Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Coffee and paste...x

I think these last few weeks have been amongst the biggest of my life. The book, the interviews, the feedback, the film, the signings, the reviews and of course the Daylesford launch.

I have been so overwhelmed, I have been humbled and I have been grateful. I feel like I've been running on adrenaline for so much of it. It really has been huge.

And over these big book weeks my blog words have woken me up at night whispering descriptions and explaining goings on and feelings. My nighttime blog words always feel so articulate and honest in the dark.

And yet my days have been so full that I haven't had a second to get those words down here. 

And now that I finally have a little bit of time, they're gone. Actually I don't think they're gone but I think there are so many of them that I don't know how to make sense and order out of them. I feel like they're all jumbled up and all over the place.

I hope I will get all that stuff down here soon because it is important and because I want to remember it, but for now I thought I'd try something completely different. Something I found on Pip's blog. Something I feel might help me take stock and ease my way back in.

So here goes;

Making : Another crocheted hot water bottle cover, knitting a looooong scarf and squares for a blanket.
Cooking : Wintery breads and soups and cakes and bakes.
Drinking : Freshly picked beetroot, carrot, kale, ginger, orange and lemon juice.
Reading: The List Of My Desires. The publisher sent it to me. I've only just started but I love that she's a blogger.
Wanting: Warmth in the air and a bit of sunshine on my skin.
Looking: At the chooks through the mist in the forest.
Playing: A feeding a plant game on my phone that tracks how much water I drink during the day.
Wasting: Time on facebook. I resisted for so long. Then I joined to keep an eye on Indi. And now I think it's fun.
Sewing: Buttons on a knitted onesie.
Wishing: I had more time to knit. And cook. And garden.
Enjoying: Reading chapters of The Famous Five with Miss Jazzy every night.
Waiting: For asparagus and the start of the spring veggie season.
Liking: Photos on instagram.
Wondering: how much our lives will change now we've made the decision to scale things down here and homestead instead.
Loving: That my folks are just at the bottom of the hill.
Hoping: Miss Indi feels better soon. Hate the flu!
Marvelling: That Miss Pepper can stand on her head for minutes at a time.
Needing: To go out and collect the eggs, but it's toooooo cold.
Smelling: The Daphne blossom at the front door.
Wearing: Jeans!!!! It's been years.
Following: An exercise plan. True story!
Noticing: The first signs of spring. More daylight, almond blossom, jonquils...
Knowing: That I shouldn't wear my shoes inside the house but I do anyway.
Thinking: That the bunnies are super messy.
Feeling: Calm for the first time in a while.
Bookmarking: Recipes. I need to menu plan again.
Opening: The stove door to add more wood. Constantly.
Giggling: About Miss Jazzy's suggestion that I should write a book called BUMtastic.
Feeling: Like I could sleep for three weeks if I had the chance.

So how about you? 
What's going on in your life?
Do you want to play Pip's game too? 
Coffee and paste the blank list from her blog.
And let me know so I can come and see what you're up to.

We're off to get the eggs.
Happy days my friends!



  1. Kate I'm not sure if it's the far too many chocolate coated coffee beans I've just inhaled or it's just your wonderful post. I LOVE hearing the excitement and joy in your typed words and wonderfully real pictures. Enjoy every second of this period of your life. XXX

    (and ohhh, love the coffee and paste idea!)

  2. Hi Kate, there are so many busy and amazing things happening at your place! I love the warmth and honesty in these photos.

    I think I might play this blog game just once...I have photos swirling around my mind/camera/card and computer but the words are jumbled. This could help!

  3. Hello, dear. I've followed this little blog of yours for a while (and I follow you on IG :) ) and I can't say enough how excited for you I am. And the film. The film! To say it simply...just beautiful.

    Best of wishes to you and your darling family on your new adventures and those yet to come.

