they were babies.

I feel like I might need to knit a pale blue Mara someday soon.

This morning I felt a bit crazy about some minor details, but then I made a decision to let that stuff go.
It's not worth it.

I feel so happy when I see my gang all rugged up in their handknits.

I feel like our lives are so much better without school and I wonder if we should take tomorrow off too.

I feel like my farmer boy keeps looking at me to see if I'm finished blogging, so I'd better wrap this up.

What are you feeling?
Where are you going?
What are you doing?



  1. I'm feeling tired but content after a lovely weekend with loved ones.
    I'm also wondering whether school is necessary tomorrow?...surely one extra day off for EVERYONE would be quite nice.
    And I've finely turned the corner of my mess of a crocheted blanket I'm making. The mess is starting to take shape!

  2. feeling grateful for your sharing of beautiful photos
    feeling a bit jealous of all the handknits and farming-fun!
    finishing one last essay for the semester (welll, trying to!)
    going.... to stop admiring blogs and start analysing!!
    love love love your post and piccies!

  3. You know you married the right guy when the question 'want to go stand up to your shins in mud in the estuary and forage for samphire?', is met with the answer 'Ooh - that sounds exciting!'. We had a perfect Saturday supper of mussels and wild sea greens.

  4. Hola! Yo tambien siento que la vida de mi hijo pequeño es más feliz sin la escuela , ahora dentro de 15 dias tendran las vacaciones de verano y estoy deseando que lleguen, a él le gusta mucho la naturaleza y los animales y tener tiempo para poder disfrutarlo a su ritmo......Unas fotos preciosas como siempre...Saludos cariñosos desde España.

  5. Feeling inspired by your post, and hoping my carrots grow as well as yours.
    I'm going back to work tomorrow but wishing I could just keep on enjoying time at home
    I'm finishing a beanie for my nephew after deciding the one I made first for him suited me better!
    It was a great weekend. We did a lot and had a lot of fun. So great to kick back with family

  6. I am feeling happy that summer break (my work break) is almost here and then I can draw all day long.
    I am creating happy drawings simply for the love of it.
    I am going to the dentist this week :(

  7. I am feeling a bit sad that my poor partner has fallen off his bike and broken his wrist. He's in quite a lot of pain, I think, though he is not moaning much. I am feeling excitement about our new allotment, though! Feeling the vegetable-type excitement. I am thinking "how difficult can it be to knit a blanket / throw for our sofa?" even though I am a crap knitter and haven't knitted since I was about seven. A very silly thought, I expect. I don't know where I'm going, but I am enjoying the journey! Better to travel etc. Loving your blight questions, and others' answers. Fabuloso!

  8. I feel that summer has brought some sunshine to our whole family this week - pond dipping, gardening and seeing our veggies grow. We have rhubarb but not that much, what a crop! See our pond dip adventure here Jo X

  9. Beautiful photos of your family. A agree on the weekend bon-fire too.

    I am feeling ready (just!) for another week of school and that is exactly what is on our agenda today. Have a great week Kate x

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  11. Hey Gorgeous Girl!
    Just saying Hi, love all your photos and words. So happy that you share with us here.
    Take care of you and your gorgeous family. T. x

  12. Yep, feeling like school is a bit of a drag these days, especially the levels of homework for Year 8. However - I am enjoying the peace of this rainy winter day! xxx

  13. Your post bought a huge smile to my face Kate, you sound so happy.

  14. Agh! Possums! This is the first time I have ever lived in a house where I'm anxious going into certain rooms after dark because the possums seem to sit outside the windows and make that horrid "khhhhhh khhhhh!" noise. One scared the billio out of me last night - I did that involuntary jump-and-run-away thing that mice and rats provoke in me. Blurghhhhh...

    Apart from that, I'm feeling content, living in the country and meeting lovely new people every day. Lovely post, Kate. Here's hoping your possums will take up a new pastime.

  15. loving those beanies!!! I'm making one for me for girl guide camp this weekend and forgot how much fun smaller projects are, I needed that break from baby knitting. Loving the red, so much fun

  16. so pleased you decided to take today off also :)

  17. I love seeing your family all rugged up in their woollies :) My daughter and I were knitting in public for WWKIPday too :D Fun.
    I'm feeling.... tired. And wondering how it can be that we're only nearly halfway through the week.

  18. Beautiful photos, beautiful post and a whole host of lovely sentiment behind it- Thanks for sharing your world :)

  19. Great photos! Even though it is almost summer here I am knitting hand warmers and hopefully start a hat this coming week!

  20. Just found your blog via twitter and absolutely LOVE it. My day has been made! Im a little addicted to Game of Thrones too. I get so emotionally involved haha! Looking forward to your future posts! Taz

  21. I felt exactly the same about Game of Thrones! It's so lovely to read that farming is good for your kids!

  22. Great weekend....and I think that it a stunning photo of Miss Indi...

  23. Such incredibly gorgeous photos.

  24. Lovely to see all your gang warmed up!


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