Sunday, June 23, 2013

Odds and ends though

Our weekend.

(Ups and downs, round and rounds.) Repeat.

Freezing cold mornings and the most gloriously sunny afternoons.

Farm chores.

Buzzy bees leaving their warm, winter hives for bathroom breaks and to snack on the flowering gums.

Brilliant blue skies.

A new rug.

A dancing concert for the teddies, complete with flashlight spotlight.

Missing our farmer boy away at the beach with his mates.

Casting off two scalloped beanies. Miss Jazzy's details here. Miss Pepper's details here.

An afternoon smokey bon-fire with marshmallows, potatoes and damper.

A birthday bestie phone call.

Snacks for dinner.

Movies til too late.

A sleepless night without my boy.

A Sunday lazy, late morning.

One fire survived the night, one didn't.

A movie and pop corn in Ballarat for some and about 6,000 steps around the streets for the others.

An angelic almost teen.

A new bunny home for the fluffies.

A relight of the kitchen fire with a milk carton.

A runaway middle child.

A homecoming Bren.

Soup for dinner.

Some knitting on the couch.

Soon to bed.

But before bed, some of this.

A lump of ends bought from the Bendigo Woollen Mills bargain backroom a few months ago. Just under 100 grams. I'm thinking a scarf. Maybe. If I have enough. I really feel like something odds and ends though.

What do you feel like?
How was your weekend?



  1. You know I love your style Kate! Kids and fires and all the good stuff. This weekend we light our fires and cooked and stoked and ate and cooked and did a little gardening x

  2. Too much goodness happening here! About 6000 steps...not counting or anything?
    An odds and ends scarf sounds wonderful. After having just made a little bowl thing using fabric off cut scraps, I'm really loving the odds and ends feel and look. It will be the best scarf as it has a bit of everything.
    Yah to your boy being home. I bet he's pleased to sleep in his own bed again, but going away is a good thing too.
    Happy new week to you xxx

  3. Sounds like a busy weekend!

    My weekend has consisted of:



    Tidying and cleaning


    Walk around a streetmarket with my DH

    Watching a football match with number 1 son

    Computer time!


    Off to the cinema later to see Mr Pitt's latest offering with DH and number 3 son.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  4. Lovely, I struggle with the cold and even I got out in the backyard yesterday. The afternoons have been nice

  5. Lovely photographs!! Am glad to hear you had lovely winter weather, here in Sydney it is HIDEOUS!!

  6. feeling like knitting and sitting by the fire and not having to do the weekly food shop! xx

  7. Oh that lovely little stash of yarn is calling me to locate my stash immediately. And those beanies are just too adorable for words!
    Sophie x

  8. The yarn is beautiful! Such amazing colours! Oh, and toasted marshmallows... heaven on a stick!

  9. Sounds beautiful (except for the missing Mr and the runaway middle). Lovely photos :) Kx

  10. Hope Bren Ada good time. Chef went away for the night too. Came home so hungover!

  11. Love your posts. I have been dancing this weekend see here Jo x

  12. Those ends look like an interesting buy... looking forward to seeing what you make of them.


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