Monday, June 17, 2013

sometimes I miss being a crafty blogger

Sometimes I miss being a crafty blogger. Sharing post after post about dresses I've sewn, tee-shirts I've printed and blankets I've crocheted.

Way back then when I started this blog, four years ago this month, my girls were much smaller and needier but somehow I seemed to have more time for the making. I was always making. And always planning my next make. My world and my blog revolved around it.

Piles of fabric, pattern pieces cut out, overlocked, seams sewn, pockets, appliques, trims, details...

I made enough to clothe my family, to give away as gifts and to even have an online store to sell the excess.

And despite my productivity, I'm sure that way back then I dreamed of a day when the girls would all be at school and I would have interrupted time. Uninterrupted time to make. Time without any helpers, time without any interruptions and time to sit down and work on a project of my design from start to finish. Imagine that?!!

But somehow now that I'm there, I have less making time. How is that even possible?

Before my last baby started school this year I made my self feel better by thinking about how much time I would have to sit at my sewing machine making dresses. I thought I'd be able to finally get to work on some of the printing ideas in my head. And I dreamed of cozy crochet sessions over cups of tea with friends in the afternoons.

But none of this has happened. Today I actually sat down at my sewing machine to sew Miss Pepper a dress for the first time all year. Only to find it was a disaster when she got home and tried it on. And it's such a shame because it was so cute and denim and had appliqued buildings on it. But she declared that it made her look like she was wearing a tent and she was right!!

I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of practice.

Somewhere along the line, I lost all my crafty time. Well all except the knitting time and the time for stitching up bunting to go in some book shops that will stock my book.

That's what the top picture is about. Fabric and cotton to make the bunting, little knitting needles to encourage the little girls to keep knitting and a choice of two yellows for Miss Indi's new beanie (she lost her last one).

And then there are the three bear beanies I knitted on the weekend.

The green one was too green for the birthday four year old.

The pink one on top of it was too big for the birthday four year old.

And the third one I cast off ten minutes before the pony party on the weekend and was juuuuuust right, (thank goodness).

Ravelry deets here.

I wish I had time tomorrow to have another go at sewing a dress. I even think I know how to fix all the mistakes I made today. But we're spending the day picking olives. We have to get them off the trees before the birds get them all.

Maybe I'll sew when the girls leave home....or when we retire....

How come the slow life is such a busy life?



  1. There never seems to be enough hours in each day, does there?
    Perhaps that's what makes the things you do make so special..

  2. yep! When my kids were little I crafted, read, had big volunteer positions in my church etc. Now 3 of them at school and one at home I don't do ANY of those things and I fall into bed every night tired.
    I came to the conclusion that when they were little they went to bed early leaving me a few hours each night to do those things. Now we have homework, staying up later, more food to cook etc and just looking after older kids takes more work! Parents of teens used to tell me it only gets busier.. darn it they were right!

  3. I remember that kate from the early days. You and your never ending parade of gorgeous dresses and amazing vintage fabrics.

    i still see a lot of making going on in your life. creativity expressed in a huge range of different ways.

    rachel xo

    ps did you know we both started our blogs june 2009!

  4. Maybe for grandbabies one day :)

  5. It will come if you want it bad enough. Hang in there! I have small ones and they do go to bed which is a crafting blessing. Jo x

  6. I used to have a tea blog. Back when I had only one child. ;) Now, it's all over the place as we live this new life with three little darlings.
    Maybe I'll get to write about tea again. In about 15 years....

  7. You know I really think that creative time is a bit like a vacation- when you work- outside the home or go to school or whatever a vacation is super special time. I have found when I do nothing- like between jobs or whatever a day off or vacation is not as special. So for me right now- I have these two wee ones and my creative time is so special- I make a huge effort to sew and blog and make things- I wonder though if when they are in full time school I will me as motivated to seek out creative time? So I totally get what you are saying!

  8. ps- personally I think your creativity has just shifted- taken on a different form! You are still making things- are you kidding me! You grow all that beautiful food!!!

  9. I am a mother of three, nearly grown-up children. Since I am able to think about, I planned to create things, and most of them are staying in my brain until yet. I understand your thoughts very well, but look at your children.. They are so nice, and so healthy, they are starting into a very good life and this ist your energy, your crafting time, there are your ideas !!!
    My first son has become a grafic designer, the second is just on start to study arts and my girl is going to study medicine. And I m very proud of them, an now beginning to start my second life as a women, who is able to make her ideas and plans real. Very good !

    Please have some more patience !!! Your time will come.

    Nice regards Gitta

  10. I am sure that as time goes on, the little ones (now bigger), require different types of things.Therefore cutting into your crafting time. I am sure somehow you will find the time to craft again and more often.
    Love the image of all your crafty goodness layed out!

  11. Wow, but look at all the things you do! Writing a book, farming, cooking, knitting! I also think, though, now my kids r a little older, I'm finally starting to get round to the jobs I've been meaning to do for the past six and a half years!!!!! When the kids were babies, we were wading around in branflakes etc! Not sure if you're the same? You're inspiring me to.learn how to sew and knit again! X

  12. I completely agree! Our 'slower' life seems to be non-stop! But I love it. Knowing that it's for us, makes it all worth it.

  13. I feel like I'm reading about myself!! Although just as my middle one started to school, I had another, so I'm actually back in that dreamworld where I imagine all the wonderful things that I shall accomplish once she goes to school ... don't worry though, you haven't shattered my illusions! I am well aware that it's a dreamworld - a mother's work is never done!
    Em xx

  14. You hit very close to what I think. I used to be a making machine, blogging, knitting and sharing about it when my children were younger and now I seem to have lost steam.
    Thank you so much for putting words to my feelings

  15. Oooh, you made the scallops, aren't they sweet :-)
    I'm going to make some!

  16. I love the top photo Kate, although I possess absolutely no sewing or knitting skills! I have a theory that the slow life is busy because raising animals, making, planting, growing, harvesting and baking takes quite a bit of time! Good time, but time nonetheless. Good luck with your olive harvest x

  17. I know exactly what you mean. Where on earth does the day go between school drop off and pick up. My little one is half way through grade two, and I was sure I'd be running an international fashion empire by now! I keep reminding myself that good things take time. A lot of time apparently...

  18. I was just commenting on Rhondas blog about how my blog started as a gardening blog and has slowly evolved to contain more crafts and cooking. That is how life is - it twists and turns and bends and isn't it marvelous that we can chronicle it all on our blogs? I remember some of those lovely dresses you made. One of these days you will suddenly discover more time, and you will be waiting....

  19. I know how you feel.

    But the machine, hook and needles will always be there waiting in the wings for when the 'time is right'


  20. Same here. Pulled out the machine for the first time in months yesterday. Hemmed two curtains (quick, rough and very dull) and packed it all up again. There were lots of other "mum with kids at school" things that had to be done.
    Lots of ideas bubbling around inside the head though ... one day I may even do some of them ...

  21. Just found your blog, and am seriously in awe of your crafting skills! Hope you manage to get back into the swing of things soon :)

  22. Juggle juggle juggle... there is always so many dreams and plans and never enough hours. Winter doesn't help much. I am longing for the summer days that linger on and on.


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