  4. Oh Kate, what a wonderful post. Tell Pepper that if she can stand on her head for three minutes her blood will experience a wonderful cleanse (yoga talk!). I adore your book and will blog about it very soon...and thanks for mentioning that novel, looks like to perfect read to take on holidays x

  5. Oh gosh, Kate. I've been in this same state for about six months... Blog words at night and no time to get them down during the day - and about 10 mins before I'm too tired when the kids are in bed. That you managed to blog and record snippets at all during this busy, wonderful, nerve wracking time you've had is a marvel to me! I love your list and I've been meaning to do something similar... I might join in too (if I don't nod off first)! xx

  6. Oooh great game. And I wish the same, apart from the knitting! I'm playing too: http://slowheartsing.blogspot.com.au/2013/08/taking-stock.html

  7. Hello Kate,
    I hope it doesn't sound a silly question,but what is homesteading?..Olivia

    1. Not silly at all.
      Our plan is to grow/make/swap as much of what we use as we can.
      Instead of sending everything we grow off the farm, we plan to be a bit more self sufficient here.
      Here's a bit of a definition; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homesteading

  8. I've been following your blog for a while but never seem to post comments.

    I just wanted to stop by to say how every one of your photos just makes me want to be there, the way you bring out the seasons and how stunning your home is. (I may also have season envy, winter is my favourite and it's definitely NOT winter yet over here)

  9. Stunning! I love to read your blog and see the pictures of your cosy home. It makes me feel all warm inside, and the film, brilliant. Good luck with all that's going on and I hope you keep on loving your life in the future as you seem to now.

  10. Talking of bookmarking - I have a great recipe for you when you are in your other season. Courgette cake. Jo x


  11. Joining in the fun... www.twinsplusonemumma.com xx

  12. I love how you sommer make a fire right there on the ground.
    Do tell more about the Daylesford launch?

  13. I know that feeling when the blog has been quiet for a while and it's all piling up in my head. That's a great game, I might try that.

  14. I'm glad Olivier asked because I was thinking the same thing :)

    Gorgeous pics as usual & I love your list! It's so fun reading everyone's on their blog. I don't have a blog so I shared mine on Pips post the other day if you wanna read it over there. Have a lovely week Kate xx

  15. i'd love some of that coffee!!
    lovely photos!

  16. Inspired by you and Pip - I have played the game. Here's my link:


    Good luck with the homesteading - looking forward to hearing about it all.

  17. I too have played the game, it's not as easy as you think it's going to be. Night night Nx

  18. I purchased your book online last week, axiously waiting for the postie to deliver. Oh the joy.

  19. oh my goodness that film, and your book, i've been a reader but not often a commenter kate, but i must say how happy i am for you, what a wonderful thing, and so well deserved. xxxxxxx

    p.s. love the coffee and paste

  20. cool ... I'd love to round a fire right now!

  21. That was so lovely to read your list, lovey! We should make this a regular thing and swap lists, I think! I would like to do a Kate list! So nice to hear about your life now. Such a big, busy time birthing your lovely book!! xxx

  22. Hi, just found you blog via attic 24 blog. Your book looks fantastic and comes out in September in the UK - it's on my wish list! X

  23. ah LOVED the taking stock .. I DID join in Kate , thanks for he heads up

  24. Love your photos, and words, as always. I've joined up with Pip as well. Check out my page if you like!! My local bookstore didn't have your book; disappointing; but I'll ask Santa for it!!

  25. Stock taken! Thanks for the encouragement to take notice and think and not just do. http://missandmisters.me/2013/08/15/where-you-at/

  26. I am playing along too... finally!

    Oh and I laughed at your 'true story' exercise plan :-)

  27. Hearing you.
    I just did a blog post for the first time in over a month!!!

  28. Thanks Kate, for inspiring me to do a post (they have been few and far between recently). Love lists, so here's mine http://www.playingintheattic.blogspot.com.au/2013/08/list-of-random-things.html
    Have a happy evening : -)

  29. Hello from England! Here's my Carefree and Paste http://callieandchef.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/carefree-and-paste.html
    All the best,


  30. Hi Kate, this is a wonderful idea to play the game, I love lists. You're always inspiring with tales and adventures, Thanks http://personallykhara.blogspot.ie


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