Sunday, August 4, 2013

square by square

I think I just started another blanket.

I've had this crazy mad urge to knit my way through all the patterns in this knitting book and then sew them together at the end. Square by square.

I saw that book in three different bookshops on three different days and resisted. Do I really need another craft book or another craft project? But in the end the urge was too strong and last week, on the day my own book was released, I gave in and bought it for myself as a reward.

I'm glad I did.

I have such good intentions.

I started with seed stitch.

Then I moved on to blanket check.

And now I'm on to little knots.

Each square is made up of different variations of knit and purl. Yet each square is so different. The textures, the shapes, the patterns...

It's a lesson in knitting.
A scrap busting mission.
Another blanket.
A winter warmer.
A way to busy my hands while the butterflies dance in my stomach as I prepare for another interview, another photo shoot, another bit of book publicity.

Square by square.

By square by square.

I thought about putting it out there and doing a knit-a-square-along with you guys, but unless you have the same book I'm not quite sure how. Let me know if you are keen and have any ideas though. I do think it'd be fun.

In the meantime I'll be knitting a row whenever I get a chance.

If you like, you could listen to a podcast I recorded with Rob from Dymocks here.

I wonder how long it takes for people to get used to the sound of their own voices. I'm so not there yet. I cringe every time I hear myself played back.

I hope you are having such a great weekend you guys.
Do you like the sound of your own voice on play back?
Do you fancy a bit of a knit-a-long?

Big love...x


  1. Several years ago I took part in a textured knitting group organised by Lynne at Too hot to knit.

    I was thinking just last night about trying some more textures, perhaps once a week to do one. I wouldn't join in on a blanket, not keen on the putting together at the end.

    An interesting one which I turned into a headband is homes/houses of Donegal. Looks good and there are now several references and patterns for it. There was only one a few years ago.

  2. Great post, "I'm working on this wonderful blanket. And, Oh by the way, there's this interview..." It was lovely to hear your voice! I'm hoping to get a copy of your book soon! I loved the interview!

  3. Hi Kate - lovely blanket idea. Have a look at a similar one I did for the daughter of a friend of mine.
    It might give you some more ideas with textured wool. Happy clicking!!! xxx

  4. The squares look really good. I love the colours and texture. I hate hearing my own voice. I think it's because it's so different to what you hear. I think if you didn't know it was your voice it wouldn't bother you.

  5. Great interview Kate. Listened to it over an afternoon cuppa, knitting a hat for my farmer man, before going out to feed the cattle.

  6. Great interview Kate. Listened to it over an afternoon cuppa, knitting a hat for my farmer man, before going out to feed the cattle.

  7. I'm in for a knit along.....just put the book in my Amazon basket.

  8. When I hear my own voice when it has been recorded, I'm always surprised. In my head I always think I sound like a little kid, but in reality I have a grown up voice. Very strange indeed.

    Your knitting is really just beautiful - I love the colours! xx

  9. I did not expect your voice to sound like that! Thats a bit weird isn't it ? Imagining someone's voice & I'm not sure what I expected you to sound like but nonetheless i liked hearing you talk about your book :)
    Also those colours you have in your blanket are beautiful! Alas another winter has almost passed where I ahve still not learnt to day....

  10. I made a blanket like that some years ago.
    Really a good way to practise different patterns, and then it doesn't get boring!
    A very important point if you ask me!
    Oh and I just love seed stich, it is one of my all time favorites.

  11. What a great idea!

    Good luck with your book and all those interviews, you will be great.


  12. I bet the blanket will be a favorite- love piecing and making something useful of scraps.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  13. You reminded me of Annie Lamott's Bird by Bird. I feel lately like my taking life square by square is so inadequate, so lacking in foresight. Others are telling me so, too. Am I too caught up in this simple beauty? Pondering this, today.

  14. I'm in for a knit along! I don't have the book, but I'm happy to get it, or use one of the pattern books I already have.


  15. I loved the podcast Kate, it was great to hear your voice. Your blanket will be beautiful, I especially love the cream piece with the little knots.

    I used to cringe when I heard my own voice. But, since starting School of the Air with our daughter, a large part of the learning is sending voice recordings back to school. So, I am slowly getting more used to it! Have a lovely week x

  16. Kate I really loved this pod cast so much, it was so nice to hear your voice after all these years! As a suggestion for a knit along idea I think there are some lovely wash cloth patterns and such available on line that people could work on and put together if they wanted to play along without the book. T. x

  17. Knitting has a way of calming us, doesn't it? Bonus you will end up with such an incredible blanket. Good luck with the interview!

  18. Just ordered the book! A treat for me after gaining thousands of dollars of grants for a school :) Would love a knit along!

  19. I wouldn't mind a knit a long perhaps we could all join up on Ravelry with it as well. Lovely to hear you talk about your book, Kate, it is always good to put a voice to the face!

  20. Oh my gosh, LOATHE the sound of my own voice. I remember being so shocked, as a young kid, the first time I borrowed my dad's tape recorder and recorded myself. GROSS! Haha. Good luck with your squares. Probably the kind of soothing knitting you'll need at the moment.

  21. I like this idea, I have to try it. I am knitting beginner and this practice is not waste of time :D. I realy like it. I like your blog and I hope I will be able to buy your book in (or from) Czech Republic, it looks great. I never tried travel like this but it sounds fun and our two boys would love it, I am sure. Best wishes,

  22. You sound lovely. I don't care for my own voice, either. I would be interested in a knit-along. I'm afraid I won't keep up but this book looks like a good way to advance beyond my very beginner abilities!

  23. I love your photos and I love the ideas of knitting a square a day. Did you say the square patterns come from a book by that name? I'll go and follow the link and see what I find. I think this could be a perfect train commute meditation.


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